MUSLIM Indian street food tour in Mumbai – HALAL Indian food on Mohammed Ali Road, India

Wow!! Buongiorno guys, it's Max Ginestra. I'm in the busy Mohammed Ali Road here in Mumbai. We're gonna be hunting for a lot of delicious street food and I just can't wait to share this with you. Andiamo! We met a friend here Watermelon juice Rose flavored watermelon juice How's it? Oh wow! Good? That's sweet It's super hot, hectic, hustling, and bustling This is the best way to start The first location of the night We found something very interesting I have never seen it before but the presentation is very nice.

Let's see What's this? Sweet halwa Okay, thank you Oh, it's nice, it's not too sweet actually It's good It's not too sweet. Paratha, paratha. This is good Can I have a little bit? This is how it's presented, first time seeing it. I love Indian food but I'm actually
every day learning something new. Ingredients, spices, foods. Wow!! That's good! Really good Good! A bit oily of course because the bread is fried.

That's actually not too sweet. It's called Halwa. Good first snack They have a very famous dish here It's called Nalli Nihari Wow! Oh my God, how creamy it looks! That is the mutton shank, slow-cooked with lots of spices Look how rich and thick it looks Oh, bone marrow I'm mouthwatering, I just can't wait to
try it out Okay, let's take a look inside Hello everyone! Hello! Hi, Max, nice to meet you.

Let me explain to you what is Nalli Nihari Of course Nihari means empty stomach Empty stomach This dish was created by the Mughals. Firstly developed in Delhi. Basically, it takes almost eight to nine hours to cook. Thank you so much for your presentation Enjoy Thank you so much It's swimming in bone marrow Look at the meat So tender! Okay, let's scoop up I'm so ready Buon appetito Oooh! So good! Good! Really really good! The spices are incredible, the gravy is intense, rich, it's a bit spicy. Mamma mia! The bone marrow is just so creamy, it melts in your mouth The meat is so tender Now, I know why they are famous for this dish I can come back here over and over again and have it. This is really really illegal. Thank you Thank you What a wonderful experience and I have to be honest This is one of the best dishes I've had Wow! The street is crazy Chote kebab? Wow! Look, they're making those little balls which are made with lentils flour, I think mutton and tons of spices This place has been running for 120 years and I guess they have a secret recipe because I mean 120 years selling the same item You have to be a master Boom! More and more Saturday night, the streets are busy, full of hungry customers like me.

Let's try this beautiful Chote kebab Chote actually means small Let's squeeze a bit of lemon on it Okay, there's not much juice in it Let's try it out Oh, wow! So crunchy! Actually, after he fries them in the oil He lets them rest for a bit so they're
not too greasy Oooh! What do we have here? Let's take a look It's like a Malaysian martabak stuffed with meat full of spices I think I might get one Every shop tonight is packed, busy, and full of locals Saturday night, Mohammed Ali Road here in Mumbai We just gotta get the best food What's this? Baida roti Yeah With mutton? Yes, mutton Okay, one Oh, with mutton keema, onion And masala Famous Indian mutton keema We just received their famous baida roti with mutton keema, onion, and lots of spices.

It's piping hot Ooh, look! Charcoaly, crispy and the streets are crazy We dip it in the green chutney We've been told it's not too spicy Savoury, crunchy. It's really nice and it's fresh It's really good, the chutney as well It's not too spicy. It's good, it's perfect Oooh!! We are loving it If it's not loud, we don't love it We have arrived at the oldest and most
famous bakery in Mohammed Ali Road Okay What they're famous for is this sweet Aflatoon which is made with semolina flour, dry fruits, and saffron. I want to give it a try Hi, how are you? Hi! I would like to try Aflatoon You can taste it. No problem, no charge. Ooh! Thank you It's very nice Oh, so kind of him Oh, look! This is saffron Aflatoon Saffron Aflatoon Wow! The famous saffron Aflatoon A bit grainy Well Greasy, buttery because it's made with ghee Nutty because of the nuts and really I can taste the saffron.

