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Hello! Welcome to another episode of … I'm Maverique and joining me today is my very special guest, Wani ! Hi everyone, I'm Wani, a Yr2 MSE student I'm currently the head programmer for MATSCIV'22 So if you are an incoming freshie, you might see me there So, please say HI when you see me When you see me too, because I'm a HP too *WINKS* So today, the theme is halal basically we would be going through some of the places in NTU that are either halal certified, or muslim owned. So Wani, I heard that you prepared a list of places for us to visit, Can you tell me what they are? Yes I did prepare! First off, we willl try the Quad Food Moving on, we will go to Can 11, followed by Tamarind canteen Ahh okay that sounds very good!! So, now we start our journey over here at Quad Wani, could you tell us what you like to eat here at Quad? My favourite food would be the beef bulgogi this one, I highly recommend you guys to eat it okay? Okay, sure thing actually that sounds really really good, and I'm really really hungry, so shall we go there and try? Yea! Okay let's go! So now, we are at Can11, which as you guys guessed, is at Hall 11 ! So wani, why did you bring me to Can 11? Oh, I heard that Can 11 has one of the best halal food in
NTU! Oh Really ?! What's your favourite food here? Probably the Nasi ayam! Ooo the Nasi ayam? Actually that sounds very nice! Shall we go and try it ? YUP! Let's go! Ok Wani, where are we heading for next? Since we were at Nasi ayam at can 11, now let's head over to the next door canteen, Tama! I know a shortcut that can take us there in an instant! All we need to do is just go through the carpark over there! Oh wow! That's fast! Of course! What did I tell you? That's a shortcut for a reason! Actually today we are going to eat the Nasi ayam penyet over there! Wait! But it's closed! Oh no! Then now what? Hmm okay not to worry Wani, because next door, There is a stall that sells Indian Muslim food! So technically that still sticks within the theme πŸ™‚ And, the food is actually really good, I tried it many times Shall we go and try it? Yea! OK! Let's go! Wow! Look at all the food here just for the two of us! I can't wait to try it! Me too Me too! Here is all the food that is laid out.

First of all, We have the Beef Bulgogi that we got at the
Quad Canteen. That is $5.50 SGD. Over here in the middle, we have Malay rice, bought from the
Malay food stall at Canteen 11. Wani, could you like to guess how much this is? Five Dollars? Wrong! It's only $3.60! Really!? Yes, it's so cheap! That's the thing I like about this
stall, it's pretty cheap. And last but not least we have the indian food: Butter chicken with briyani rice at Tamarind canteen. It's $5 SGD only. We're going to review the food based on three factors. The first being the price of the food, followed by the
presentation of the food and last but not least of course, the taste. Shall we try the first one? Sure thing! Let's try the beef bulgogi now! So Wani, I heard that this is your most favourite food in
like, the whole of NTU? Yess But they usually serve it with seaweed soup, but since we tabao , they don't tabao the seaweed soup.

Oh noo, that's so sad! But do you still like the rest of the
food? We're going to try it now! Okay Sure Wow! I like that response! Wait ah, let me get a bit here. Ohh that's a lot of rice. Oh there's kimchi also. Yeah, look at this. Woah, okay, would you like to go first Wani? The flavour from the meat balances the sour taste from the kimchi Honestly, it's very nice but it can be better with the
seaweed soup. So if you guys want to go to Quad, you don't tabao okay? Yeah, eat in, dining in is better I think I would love it with the seaweed soup as well. I agree with you, I like how the meat is seasoned, it's actually pretty nice. We did korean food also on a previous episode, Episode 1: Bang for buck but that was chicken from Tamarind canteen. I would say that the bulgogi beef, wow! They actually season it very nicely and I really like
the seasoning.

And yeah you're right, paired with the kimchi, pretty nice! So Wani, based on the three criteria we stated earlier, how
would you rate this food out of a five. Presentation wise, it's not that bad but if you dine in it would be better because they serve it
in a hotplate style. I would give it three out of five. Three out of five, woo! Okay alright I think this first round I would also go a bit conservative
here, I think I would go for a four out of five.

