Most UNIQUE Street Food in Turkey – EXTREME Street Food Tour w/ Culinary Backstreets!!!

– All right, check it out,
guys, it's Trevor James. We are in Istanbul,
Turkey, and I'm so pumped. We're going for another full on street food tour
with Culinary Backstreet. Today, we're meeting up with
our friend, and guide Benoit. And he's planned a full
on day of eating for us. And it's so good to be here. Let's go check it out guys. This is it! Istanbul. Part two of four with
Culinary Backstreets. And today Benoit is taking us for five iconic street foods in Turkey that are going to make you hungry. Including one of the most
iconic centuries-old, family-run candy shops in Istanbul. You're going to love it. So make sure to watch
all the way until the end to enjoy all these delicacies with us.

Let's eat! – [Trevor] Morning.
– [Benoit] Morning – [Trevor] How are you? – Another great day. – [Trevor] Another day today. Awesome. – great day to go white! – Let's go, full on. Just look at this market we're in, it's beautiful. – [Benoit] Yeah, this is
beautiful. Look at this- – [Trevor] Lots of stuff here. Lots of- you can smell the bread, and the doner. We're hungry. Let's have a good breakfast. Here we are. – [Trevor] Hello Murat!
– Hello Murat. This is the ustad- The master – [Trevor] How are you Murat? Nice to meet you, thank you. – [Benoit] So there's a lot of work. – [Trevor] Okay. Let's see how it's done. Oh, so here we go. It's starting. So we've got the minced meat – [Murat] Yes, yes, yes. – [Trevor] Lamb and beef? – [Murat] Yeah, exactly. – [Trevor] Oh, and then here's some eggs. (eggs cracking) Oh, look at that. Oh, and this is the onions. – Yeah, yeah. – [Trevor] Oh – [Benoit] Only the water. Only the water. – [Trevor] Oh. Only the water. That gives it a nice, smoothness, right? – [Benoit] Then we throw that away.

– [Trevor] Throw the onions away? – Yeah – [Trevor] Okay. Time to assemble. So this is the cow fat, right? – [Benoit] Yes, the cow fat. – [Trevor] The lamb fat. Oh. – Yeah. It needs that
because otherwise we find- the lower part always burn more than the- – [Trevor] The base layer. And he's making like a big patty. – [Benoit] Exactly, look at that. – [Trevor] Oh my. This is so unique. Oh, and then here's the pepper. – [Benoit] Yeah, the pepper, and then look how quick he is. – [Trevor] Oh, he's fast. Yeah. – [Benoit] Tomatoes. – [Trevor] Oh, and then adding the lamb, – [Benoit] Yes.

– [Trevor] and then he keeps going. He's got skills. – [Benoit] And then we flatten, and get it through the skewer. – [Trevor] Oh, look at
all the layers in there. Pepper, the minced meat, the lamb, the tomato,
the cow fat, of course. And it's going to sizzle so nicely. I'm excited to see how
that comes out in the end. – I've never seen that anywhere else. – [Trevor] It's so unique, right? – [Benoit] So there is a
famous pop star in Turkey. He died and he had a song, and it started like
tomatoes, pepper, eggplant. (singing in foreign language) (laughing) – And this gave him the idea of doing that. – [Trevor] Oh really? – So from a song, very popular song. And then when he was young. – [Trevor] Oh, this is
him when he was young? Starting early making doner. And this is the best part to watch, these patties keep getting wider, and wider each time.

And then watch how the- watch how it just slides
under and then comes up. Boom. Right on top there. So he's been doing this
for his whole life? – [Benoit] Yes, exactly. – [Trevor] Mastering the art of the donor. – [Benoit] 30 years. And if you don't know the neighborhood, almost impossible to find. – [Trevor] Yeah? No Instagram, nothing. – [Benoit] No Instagram, nothing, nothing. – [Trevor] Super hidden. – [Benoit] Not even the
address on Google maps.

– [Really? – [Benoit] And the name of the place is totally standard, it's called the Vericut, Vericut doner. But there are hundred of
Vericut Donor in Turkey. So, hard to find. – [Trevor] Hard to find. – [Benoit] Yeah. – [Trevor] Okay. Time to trim right? – [Benoit] Exactly. – [Trevor] Here we go. Oh, so it's going to be perfectly shaped, like an octagon. And there's all the scraps
on the bottom there. And then look, he's just adding it to the top here. It's a full meat and veggie mixture there. Okay. And here's the final layer, and that goes under. And then look at how tall it is now. It's so tall. Oh. And then here it is. Here's the seal, the tooth picks.