Wow! It's really nice. They also sell tons of colorful sweets mixed with dry fruits and nuts If you are a dessert lover, this shop will blow you away They won an award for the Aflatoon For the Aflatoon, yes. Congratulations! Thank you so much for making us try literally everything Without you, this couldn't have been possible because I didn't know the items and the Aflatoon Wow! Wow! Very nice! We definitely gonna buy a few Ooh! Thank you Okay, let's go get some kebabs now. One chicken tikka and one Seekh kebab Thank you Oooh! Seekh kebab He's kneading it with coriander Look at this beautiful mutton Seekh kebab We saw them making them before with lots of spices and coriander served with some fresh onion, lime, and green chutney. What we do is we get a piece of this beautiful gorgeous-looking kebab dip it in the green chutney and take a bite Oooh! Full of spices! So savoury, rich, flavorful, a bit salty definitely because of the spices. There is, I think, red chili, turmeric in it The meat is so crumbly Perfectly cooked, first time trying Seekh kebab It's very nice Very nice? It's very good, yes.

It's very flavorful First time trying to Seekh kebab Very nice to meet you Bye Bye Have a good night See, friendly locals Thank you so much We moved table Look at where we are At the back of the bicycle Now we just received this beautiful chicken kebab, chicken tikka covered in maybe cumin with a sprinkle of salt Let's squeeze some lemon first And I'm going to try it out because it
looks so chewy Oh, look how big! Charred, perfectly cooked Okay, buon appetito Juicy chunks of chicken perfectly
seasoned It's good huh Oh my God, perfectly cooked and the lemon adds a lot of flavor to it Oh my gosh, It's crazy! but I love it Now, we gotta get a refreshing drink Lassi? Yes Wow! I really need a glass of Lassi now Two Lassi wow Finally a refreshing glass of Lassi Creamy Milky Sweet That's what I needed I think now I'm going to grab a seat Chill out for a bit because this street is challenging you
know After getting their famous Lassi, I
couldn't resist and got a masala chai The smell of spices is incredible, ginger Creamy, milky I really can taste the ginger Really nice Whoah! The moment of truth Dilwale! Look at the coconut shell stuffed with blended coconut flesh cream and cashews Special Dilwale Full of coconut cream and cashew Beautiful So creamy huh! Cream everywhere And cashews on top more Full of cream Love the show! Thank you so much Thank you so much Look at this bowl full of coconut flesh with cream and cashews And guys, what a show! Buon appetito Ooh! So coconutty! Look how thick So, what they do They cut open the coconut shells, they get rid of the water, take out the flesh, they blend it with cream and cashews and look at the beautiful Dilwale Oh my God, this is so rich and it's actually not too sweet It's perfect but it's too rich I mean How can I finish this bowl? An entire coconut shell That's it with our Mumbai street food
series See you next Sunday in a new city with a new adventure.

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MUSLIM Indian street food tour in Mumbai - HALAL Indian food on Mohammed Ali Road, India

MUSLIM Indian street food tour in Mumbai - Today, I will take you on a Muslim Indian street food tour in Mumbai, India. I will go on a street food adventure on India's famous Mohammed Ali road night market to eat some of the best Halal Indian street food.

This MUSLIM Indian street food tour in Mumbai starts by having an incredibly delicious street halwa in the middle of the Indian's famous Mohammed Ali Road.

A few steps down the road, I went to a Halal restaurant to eat the best Muslim Indian food I've had so far, Nalli Nihari.

To continue our Muslim Indian street food tour in Mumbai, I went to a very popular Halal Indian restaurant on India's famous Mohammed Ali Road to try the insanely delicious Chote kebab.

After that, I stumbled upon a street food vendor making Indian Halal Baida roti and I couldn't resist.

To continue our Muslim Indian street food tour in Mumbai, I went to the oldest bakery on Mohammed Ali Road to try some of their best desserts.

Moving on, I couldn't leave Mohammed Ali Road without having some Indian Halal kebabs on the street. Muslim food is some of the best.

Before ending this Muslim Indian street food tour in Mumbai, I needed to have India's national drinks. Lassi and Masala chai.

After leaving India's famous Mohammed Ali Road where we had some of the most delicious Muslim and Halal street food in Mumbai, we went to have the craziest Indian dessert I've ever had. A coconut shake called Dilwale.


Street food stall on Mohammed Ali Road

2- NALLI NIHARI at Chinese N Grill


Street food stall at the corner with HINDUSTAN RESTAURANT

5-INDIAN SWEETS at Suleman Usman Mithaiwala

Street food stall in front of HINDUSTAN RESTAURANT


8-DILWALE (coconut shake) at Pappu juice wala

Hope you enjoyed this Muslim Indian street food tour in Mumbai, India, where we visited the famous Mohammed Ali Road night market. Stay tuned for more Indian street food videos in India.

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