Muslim Chinese Food | BEST Chinese halal food recipes:Chili sauce【CHILI recipes halal】辣椒酱

chili sauce Hello friends The chili sauce I used in the video before, Many friends asked how to make 1 month ago, I made three Now let’s taste the taste Mochi Well, it's so fragrant Pickled JIAOTOU good to eat Doubanjiang Next we have two dishes that will use DOUBANJING One braised beef and one boiled fish Mochi Pickled JIAOTOU Doubanjiang 1 month ago chili Rice Wash three times Dry the water after washing Making DOUBANJIANG Mold Douban Soak in water for 2 hours, clean Dry water Add soy sauce The washed fresh peppers are dried and dried.

Go to stalk Chopped brown sugar Minced chili Minced ginger Minced garlic Add pepper Add brown sugar Minced watercress salt White sugar Stir well Compacted and dried Make spicy garlic salt Mashed chili Filling and sealing salt Making YANJIAOTOU JIAOTOU ginger garlic Minced JIAOTOU Chopped ginger Ginger cut into small pieces Add salt and sugar Filling, sealing and marinating for 1 month After the bean paste is aired for 3 hours Add canola oil Filling, sealing and marinating for 1 month.

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Muslim Chinese Food | BEST Chinese halal food recipes:Chili sauce【CHILI recipes halal】辣椒酱

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【Douban sauce】

8000g fresh chili 1000g mouldy bean curd
Ginger 200ggarlic 200gsalt 2000gbrown sugar 200gwhite sugar 200gChinese pepper 100gpeanut oil 500ml

1. Fresh peppers are washed and dried with moisture and chopped;
2. Soak the moldy bean curd in warm water for 2 hours, clean and chop it, add it to the chili;
3. Chop ginger, garlic, and brown sugar, and add them to chili;
4. Add salt, pepper and white sugar, stir well, compact, and dry outdoors for 3 hours;
5. Add the dried bean paste into peanut oil, fill and seal, and marinate for 1 month;
6. The delicious bean paste is ready.

1. During the whole process of chili sauce, do not dip raw water, kitchen knife, and cutting board to dry in advance.
2. The ratio of chili to Douban in the bean paste is 5:1 or 6:1. The more chili, the redder and hotter the sauce will be. At least 1 catty of watercress with 4 catties of chili.

鮮辣椒8000g 黴豆瓣 1000g




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