MOST UNIQUE Street Food in Malaysia!!! BEST Street Food in The World!!!

(griddle sizzling)
(upbeat music) – Wow, look at that. All right, check it out guys. It's Trevor James. We made our way out deep
into the countryside outside of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and I am so excited, because
restaurants are opening up now with social distancing
and we can bring you for tons of amazing street food. It's been a long three months indoors. First up, we're gonna have
an amazing Malaysian meal. Let's go check it out. (upbeat music) Get ready for the ultimate
Malaysian street food tour of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Rapid-fire, one by one, with five of the best street foods you must try when you visit Malaysia. So make sure to watch all
the way until the end, 'cause you're not gonna
wanna miss every single one of these street food hits that will leave your mouth watering.

Let's eat. And here we are, guys. Look at this, we made our way
out deep into the countryside outside of Kuala Lumpur to try the special nasi melak
breakfast, telur bungkus, wrapped in an egg, and it's right up here. Let's go try it out, guys. Wow, look at this. Oh, and here it is, look at this. Oh, and this is the special. Watch this, guys. We just asked permission to film, and they are gonna show us the special.

Oh, here we go. (eggs sizzling)
Wah, look at that. That's telur, cili padi? – Oh, chili sambal. Look at that! It looks incredible, guys. So this is nasi lemak wrapped
around this giant omelet with Malaysian sambal. Here we go, nasi lemak. Oh, and it's going right on. Look at this. Wah, so these are nasi lemak, fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk, and sometimes there's
actually pandan leaves in there as well, which
gives it this vanilla-y, incredible Malaysian, tropical flavor. And she's just adding on the nasi lemak onto the telur, the giant
omelet, with cili padi, okay, and then we're gonna
watch how she prepares it. So it's folded over and wrapped up. Wow. Aromatic. Look at this, guys. She's wrapping up the nasi
lemak with the sambal egg. (chuckling) It looks incredible, guys. And then they just come out, and they're covered in a sambal.

Oh, and this is the sambal. – Yeah, sambal.
– [Trevor] Look at the sambal. Wow. Add a onion–
– Onion. – [Trevor] Add a chili. Wow, and ikan bilis. Look at that guys,
that's Malaysian sambal. Here, Malaysian sambal
right out of the wok. And there's one more
specialty here, the roti– – Jiwa kacau.
– Jiwa kacau, yeah. Watch this. This is gonna be the roti jiwa kacau. You can see he is gonna
just fill this with eggs. And this is gonna be mixed with the famous Malaysian spicy sambal. There we go, look at this guys. Spicy sambal. And onion, oh, and then here's the roti.

Look at this guys, he's making
a giant bowl of roti bread, telur, eggs, sambal, Malaysian special. Oh, look at how saucy and thick that is. There's so many eggs in there. This is just absolutely incredible, guys. Look at this. It's a roti omelet with sambal, Malaysian sambal, and it's
full of spice and chili. Wow, look at all that
butter he's adding in there. Looks good.
– Good. – Looks really good, guys. Watch this. Look at these flips. Wow, it's like a sambal
omelet pancake mix. And the roti is gonna be served with this special curry sauce guys. You've got curry with your roti. Wow, aromatic. You can also get your roti chenai here, classic roti, kind of
like paratha with curry, and we're gonna get the upgraded one with onion and sambal. There it is. And here we are. It's so beautiful here
out in the countryside, and we are gonna have nasi lemak.

Wow, look at that. And here we are, guys. Look at this. Wow, look at all the sambal on there. It's full of ikan bilis, dried anchovies, so it's gonna have that
incredible anchovy aroma, which is infused into so many
special Malaysian dishes. Just look at that closeup. We're just gonna cut into
that, and look at that. Let's just make it messy,
and let's just get that completely covered in
sambal for the first bite. Mm, mm! Oh, oh, it's spicy. Wow, that is spicy, yet sweet
and fragrant at the same time. You can taste the ikan, the anchovies, and the rice has a little
bit of a coconut flavor too. And now we can try the
special, look at that. And let's just pour that curry over top. Oh, oh, oh, look at that! Look at that, let's try it out. Wow, that looks delicious. Mm, it's slightly sweet, and it's a very enjoyable breakfast.

Bye bye. – [Trevor] Great, bye, bye. That was absolutely delicious. Let's keep going. And next up, we're
bringing you in full on, and before going for some
insanely potent curry noodles and durian and desserts,
we're bringing you in deep with our friends Allan and Shan to Klang, a one hour drive from
KL, to visit the source of bak kut teh. Air five!
(both laughing) And here we are guys. We are now in Klang.
– Yes. – To try the ultimate
delicacy, bak kut teh. And this is it, Teluk Pulai.
– Pulai, yeah. (people chattering) – And here we are, we're gonna
check out this bak kut teh. – Bak kut teh.
– Wow, look at those. Oh my. Klang bak kut teh. We've got the trotter, the feet, we got the spare ribs,
we got the intestine, and Lao Ban is just chopping
up all of these cuts of pork, and these are stewed in a
Chinese herbal broth, right? – [Allan] Yes, yes, it is.

