Noodles with blackbean sauce (Jjajangmyeon: 짜장면)

(upbeat music) – Hi everybody. Today I'm going to show
you how to make Korean Jjajangmyeon and Jjajangbap. Black bean noodles, black bean rice. Oh, Maangchi you already posted
Jjajangmyeon long time ago. Yes, almost five years ago when I started posting YouTube video. But at the time I was
not good at measuring. And eventually I make
better quality of video. (upbeat music) So now I'm boiling water. Cook noodles later. Let's start with cut
these vegetables first. I have these potatoes. I peeled these and soaked in cold water. So that the color is not going to brown. This is a squash, Korean squash. You can use a zucchini. Onion, we need lots of onion. And this is a radish. This radish I always use this
when I make Jjajangmyeon. Because it makes the broth very tasty. So we are going to cut this into cubes. Really small pieces. Around a half inch. It's around one cup. Zucchini or squash. And potato. Same size. Cut into small pieces. And onion. This is going to be more than one cup. So one and a half cup. We cut all the vegetables.

Now it's time for us to cut the pork. It's a shoulder part, but
you can use pork belly part. The skin's delicious so I use it all. Chop into small pieces. I'm using pork, but you
can use beef or chicken. Our pan is already heated. Around one table spoon vegetable oil. Pork. Stir fry it over high heat. Stir frying pork until very crispy is a very important tip to really make a delicious Jjajangmyeon sauce. Each piece of pork is
going to be very – a little crispy. And also, all pork fat is removed. Lots of oil come out. So we are not going to eat this. What's left is very crunchy nice pieces. And then, we are going to
stir fry with vegetable. Start with some hard vegetables. Radish first because the radish has to be cooked thoroughly. And then potato.

And the onion and zucchini. Already it smells really nice. I'm going to keep
stirring until the potato looks a little like a half translucent. We are going to add black bean paste. So make a spot, empty
spot in center like this. We need to stir fry this black bean paste. So it's going to be two around
table spoon vegetable oil. Get the black bean paste. Add a quarter cup. And stir fry in the center like this. So this process is also important. Around one minute I stir fry
when the oil is very heated.

And then all together. Add two cups of water. And we need to cook. Looks nice. So if you have a lid, just close the lid. If you don't have, find
anything you can cover. Like even another pot or frying pan. Just cook this around 10 minutes. Until all the vegetables are cooked fully. Really nice. Beautiful black sauce with the vegetable. Lots of vegetables and
delicious pork pieces inside. And we are going to make
this a little thick.

Jjajangmyeon sauce, black sauce, we are going to make this. Two table spoons potato starch. We are going to make starch powder water. Quarter cup water. One teaspoon sugar. Mix this well. Slowly stir this. And suddenly you will
see a little thicker. And add one teaspoon sesame oil. This is not salty. Also this is not bland. Perfect thickness. Really awesome. Then we'll remove from the heat. We are going to serve
this with rice or noodles. So let's cook the noodles. Four portions in one
package they sell this. I'm going to make this
only one portion today. It's a high heat we are going to cook. A few minutes later it
will be boiling over. And then we need to
wait until it's cooked. Let's take a sample. It's cooked or not? This is cold water. Mmm. Done. The reason I'm rinsing in cold water is to make the noodles more chewy. Noodles are done. So we are going to reheat this sauce. So I'm going to garnish
with these cucumber strips.

You can use your favorite green vegetable. Green peas also very beautiful. Cut this into really thin matchsticks. Sauce here. Cucumber strips on top. So this is Jjajangbap with rice. You can serve this with some sauce on top. That's it. Yellow pickled raddish, danmuji. You can serve this together. This is black bean paste. We made Jjajangmyeon and Jjajangbap. So rice and noodles with black bean sauce. All wonderful. This is huge amount. Let me taste it. Really good. Mix this like this. Mmm. Delicious. Be careful when you eat this. All this sauce is all over your face. Always prepare the Kleenex. This is the side dish. It's time to say good bye already. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time. Bye. (upbeat music).

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Noodles with blackbean sauce (Jjajangmyeon: 짜장면)

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