And my reason for that is because compared to the other two
foods I would say the other two are more colourful but I love the
taste of the beef, it's really well seasoned and really really very good. And for $5.50 it's the most expensive of the three but with the seaweed
soup I think it's pretty worth the price. How long have you been here in NTU? I think for 3 years already. 3 years.. is it all at the same store, here? Yes. Same store. What do you like about this job? I like this job because I can see many customers. Like they are all friendly! Also, its not boring! which food in the menu do you recommend to everyone? Like what is the best food? Actually, most buy chicken, but Auntie recommend Bibimbap Because there is vegetable, rice and chicken and egg and
soup! The price is cheap also! Yeah I think the price is okay! Yeah! The price is okay. Correct. Thank You so much Auntie! For the Malay food, the ingredients I ended up choosing were the Sayur Lodeh, satay sausage, sambal goreng as well as the
bergedil and all of this for $3.60 only guys, wow.

I'm going to try the sayur lodeh because that's my favourite
food like my favourite ingredient to add for Malay rice. Initially, we wanted to buy the chicken rice but then it only sells every Monday yeah correct! So they have a special dish every day my most favourite would be Fridays when they have the Nasi
Lemak which I really enjoy because the chicken, the rice, as well as the chilli chilli actually makes it an extremely delicious meal and it's quite cheap also. I think $3? $3.50? Oh that's cheap. Yeah, it's really cheap. That's what I like about this stall
also, it's that the price is really good Alright, let's go! It's actually damn nice.

What else can I say, I really love it. This stall never fails to *not* disappoint me
[not again mav! >:( ] When I go to other Malay rice stalls, like outside of NTU they actually charge quite, it's quite expensive actually. The sayur lodeh over here, they actually charge 50 cents for
it only. When I order from other stalls outside, they charge me as
much as like $1.50 for the sayur lodeh but here it's only 50 cents so thumbs up, thumbs up man.

This time I'll try the satay sausage, the bergedil as well
as the sambal goreng. Oh and one thing I like about Malay food is the tempeh also,
I really love tempeh. So out of these four ingredients, which one would you say is
the best or the one you like the most? I would say the sausage? Actually let me try this one first. It's the taste of the sausage that's the most obvious when
I'm tasting it. Overall I love the taste of this and yeah for $3.60 right, you can actually get something
really filling. So Wani, out of five, how would you rate this? Considering presentation, taste and price, to me it's very
worth it! So I'll rate it a four out of five! Woah! Four out of five! Hmm! But four out of five is what I gave this one sia.

So in my opinion I agree, I like the presentation, this is a
very colourful dish and the price though, it's actually very cheap I actually
like it , and the taste, wah, its just fantastic! I really like the
taste of the sausage, the sayur lodeh the bergedil and the sambal goreng,
basically everything. So to me, I think I'll give it a 4.5 actually. Oh! Yeah, I'll give it a first class honours. There's a decimal point? Yeah you can! You can give it a decimal point. Me and zen actually gave decimal points, so we gave like 4.2 if you want to give it a first class just give it a 4.5. Oh okay I see. Okay, would you like to revise your ratings then, for this
one? I feel, I said this was the best in NTU right, but then I gave it a 3/5 because of the lack of seaweed

So I wouldn't change it. So if there was seaweed soup, how much would you rate it? 5! Guys, the seaweed soup is worth 2 stars eh, so you guys
should really try it with the seaweed soup. Yeah, dine in! That's right, that's right. How long have you been here in NTU? Almost 4 years! 4 years already! Coming to 4 years! What do you really like about your job? I can see the children and they are all friendly! All my neighbours are also very friendly! The students are all very good! πŸ™‚ Yah the students very nice! *attempts to score brownie points with auntie* Especially the foreigners and other nationalities! Actually Auntie also very nice also that's why we want to
interview you πŸ˜‰ What food do you recommend on the menu? People like my Lontong, Sambal Goreng and Begedil.

Thank you so much Auntie! Subtitle Last but not least, we have the Indian food and this is I would say one of my most favourite food in
Tamarind canteen. Of course alongside the Korean food and I can't wait to dig
in. Shall we try? Yeah! Okay Lets go! The chicken is so soft. Yeah the chicken is soft! And I guarantee you, the taste is
good. Oh yeah for this one, you can actually choose to add in a
vegetable of your own choice for free so in my case I added chickpeas, because I really like
chickpeas. Wait, for free? I believe it's for free, yeah. Shall we dig in? Let's go. This is really what I recommend if you were to go to that
stall to eat and coincidentally it's also Muslim owned, so yeah it's good! Best of both worlds.

