Most UNIQUE Street Food in Turkey – UNDERGROUND Kokorec FACTORY + Street Food Tour of Istanbul!!!

– [Trevor] Oh my god. (laughing) – [Mr Taster] Wow. – [Trevor] Look at that, Kokorec! Look at these! Wow! Oh, it just comes right out. (laughing) – All right, check it out guys, it's Trevor James, we are back with Mr Taster. We're in Istanbul, Turkey, and today, Mr Taster's bringing us full on to all of his best chef
friends in the city. It's gonna be a lot of fun. – [Mr Taster] Yeah, we're
gonna go for Kokorec, it's intestine, it's so delicious. Then we're gonna go see Ahmet Midyeci, he is the Lord of Mussels! – [Trevor] The Lord of Mussels. – [Mr Taster] Yeah. And then we're gonna see Buruk! – [Trevor] Let's go check it out.

(theme music) – [Trevor Voiceover] This is it, Istanbul. And today, we're bringing you in full on, with Mr Taster, for five
ultra-delicious foods that you're gonna love. Including the incredibly famous Burak. And, meeting with the
King of Mussels himself. So you're gonna want to watch all the way until the end, to enjoy them all with us. Let's eat. And before we get into
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Check it out with the link down below, and we are in Istanbul. Let's go meet up with Mr Taster. We are starting off the day strong. We're just driving
through downtown Istanbul, on our way to a Kokorec village! Kokorec is baby lamb intestine, wrapped around the heart and the lungs, and chopped up and put into a sandwich. – We will see Ahmet, he's
the King of Intestine. – The King of Kokorec! – [Mr Taster] (laughs) – [Trevor] This is incredible, on our journey out for
Kokorec this morning, we're just crossing the Boğaziçi Bridge, and you can really get a feel for how beautiful Istanbul is. Wow, here we are. We're just pulling up
to the Kokorec Village! Nice to see you, thank you. – Welcome.
– [Trevor] Thank you. – Hello.
– [Trevor] Hello, hello. Hi
– Thank you for coming! – [Trevor] Thank you for having us. And we are with Mr Ahmet, the Lord of Mussels, today. So Ahmet, we're gonna see the Kokorec? And then go to see your branch
with the mussels, right? – Yeah, yeah.

– [Trevor] Wow. And here we go. We just made our way out two
hours outside of Istanbul, to see the Kokorec factory. – [Ahmet] The best smell! (Ahmet and Trevor laugh) – [Trevor] The Kokorec smell! So here we go, so this is the fat? – [Ahmet] This is fat, water– – [Trevor] The sweet bread. – [Ahmet] Sweet bread. – [Trevor] The high quality baby fat, oh it's very juicy. And this is the intestine. – [Mr Taster] The intestine, yeah. Going around the fat. – [Trevor] Look at that. Look how long the intestine is! – [Mr Taster] Wow. (they both laugh) – [Trevor] Mr Ahmet has
wrapped the sweet bread in the middle, and then– So there's two types of intestine? – [Mr Taster] The first one is with fat, – [Trevor] Fat, yeah. – [Mr Taster] and the
second one is without. – [Trevor] Without. And he is just wrapping that up really fast.

There's the fatty intestine, and then there's the lean intestine. This is the lean intestine. So this is the third layer. He's master. – Master. – [Trevor] Master. Look at that! – [Mr Taster] Thank you
very much, thank you. – [Trevor] Good job! (they applaud and cheer) – This is very healthy. And very tender, and it's very fresh. – It's okay. (they laugh) I like the cooked one. (they laugh) – Are we ready? – [Trevor] Yeah (laughs) Let's do it. So it's sealed with this mud. This is gonna be good. Are you excited? – Really excited, yeah. Can't wait to eat them. – [Trevor] And look at that smoke just coming right out. Here it comes! (they exclaim) It's like a Kokorec cage! Okay, and here's the hooks. And this is the moment. We're gonna pull these Kokorec up. – [Mr Taster] Oh my god! (laughing) Wow. – [Trevor] Look at that, it's Kokorec! Look at these. Wow. – [Trevor] Isn't that amazing? (they laugh) And you can see, they're
just dripping with fat.

Down into these giant pits, cooked underground. And these normally get
put into a sandwich. But you were saying you also make pizza? – Yes. – [Trevor] So you can just
eat it, plain like this? Oh, look at that. That's a nice snack there. Thank you Mr Ahmet. Baby Kokorec. Oh, it's so juicy.
– Yes. – And crispy.
– Yes. That's why I can make this
– And it's not heavy. – [Trevor] It's crispy on the outside, juicy and fatty on the inside. – Like, a little bit milky. – Milky – Yeah because, baby lamb. This is like cheese. – [Trevor] Like cheese?
– [Ahmet] Yes. – [Trevor] Oh, it's hubbly bubbly. (Mr Taster and Trevor laugh) How's that? – It's amazing. You're a real genius. – [Trevor] The king of Kokorec.

