My First HALAL Indonesian and Malaysian Foods in Seoul, South Korea!

hi guy.s so unfortunately we can't travel abroad 
these days. so what i want to do is check out some   of the foreign foods that i can find here in 
seoul. so i'm checking out today this area in   itaewon. so this area is really well known for 
having a lot of different halal foods because   a lot of Halal people are coming here to visit. 
so i've come to this restaurant that is serving   different indonesian and malaysian foods. i'm 
super excited about it. i made sure to rock my   bintang hat that i got in bali. and so i'm going 
to check out a few different dishes here that i   love. so we've ordered up a few different 
things here including some fried rice, and   some fried noodles. and all kinds of 
great stuff. so uh it's good to eat   a few of the different foods.

So most these foods 
i already know and love because i've had them in   different places when i travel. so these are some 
of the representative foods that i always eat   whenever i'm in like indonesia or something. so 
the first one is mie goreng – fried noodles. guys   this is something i get for breakfast every single 
day when i am in bali. Beef Rendang – it's like   slow cooked beef in this coconut sauce. oh so 
yummy. and it's actually ranked like number one   best tasting food, most delicious food by CNN 
a few years ago. this is a fried rice with this   chicken here. It is a village style fried 
rice. so this chicken is actually outside   like rotisserie style and then he's cooked it and 
put some type of sauce on it.

So we have all the   bases covered. we have fried rice, we have fried 
noodles, we have beef, we have some iced tea. I'm ready to feast! Let's eat! This 
is one of my favorite foods guys.   this is called beef rendang. so it's 
beef, it's cooked in coconut milk and   different spices. you can't get this in all parts 
of indonesia because some of them are Hindu. so   you can find this at different places. 
it's just really tender beef. i'm going   to add it to that rice. i'm not going to use the 
sambal. we gotta just get a nice scoop of that. i haven't had this in so 
long. so thrilled with this. so the beef is really tender and it's halal 
beef too for all of you muslims out there.   we see these big chunks of beef. it 
just falls apart with the fork here. it's a little sweet from the coconut milk. 
a little spicy maybe that's from the sambal. I can see why CNN is said this is the most 
delicious food in the world. guys if you've   never tried beef rendang, do yourself a favor. 
go out and find some.

You might not be able   to fly abroad these days, but trust me,,, this 
needs to be at the top of your food bucket list. so these are fried noodles. there's all kinds 
of veggies and stuff. i'm gonna try just   as they are before i break into some 
of the spicy sauces. taste this as they   are. This takes me back, y'all. 
noodles are just kind of fried   and it's like a coconut flavor. this 
is a really distinctive flavor that you   get – it's a common flavor with all these 
dishes because they're using coconut milk. that's sambal. that is a spicy sauce. 
so it's basically just red peppers,   maybe garlic sauce… i don't know. 
and it comes as a condiment with most   meals. and this one here – it doesn't give you 
much because you don't need it too much. you   want to use this stuff sparingly, let me tell you. 
this is, whenever i stay at a hotel in indonesia,   this is usually the breakfast i get. it's either 
this you have fried rice or fried noodles. finally – this dish. so it's like a half of 
a chicken here that he's roasted outside.   and then it's called village style fried rice.   so like i said it's um fried rice is 
really common.

It's simple fried rice. interesting… i think there's anchovies in it. it's a little… 
oh yeah. it does. that's why. so there's big um   anchovies in it which is why it tastes so 
kind of fishy. interesting. not what i was   expecting. much different than the normal 
um fried rice, nasi goreng, i usually get.

I'm not a huge anchovy fan. so that might 
not be my favorite. but that's good. but i   want to break into this chicken. it's just like 
a roasted chicken. all right that smells yummy. there's like a sweet glaze on it. that one i think 
really needs some sambal. i think that this dish   is um something i've not had. i'm 
gonna add some of that sambal there.   not much because this stuff is fire. 
let's see maybe that'll help it out. that's good. i'm not gonna say 
it's my favorite. i would say when   it comes to chicken- i love that korean 
fried chicken. but i love the beef rendang   and i love these fried noodles. the fried rice, 
i would, uh i would try something else next time.

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My First HALAL Indonesian and Malaysian Foods in Seoul, South Korea!

When I travel, exploring the local food options is at the top of my priorities. SInce traveling abroad in 2021 is becoming increasingly unlikely, I'm setting out to try some of the international cuisines in and around Seoul, South Korea.
In this vlog, I head to the Itaewon district of Seoul. I'm checking out an area famous for its wide variety of Halal food. Since the area is near the largest mosque in South Korea, there are plenty of choices to choose from.
I check out a restaurant that is said to serve Indonesian, Malaysian, Egyptian, and other foods. I tried mie goreng, nasi goreng, and beef rendang.
Some were good, and one was...not my favorite. Watch to find out!

If you want to see a video of foreigner trying Malaysian foods or foreigner trying Indonesian foods, then be sure to watch this travel vlog from Seoul, South Korea!

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