(Turkish language) – Finished! Finished. Okay, and let's see how it's moved. Look at that, it's so tall. Wow, there it is. Oh, and here's the fire, and the fire is on, looking good. So we got the Murat doner
and uh chicken doner? – Chicken doner, Lamb doner. – Lamb doner with the sub-z. – Yes – So, now it's beginning
to burn a little bit to get brown, and a few minutes later, we'll start cutting. – [Trevor] Oh, that's the good stuff. This is it. Look at this. Look at the juicy meat
and vegetable combo. Oh, and he's just heating it up on the flame there? – [Benoit] Yeah. Yeah. It's better when it's a bit hot. – [Trevor] Okay. Let's see how it's made. Ooh, that mixed doner meat, vegetable, fatty goodness. And then lettuce, tomato. So you can either get the wrap, or the bread, right? – [Benoit] Yes. – [Trevor] So we're going to see how they're both made.

– [Benoit] Exactly. – [Trevor] Beautiful. And then a little salt? And then wrapped up. Thank you. – Thank you. – Wow, Thank you so much. Beautiful. Ooh, here's the bread. Oh, that looks good too. You can get two varieties. The hollowed out bread, oh or the wrap? Both looking good. Thank you, awesome. Okay. And then here we are. We've got the beautiful Murat style doner. Look at that. I love how he's just
toasted the wrap there. Let's try it out. Mm, that's amazing. Thank you – Thank you. – Wow. Delicious, juicy, got
the vegetables, meat, and then the variety of textures from the ground meat and the lean meat, and the fat. Addictive And then seasoned nicely, I love how he put the salt on. Thank you, Murat – Thank you. – [Trevor] Thank you see you next time. So next stop, right up ahead.

– Yes – Going for candy, right? – Yeah, the candy and
the Turkish Delight shop. – Turkish Delight making? – Yeah making, they produce, and they also sell the products. – Perfect. – One of the oldest in Istanbul. – Here we are, super local neighborhoods. Just right near the spice market, right? – Exactly, in the backstreet
of the spice market. – [Trevor] Backstreets! Oh wow, it's all the candy here. – Yup, exactly. – [Trevor] Let's take a look. Hello. – So this is Daria. – [Trevor] Hi Daria. – She is in charge of the production. – [Trevor] Hello, nice to meet you. – [Benoit] The team is all women. Mostly, women are working here. – [Trevor] Yeah? Amazing. – [Benoit] Yeah, and the
owner is also a lady. – Okay. And we just got invited in to see how it's made in a big cauldron. Turkish Delight, akide candy, wow. Right up the stairs.

This- oh it's so tight in here, look at this. So tight in here. Wow. Look at the giant cauldron, Hello. Okay at the next stop, look at this guys. We're watching the
making of Turkish Akide. So this is just the sugar, water – [Benoit] And cream of tartar – [Trevor] cream of tartar. And that's going to give
it some citrus, right? – Exactly. – [Trevor] Oh, wow, She's just like wiping
the sides with water. What's the purpose of that? – [Benoit] To prevent crystallization. – [Trevor] Oh okay. – [Benoit] Because otherwise the sugar is going to stick at the edges.

– [Trevor] Just to prevent
the crystallization. And here we go. Here's the gloves. It's hot. – [Benoit] Yeah yeah yeah. – [Trevor] It's hot. Oh, there it is. Wow. Look at how syrupy it looks. Oh. And then we're just
going to add some color – [Daria] Organic color. – [Benoit] Uh and it's organic. – [Trevor] Organic! – [Benoit] it's made from the roots of different trees or the plants- – [Trevor] Oh tree root,
so it's natural coloring. – [Benoit] Natural coloring. – [Trevor] Oh, it's so satisfying
to watch it get scraped. So we're going to have the, I think that's going to be the
white and then this is going to be the red here.

she's just flipping it, like folding it multiple times
as it cools and it's getting harder and harder. Here we go. Right on the machine here.
This is going to pull it. – [Benoit] Yeah. – [Trevor] Oh and then there we go. It's quick. And the colors already changing. It's getting lighter and lighter. Wow. There it is.

