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welcome to chopstick travel I'm Luke Martin and today we have another episode from Taipei Taiwan we have wanted to make a Muslim friendly food guide to Taipei for a long time now and today we are going to do just that so today we're going to take you to three restaurants around Taipei City to suit all your halal food needs some traditional Taiwanese food and also some foreign food we were just standing in front of Bey men or Northgate and we can actually walk to our first restaurant from here so let's go so our first stop today is for a classic bowl of Taiwanese beef noodles but this is a halal version so there's actually two restaurants that are both serving halal Taiwanese beef noodles the first one is called Chang's beef noodle soup and then the other one is called Lao Zhang we're gonna go to this one Lau Cheung so let's go inside [Music] we are sitting down in the restaurant it looks no different than a typical local Taiwanese beef noodle joint but this one is certified halal so we have the menu here and one thing that's really nice about this place is it has Chinese English Japanese and bahasa so we went with the braised beef soup noodles but then another really cool thing about this place is that you can choose between a couple different things you could have noodles you can have vermicelli or you can have bread and then they have another type of noodles we went with the bread and then one more thing that we wanted to try is the beef dumpling so really excited to try that obviously here in Taiwan usually the dumplings are filled with pork I don't know if I've ever seen beef noodle or beef dumplings at another restaurant so really excited to try those out so here I have my beef noodle soup but substituted with bread you can see those big chunks of bread those look really hearty and then there is some nice beef hiding in there as well look at that that is a huge chunk of beef so he puts a little bit of red oil in here mixes it with two kinds of broth and then tops it with a little bit of green onions and I'm just going to try the soup as it is first [Music] [Applause] oh yeah that is so beefy and then a little bit of freshness from those green onions and then a little bit salty and a little bit of spicy from that red oil that chili oil that he puts in as well next up I'm going to try one of these fat chunks of bread that is some seriously dense bread this soup actually doesn't penetrate the whole way through on a couple of millimeters in so it's not soggy whatsoever it's really not hard like crunchy but very dense and kind of a little bit difficult to chew okay let me find a piece of beefier home man that is just a huge chunk of beef that's right [Music] you know super-tender a little bit of fat on the outside and that's been breezing away and Taiwanese spices they definitely have their own spice blend here because there's some unique flavors to it so there's a couple of condiments on the table to address your bowl noodles up first is a little bit extra of that chili oil that red oil and I'll put a little bit of that I'm not sure how spicy it's gonna be and then this is a classic beef noodle topping that's the pickled mustard greens gives it a little bit of sourness and adds a little bit of fresh crunch mix those around and really love this bread it's so unique [Music] next up we've got the beef dumplings I've got some vinegar here and I like a lot of it here on my dumplings and then a little bit of soy sauce as well and these just look really really good just oil dumplings but filled with only beef those are awesome I love them the wrapper is nice and chewy really beefy ink once again and then with that sourness that acidity coming from the vinegar a little bit saltiness coming from the soy sauce really love it I mean I'd probably go for beef it is more widely available than in the pork all of this food is really authentic there's no differences in the flavors whatsoever but all certified halal and this dish really unique with the bread that you can of course get the regular beef noodle soup as well which I'm sure is just as delicious that was really delicious they have a lot of other items on their menu that also looked good and usually here in Taiwan beef tends to be more expensive but that was priced equally to any other big noodle restaurant here in Taipei so we didn't eat a whole lot purposefully because we want to take you to another restaurant that's pretty close by [Music] so this area of taipei that we're in is very close to Taipei main station very downtown feeling and right now we're actually on a street called camera Street so you can see all of these shops here they are all selling cameras new and used we actually bought our camera here you can usually get some pretty good deals on so just off of one of the main street near Taipei main station you turn down this little alleyway and this is known as little Indonesia so there's a ton of Indonesian restaurants and we have one picked it that we wanted to try but we just got here and now it seems as though that all the restaurants are closed so it is Monday I'm guessing that's why they're closed even though on Google Maps it says that they're supposed to be open I think we might have to wait and come back tomorrow to show you the Indonesian food that we wanted to try here we'll try to ask around see if they can tell us the hours and we'll catch back up with you maybe tomorrow so we actually just spotted someone walking down the street and I think they are closed but they kind of opened up for us just to come in really friendly little guy here so they have a buffet here of all these different Indonesian foods oh it smells so good I can smell the coconut but they also have some things a la carte so you can order we ordered a couple different things but this is a really cool awful all looks really good [Music] so luckily we're not going to have to wait until tomorrow to try some Indonesian food this place is very discreet down a back alley but extremely friendly owners they invited us right in kind of feels like we're in their house to be honest so I've got my food here this is the Seiko I am which is an Indonesian aromatic soup you can see there's little