– [Trevor] Oh, and this is the broth. – [Chef] Stomach. – [Trevor] Oh, the intestines, the organs, this is the nei zang tang. Lots of meat on there. You can smell the herbs, and
you can see right behind us is the master stock of the rou gu cha. It's gonna get reduced and
boiled down multiple times. And this is the xiang liao. Oh, and here's the sea cucumber. We're gonna get a sea cucumber pot. Here we go. Watch this. Oh, and the sea cucumber's going in. Look at that, guys. Should be good.
– Yep. – Let's go try it out, guys. – Wow.
– Wow. – And here we are. Wow, bak kut teh, look at that. Thank you, thank you. Wow, that is beautiful. They put a sea cucumber on it. – [Allan] Sea cucumbers,
there's two piece of it there.

– [Trevor] A whole sea cucumber. That's luxury. (both laughing) And look at this, we've got the intestines and the stomach in that extremely
herbal bak kut teh broth. It's incredible. And then we got the dry
one here too, right? – [Allan] There's actually
dry sotong in this as well, to enhance the taste
of the dry bak kut teh. – Wow, sotong, so that's dried squid. So it's gonna have a squid
and bak kut teh combo. – Yeah, yeah.
– Flavor. Sip the broth.
– Yeah, man.

– Mm.
– Mm. – Oh, ho, ho. Wow.
– So comforting. That broth is all you need. It tastes like a Chinese medicinal soup, almost like a tea, and then
it's got that sweetness from the bone, and wow. And look at that, that is a
incredible Chinese delicacy, sea cucumber, it's all about the texture and the flavor combo, and it's
soaked in that bak kut teh. Should we just take it down here? – Yep, one shot. – Okay, one shot, like a shot. – Mm.
– Mm. – [Trevor] Mm, that sea cucumber
is infused with the broth, and while we were eating
a dry bak kut teh, which we both preferred
even more than the wet, classic one, a follower came up to us and gifted us some baozi
from down the street that she lined up 30 minutes for.

– Thank you, thank you. – So friendly. Look at that guys, classic. That's cha shao, barbecued pork. Should be the, oooh, That's the cha shao bao, and they lined up for us to get these. They lined up next door. So friendly. Malaysian people are so hospitable. – Mm, mm, mm. Wow, that is delicious. I like how it's not too fatty. They used good chunks of meat, and it's slightly sweet, not too sweet. – [Allan] Not too sweet.

– [Trevor] And very fluffy. Wow, that was delicious. And next up, before heading back to KL for even more classic
Malaysian street food, we're bringing you for a stop at a famous cake shop to try a uniquely Malaysian pandan layer cake. And next up, we are in Old Klang, going to try the famous pandan layer cake, and pandan is an ultra unique
leaf from Malaysia here that has this incredible vanilla aroma and it's just right up here. Pandan, wow, Regent
Pandan Layer Cake Shop. Let's go try it out. Oh, and here's the pandan, look at this. – Pandan mix corn.
– Pandan mixed corn? Whoa, look at that, that's the pandan. Oh, and there it is, guys. That looks delicious. Oh wow, and there's so many here. So we've got the pandan, all pandan, all pandan, pure pandan, 100%, 100%. And then this one here– – Yam.
– Yam flavor. Oh, and more over here too. Pandan mixed with corn, and even more. What's this down here? Corn cake. Wow, oh, a durian layer cake.

Wow, durian.
– Wow, durian. – [Trevor] A durian cake as well. – [Allan] Oh, good smell, good smell. – Whoa.
– Whoa. Wow, and here it is, pandan. (people chattering and laughing) That's the pandan cake. (woman laughing)
Pandan layer. Look at that. Pandan, which is Malaysian
specialty vanilla leaf, the ultimate leaf of Malaysia, the most aromatic leaf in the world, vanilla-y, smooth, and this
is pandan and yam, very nice. Oh, and you can see there,
the green is the pandan, and the purple is the yam.

And you can see this joint is just packed with pandan layer cakes. It's just being cut piece by piece here. And put into these individual boxes. And we're gonna get it
cut into smaller pieces so we can have, oh, look
at the jelliness there. Look how jelly it is. It's like soft jelly. Pandan cake. Wow, vertically and horizontally. And here we got it. The pandan layer cake.
– Wow. Come on.
– Wow. – Gotta open it.
– Let's take a look. It looks so jelly like. Oh my, look at the color.
– Oh. – Wow, it's like an emerald jam that smells like vanilla,
like a floral vanilla, like a fragrant, Malaysian vanilla.