Oh, it's amazing to watch. There's the red one here. And then there's the clear taffy one. And I think they're going to
make some designs out of it. Right. Some designs. And then here's
the stretching and cutting. You gotta, yeah you're you're
racing against the clock and then it's cut and then
pinched into these rings. Yeah. Look at the speed. Look how it's just, it's like a production line
two people working so fast. And then we can just take one here, right? – [Benoit] Yeah. – There it is. Turkish Akide. Still warm. Oh yeah. It's got that Taffy like texture. And it's got that homemade feel, you can tell, they put
a lot of love into it.

– [Benoit] Yes. – [Trevor] Okay. And then
they're just sold in the jars. Beautiful. Here we go. Let's watch how Turkish delight is made. Starting this machine with water. Okay. And then here we go. This is the corn starch. corn starch going in and
then here's the sugar. Oh, look at that. 15 kg of sugar. Let's help out. Ooh, it's heavy. Okay. Here we go. Let's pour it in. 15 kg. That's heavy. Oh, making Turkish Delight.

So We got sugar, corn starch, and water. – [Benoit] Cream of tartar. – [Trevor] That's the cream
of the tartar, Right in. And as of now, it's just mixing. There's no flame yet. And I think that's, what's coming next. The flame. Ooh. And then here it is. It's been boiling for two hours now, and look at the color change. Oh, she's just testing the
consistency here, right? – [Benoit] Yeah. – [Trevor] She's just going to put it in the cold water here. – [Benoit] Yeah. – [Trevor] Oh yeah. So
she's just stretching it. Is this good or no? – [Benoit] (Speaking Turkish) – [Trevor] It's good? – Yeah. – [Trevor] Ready. Here it comes. Wow. Oh my goodness. Amazing. Okay. And then let's see what
happens here. Okay. So this is the powder
sugar going down, right? – [Benoit] Yep.

– [Trevor] This is so
cool, and rare to see, fifth generation and we're
watching it right now. Let's see what happens. Oh, look at that. Oh my goodness. Turkish Delight Right from the cauldron. Incredible. Look at that. Look at how gooey it looks. And that's going to get so firm and chewy, once it goes down, oh and then here comes. Wow. And then here's another tray
that's going to load up again. This is incredible. So these are going to cool for two days. So I think they're going
to let us try a rose one, right up ahead that
they made two days ago, which is the classic favor anyways. So this is the rose? Turkish Delight. Just covering it in that powdered sugar. – [Benoit] Powdered sugar. – [Trevor] There it is. It's a giant piece of
Turkish Delight rose.

Wow. Special knife. Just for a Turkish delight. – [Benoit] So it's just for that. – [Trevor] Oh. And it looks like it's really sticky and chewy. Oh. And there it is. Turkish delight. Beautiful. Look at the color. It goes, look so like,
just satisfyingly red. Naturally colored from the rose. And I think we can just
try it right now, right? Oh, thank you. – [Benoit] It's called
the rose of Damascus. – [Trevor] Rose of Damascus.

– [Benoit] Rose of Damascus
yes, they have uh secret petals – [Trevor] Oh, let's try it out. Wow. Those are just so delicious. Perfectly chewy. Just scented
like perfumed with rose petal, natural rose pedal, and then
sweet and chewy as well. Like look at that. Look at the texture. Thank you. – [Benoit] Bye guys, see you
– [Trevor] Thank you, that was amazing. – [Benoit] Fantastic team. – [Trevor] Amazing production. Yeah. – [Benoit] All working together. – [Trevor] Awesome. Okay. Thank you, Bye-bye. And now next up Benoit is taking us to a couple pide joints. First one here. – [Benoit] you see, Pide Firini. – [Trevor] Pide Firini – [Benoit] And let's meet Ahmed. Who is one of my good
friends, so here's Ahmed.