And there they are. How many of these do you make everyday? – Uh, 200 pieces. – [Trevor] 200 pieces?
– Yes. – [Trevor] Oh, wow. And you can see all of
the delicious juices coming out, the fatty goodness. (they laugh) – It just comes right out! – (mumbles) pepper, a little salty. For Mr Taster (laughs) (Trevor and Mr Taster laugh) – [Trevor] How was that? Oh my goodness. That's pure fatty lamb. So, we've got the intestine. This is the fat? – [Ahmet] But special–
– [Trevor] The neck fat. The sweet bread? – [Ahmet] Sweet bread. – [Trevor] The fattiest looking joy (laughing) that I've ever seen! So you take, this is Turkish bread? – Yes. – And then you add the
fatty goodness inside? So we've got the fatty and the lean mixed. And you just get all the fat in there? Oh thank you! – For me, too much. (laughing) Cheers! – Cheers. – Let's go (laughs) – Very nice, there's no
flavor like this in the world. The best. Better than meat. – It's amazing. Insane. – [Trevor] It's so delicious. The chilli and the salt, the bread and the fat. This here is already delicious, but you add the chili,
the salt, the bread.

Thank you, it's just wow. – You are delicious. (Mr Taster laughs) – Thank you very much. – [Trevor] And then this is
all where it gets hung up. So then they get brought out here, and they rest. – After two hours, we
bring to my restaurant for pizza, for the sandwich, – For pizza and sandwich. And I'm really surprised because the Kokorec that I tried before, the intestine had a strong flavor.

But this has no– – (mumbles) Because lamb– – It just tastes like milk. – Yes. – And how long have you
been doing this for? In your family? – My family business, this is
more than one hundred years. – Hundred years? – Yeah, more than. – [Trevor] So now we're
going to go to your branch. – Yeah, let's go. – [Trevor] Thank you. And Mr Ahmet's bringing us for more! – Yeah (laughs) – [Trevor] To his branch for Kokorec. – This looks like my (mumbles) (laughing) – [Trevor Voiceover]
And before we knew it, and before going for one of the best and biggest doner kebab in Istanbul, and seeing Me Burak himself, we were speeding through Istanbul, heading to see how Mr Ahmet's kitchen prepares the famous Turkish Midye Dolma.

And next up, we are just driving
across the Bosporus again, going for midye dolma, stuffed mussels. And just look at this world class city. Absolutely beautiful here. Fresh, blue, crisp air. Isn't it beautiful? – It's beautiful city. I love it. You should come to Istanbul, and have Kokorec. – [Trevor] Kokorec, yeah.
(laughing) We're almost there, we're
just driving through the back alleys of Istanbul, check this out. Going loco to see how the mussels, the midye dolma, are made! Here we are buddy! High five! Hi, nice to meet you. Thank you. Oh wow, thank you. Wow, and here we are. So it's onion, spice, and oil. – [Female Voice] Yes. – [Trevor] So we got rice, Turkish rice, and then a bit of salt, and the secret pepper spice blend.

And this is gonna get mixed with onions, and oil, and boiled. Wow, look at that. So they're gonna put the rice in now. Wow! Midye dolma! It smells a little peppery. This is one of the most
fragrant smelling rices I think I've ever smelled. And she is just mixing up those spices. You can smell the onion, you can smell a little peppery goodness. And then this is where it all starts, the mussel cleaning station. So they first get cleaned, and then stuff it with rice. Okay, adding the boiling water in. It smells like sweet onion rice. – [Mr Taster] Caramelized onion. – [Trevor] Caramelized onion. And this is the dolma station. Look at this. Tons of midye dolma. Look at that. They are just so fast. Look at the speed. So we got the rice,
that onion spiced rice. And then they're stuffing
it with the mussel. And there they are,
ready to go on the fire. And then covered in this paper, they're gonna steam! So he's just covering it with water to weigh that paper down. – [Mr Taster] It's easy to
eat, but not easy to make! – And there we are,
we've got five big pots of midye dolma ready to
get fired up and steamed.

Look at that rice, ooh. There it is, the finished product! It's really peppery. – [Mr Taster] It's
really sticky, isn't it? – [Trevor] It's sticky. Oh and we're gonna have a taste! Just of the pure rice. Oh, and a little lemon. (Mr Taster and Trevor gasp) Oh, there they are. Isn't that amazing? (they laugh) – [Mr Taster] Thank you to all team. – [Trevor] Yes, thank you. – You're welcome. (mumbles) (clapping)
– [Trevor] Thank you.