vermicelli noodles it's like some Tomatoes tons of bean sprouts some green onions and fried shallots and there may or may not be chicken inside this may not have the chicken as I thought I ordered but it's okay let me just try some of this broth first oh wow generally Taiwanese flavours are a little bit subtle but Indonesian is almost the polar opposite is it bursting with flavor so very salty I can taste some ginger in there there's definitely a lot of spices going on there okay let me go in with some of the noodles and what's kind of funny about this is they actually serve it with rice too you can put your noodles on your rice if you'd like it's really heavy on the carbs but tastes good let's try that [Music] so the chicken was hiding down at the bottom of the ball I found some piece of the chicken let me transfer this onto my rice again and then I got to get some of that soup it's so flavorful I don't know what they're doing to it but it just tastes so good [Music] Sabrina and I are just sharing a bowl of the Soto I am it is really good we're quite full though so we're just gonna share one but they have lots of other things on the menu plus it Indonesian classics rendang me go Aang that's weekly rang all kinds of different things and I really love the atmosphere I don't know if you can hear that but they're playing some nursery rhymes for the little boy here and there's nobody else dining here it's just us very homey atmosphere Wow so friendly the food is definitely good a little expensive compared to Indonesia prices that's for sure but the ingredients are imported while the Soto base would be and really friendly people once again a good option for Indonesian food but there is also a ton of other Indonesian restaurants along this little strip and we'll put the information for the directions down in the description box and good option for halal food if you are not looking for just Taiwanese style but we're going to take you to one more spot today so we have to take the metro now to DA on Park station and right now in Taipei because of the virus you need to be wearing your mask when in the metro or it's a 15000 Taiwan dollar fine which is up to 15 dozen which is I think like 4 to 500 USD to a mask on we have come to Don Park station which is on the red line here Taipei and our next restaurant is close by here but I just want to take a minute to just talk about this station it's my personal favorite station on the Taipei metro system and it's definitely the most beautiful station it's actually won an award for public infrastructure world gold winner in public infrastructure it's got this beautiful glass wall that overlooks the Don forest park and you can check out our previous episode down the link is in the description and we took you all around Don Park shows you all the cool little animals that hang out there and had another really good day of eating and this park is just absolutely beautiful the station is incredible too so we're gonna take a walk through the park and close by here is the Taipei Grand Mosque so behind me here is the taipei grand mosque this was the first official mosque here in taiwan so it's very important for muslim travelers to know that this is here in taipei it's right across the street from don park it's Monday today so we can't actually go inside it's closed but it is beautiful to come and just check it out from the outside so our last stop is for another classic Taiwanese Street food this time it is fried chicken and we did a lot of research to find a place that is serving halal certified fried chicken so this place called fried chicken master here in Hong Kong Taipei is serving a halal fried chicken so we've got it here and Taiwan's fried chicken is famous for being these huge big pieces called tea pie which means big chicken steak and it's covered in a little bit of Taiwanese five-spice probably some white pepper and stuff too and that just looks crazy crunchy so let me take a big bite here Wow I don't even know how they keep it so juicy on the inside that chicken breast is so tender so succulent and then super crunchy on the outside a lot of white pepper there so it's got a little bit of spicy heat and definitely that Taiwanese zing to it with that bi spice that's really yummy [Music] so of course there are tons of fried chicken joints here in Taipei really there is one on every corner it seems this one as I mentioned though halal certified Muslim friendly restaurant and it's really good chicken too it's not just the only place of all this place is also serving some really delicious chicken so crispy and so juicy at the same time we have different items on the menu like chicken wings chicken thighs our chicken sandwiches tons of different chicken items also law and this actually is a new address the one that's on Google Maps is incorrect so I'm gonna put the new address down below in the description box so you can find this exact one it's good chicken so today we showed you three restaurants that are halal Muslim friendly spots here in Taipei but of course there are other Muslim friendly restaurants there's lots of vegetarian food in Taiwan a lot of Buddhists eat only vegetarian and there are lots of cafes lots of different desserts so with a little bit of research you shouldn't have too much trouble of course there is a lot of pork so just make sure you do do your research or you can eat at these restaurants that we showed you today because they were really tasty alright guys that's gonna be it for today's episode that was our Muslim friendly halal food guide to Taipei City I hope you enjoyed it you can find the information for all the restaurants down in the description box so you can visit them on your next trip to Taiwan as soon as all this virus stuff is cleared up and make sure to subscribe and hit the like button and that you can hit the little bell icon so you're notified the next time we post a video from Taiwan and if you'd like to support our channel maybe consider becoming a patreon we have all kinds of cool perks where you can see our blooper videos and also some food maps that we have curated to help you once again on your travels and looking for some delicious food so see you guys on the next episode of chopstick Joe okay