– [Trevor] Hello, Hi, Ahmed. – [Benoit] Please come in. – [Trevor] Oh, okay. Oh, here's the making of the pide. – [Benoit] Yeah yeah, look at that. – [Trevor] Oh, okay. Here we go. So just covering
it in some egg yolk. – [Benoit] Yes. – [Trevor] and then lots of ingredients, So what's this here? – [Benoit] Minced meat, Ground meat. – [Trevor] Minced meat! – [Benoit] with spices,
it's from Eastern Turkey. So they like spices in
that part of Turkey. – [Trevor] Oh. Oh, it's beautiful. So minced meat you can
see some pepper, tomato. – [Both Speaking] (indistinct) – [Trevor] Onion, pepper, oh and then. – [Benoit] A bit of sausage. – [Trevor] Uh sausage, – [Benoit] Sujuk. – [Trevor] Oh, Turkish sujuk sausage – [Benoit] And Kabuki remember
the ancestor of corned beef? – [Trevor] Oh Corned beef.

– [Benoit] Yeah, and uh red pepper. – [Trevor] Pepper, parsley,
oh it's looking good. – [Benoit] Yeah, yeah. – [Trevor] Oh, and then what's this? – [Benoit] And then this is urfa. You see the smoky type of flake pepper. – [Trevor] Oh, urfa. And then some cheese, – [Benoit] And cheese, you see there's a lot of material here. – [Trevor] Yeah. – [Benoit] He said there's, three different types
of cheese in one sheet.

– [Trevor] Inside here? – [Benoit] That's a blend. – [Trevor] Oh. And then
it goes in the oven. – [Benoit] Yeah. – [Trevor] Right in, that
oven looks like ancient. Oh yeah. He's loading it with wood chips. The old way, looking good. Yeah. How old is it? – Uh 400 uh, years old – 400 year old oven. This oven is 400 years old, I swear. – No way. Wow. – This is true, I swear. – Oh, there it is. Whoa! Oh, look at that. Off? Okay. Like that? – [Benoit] Yeah, you got, you
got the, you got experience. – (Laughs) Oh, and then it's sliced up. Oh, I got the apron on now. I'm ready to work. Thank you. Oh, there it is. Thank you chef. Thank you. So we've got
two sides to it, right? We've got the cheese, the three cheese mix and then
we've got the minced meat mix.

Thank you Ahmed, for this. Oh, look at that. That's the pide, Oh, it's still so hot. What's that? – I first I started myself. – Thank you. That's how good it is. That's how good it is.
With a 400 year old oven. – (Speaking in background) – One chef, two chef. – [Girl] Today. You are today's chef. – [Trevor] That right there,
is show addictively good. Spicy, peppery, the
mixture of three cheeses. You can eat this all the
time if you're in Turkey, must be a happy life. – Yeah yeah (Chuckles) – And they're not taking
our money for the pide We're trying to pay right now.

That was nice pide. Very tasty. Thank you so much. Thank you. Amazing pide Thank you. Okay. Next stop. We're going for more food. – [Benoit] Yeah. – That was amazing. – You like that Pide thing? – Yeah. – Really good. And just look
at these backstreets here. You can have tea, You
can have lots of snacks, Benoit is taking us to one of his most favorite pide joints, and look at this, Wow. There's so much action. We're right in the market.
Oh, and here it is. – [Benoit] This is Ahmet here. – [Trevor] This is it here? Hi, chef Ahmet, How are you? How are you? (speaking Turkish) – [Trevor] so this is where it begins. Chef Ahmet. – [Benoit] So he doesn't
use any rolling pin, you see only his hands.

– [Trevor] Only his hands? – [Benoit] Yeah. And you can get a bunch of
varieties of Pide too. Right? Whoa. And here's the minced meat mix. So we've got ground meat, tomato. What's the orange stuff? – [Benoit] This is the fat of the meat. – [Trevor] Oh, And then
lots of meat fat. Oh. And then here comes the cheese, – [Benoit] yellow cheese,
– [ Trevor] yellow cheese. – [Trevor] Oh. And then wrapping it up. – [Benoit] Yeah and look now, look now. – [Trevor] Oh stretching
it, Nice handmade. Fully handmade. – [Benoit] No rolling pin. – [Trevor] Oh, and then
there's the egg wash. Okay. And then here's ours going
in, right in the oven. – [Benoit] He's uh A one man show. – One man show? – Because normally that
would be three persons here. One preparing the dough,
another, stretching the dough, another placing the pide. – [Trevor] He does it all. Oh, And then here's some fresh ones. – [Benoit] Yeah, – [Trevor] Oh. And then the egg. Wow. Look at that egg yolk. Just spreading it across the whole pide.