Okay, but I feel that the portion is a bit big, so if you're
a small eater like me you might want to share this with your friend or someone
else so that you'll finish the food. It's $2.50 each! Think about it, it makes it even cheaper! It's more worth the money. The spice, I think it just comes and goes so I think if you can't stand spicy food it might still be
bearable for you. Yes and I agree on the part where it comes and goes, unlike
the chilli that me and zen ate last episode 辣子鸑 , oh my god, after we took the shot, we basically had to run down, buy a few cups of Bandung for
me and Zen to drink.

So yeah, that went really well! There there It's okay, that was like long ago and now my stomach is okay
again, and this is really good. These are tolerable for my stomach. Maybe I will start the rating first! So out of five, Wah Okay okay… These two are like my most favourite food in their
respective canteens. I love chickpeas also… This is cutting it close! I think I would give it a 4…….. 7! I give it a 4.7! Wow! An upgrade! Yeah, an upgrade. I really think this is very very good, you guys should really try it when you are at Tamarind
canteen. > I would give it a 4.5. Woah! 4.5? First class honours? Oh yes! Woah, why? So it's not the best briyani that I've tasted, but it's like one of the best halal food that you can find
at NTU. Yeah, definitely. So yeah, if you're free, you can come down to Tamarind to
try it out. Yes, definitely. We originally wanted to try the uhh… Nasi Ayam Penyet. But then, the stall wasn't open at the time so since this
stall was open we just ordered it, and it's great.

Yes! Highly recommend! WOW! That was a good meal! Don't you think so Wani? Yeah..! You can see there is nothing here because The food was so good that i ate the container up! Wani, which is your favourite among the three? To me, it will still be the Quad food, the beef bulgogi Even though I ranked it 3 out of 5… Oh yah correct because with the seaweed soup it is +2 Yah now I remember. Yes…. πŸ™ I gave it a 3 out of 5 because there was no seaweed soup… For me, it will be the Indian food, the butter
chicken. Even my friends ate it here and they found
it really good! This means that is not only me that found
it good, the majority of us found it good! So you guys should really really try it when
it comes to tamarind canteen! As you remember from a few months ago, there
was this article about the lack of halal options available on campus. Correct
So what is your opinion on that? I mean I have to agree with it because like
I myself experienced the struggle to get halal food in NTU.

It got worse? In semester 1, last two to three semesters ago There were at least like, halal food in North Spine But then, I don't know why but then, it just
disappeared the next semester. So like i had to eat fast food like almost
every single day until im like sick of it. awww mannn But then now there are like initiatives done by the school which is like a good step, to make the school inclusive. For example, there is NTU Makan Makan, where
people can order from external vendors. They will help you deliver and you just collect
from a collection point. Oh wow thats really nice! I didnt know
such a initiative existed. Do you know how people can access this? Is there an App or a website? So there are a lot of platforms you can access,
so such as telegram, Instagram, so yah these are the two main platforms that you can access

Okay i see
And the food that they have, is like food that is outside of NTU? hm correct correct
ooo Thats interesting! I think everyone should know that! It is a good alternative to NTU food! So just an update guys! The canteen at Quad, I heard from the korean
store Auntie, is now 100% halal. So all the stores there are halal. It doesnt matter what you order over there,
it will be halal! And this is really good because i heard last
time it wasn't like that? So now it is a fully halal canteen. Which is good ! I didn't know about this until like um a few seconds ago actually yah i didn't know about this also until the korean store auntie told me just
now. so yah you can give it a try! Okay, so this comes to
the end to the trilogy of MSEats! We hoped you enjoyed the three episodes that
we had.

I mean, i definitely had fun! And thank you Wani for coming over to bring me to the many different places in NTU that are halal certified or Halal owned. Thank You for having me too! No problem no problem! Feel free to come over again any time! Oh really? Free food again?! Well! That depends! If you want more episodes of MSEats you will
have to leave it to the next year events. If there is good enough reviews, then maybe
they will be able to do another season? Maybe try more foods on campus? What do you guys think? So if you like this video, give a thumbs up to us and we hope you enjoyed the past three episodes of us trying the food options around NTU.

IF you have any other suggestions of good food places You can just leave it in the comments below. Or you can just tell us through our telegram and anywhere we
can see! And with that, we hope to see you around in
school! Bye bye!!!
BYEEEEE!!! :).

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NTU is full of crusines of all nationalities and variety. But what if you are someone in need of halal food? Not to worry! Join Mav and Wani in their journey to find the most delicious and affordable Halal food!

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