Mere Humsafar Episode 1 (English Subtitles) ARY Digital Drama

I'm so late today because of you I was waking you up again & again, but you weren't ready to wake up how would I? you were making your dearest son do the home work till 1am at night you don't even think that your husband has to go to the office in the morning actually he had a test I give test on daily basis because of late comings, I get scolded on regular basis "Mr. Raees is this some way, is this the time to come to the office" it was his test!
where are you going now? will I get breakfast or not? or shall I go without doing it? I'm giving breakfast to you in a while first tell me, will you bring Hamza's book today? There is no might nor power except with Allah, I told you that I will bring it once I will get the salary Hamza is in dire need of that book, he asks me daily the book doesn't cost 200 to 300 rupees, it costs 1700 rupees you got them from where? you had given me the money to buy some clothes for summers, I will buy them later why you haven't bought? you could at least complete the work for which I give you money how could I have bought? I hardly get time to go out for shopping please come, I'm preparing breakfast there is no need, I will eat something from outside it will be prepared in two minutes, please come leave it I'm preparing it, please come there is no need to prepare it and if you are preparing it then eat it yourself, I'm leaving where is mom? she must be in the washroom bye mom…
listen to me, mom's medicines are finished I've told you thousands of times not to call me from behind whenever I'm leaving I am not calling you from behind, I'm giving you mom's medicines leaflet so that you can remember the name am I a stupid person! bye! oh! aunty, is it still hurting? yes, what do you mean by still? am I doing a drama of having pain? tell me I didn't mean that, aunty I understand all the meanings God didn't blessed me with daughters I'm dependent on my daughter in laws, huh! hey hey! you shouldn't drink this cold tea look! I've brought hot cup of tea along with flat bread for you thank you, Sofia thanks for what? don't I know that you must be functioning on just water since morning has aunt slept? obviously! then only I got a relief she annoys intentionally talk slowly but she has slept her ears work more efficiently while she is sleeping you haven't eaten the flat bread how will I eat it now? as its time for the lunch oh God! you skip your breakfast on daily basis this is what you are saying however, aunt thinks that we don't have any other work except for eating food Bina hasn't come as of yet? she is here.

First she will do the breakfast then work she is not the daughter in law of this house mom, I can't find your medicine anywhere. I've searched for it everywhere wait! let me go & ask from madam leave it! there is no need to go to madam if she would have cared about my medicines, then I wouldn't be restless with this pain and why this window is closed? open it
yes they make this room a grave oho mom! isn't this your medicines? yes! this is the one… this is the box that I had given to Shah Jehan so that she can get them for me but she threw it here & left and she knows this very well that this age can only be spent with the help of these medicines if we forget to take one medicine, then the whole body aches a lot for the whole day but nobody cares at all! what to do, mom? nowadays the daughter in laws are like them I got my nieces married to my sons that maybe, not with the relation of their husband's mother at least, they will respect me & serve me considering me their father's sister aunty, your clothes and what are you talking about? and at least see with whom you are talking, she goes to many houses and what are you enjoying listening? the whole house is a mess sister, I have already cleaned it then I came here & I couldn't see madam in pain, so I started to massage her legs one gets blessings if they serve their elders you don't have time to serve your mother in law and the one who is doing it, you are stopping her as well go & do your work aunt…

She will be with me for the whole day & will do my work. That's it! come on, massage properly let Raees come today such a big problem! I don't understand what to do hey, what happen? is everything alright? aunty cannot let anything stay fine aunt is awake? when did she slept? oh God! but what happened? now this Sofia will go & tell Shah Jehan everything, word by word they are really good friends do one thing, go & listen to what they are talking against me I'm going right away yes! and be careful yes let me ask Jalees to bring the medicines upon returning home, otherwise there will be a havoc till evening no, no leave it.

Don't know, whether he would have money in his pocket or not this is the problem, as there is no store nearby. Otherwise, I would have run & brought few tablets yes, this is the problem & for that we need to go to Saddar what are you doing? are you listening to our conversation? tell me! no, no… actually madam asked me to bring milk. So I came here to take that so will you find the milk bottle in my room? you liar, begone! yes look at her
she is such a spy! don't know what new problem will arise yes tell me, what were they saying? they didn't talked anything about you, they were making a program to go to Saddar did you hear properly? madam had seen me, thanks God I made an excuse & left from there they must be talking against me I know everything, they try to act so smart anyways, one day or the other I will find the proof then you'll see, I will create such a havoc that they will remember yes yes…