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Muslim Street Food in TAIWAN | Taipei's HALAL Street Food HEAVEN - BEST Taiwanese Street Food

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This is our 2nd episode from our Taiwan Street Food series. In today’s episode, we are focusing on Muslim-friendly, Halal Certified restaurants and food in Taipei. It can be difficult for travellers to find good quality Taiwanese food, or any food that is halal in Taiwan. We include an authentic Taiwanese beef noodle soup, an Indonesian meal in little Indonesia and an awesome fried chicken stall, all HALAL certified!

We start our day with delicious halal Taiwanese beef noodle - tender beef chunks and hand cut noodles in a rich broth, and beef dumplings, which are uncommon in Taiwan. We ordered their braised beef noodle with a red, oily broth and the beef dumplings were rich and juicy (130 NTD / USD $4.32 for beef noodles — 60 NTD / USD $1.99 for plate of dumplings). This restaurant is Halal Certified and there is also another halal restaurant next door.

Our next Muslim-friendly meal brought us close to Taipei Main Station, where you’ll find a neighbourhood called Little Indonesia. This is a network of small alleys full of Indonesian warungs serving up halal food with a Taiwanese twist. We went into the local restaurant which looked more like a home kitchen. We ordered one of our favorite dishes - Soto ayam, which is an Indonesian aromatic soup with chicken, vegetables and rice (150 NTD / USD $4.99). Although this shop (and likely many of the restaurants in the area) does not hold a Halal certification, we ensured with the chef that the food is indeed halal.

While digesting, we visited a sight which may be important to Muslim travellers coming to Taipei: Taipei Grand Mosque. This beautiful structure in the heart of Da’an neighbourhood was the first official mosque in the whole country. It features bronze domes and supposedly holds a market on Fridays.

Our final meal brought us to Shida District where we found a street food stall that serves Taiwanese fried chicken that is popular among locals, and is Halal Certified as well. We ordered a typical ji-pie (chicken steak) that is seasoned in typical Taiwanese spices. The chicken was juicy, flavourful and fried to perfection! The massive piece of chicken was 69 NTD (USD $2.29), and is enough for 2 people to share!

Restaurant Info:

1 - Beimen Gate 北門
Section 1, Zhongxiao West Road, Zhongzheng District

2 - Taiwanese Beef Noodles at 清真黃牛肉麵館
No. 23, Yanping South Road, Zhongzheng District

3 - Indonesian Food at Sinar Terang
Lane 29, Section 1, Zhongxiao West Road, Zhongzheng District

4 - Taipei Grand Mosque 台北清真寺
No. 62號, Section 2, Xinsheng South Road, Da’an District

5 - Fried Chicken Master 炸鷄大獅北市公館店 (NEW LOCATION - NOT ON MAPS)
No. 3, Lane 316, Section 3, Luosifu Road, Zhongzheng District

Make sure to subscribe and turn on “all notifications” so that you never miss an episode! Let us know in the comments of more Halal/Muslim friendly restaurants in Taiwan that you know and love! Stay tuned for the next episode - we are taking you on a hike through the mountains and going to eat some mountain food in Taipei!!!


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