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be heading to multiple a Moroccan restaurant   located in downtown east side of Vancouver 
close to Heather Street and hasting they have   gluten-free vegan as well as halal options 
so stay tuned as we go inside the restaurant   and show you their menu as well as the decor 
and we'll try some food and give you a review the restaurant is open seven days 
a week they open at 11:30 a.m.

And   are open until 3:00 p.m. they close at 
3:00 p.m. and reopen back at 5:00 p.m. instead of the restaurant is beautifully 
decorated they have nice cushions on the   side as well as pillows there's 
decorations on the wall as well   as on the tables so as soon as you walk 
in it just takes you to another world so here we have their dress salad platter 
which includes some black olives as well as   eggplants which they calls a loop it's 
steamed eggplants mixed with herbs and   spices next we have kidney beans they call 
it Luba it's just in a tomato sauce curry   and then we also have the Moroccan salad 
which is just fresh tomatoes and cucumbers   and lastly we have the carrot salad which is 
basically cooked carrots mixed with herbs and   spices Moroccan bread which brings another 
level of texture and flavor to every dish we'll start up with the kidney beans the 
kidney beans himself were really soft you   can taste the flavors of the tomato as well as 
other spices next as a carrot salad carrot has   a little bit of sweetness from the carrot 
itself and I think they probably have lemon   juice in there so you get a little bit of 
citrus as well now we have the eggplant the eggplant also has tomatoes in it 
so you get a little bit of sourness   from the tomato but overall the flavors 
are balanced and last but not least we   just have the fresh veggies which 
are just a cucumbers and tomatoes here we have the fresh Moroccan bread it's 
really soft it's warm I think the freshly   baked it in the restaurant as you can see 
the steam is coming out and this actually   gives much more texture and flavor to the 
dishes so when you try the salad by itself   and then when he tried with a bread the bread 
actually highlights those flavors much more our main dish we got lamb tagine which has 
carrots potatoes pumpkins as well as green   peas it's served with a side of couscous and 
the next one was the chicken tagine which comes   with carrots potatoes as well as pumpkin 
and it's served in their traditional dish let's start out with a couscous and get 
a little bit of the meat as well as the   veggies from the tagine as well and let's 
taste the flavors and see how high they are so we've got a little bit of pumpkin some 
green peas potatoes as well as carrots and   lamb meat the meat is really soft as soon 
as you move it around it actually breaks   apart it does not give any resistance so you 
can see just it breaks apart piece by piece does not require a lot of force at all 
and even the veggies they're actually   really soft they're cooked to perfection 
I think they don't use too much oil but   rather they just put them in that 
part on top of slow heat and they   cook in their own juices and moisture that 
are developed during that cooking process the couscous is really flavorful has some spices 
in it and the tagine themself is actually the   meat is really flavorful so next here we have 
is a chicken the outside of it as you can see   it's a little bit kind of roasted but the 
meat itself is really soft easily breaks the chicken was also really flavorful doesn't 
have any chicken smell at all and all with   all that veggies and the curry overall was really 
really flavorful and it went really well with the   couscous and also with the milk and bread overall 
we had a great experience we loved the food as   well as the decor inside the restaurant and the 
service was outstanding the owner is awesome he   told us that they get the recipe as well as their 
decor from Marrakech that's where they're based   out of like this video please don't forget to give 
it a thumbs up and if you have any suggestions for   our next video that we'll be making from rock 
or if you like us to make a certain video on   any specific food items from morocco please don't 
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Moltaqas Moroccan Cuisine | Halal Foodie | #Moroccan #Vancouver #Maroc

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We went to Moltaqa which is a Moroccan restaurant and located in Downtown Vancouver close to Heather and Hastings. The restaurant opened in March of 2018.

The restaurant serves, vegan, gluten free and halal food items. We tried their salad platter, Lamb Tagine, and Chicken Tagine. The food was delicious, the decor was beautiful and the service was great. Halal Food Vancouver

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