Here, their mother in law is restless due to pain & there they are making programs for shopping yes… let Raees come mom… everyone has bought the book in my class except for me you will get your book you have been telling me the same thing since last one week today, my teacher asked me to stand up because of this Hamza, you will get your book today. I've given money to your father promise?
promise you've to write in between the lines studies are going on! greetings!
greetings to you too! dad is here…
yes its too hot today…
no, no… I've drank already. Where is mom? she is inside her room, she is not feeling well today oh! dad, have you brought my books? the ones for which I had given you the money I want them on urgent basis Uh…

They…. what? where are they? you've strangled your husband in your stories, right? and she is my daughter in law, I don't expect anything from her but you didn't tend to inquire about your mother's health no mom, I have asked about you as soon as I entered you should inquire about my health from me, my dear who cares to tell you about my pain or share it with you? she had hid my medicines box too, I got it from behind the curtain aunt, I hadn't threw it I've brought your medicines. Look at them but dad my book? your grand mother's medicines were more important you've brought medicines from that money? I had given you the money for Hamza's book, they were my money what do you mean by that? I mean to say that was my savings! so, from where do you earn them? its my earnings whatever I wish to do with it, whether I buy books or bring medicines for my mother whatever I feel is important, I will do that they were my savings, you have given them to me for my clothes I've asked you to bring a book for my son, while forgetting about my needs no, no…

Have you seen Raees. Now I won't use these medicines, even if I'm dying mom… why won't you use them, mom?
its my earning, & your right is first greetings mom greetings to you too mom, these are your medicines what happen, is there any problem? I'm the problem once I will die then all the problems will be over mom, what are you saying? God forbid hey, move aside mom!
now be happy mom…

At least listen to me mom… I will do something, Okay? aunt won't forgive this sentence of yours brother Raees is also upset after waiting for 15 days, I gave him the money for the book while keeping my necessities aside I should have completed my fashion like other women they want my kids studies to go to hell & as far as aunt is concerned its such an unforgivable sin to become her daughter in law at lest don't cry, I've asked Sameen she will give her book to Hamza tomorrow then what will happen day after tomorrow? yes? there is a lot of time in the salary to come even if the salary comes then Mr.

Raees will first fulfill his luxurious matter, then he will cater our needs lower your voice what's my fault, tell me what do I want? just that my children get good quality of education whatever had to happen with us has happened even brother Raees wants the same and by the grace of God, Hamza is such an intelligent boy seems like all hopes will go in vain if one doesn't get a chance and brother Raees, leave his talks. They are just talks you are lucky that Sameen got an admission in such a good school sister, but at what cost people say the truth one mother can handle ten children but ten children cannot handle one mother oh no mother, please don't say this I brought your medicines first yes, that's fine… but you should listen to your wife's words my money, my money…

She kept on repeating it how dare she says hers or mine! Shah Jehan, apologize to mom I don't want to forgive her so honestly speaking, I've got three sons one's salary is less, the other's salary is under his wife's control and the third one is for granted, according to him his mother had died long ago mom, I will bring all the medicines tomorrow I don't any medicine or treatment I just pray that I die soon why are you talking such things? For God sake mom
what am I saying to you Shah Jehan apologize to mom! I won't forgive! she should know how a mother's curse effect someone I won't get effected by the curse.

The God is not sitting with closed eyes that one can say anything that comes in their mouth, & God approves it like that even God knows the reality of everyone, So leave your curse what misbehavior is this?
I'm saying the right thing have you listen! did you see how your wife is speaking? did you hear her words that's it! I don't want to stay here mom, For God sake…
please for God sake you get offened on every matter
yes, I don't want to listen to anyone mom, what have I said?
mom! move aside… move!
what's the need to escalate the matter? mom, please mom…
brother Raees you will get a backache, mom…
move! aunty, honestly I had no problem with your medicines, I just have a problem with his attitude try to understand, please leave it give it to me…
aunty, you will get injured mo, for God sake…
leave it aunty, sister is right…

She is the one who cares the most about your health & rest aunty please outside on the door its written, Riffat's house
absolutely! how would I know that I will spend my old age in an orphanage God forbid…
OK God if this is your decision then… oh mom for God sake, why are you saying such things? I'm telling you to apologize to her, otherwise!
OK aunty please no! you forgive me I was the one who takes away the right of your kids, right? please don't do this, this matter was between sister & brother Raees
yes! but I was the reason anyways its good that the reality is exposed, otherwise don't know what not she would have said I swear upon God, there isn't any such thing.

