Nasi Goreng | تڑکے والے چاول | Tarkay wale chawal | Fried Rice | Halal Foods Channel

I'm sharing a fried rice recipe. Its originally from Malaysia and Indonesia The ingredient is rice that cook with 2 cup of rice with 3 glass of water (i put salt when boiling) Boil chicken and cut into small pieces Cut cabbage into small pieces 2 onion 5 pcs of chilies ( up to your taste) 3 pieces of garlic 1 teaspoon of salt (can adjust according to your taste) because i have put some salt while boiling the rice 1 teaspoon of black pepper 1 spoon full of soya Sause Some oil for cooking put on the fire then heat the oil Now we going to put all the ingredient in food processor ,or else you can cut it into small small pieces See this are the ingredient that been process by the food processor first we fried the chicken we boil first and take only meat so that its fast to cook once it turn golden color, take it out and put in the plate using the same oil we put the ingredient and stir fry till golden put the fried ingredient in one side and put 2 pcs of egg (I forgot to tell you earlier) once the egg cook put the fried chicken into the pan now put salt, black pepper and soya sauce This recipes so simple guys now put the rice fried well 🙂 its nice and simple to cook now we put the cabbage just fried for awhile so its still crunchy lets put in the plate and taste it let taste it Yummy yummy The taste is perfect Alhamdulillah The cabbage is crunchy, chicken cooks well TQ FOR WTCHING ,AND DONT FORGET TO TRY MY SIMPLE RECIPE

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Nasi Goreng | تڑکے والے چاول | Tarkay wale chawal | Fried Rice | Halal Foods Channel

This are the most popular recipe in Malaysia and Indonesia
This are the simple and easy to cook recipe. You can use chicken, prawn ,beef, or just vegetable to prepare this dish.

Actually its good if you have left over food at night and just put it in the NASI GORENG (FRIED RICE)

Ingredient are
- Boil rice
-Cabbage (any vegetable that you like)
- salt to taste
-black pepper
-soy sauce (optional)

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