– [Trevor] Those are worth
traveling to Turkey for. There they are. – You ready? – Oh! Oh wow. Those are the best
mussels you'll ever taste. Thank you team! (clapping) They're really good. Lemony, peppery– – onion-y.
– onion-y, – Salty.
– The rice is so smooth. And you can just scoop them out. It's so soft. Take a little bit of that. Oh yeah. It doesn't get
any better than that. – He's the real Lord of the Mussels. – Lord of the Mussels. They're so delicious. Absolutely perfect mussels. Try one Ting. – (mumbles) (laughing) They're so good. Thank you very much. Thank you, bye bye. That is honestly the best
mussel you'll ever eat. And we're going for more. What did you think, Ting? – Really good. – [Trevor] Really good, right? See you, thank you. And we are just cruising on
our way to Mr Ahmet's shop. And just look at this view of Istanbul, as we drive our way back to the city. Here we are! Mussel time. – [Trevor Voiceover] And after enjoying some more mussels and
a nice Kokorec sandwich with Mr Ahmet at his shop, Midyeci Ahmet– – [Trevor] That's it, Mr
Ahmet is the Lord of Mussels.

Wow, hug! (laughing) – [Trevor Voiceover] We
were on our way to taste one of the biggest and best
doner kebabs in the city. – Next up is the doner. – Yeah, Bayramoğlu is quite
famous doner kebab in Istanbul, and I would say the best of the best. Let's go
– Check it out! Oh it's just packed. Here we go. Wow, it's busy. We just got invited into the kitchen. The doner station! Look at the hectic action here. Let's go in. How are you? Oh the doner! Oh, so we've got the tandoor here, with the bread. And here is the doner! Look at the size! Wow, look at the
crispiness on the outside.

Oh my goodness, it's giant. Wow, and not only that, there's another doner over here. It looks good, doesn't it. So it's all about the perfect timing. You want that crispiness on the outside, but you still want the juice to come out when you slice it. Nice and juicy, and it smells fantastic! Looks good. – (mumbles) – Nice to meet you. You hungry buddy? – Yeah. – [Trevor] Oh and there's all the meat, and that is gonna get
served with the bread. – [All] Bayramoğlu doner! (they cheer) – [Trevor] Oh, and this
is the tea station. – (mumbles) – (mumbles) Wow, and you can have
this with sugar, or plain. And there's the tea. Let's get some of that
with a doner, thank you. Oh, and Turkish Baklava! Wow, and here comes the
bread, in the tandoor. Boom, that's the magic. And you can see it's a
total doner factory here. Look at that slicing.

Giant doner. Wow, and the doner is going
to be served with these tomato-cucumber salad. You can top it with a pomegranate sauce, and then also these onions with sumac, and these pickled chilies. And of course the bread, that comes right out of the tandoor. Wow! Looks good, boom. Thank you. Let's go try it out guys. Looks really good. Wow. – Feeling hungry now? – So served with tomatoes, cucumbers, french fries, little
bit of onion with sumac, – And chips! – And chips. It's gonna be good. So it's tomato and cucumber salad, covered in a pomegranate sauce. Looks good, thank you. And here is the doner, thank you.

And it's full of meat! Pure doner meat. Sliced right
off that spinning spit, there. Served with the bread,
right out of the tandoor. Beautiful. So I think this is 90 percent beef, – [Both] and ten percent lamb. Oh man, that doner. – This is for Trevor. – Oh, look at all the meat! – [Mr Taster] And then, let's
put some onion and some chili. – Pickled chili. Oh man, that looks spicy. (they laugh) – And then some– – Tomato with pomegranate – Tomato, yeah. – And french fries. That's a monster. (they laugh) – That's for Trevor. Go for it. – Wow, that looks good and spicy. Oh and you gotta sprinkle
it with a little lemon to finish her off. – You ready? – Oh, thank you. (they laugh) Wow. The meat is heavy, but the lemon, tomato,
cucumber and the chili, they give it a fresh kick. – Exactly. – That's absolutely amazing. To see the doners spinning in the back, it's like a factory. And that meat, it's not overly salty. It's just perfectly seasoned. A little bit of a
smokey-ness to it, as well.

This is what I've been dreaming of trying. The real Turkish doner, in Istanbul. And it's super cool to see just how busy this doner place is, non-stop, 24 hours. Restaurants are packed,
and people are eating. It's a true food city. Thank you, thank you. See you. (Mr Taster and Trevor thank the staff) Wow, that was delicious
and just look how busy this place is. You like that, Ting? – Yeah. – [Trevor] It was really good. Let's keep going! – Yeah. – That was amazing! High five! Let's keep going. – [Trevor Voiceover] And
to finish off the night, we're going in to visit one of the most popular creative chefs in Istanbul, Burak. – And next up, Mr Taster is bringing us to one of the most
famous chefs in Istanbul, it's gonna be a lot of fun.
– Burak, yeah. – Burak! – We're gonna have lots of food, let's go! – [Trevor] (laughs) let's go.