There is some misunderstanding if my mother stepped outside this house, then you also pack up your stuff you won't be able to stay here brother, what are you doing? oh man!
talk slowly, the noise is going outside, people will talk about it! let her go if she wants to no, no… I will leave quietly OK, I shall take your permission to leave. Forgive me if you can mom, please you won't go anywhere.
its good Mr. Ahmed that you left earlier, otherwise you would have to face this day aunty, please don't do this
let me go! I won't forgive you
why are doing this, mom? who is it? its me, Nafees hey! Nafees oh Nafees…

Oh my child look what they've done to your mother what happened mom, where were you going? & like this! I can't stay here anymore my daughter in laws cannot tolerate me anymore, therefore they've ousted me mom, for God sake he just came from a long journey. At least, let him come inside please come… come inside, you must be tired
come Nafees take him inside…
come, come on stop it, mom… why are you being restless and you are making him cry along with you mom, you will get sick enough mom.. enough! brother is absolutely right, besides now I'm here what are you doing? leave it, leave! there is no need to show so much of obedience whatever happened is because of you! now go & make arrangements for dinner. Didn't you see, he just came what do you mean? what are you looking at? go, I'm telling you brother Nafees came all of a sudden! and that too with his daughter.

Where is his wife? why he didn't brought her? do hell with him! whether he brings his daughter or wife. I've got my own problems hold your stomach inside, like this tell me, are all the trophies & medals yours that are placed in grandma's room? no! few are mine but majority are of Sameen's Sameen's… and this young princess is Sameen? No, I'm Roomi… Roomi Raees Ahmed Roomi Raees Ahmed… I see sister, your children are really nice by the way, Ms.

Roomi Raees you didn't tell us about what you do I do everything, I go to school really! and in school…. oho!
and she is my daughter Sameen Jalees Ahmed. He is your younger uncle Nafees greetings greetings to you too! so you are Sameen who won the rest of the trophies & medals yes, its me God bless you… stay blessed she came first since beginning in all her schools and I came second oh wow! there is usually a difference of only one point in our results really? my son is quite intelligent! honestly brother, your children are quite intelligent brother Nafees, introduce this lovely girl with her cousins oh yes yes… come in front this is my lovely daughter Hala and Hala, they are your elder cousins.

Greet them I have no interest its a very bad thing, you shouldn't say this now I can't talk to my sons as well what are you saying mom? what do you mean? send your wives to their rooms what work they have at this time that they are drinking tea here? please sister, please wait please don't go, I want to talk about something important they aren't any Ministers that you want to talk something important to them aunty is right, in her presence there is no need for us.

Let's go! no no sister, please actually, the matter that I want to discuss for that its important for everyone to be here please sit… please what's the matter? I'm telling… but please sit yes Nafees, now tell me what's the matter. The princess are settled mom…. actually, I want to request something from all of you Nafees have said such a strange thing how is this possible? who gave you the permission to interfere in this matter? and don't you dare to take my mother's name you are still upset with me? trust me, I really didn't mean to say that. It slipped out of my mouth unintentionally the matter which slips out of the mouth unintentionally, is the truth either it come out of our mind or heart I know you don't like my mother now this is injustice, Raees you know this very well, that I had never backed out in respecting & serving aunt since Hamza was so worried for the book, that's why I had said that they are my money, my earning…

So my wish either I buy medicine or book it was my pocket money you had given me, so it was my property your pocket money, right? your property. OK I accept it your property you can buy a book for your son from your pocket money but you can't buy medicine for my restless mom there is something called humanity if the matter is about realization then… you should have realized it what do you mean? I mean, you should have taken an advance from the company. This way you could have bought the book & medicines haven't you gone mad? aren't you crazy! I've told you thousands of times that I don't like to ask for advance from my company I've got some respect over there what will people say! that Raees was asking for advance you've decided to get me humiliated nobody gets humiliated by asking for an advance if a husband doesn't gets humiliated then a wife did, and that too in front of everyone here you go! there is an enhancement in shah Jehan's sin there is no peace in our life & now Nafees has given another task you won't be troubled by his new thoughts stop it! don't cry & sleep quietly.

For God sake crying for no reason but mom.. mom, I came to you with so much trust & believe no! not at all please try to understand my point you are my only hope, mom I can't trust anyone except for you, try to understand my helplessness how shall I keep her? I'm already dependent on my daughter in laws haven't you seen yesterday? the havoc that your sister in law had created upon bringing my medicines mom is right a girl's responsibility is such a big responsibility also, did you seek our permission before getting married? mom, what I would have done? it was the matter of nationality, that's why I had to get married in a hurry I've got rid of her with a lot of difficulty then you shouldn't have given birth to a child have you forgotten your brother & sister in law? your sister in law had to continue her studies it took two years for her to get graduate then for eight years, God tested her and after almost 10 years, I got to see my Hamza's face but mom, now we've already given birth to a daughter then what's the problem now? get married once again, the other mother will take care of her say what? I'm right mom I've already done second marriage oh God! you've got married for the second time as well then what's the problem? brother, actually she is a foreigner she doesn't want to keep Hala with her, she has clearly refused and mom, the environment there is not good for the kids.