Looking good, Oh, And then back in the oven, that's going to make
it gooey and flavorful. Oh, I love it. I love it. The meat, the fat, the pepper,
the tomato, the cheese. It's so addictive, pite It's like for me, upgraded pizza. Turkish style. Okay. And then here comes ours oh, look at that and then just brought to the cut station and then it just gets cut and serve. Thank you, chef Ahmet. Thank you. Let's go try it out. And here we are. Look at that pide right out of the oven. So it's the yellow
cheese, pepper tomatoes. Chef Ahmet, He's just on fire. He's making them like
non-stop, it's amazing. It's so gooey and so hot. Oh, let's try it out. Wow. Nice to mixture, Cheese,
the dough, like you said, it's soft, handmade. Oh really soft, like gooey. Thank you chef Ahmet. Thank you. See you. Bye. Bye. The next stop, just right
beside the pide shop, we found one of the most
famous street foods in Turkey, Turkish, ice cream. Oh, look what we found here. Turkish ice cream! Oh, there it is, look at that.

Wow. Chocolate – Chocolate. – Wow – (Making playful noises) – (Everyone laughing) What is your name? – Uh James. – James? – And you? – I am Sirkhan, my name's Sirkhan. – Oh, there it is. I got it. (Speaking Turkish) – (Replies in Turkish) – Okay Tay t's your turn. Oh, and he's pulling the whole
piece of ice cream out. Oh, look at that.

(Chuckles) – Ticket please. – [Trevor] Look at that giant Ice cream. – What is your name? – I want the ice cream (Chuckles) – [Trevor] (Chuckles),
you want the ice cream? thank you – [Trevor] Thank you, sir. Good show. Oh it's melting, delicious. And to finish up the night, Benoit is bringing us for a
full on meal at a restaurant specializing Hatay cuisine.
Turkey's Southeast region, That's often named the
best food destination in the entire country. And today we're getting
to watch the most unique salt baked lamb technique. Okay. And here we are. Hello, Hello how are you? Nice to meet you. So he's the chef, – [Trevor] Nice to meet you chef. – And uh We'll be together. – [Trevor] Oh, what's this? Oh my goodness. You guys are great. Thanks for having us. Yeah. Okay, And what's this here? – A drink – [Trevor] it's a drink? Oh, lemon and pistachio. – Pistachio – [Trevor] Hold on.

What's this? – Uh rose sherbet. – [Trevor] Rose sherbet,
oh And some fresh mint too, and then a little ice in there, Thank you. Oh, and we just got invited
down into the downstairs, to see the making. Thank you, for the hair. – Very well organized. – Nice. Oh, and look at this. This is the salt drawer. Whoa. It's like, it's a full drawer of salt.

Look at that. He's going
to cut the lamb shank. He's a pro with the knife. He's just like removing the
bone so delicately and cleanly. Look at that. He's just
like, butterflying it open. Like it's going to be, – [Benoit] like a blanket. – [Trevor] Like a blanket, exactly. Yeah. – [Benoit] A little bit of salt. – [Trevor] Oh nice. And then here's the
red pepper paste right? – [Benoit] Red pepper but
mixed with tomato paste and oregano. – [Trevor] Oh, and then a
little in this earth clay pot. – [Benoit] Yes a, clay pot – [Trevor] It's a total meat blanket.

– [Benoit] Yes exactly, And then the rice is put, which is a basmati rice, very thin rice, – [Trevor] Turkish Pilaf – [Benoit] Exactly. – [Trevor] Oh, and he wraps it up. It's like a meat wrap. – [Benoit] Exactly, yeah. – [Trevor] Okay, so unique. Oh, so he's going to wrap it up here. – [Benoit] Yeah. – [Trevor] In the foil. Okay. Add it into the salt and flip. And then he's got the salt bank here. Wow. It's a lot of salt. – [Benoit] Yeah. – [Trevor] And there it is.
Thank you for showing us. It's amazing. And then deep
in the oven for three hours. Okay. And they've just invited us in, to see a super long
kebab as well. I think, Oh and he's like masterfully
creating this like, look at that. It's like a sword. Oh, just a slow squeeze. So this has cheese and pistachio. – Yes and pistachio, and
you start to put them down (Indistinct) – [Trevor] and look at that.

