Muslim Chinese Food | BEST Chinese halal food recipes:Boiled Lamb【Mutton recipes halal】

Hand-grab lamb chops Wolfberry tips. Sichuan pepper – C'mon, try!
– Not good… Mint. Pick the tips for best flavor and tenderness of leaves. Split lamb ribs into smaller segments. Soak in water for 30 minutes, to remove the blood. Sichuan peppercorns Smash the ginger to release the juices. Ginger, dried chillis, tsao-ko (black cardemmon), sichuan pepper, star anise. Drop the spices in with the mutton. Ginger. Tsao-ko (black cardemmon). Star anise and dried chilli. Red chili pepper Salt well and boil for 70 mins. Clean the wolfberry tip Clean mint Making dip Chopped ginger Chopped pepper Chopped garlic Chopped green onions Eggs. Chopped wolfberry tip Mix well with eggs Salt. Chili dip 70 minutes later… Oil a small frying pan. Pour egg and wolfberry mixture. Fried eggs with wolfberry tips Making dip Ground pepper. Pour hot oil. Soy sauce. Salt. Lamb soup with mint and green onions.

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Muslim Chinese Food | BEST Chinese halal food recipes:Boiled Lamb【Mutton recipes halal】

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【Boiled Lamb】
Ingredients: 1000g lamb chops
Star anise, grass fruit, ginger, Chinese pepper, dried chili, salt, fresh mint, spring onion

1. Soak the lamb chops in clean water for 30 minutes and wash them;
2. Put water in the pot and add lamb chops;
3. Add star anise, grass fruit, ginger,Chinese pepper, dried chili, salt;
4. Simmer for 70 minutes;
5. Take out the sheep racket and split into small pieces;
6. Add fresh mint and spring onions to the mutton soup;
7. Start eating

【Dip making】






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