Muslim Indian Street Food Tour in Old Delhi, India | BEST Street Food in India

Alright so check it out It’s Trevor James I’m in Old Delhi, India Today we’re going for a full on breakfast tour I’m so pumped This is my first trip here There is going to be so much to try Let’s check it out Old Delhi comes alive in the morning You can travel here and explore the unlimited street food scene And immerse yourself in deep alleyways full of action and flavors And that’s what it’s all about Just walking through Old Delhi Gives you this incredible feeling of excitement and energy As you go through these deep streets that are so alive We’re going deep The first thing you have to try is a famous northern Indian street food Famous at breakfast time The bedmi poori with aloo sabzi Here, beautiful poori dough made of wheat and daal Is rolled out and fried twice to perfection Its served with a beautiful potato aloo Packed with coriander, fennel, turmeric, chili powder, salt, ginger, and green chilies It’s the ultimate way to start your day Poori With lentil This is going to be good Look at that He’s going to fry it in this oil here It’s going to be great Thank you Great Oh this is the poori Oh it’s hot Thank you So I have a classic Old Delhi breakfast feast here Oh yeah this is a poori stuffed with lentils We’re just going to put a warm potato curry in there And then try it out That is gorgeous This poori feels quite wholesome and healthy Stuffed with lentils, it actually doesn’t feel oily at all You should also order up a nagoori A small crispy poori served with a sweet dry porridge made of semolina, ghee, and cardamom Eating all of these for breakfast is the ultimate savory and sweet combo We’re going for more It’s going to be a full on breakfast tour Next up is the famous Chole Kulche Delicious curried chickpeas served with chopped onion, mango powder, green chili, and coriander It’s served with a super soft Kulche bun that you can load up the chole on It’s to die for Look at this This is the chole kulche Very nice Very nice! Wow, a little sweet! It’s a little sweet You can just put it right in the bread here That’s what I’m going to do That is really nice You can taste the sweetness from the mango You can taste cilantro A little spice from the chili sauce I bet you it’s just going to be divine here Very taste And good for health too! And good for health Yeah Let’s try it out Not too spicy A little spicy Very savory You come here every day You come here for breakfast? It’s a nice breakfast Very nice Delhi Delhi breakfast Yeah It’s really good Honestly the action in Delhi, the people, the smells and the food Is enough to make me want to stay here for years I could just eat here every day and be a happy man We’re going to keep exploring After a quick walk We found ourselves in the jama masjid area Featuring one of the oldest mosques in India And more importantly some of the best and most diverse muslim Indian street food The options are endless And a quick walk through here will really invigorate all of your senses Sensory overload Next up is buffalo biryani Next up is the heavy filler dish that you’ll crave for more The Delhi buffalo biryani Deep in an alleyway of Old Delhi You’ll bask in it’s incredible flavor on your first bite With juicy and tender pieces of buffalo And light and fragrant basmati rice that soaks in all the lightly spiced buffalo juices You’re going to want to keep coming back for more and more Look at all the buffalo meat Nice Look at all that Oh it’s saturated Beautiful Buffalo biryani Beautiful Oh you can smell the aromatic meat Oh I can smell the pickles This looks awesome Look at that buffalo meat It’s so tender In the biryani Look how soft it is And that biryani rice is so aromatic We’re going to taste that That buffalo meat is so tender This is really nice That biryani is so fragrant And this buffalo meat is the best part That is really tender And there is a slight sourness to it You can taste there is some pickles in there That is so good Thank you Oh the buffalo meat is so tender And the rice is so packed with flavor It’s good right? Really flavorful and juicy You like the food here Ting? Yeah I think today is the best day Today is the best day Yes Awesome food Next up is just one of Delhi’s many types of homemade baked tandoor bread The sheermal The uniqueness comes from the milk, ghee, and sugar that is added to the dough Giving you a sweet and crunchy satisfying snack that goes well on it’s own Or parted with stews, desserts, or curries Hi Trevor One sheermal It’s ready already Oh the sheermal Sheermal Sheermal! Very nice Look at that huge tandoori oven Wow! This is what dreams are made of here India India! It’s very nice It’s good food Very good food Best quality This sheermal is the best quality This is the best quality sheermal? Butter Water Milk Butter, Water, Milk Sugar? Yeah Sheermal? Sheermal Ok Oh it’s hot It’s beautiful bread Milk, sugar and cardamom Ok let’s try it out That is really good It’s very sweet It has a hint of cardamom And crunchy The outside is so crunchy and crispy Thank you It’s very good It’s very nice USA? Canada Canada! And after a quick ride We made our way to a huge spice market To get a sense of the spices used in Northern India And found what felt like an unlimited variety of spices and ingredients for cooking Indian cuisine The streets were packed with vendors and lots of people hard at work packing spices and bulk good all through the busy streets For our final stop We made our way into another alleyway and found a deep street lassi I am totally blown away by the food here To finish it off we are going to get a lassi Here we are Sugar Yoghurt Milk Very nice Lassi Nice Street Lassi in Delhi Delhi Lassi Thank you Oh it’s chunky Oh it’s like a chunky lassi A chunky street lassi Let’s try it out It’s good? Very nice It’s sweet And sour And the yoghurt chunks are very nice That’s a finisher in Delhi What a beauty Had so much good food here I gotta give a huge thank you to Anubhav from I wouldn’t have been able to find these deep street locations without him Thank you so much Thank you Trevor for coming on our food tour it was a pleasure having you It was a lot of fun Thanks guys Please leave a comment down below Click that like button And subscribe as well Let’s keep exploring

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Muslim Indian Street Food Tour in Old Delhi, India | BEST Street Food in India

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Muslim Indian Street Food Delhi - Indian Street Food Breakfast- Street Food India
Indian street food and Indian Food is some of my favorite food in the world, So I traveled to Delhi, India, just to eat the tasty street food and to make a food and travel vlog, and have been eating Indian street food and curry non-stop. Old Delhi is a food lovers heaven, especially in the morning time, you can have a huge Mughlai breakfast feast! Delhi has the best Street Food I've tasted in India! The Indian food is so good in Delhi! I've eaten street food in Chennai, street food in Hyderabad, Indian street food in Kerala, and Indian street food in Mumbai, all of which has been amazing, but so far, I’ve really come to love the Indian Street Food in Delhi, especially in the morning for breakfast!

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The Indian street food in Old Delhi was so tasty! The restaurant food also had amazing flavor, but one thing that was my favorite part about Delhi was the breakfast street foods available. I had some tasty curried chickpeas and mind blowing biryani.

Here are the specific locations for the Indian street food and Indian restaurants in Delhi that I tried:

1) Bedmi Poori with Aloo Sabzi + Nagori + Chickpea Curry
Address: Shyam Sweets 112 Barshahbulla Chowk, Near Metro Station, Chawri Bazaar, Old Delhi
2) Chole Kulche
Address: Lotan chole kulche wala, 2368, Chatta Shahji Rd, Manohar Market, Nai Wala, Old Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110006, India (it’s deep in a side alley)
3) Buffalo biryani
Address: Dil Pasand Biryani Point
735, Haveli Azam Khan, Chitli Qabar Chowk, Jama Masjid, New Delhi
4) Sweet Sheermal
Address: Pakwaan Roti Junction, Jama Masjid
5) Sweet Street Lassi

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And a HUGE thank you to DelhiFoodWalks for the amazing street food breakfast tour of Old Delhi.
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Thank you Anubhav for the amazing walk!

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