It's a sword. – Meter stick – Meter stick yeah, one
meter it's just amazing. Oh and then just spreading
the coals out here. I heard it is one meter. Okay, and the lamb is ready. Look at this. Well, it's fully baked now. So it's three hours. Right? Okay. Let's see what's
next? This is amazing. I've never seen this before. Ooh. Oh wow. Okay, Right here? – Yes – Like this? – Yes. – Hey really strong. – Yes hard on the lid. – Oh okay, Oh look at the lid. Oh, there it is. Wow. There's the meter kebab too, looking good.

So we've got the Hatay
style salt baked lamb, with the pilaf on the inside. We're going to have a- oh, look at the inside
that meat looks so tender. Thank you. That's the Hatay style. Oh, thank you. You can taste the nuttiness
in there with the pine nuts and the pistachio and the cheese, Yeah. – [Benoit] And this type of kebab they say they call it (indistinct) That means general or grand
Vizier important person. – The number one. – Yes because this would be given to an important person. – Wow Oh thank you. Oh, okay. So this is the bulgur salad, right? – Pomegranate, tomato and pepper paste. – Sounds good. – A lot of flavors in there, Minty. Okay. Next We should try
to well presented dish. This is the salt baked
lamb with the Pilaf. Whoa. Wow. Wow. That is amazing. So last step we're going to have an knafe With milk from may.

– (Whispering) – Hatay?, Hatay's specialty, Oh, here's the syrup. Here it goes. Look at that. Loading it up with that syrup. Oh look at that nice. Oh, and then covered in pistachio. That's the Hatay special, right? – Yeah exactly. – Oh, Not strong, the cheese is so light, .it goes well with the syrup. Oh, and then what's this here? We're starting with butter. Oh, so we're making a special dessert now? Oh, semolina. Wow. Butter or semolina, clarified butter. Oh, look at the bubbling. Okay, here's the cheese.
That's the knafe cheese. White unsalted knafe cheese? And this is just amazing.
The sherbet is coming.

The syrup. Look at this. It's so thick, So stringy. Wow. Right on the plate. I don't think I've ever
tried this dish before. Wow It was so stringy. Oh. And then the pistachio. Wow, thank you Ooh. It's so stringy, try it all. Oh the cheese, like it
goes so well as a dessert. – [Benoit] Yeah. – Wow, that was Thank you. Thank you. Nice to meet you. Bye-bye Amazing food. Bye-bye that was just an awesome day guys. Want to give a big 'thank you' to culinary backstreets
for that amazing tour, you guys can check them out
in the description below.

They have a lot of different
street food tours from all around the world and you
guys can use the coupon code, FOODRANGER10 to get 10%
off any of their tours. We've had a great time so far, and I think we're going to
be teaming up with them, a bunch more because they go full on local locations and the
food has been amazing. Thanks a lot for watching
guys and check them out down below..

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Most UNIQUE Street Food in Turkey - EXTREME Street Food Tour w/ Culinary Backstreets!!!

CHECK OUT and use coupon code "FOODRANGER10" for 10% off any of their amazing street food tours around the world! Huge thanks to Culinary Backstreets for this amazing tour of Istanbul! They offer incredible street food tours like this all around the world! Go check them out!

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Today, we're going for 5 amazing locations through Istanbul in this part 2 of 4 Istanbul street food tour for some of the BEST Turkish Street Food in the world!!!

First up, Benoit is taking us to the most UNIQUE VEGETABLE AND MEAT DONER!! We are watching the making!!
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And next up, we're going to see the most amazing Turkish candy making, the making of Turkish delight, and more! At a 100+ year old 5th generation candy shop!!
Shop Name: Altan Şekerleme

And next up, Benoit is taking us to see the making of two different varieties of Pide!
Shop Name: Tarihi Leziz Pide Fırını
Shop Name: mavi halic pide salonu

And to finish up the day, Benoit is taking us for an amazing Southeastern Turkey food restaurant specializing in Hatay cuisine, one of the most famous food regions of Turkey!
Shop Name: Akdeniz Hatay Sofrası

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