Massive Street Food in Uzbekistan 🇺🇿 1500Kg of Beef Pilaf + Halal Food Market | Tashkent

Peace be upon you Bohemian Family. I hope you're having a very delicious day. It’s Mino and Amina we’re in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Tashkent is a capital city and it is one of the most beloved gastronomic city in the whole Central Asia. Today we are going to try authentic Uzbek street food in the iconic bazaar. Then we went to Pilaf center for the world biggest pilaf and national Uzbek food. Now I'am in Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent. with my good friend Aziz, he's gonna show us the most unique food in Tashkent. Let's go! This is Damascus pattern. This one is 20 dollars but he will give you a discount. Shashlik smell~~ oh yeah  This is they call it cheese ball.

/ Kurut? Yes, cheese bowl something unique central asian. This is with red pepper and that is smoked one.   It’s salty and smokey. So tasty! You like this kind of food. It's hot and very delicious. Put your hand inside. He is muslim. What's the name of this? Honim, that means madam. I love this Uzbek Lasagna. This is basically a lot of tomato sauce inside potatoes and onions. Peace be upon you. Have a blessed friday~ This one is Hasip. Noodles with horse meat, very delicious! Shashlik? / Yes. lamb and beef This is horse meat. very delicious A fantastic combination of chewy noodles and exotic horse meat. Then drink warm horse meat broth. This one is basically rice and beef inside. This is like a Korean Sundae, exactly same but we use noodles instead of rice.

Is it tasty more? Yes but this is more heavy obviously~ The tradition is host give tea as much less as possible.   So the person will ask you more and more. Oh really? Do you understand what I mean? So you love me haha! It cleans heavy oil in my mouth.   This shashlik is mutton. It looks very juicy. It's so juicy because of the lamb fat called DUMBA. So nice! especially with the vinegar onions. I told you that everything is for a reason. Meat samosa It's still warm. with some chili flakes too much? Yummy! It’s full of lamb , juicy lamb fat Dumb and sweet onion in a crispy layered pastry.

Peace be upon you. Madam Marguba She is cutting various meat and put them on a plate of boiled chickpeas. Dumba dumba I think Dumba is one of the essential ingredient of Uzbek cuisine. Thanks. These are beef and horse sausage. I really wanted to try this horse sausage before I came here. It's similar to beef sausage but a little more salty. Dumba, beef, chickpeas and onions I overcame the temptation of all kinds of meat and chose a plate of dolma. Let me try vine leaves Dolma. I love this slightly bitter and savory grape leaf with tasty ground beef and rice. It's sweet~ So nice! I like this one especially. Which one with the cabbage? / Yes! Oh it's meat jelly~ Do you want to try? Look at this!  You know beef leg has collagen so they boil it for long time and this comes out. Tender beef with savory and juicy meat jelly. It's so unique! very loud, right? But it's really good scenery.

Horse sausages before cooking Dried meat A lot of meat Beef fat Looks like butter  dried meat with cumin Let us show Dumba. This is Dumba. Finally we found a huge Dumba. Dumba is a fatty butt of lamb. Yummy! 8$ per kilogram It’s most delicious and expensive part of lamb in Uzbekistan. Smell first~ Oh smells so nice! It's called Tashkent lemon, the most important thing is different color.   It has very thin skin so it can be eaten with a skin as well.   I'm afraid.

No, go ahead. It's sour but so delicious. Sweet lemon You can see the skin is very thin. Not too sour. I can taste it one more time. This is mulberry juice. Let me try 5,000 so'm one. We found a homemade boiled mulberry juice. So tasty! It's mulberry juice, taste thick and deep. Today is Friday. After Friday prayer, we went to a famous Lagman restaurant near mosque.  We should add some vinegar. and a little bit of chili Uyghur noodle ragman is the ancestor of ramen. And these days it is one of the most common everyday food in Uzbekistan. The noodle is so chewy and nice. I think this is handmade noodle.

It looks chili spicy but it’s more like tomato vegetable spicy. We are here to try uzbekistan national food Osh in this snow weather. Let's check it out~ He is endlessly tossing huge pieces of beef into a giant Qozon. I’ve never seen something like this before. a big bucket of yellow carrots and a bucket of water Sweet yellow carrots are the most important ingredient of Uzbek pilaf.   They also added diced orange carrot for beautiful color and taste. Add a little bit of chickpeas Yes it's a little bit in uzbekistan. and a little bit of raisins Meanwhile on the other side of kitchen. Ladies cook grape leaf dolma. They mixed minced meat with rice and wrap with lightly boiled grape leaves. then cook them in a big pot Salt was added in layers between 100 kg of rice. In a mini giant pot, the pilaf is already done. So they prepare dishes for early guests.

They started cooking another pot of pilaf. This sweet and savory smell makes me crazy~ Look at these tender and juicy meat. Lots of people came early to taste freshly cooked Uzbek Osh. I love this bitter sweet smell of dolma. The three-hour long cooking journey of giant pot has come to an end. It's beautiful. This is uzbekistan Osh. A magnificent combination of juicy tender beef, sweet yellow carrots, popping raisins and rice cooked almost 80% al dente. It's worth to wait 3 hours. This is horse sausage, Kazy. This is uzbek kimchi. It's so refreshing. It's really kimchi! There are minced meat and rice inside of this vine leaves.

So fragrant and so tasty Let me try this spicy tomato pickle juice It's heavenly taste~.

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Massive Street Food in Uzbekistan 🇺🇿 1500Kg of Beef Pilaf + Halal Food Market | Tashkent

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We are in Tashkent, Uzbekistan!!

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