It's jelloey, it's wiggly. – All right, cheers.
– It's spongy. Cheers, buddy, let's try it out. – Mm, mm.
– Mm. – Oh wow.
– It's good. – Mm, oh. That is a unique flavor. Pandan, you can only
get it here in Malaysia. That pandan leaf is so floral and fragrant and vanilla-y, it's like an
upgraded vanilla, really. Sweet, fluffy, spongy, airy, light, and full of flavor. – [Trevor] And next up,
to continue the adventure, we're making our way back into KL to try some next level
Penang style curry noodles. One of the best noodles of
Malaysia, if not the world. Awesome, guys. And next up, we made our
way out into Pandan Jaya to try a special Malaysian curry mee, classic Malaysian spicy curry noodle, right up here at Jia Li Mian.

Huge thanks to my buddy, Mikey West for recommending this joint,
and we're gonna go try it out. – [Trevor] Oh, and this is the curry mee. – [Trevor] Look at that,
adding in santan, coconut milk, oh and sambal, sambal?
– Yeah, sambal. – [Trevor] Oh my goodness. Chili, they've just added
in chili and coconut milk into that curry mee, and wow, that sambal. You can smell, it's like
a incredible chili aroma. Asam laksa, that's the sour
laksa, guys, Malaysia special. – Very good.
– Very good. Look at that. Asam laksa. That is classic Malaysian laksa curry dish that you can have with
bee hoon, rice noodles. Oh, and a lot of different toppings. But we're gonna get the curry mee. And here we go, guys. This is the process. So we're getting bee hoon and mee, mixed. So rice noodles and egg
noodle mixed in the bowl, and then we've got a
beautiful mix over here.

We're gonna add cockles in. Look at that, cockles, beautiful. We've got incredible squid, look at that. Squid is going in. We've got these tofu strips, and this is the magic. Look at that, tofu puffs. Tons of that creamy, sambal-infused, incredible curry noodle. We've got the sambal, and then mint on top with a little bit of torch ginger. – Enjoy this. – Wow. The curry mee, classic Malaysian dish. And look at the color and the contrast and the creaminess and the
intense sambal on there. That is a beautiful dish. It's loaded with ingredients. Look at that, tons of coconut milk, there's tons of cockles and tofu and fish and mint and it's all
in there, lemongrass, and then on top, look at this, we've got torch ginger, which
is like an upgraded ginger, aromatic like a flower, and we're just gonna mix it up. Look at that sambal. Let's get it in there, guys. There's squid, there's so much. This is incredible, and
we've got a mix of bee hoon and the classic egg nooodle.

Let's get all the flavors
in that first bite. Look at the broth. Make sure the sambal's mixed in. Wow. This is it, guys, the soul
of Malaysia, curry noodle. Here we go.
(Trevor slurping) Mm, whoa. Wow, it is all about that broth. It is so complex. You can taste a little lemongrass, and you can taste the
incredible smoothness of the sambal and the
milkiness of the coconut milk, and then we've got the torch ginger like an aromatic flower, with the mint. It's like a complete pop of flavor. And then it's just a little spicy. I think to me that is a
perfect bowl of noodles, one of the best noodles of the world, the curry mee and then the
asam laksa in Malaysia. – Thank you. – That was incredible, guys. Bye bye. And to finish off a day of eating, just down the street, we
stumbled on the perfect dessert, street Kampung village
durian, cheap and delicious.

– 125 years of history here. Wow, so it's 125-year-old durian tree. – [Trevor] Oh, and here we go. Look at this. Laoban is gonna kai. This is Kampung durian. So with durian, the older the tree, the better the fruit, and we are gonna be tasting it right now. Kampung. Kampung is village durian, just right from the village trees. The morning drop?
– Yes, the morning drop. – [Trevor] Right this morning, guys. Fresh dropped, here it is. – Whoa.
– Whoa, Kampung. Nice.
– Yeah, that's very nice. – Tastes very nice. So it's bai rou, white flesh,
and it's ku de, it's bitter. And there it is, look at that. It's white flesh. It actually smells, mm, really nice. They said it's a bitter variety. – Mm, mm, mm! Oh. – I got messy. Oh, and there it is. Look at that, it's just
pure messy sloppy goodness.

Look at that. Whoa, that is it. That's a messy street durian. It's like a little ice cream fruit ball. Bye bye.
– Bye bye. – Thank you. Unreal, you like that thing? – It's similar to China, to Shanghai. – Yeah, wow. Thank you so much for watching, guys. Please make sure to
leave me a comment below, click that subscribe button and the bell notification button too so you don't miss any of these videos, and I am so happy to once
again finally be making these street food tour videos for you. Thanks for watching, guys..

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MOST UNIQUE Street Food in Malaysia!!! BEST Street Food in The World!!!

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My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Kuala Lumpur eating up as much delicious street food as I can.

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