Specially for girls please mom please, accept it I'm sure you will do Hala's great upbringing you will take very good care of her please mom for my sake, please Sofia, please check whether I have switched off the stove or not aunt is not getting convinced she is right, our circumstances are in front of her I had told Jalees clearly last night, not to accept this at all did you talk to your husband? leave Raees, we are about to discuss the matter & there he starts talking about my wrong actions you did that, you've done that… huh! and sister, at least you can share something with Jalees but Raees! I am about to start the discussion & he gives me a shut up call yes what? why aren't you eating? I don't eat this kind of food will she be able to stay here who likes butter & jam? we are unable to take care of our kids, and they are putting a responsibility of others kids too please eat it, its good…

At least try alright, let me bring toast for you Mr. Nafees look the whole house responsibility is on my head we've to buy water as well and then the responsibility of a girl, is quite a big responsibility mom, its not that simple like keeping a cat as pet it needs to be given a cup of milk with some meat brother, you are absolutely right. But don't you worry I will keep on sending the money every month on regular basis, its just just take care of my daughter you will send the money in the same manner, the way you told us while leaving for London? I will take care of all the responsibilities, I will end all the loans I will change the circumstances of our house, I will also call you there honesty brother, honestly mom I had planned the same thing but but London is such a difficult place and I was unable to do all this in such a less time, sorry brother ask us just now that loan is ended that we took to send you to London brother Raees try to understand Nafees point of view, he is helpless this is not a big deal as our children are eating, there she will eat some as well you can say this you are compelled to sit at home, do to your heroic act ask me how the financial matters of this house are being run Nafees you couldn't even inquire about your younger brother's health he went to the bank to submit the utility bill the robbers came there if there was a robbery happening, then he should have let it happen but no! he had to show his bravery he was able to save the bank's amount, but the bullet fired by the robber's made him disabled the amount that he got as a reward was spent on his treatment I got him appointed as a salesman at a book store with great difficulty his salary is quite less, & I believe you can understand that they took the responsibility of his daughter's education, and he is content with that Raees is absolutely right I sent you to London after selling my earrings & bangles now see, my hands are still empty and I wear whatever your sister in laws give me to wear in my ears forgive me mom, don't worry I will buy everything for you I "will" buy your every matter ends up at "will" I "will" do this, I "will" do that, I "will" do it this way, I "will" do it that way you are putting every matter on tomorrow whatever you plan to do, why don't you fulfill it? we won't come in your words anymore don't you have to go to your shop? don't you feel good by getting few amount no, I'm leaving sorry from our side, say what mom? for God sake mom please…

Please give shelter to Hala keep her with you, mom please, for my sake I don't want to live here Hala my love, its good for you to stay here. Its for your own betterment I promise you, and your grandma will take very good care of you over here right mom? when I became widow I wasn't that poor, the way you got me anyways… not everyone can see the happiness of their children I've refused Nafees and aunty? obviously, its mom's decision too & how can I go against my mother decision? obviously… ok listen, at least get me groceries I'm thinking to prepare rice & friend mince meet in afternoon's lunch why? is there any party? No, since Nafees is here so…

Leave Nafees. prepare some lentils & vegetables, he is not a guest though its been a lot days that we are cooking only chicken oh!…
mom, what happen? its me what are you doing here? just like that I came here to give something to you, take this look at these, they are so beautiful… they are beautiful earrings right? yes and this too along with them mom, give me some smile it was your mandate… look at them here… give me other hand like this and this do you like them? you don't like them? by the way mom, I've spent my life with such a difficulty my financial conditions weren't resolved, then I used to get caught up in some other things but till I'm alive, you shouldn't be dependent on anyone not of anyone, except for God stay blessed dear stay blessed see, they look so good yes mom, try the earrings show me come dear, be careful here you go, come…

sit here very nice wow! Biryani seems so delicious what's the matter? this is my place but your name is not written on the chair, eat your food somewhere else no, but I always sit here yes yes you… from today on wards this place is of Hala's now Hala will always sit on this chair always!.

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Mere Humsafar Episode 1 (English Subtitles) ARY Digital Drama

Mere HumSafar Episode 1 - 30th December 2021 | ARY Digital Drama

Mere Humsafar is the life story of Hala, born to a Pakistani father and foreign mother who leaves them after her birth.

Written By: Saira Raza
Directed By: Qasim Ali Mureed

Farhan Saeed
Hania Aamir
Waseem Abbas
Aly Khan
Samina Ahmed
Saba Hameed
Aamir Qureshi
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Zoya Nasir
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