My Life in Hawai’i Part 3 (Halal Food) | English Subtitles

How does it feel to have Hawaiian bf? You have to think twice before you ask for shopping entrusted goods service. Today I'll answer the next 5 questions I haven't answered in the previous video. If you haven't seen it, I'll put the link here on in the description box below. Without any further due, I'll get started to the questions. The sixth questions. How did you end up in Hawai'i? I got the same question over and over again. I've answered it in my first video. You can check it out. I'll put the link here. But that's not the main question. The question is: How's halal food in Hawai'i? Is it accessible and affordable? I've tried to find some information about it from Muslim Guides in Honolulu. Apparently, it's quite difficult to get halal food here.

Although there are some restaurants serving halal food, you can't just go to the resto and order halal food. You've to order in advance. I have no idea if it has to be one, two or three days in advance. I don't think it applies for all of the restaurants, but that's the information I got. I have to do some more research. So, how do I usually eat? I have many non-muslim friends here. It's impossible to always go to a halal food restaurant every time we hangout, bcs I don't wanna be demanding. I usually go wherever they go, because my friends know better. They know good place, cheap place etc. Although I didn't go to a halal food restaurant, I didn't order pork. I usually order vegetables, chicken, beef, seafood. Although I think the chicken and beef are not halal, at least I said 'bismillah' before I eat. My friends are really nice. When we eat out, they sometimes make sure that I don't have any porks in my food.

I am so grateful to be surrounded by good people. The seventh question. Do you have any plans to stay longer or live there? To be honest, if I have an opportunity to continue my study here, I won't say no. I really like the environment. Although it looks and feels like in Indonesia, but the vibes is hard to describe. You've to come here to really feel it. Sadly, it's really expensive living here. You have to think twice before you ask for shopping entrusted goods service, because I don't think Hawai'i is a good place for it. For God's sake it's so expensive. If you wanna live here with your rupiahs income, it will be difficult. It won't be easy. It won't get any easier. The eight question is still related to the previous one. How's the discount? Because women would love discount in Japan especially during seasonal sale. Unfortunately, Hawai'i is tropical island and it doesn't really have seasonal sale as big as others'. I think the biggest discounts are on ThanksGiving day, BlackFriday, Christmas, NewYear, and on special days.

But after I checked, the price is still a bit pricey. There are some stores selling branded items, like clearance stores, so the price is not so expensive. But I think there are not many. I honestly still go shopping sometimes because I'll say that Hawaii offers more options than Indonesia. Does it sound that I go shopping so often? Lol The ninth question is about covid19. How's covid in Hawaii? It's pretty much under control. In August 2020, it had the most cases of the year. The decline in cases was seen. But because of Christmas, new year and long holiday, the number increased drastically. Here's the number. When Hawaii had the most covid cases in January, people kept talking about lockdown. Thankfully it didn't happen, because most people are doing what they're told about the health protocol. For example, the bus has 'No mask, no ride' regulation.

So I feel safe here. The last question is the most frequently asked question. How does it feel to have a Hawaiian bf? Or, have you found any 'blue' to be brought to Indonesia? Because of covid, it's hard to meet native Hawaiian, bule, etc. Most of my friends are Asian. But it's good because it feels more like home. Anyway, I still have 4 months left, let's see what will happen in 4 months. ~No translation~.

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My Life in Hawai'i Part 3 (Halal Food) | English Subtitles


My name is Henda Dewi, an Indonesian Teaching Assistant at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa.
Here was my experience during pandemic. My life in Hawai'i wasn't as I expected but I still tried to enjoy every second of it.

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