Muslim Street Food in CHINA | Shanghai’s HALAL Street Food HEAVEN – BEST Islamic Chinese Street Food

What's up and welcome guys, I'm Luke Martin with chopstick Travel calm and today I am in Shanghai, and we have come to a really cool market This is the Friday morning Muslim market so we are right inside the who she mosque and this market was actually closed down for a short period of time and May 2014 But then it's reopened and it looks like things that are in full swing here So this market is operated by the weaker minority group of China Which comes from the far western region of China shinjang Province? And there's gonna be a lot of good food here. I can already smell. It looks really good It's a little bit smaller than I expected, but that's alright. We're gonna go and see what we can find, so let's go explore Okay, we have our first snack at the Muslim warning market here in Shanghai and as I mentioned This is not Shanghai style food.

This is Shin charm style food, so we have ordered up something that looks pretty incredible. This is a Extremely greasy Nero bow or beef, bun so they've got a massive Griddle over there that they are frying these in a ton of oil It's almost like deep-frying them, but then they mix a little bit of water And then they cover the top and let that all steam away And these are packed full of beef so it's a little bit hot and we just waited in quite a popular lineup But let's try this out. It is extremely golden crispy on the bottom so Stratos Hmm, so there is a lot going on in there those are super super juicy really really crispy on the outside, too it doesn't have much of like a elasticity from that bond at all because it's Pretty much fried the whole way through.

There's a lot of beef going on in there, and it's just straight meat I don't see any vegetables. Let's take another bite You get a little bit more meat this time But actually a lot of oil kind of like juiced out onto my hand when I bit into that last time So that is Ridiculous, ridiculously juicy there is I think there's a few green onions in there? But it's all about the meat in the middle of how juicy that is but other than that it's really greasy Kind of heavy for breakfast today So that was a really popular stall we just got those beef buttons from the line is extremely long now Really nicely spiced beef, but really really greasy, so let's keep going. We'll find something else today Not long ago Okay, we have our next snack today and check this out here we have a massive bowl of pilaf and Basically what pilaf is is rice that has been cooked in a broth so it is a broth of Lamb and you can see here There is a huge chunk of lamb mostly bone But there should be a little bit of media on there, and then this pilaf has some carrots And it looks like some chickpeas over here, and I could just smell the spices coming out of this already it smells Incredible the woman cooking it up had a huge bowl of the peel off and she was serving people a lot And I mean that is a ton of rice that is certainly gonna fill us up So hopefully we can still do some more eating after this this was 30 remin B So I mean I think that's worth it for how much rice This is this is handsy, so let's let's just take a big spoonful of this rice So this rice is cooked right inside of The the stalk the broth, so it absorbs all that delicious flavor of that lamp and let's try that You just get a little chick beat some carrots That is extremely flavorful You can taste a little bit of like a little little spice Maybe some black pepper or maybe a little bit of chilli.

This is definitely meaty You can kind of taste like the oiliness from that lamb. Let me try to get a piece of lamb meat here I can't really see what's going on because it's all kind of covered in rice But I should be able to get a piece. Okay. Let's take this some more Carrots in a chickpea, and that's pretty fatty piece, but let's try that Mmm That lamb is phenomenal mmm That was almost completely fat, which I ate from that lamb bone But super super smooth completely dissolved in my mouth those chickpeas in there are also really really soft That lamb has a really nice roast Smokiness to it man.

This is incredible This is actually so full of flavor there might be a little bit of turmeric in here because I see some yellow color coming off of it Mmm, okay, I just discovered where the all the meat was hiding it was right underneath that bone and look at that Oh, man, that is some juicy-looking lamb oh Look at that oh Man, okay, let's get some rice And I'm just gonna devour this barely any rice Actually, I might just have to go just meet my spoon doesn't have enough room for any rice. Let's try that Oh, man That is so tender that lamb was ridiculous, so So juicy and so so tender and I could definitely taste some smokiness from the roast But also a little bit of a cumin flavor to it that goes along so well with this pilaf rice, man This is this is a stellar dish So we have here one of the Weger specialties and that is the naan which is just bread basically so they cook this in a big kind of tandoor oven and I guess we didn't order the kind with sesame seed usually it does come with sesame seed I think but it looks like on this one.

You can see there's some little crispy bits I think those are some some onions so some tiny pieces of onion, and this is nice and firm feeling actually kind of hard So let's break a piece off oh man That's quite hard All right, I got a piece of the crust so let's try that Hmm That's very dry Really really dry I know that this non from Shin Jang is supposed to be firm So it is nice and firm kind of hard It's like a even harder version of a bangle, but this is really dry kind of hard to eat There's a slight onion taste to it, but it's pretty plain.