Here we go, we're going in. Hi, how are you? So we just sat down, and got the menu, but even before opening the menu, you get a table full of mezzes. Look at these, this must be the ciğ köfte, – Yeah, ciğ köfte. – Made with balgur, which
is wheat and spices. – [Mr Taster] I'm gonna
show you how you eat it.

Lettuce, put the ciğ
köfte, and then lemon. – [Trevor] Oh wow, and there's
dozens of these mezzes. Before you even– – That's for you. You ready? – Yeah, let's try it. – I love it. – Oh wow. – And it's spicy, isn't it? Burning my tongue. – And this is just the beginning? – Yeah. – Look at all this food! – Oh, this is intestine. – Oh! Rice-stuffed intestine. – [Mr Taster] I tried it last time, that's why I know. (Mr Taster and Trevor laugh) – [Trevor] And this is a wheat
stuffed with beef, fried. And we are gonna order a big meat pot, and a meat cake too.

– I can't wait. – Look at all this. How are you? – Thank you, nice to meet you. – You okay? Good to see you. You know Trevor? – This famous guy (mumbles) (they laugh) – Oh, Mr Taster! (they laugh) And Trevor! And there they are. Wow. Okay, thank you. (fire sizzles) (clapping and cheering) (musical table clattering) (clapping and cheering) Amazing. Oh wow. (clapping and cheering) And it's just wrapped
around that juicy lamb, – [Burak] You like it? – Delicious, thank you. (clapping and cheering) Oh wow. – It's so good. – That's delicious. Thank you.

– Thank you very much. Cheers, see you. – Thank you, thank you. What a feast, eh? Look at this meat. Lamb
shoulder, and dolma, which is grape leaves,
with rice on the inside. Wow, thank you. And not only that, but we've also got a doner kebab, giant. – It's your fault, – That's my bite, – Mine is over there. – [Trevor] And then we've
also got the lahmacun. – Yeah. We've got
mincemeat, we've got onions, tomato, and some greens. – And chicken kebab, too. (they laugh) What a feast. It's hubbly-bubbly! – Hubbly-bubbly. (they laugh) For you. It's good. It's really good.

– You've really got a
representation of Turkey right here. Especially with the dolma,
rice, currents, onions– – Exactly – Parsley, a doner kebab,
meat heaven, this is it. And now it's kanafeh time. (clapping and tapping) (fire sizzling) (clapping) (sizzling)
– [Mr Taster] Oh yeah. – [Trevor] Sizzling delight. Thank you. – Thank you very much, cheers. – [Trevor] There it is. (clapping) – Thank you. – [Trevor] And there it

That's the kanafeh, made of that thin, noodle-like pastry, soaked with a sweet sugar based syrup, and layered with – [Both] cheese. – Kanafeh! Oh wow, it's like a sweet cheese. That was fun! – Yeah, good one. – Make sure you guys subscribe to Mr Taster's new YouTube channel in the description below,
thanks a lot for watching guys, subscribe to this channel as well, click the little bell notification button so you don't miss any of these videos. And wow, Istanbul has been amazing! – Great! – Thanks for watching guys– – Thank you guys, bye!.

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Most UNIQUE Street Food in Turkey - UNDERGROUND Kokorec FACTORY + Street Food Tour of Istanbul!!!

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Street Food in Istanbul is AMAZING!! Today, with Mr. Taster, and myself, Trevor James (The Food Ranger) we're meeting with some of the BEST Chefs in Istanbul for a huge Turkish food ADVENTURE!

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In this food video we are going for 5 incredible Turkish street foods that you must try on any visit to Istanbul, Turkey.

To start the day off, Mr. Taster and I are going to meet with Mr. Ahmet, the LORD OF MUSSELS in Turkey to visit his KOKOREC FACTORY and his Midye Dolma ktichen, where he makes 200 big pieces of Kokorec eveyry day in an UNDERGROUND FACTORY! This is one of the MOST UNIQUE street food in Turkey that you need to try!!!

After this, we're driving to Mr. Ahmet's midye dolma kitchen to watch how midye dolma is made and to taste one of the freshest batches in the world, right from the source! At Midyeci Ahmet!

After this, Mr. taster and I are going to perhaps the BEST doner kabab restaurant in Istanbul to see the BIGGEST Doner in the world!!! It was incredibly delicious, found at Bayramoglu doner in Istanbul!

And to finish up the night, we're meeting with one of the most famous chefs of exciting food in Istanbul, CZNBurak himself, Burak! Hee made some insane meat platters and traditional Turkish food that you're going to love watching!

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All of the street food in this video was INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS!

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