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Hi lovely people of FoodTube today I'm going to make Italian meatball sub which is full of flavour and all the sauce is going to go inside, a little bit of cheese gonna go inside them, baked in the oven, when you eat them… Italy First of all the sauce, you need about one, two 3 tablespoons of olive oil, make sure you use very, very. very good olive oil then we start with onions first Then you go straight with a carrot, simple ways to chop a carrots to do fine Oh yes so at this stage actually I use only half of the carrot and straight in, celery don't worry after some time if it's roughly
chopped or if it's too big because you need to blend this sauce, straight in Two chilli, straight in We come to the peppers, if you can't find it already in jars, just roasted some peppers and when you roast some pepper put them on a plate cover-up with cling film and then you
remove the skin Straight inside, this stage, little splash of wine you do need a little splash of wine, wine which give it a fantastic depth and give lovely smoke Yeah it's done.

So when you got all this in, three tins of tomato, straight in, just put the other one in now with one of this I need to fill with
water For spice, black pepper, little pinch of salt While it's cooking for about quarter of an hour, let's do the meatballs The meatball, okay first I need handful of parsley, okay let's move this one away for now When you chop it, parsley or any other herbs you grab them all together and slowly with a knife you make it very very fine Straight inside the bowl, two cloves of garlic straight inside, you crack one egg So here you've got two beautiful mince One is pork and then you've got this lovely beef So it's about 500g, 250g of each 100 gram of fresh breadcrumbs, pinch of salt Pinch of pepper, I love a bit of pepper Drizzle of olive oil 100g of grated Parmesan Yeah let's do it, now you have to mix One hand you hold it, and the other one you press it You get a lovely egg which is bind altogether Let's move this one for a minute from

Let's put everything on the table so you grab it, has to be the size of table tennis ball is the best
thing because they will shrink a little bit then you do quite a few Then at this stage, you dust with a little bit of flour Yes. Roll it in a little bit Why I put a lovely bit of flour because when they seal it, they create a
little crust This is ready to go look how nice and thick it's got Before I have to put those inside I need to do one more things, I need to blender slowly It's done Good. In a frying pan drizzle some lovely oil, extra virgin
olive oil, I always like extra virgin olive oil about 4 to 5 tablespoons Slowly you put a meatball, you fry them all, also you can roll it in the rest over the flour, you don't
actually want to cook in full you just want it crusted up because I want them to cook in the sauce, you see just get a little bit of crust that is ready, then you can put straight inside, ah, let's move this one out Okay, stir it Simmer for about 15 minute One.

Five. And then I will show you what we do with it I need to get some mozzarella Cut off a few slice of mozzarella very thin slice. Good. You get this sub cut it on the side I need a little plate to start. First a little bit of sauce on top then get some nice meatballs. Oh my, look at that Get a nice little bit of mozzarella on top Come on extra bit, then you put them in the trays. Yes. Put them in theoven Right on top, it's gonna be in the oven for
about 2-3 minutes the mozzarella melted. Look at that Look how beautiful it is. Here there is some wild rocket, squeeze a
little bit of lemon little salt, drizzle of extra virgin olive oil mix all together. I can't believe it Put them on top. Crush it So delicious, just put them all together and this is my Italian meatball sub, shall we taste it now? Oh my god. Oh my god. Here. What have done to this one? Nothing, aw c'mon, this is nice because it only one pieces can we, mmm.

Yeah man, oh yeah. Don't forget, subscribe to food tube channel, Gennaro Contaldo YouTube And let us all enjoy it together. Yeah. Shall we say goodbye? Delicious, so good. Bye guys. That is the best sandwich..

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Meatball Sub | Gennaro Contaldo & Jamie Oliver

Gennaro’s got an Italian meatball recipe that’s so good even Jamie can’t resist swinging by for a bite.
Tender, juicy meatballs in a thick homemade tomato sauce covered in melted mozzarella and served in a New York style sub with handfuls of fresh rocket.
As sandwiches go this one will probably be the best you’ve ever tasted. Get cooking!

Tell us what your favourite sandwich is in the comments box below and for more Italian recipes make sure you subscribe to Gennaro’s channel:

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