New York’s CHEAPEST Halal Food under ONE DOLLAR

What can you get for $1 in New York? If you are on a budget in New York and want to eat cheap food for one dollar, then this video is for you. Most people, especially backpackers, are on a budget when they travel around. They have to manage their expenses on accommodation, food, and shopping. This makes it difficult for them to spend exorbitant amounts of money on fine dining. But in this video I am sharing with you how you can quality and halal food on a budget in New York. Halal food in New York usually costs you from seven dollars to ten dollars from carts, which can be cheap for some but expensive for many. I am taking you to this place in New York that has many outlets and serves you a slice of cheesy pizza under one dollar (99 cents).

Two slices and a drink will cost you 2.75 dollars. 99cents Pizza is the name of the place. Let's take you there. This is really good. And halal too..

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New York's CHEAPEST Halal Food under ONE DOLLAR

Finding good and cheap halal food in the expensive city of New York is difficult but not impossible. 99cents Pizza is one such place. Watch the video to find out more.

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