It is it's good to kind of snack on I'm sure you could get better versions of this stuff Let's keep going we'll find something else Tomorrow All right, we've got another bow today and this time It's a steamed bow, so not nearly as oily as the one we had earlier this morning And this time is the Aeon roll about which is lamb bow and this looks really good It's got a super soft wrapper. Actually the meat is following you at the bottom so actually I'm just gonna go right for this Okay that was a killer bow that lamb flavor is so pronounced It's not like gamey, but it's almost got a little bit of a bust to it, but in a good way It's really really meaty flavor, and that was even juicier than the super oily beef bow we had this morning That's awesome that rapper super super soft on the outside too, but we only ordered two of those But we might have to go back and get more Random meal By v1 300% Okay, I know we already had the nun But we have another one here because I just wasn't Satisfied with that first one, and we spotted a stall that had a really long line, and he was making these non Extremely fresh so the woman there is kind of spreading the dough out and then pounding it with a special Device that makes this really interesting circular sheeps you can see on the outside of the nun then he takes it and he Kind of Pat's it into a mixture of milk and sesame seeds, so this one's got the sesame seeds And then he puts it over top of this special sort of pillow And then kind of smashes that onto the inside of the tandoor oven lets us cook up And it was just he was pumping those out in the line was hungry Everyone wanted some there's a little bit feisty trying to get them, but we've got it We've got three actually some to take home for later, and this just feels nice and fresh I'm just gonna crack it up super hot still and let's try that That puts the other non to shame that is so good There's so much more flavor going on there than the other one so you can definitely taste the sesame seed flavor coming in there But it's really Just all about house smokey this bread is from that hot tandoor oven and then I can also taste a little bit of saltiness Too it's almost like buttery and then the texture of this is just world's better than the other one.

It's super Firm still like a bagel, but it's got a like a little bit of a bite to it But then once you bite into it's super warm and kind of comforting on the inside That is the perfect little snacking breath This really reminds me of like a very fresh pretzel, it's really good These are super addicting, and I'm glad we got three of them, and we waited in that really long line So I definitely wanted to take some more home, so we're going to keep going. I think we can eat a couple more things today We just ordered up some young Roach our or Lamb skewers and check this out It's actually just on a stick here, and there are some big chunks of meat and fat And you can already see the cumin and the chili powder on there but let me tell you a little bit about the Experience of buying these so there's no such thing as a lineup when you're buying these everyone waits And they're cooking I don't know hundreds of these at one time and then as soon as they're finished They're all finished at the same time.

It's basically a free-for-all Everyone start sticking their hands in and trying to ask for however many they want Luckily, I think we got maybe the last two and we ordered up two on The big kind on the stick here, so I'm gonna go ahead and try this this looks really good And it smells so smoky. There's so much smoke coming out of that little shop. Let's try Whoa super juicy, it's actually quite spicy There's quite a bit of chili powder on there, and I can definitely taste that cumin kind of like earthy flavor It's really really flavorful a little bit salty tube And that was a nice big chunk of lamb this isn't quite as kind of lamb meat flavored It's more of a smoky kind of Berk flavor, and there's little bits of kind of bird edges Too that are nice and crispy, so let's try another bite here Little piece of fat if I map that is succulent meat Okay, this lamb skewer is incredible this might be the best thing. We've had all day It's super flavorful really spicy, and I love that cumin flavor in there There's massive chunks of fat, so every once in a while You'll bite into it, but it's completely kind of liquifies in your mouth as soon as you bite into it Then that stall was so popular and so crazy.

I think the woman heard My poor Chinese skills and kind of felt bad for me So you just need to get noticed if you want to order one here But man the Muslim market here in Shanghai has been good to us so far I think we're gonna get one more thing, but we are starting to get really really full but these skewers oh, man So there's lots of ready-to-eat items here at the Muslim market But there's also a lot of dried products and kind of meat and vegetables everything's here It's just like any other Fresh Market, but one thing that we've noticed is super popular here is prunes.

So they have all these dried Prunes out and we have ordered up a special dish from this market the prune juice so this is really popular here and Let's try it It's really good, it's actually really really sweet. There's a lot of sugar in there and the prunes They don't really have too much of a like a flavor. It's a little bit fruity, but it's just really really a sweet That's good. Okay guys. That's it for today's video tour of the Muslim market here in Shanghai. I'll leave all the Information in the description box so you can come here and try out all the delicious foods and honestly we are stuck There's a lot of other food here, though There is big chunks of lamb that I wanted to try lots of other different dumplings and lots of desserts Just so much going on here it opens up at about 10 a.m..

Or 11 a.m.. And right now I guess it's almost 1 p.m. And it's it's going strong still there's a lot of people here, so I definitely recommend You come here make sure you give this video a big thumbs up subscribe for more videos like this we're in China for the next little while and leave me any comments you have in the comment box and See you on the next video. Bye. Bye.

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Muslim Street Food in CHINA | Shanghai's HALAL Street Food HEAVEN - BEST Islamic Chinese Street Food

Halal Food | Chinese Street Food | Muslim Street Food in Shanghai

Shanghai's Friday morning Muslim market is PACKED with the BEST Islamic Chinese street food coming from the Uyghur people of Xinjiang province in the far west of China! We had such an amazing day here discovering the best food Shanghai has to offer! It really was a halal food HEAVEN!

Address: 1328 Changde Lu, near Aomen Lu (1328常德路近澳门路)
Time: 10 am to 3 pm every Friday
Metro station: Changshou Road

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