PAKISTAN’S BEST MUTTON TIKKA | Amin Tikka House of New Mirpur City | Best Biryani | Donation Request

You can call it the best mutton kebab in pakistan as well as the best mutton tikka in pakistan it's delicious tikka i tried for a simple bite try it now with raita with raita also πŸ‘ First let me enjoy some simple meals , sure, you can enjoy that 4-5 items mentioned here and same here, this restaurant is about 50 years old based on these items 15-16 I'm Saqib Mobeen, now I'm located in Mirpur Where we tried Halwa Puri and PoThee Chawal in the last video so in this video we will try biryani, Karachi Naseeb Biryani, one in Gujarat was normal but one in Lahore was really good we will try it and then we will go to a famous point as he said, you will not find kebab like β€œAmin Kebab” House" all over Pakistan , he is still in his words, and I think by his taste he says right we will try this in this video, In Sha Allah Below Quaid-e-Azam Stadium there is Karachi Nassib Biryani, Maurish bakery in front and opposite Mauresh bakery is a small entrance that leads to The entrance to the stadium and here next to the entrance is this biryani point, next to the aluminum shisha center, lam u Aleikum, how are you, my brother, okay? How much is a biryani dish? Single for 140 rupees and double for 240 rupees Masha Allah , so is this chicken and potato biryani? Layered biryani, ok what do you serve in one plate served with a piece of chicken and a raita with salad and what about a full plate? In a double plate there are two pieces of chicken and how many potatoes? You can add 2 pieces of fries this is a double dish and how much is this kebab? It's for 30 rupees , it comes with a special deal, well, it will cost 270 rupees? Yes sir, what is your name Shams, do you have this? No, I work for someone here Ok so are there seating arrangements? Yes there is seating and family hall at the top so we ordered a double platter for 240 rupees and a kebab with total that cost 270 rupees with kebabs , they oriented this plate well and asked us to cover it at a good angle so viewers could see the plain chicken and rice pieces then we eat it mixed in Bismillah and Ala Prakatila this is much better than gujrat biryani as I told you it has cinnamon in it has star anise as you can see it is called star anise and in Urdu it is badian khatai it has flavor but at first I was confused it has star anise flavor but not very strong if They had less quantity of this thing, biryani could be more delicious .

In biryani, spices should be the main role of strong spice, which would give a hit after bite and not too spicy with good flavour, but this is really a good biryani, just look at it [jawad:] it's pigeon leg, [sakib:] my grandfather ?? Well this chicken was on a diet no he had a quarrel with his wife so his wife didn't give him food so rice comes with chicken it's good… let's take a perfect bite let's take fries ok biryani without potatoes It could be different but this biryani is incomplete without it comes the chicken, potatoes and some rice from here comes the shami kebab now we will put onions on it and here comes the raita so this is the best bite for Karachi . Delicious , so we tried the biryani, it would have been better if it tasted yummy, the biryani itself is talking about the flavor of star anise it was not in great quantity , the anise in gujrat also has star anise, but I thought it was cinnamon, so its a good biryani so now we are going to Famous Amin Kebab house in Mirpur, let's try their kebab.

One third of Pakistan's area was affected by floods, it includes Sindh, Punjab and KPK, there were some areas that were safe from their disaster and irrigation started the next day. But there are still areas, where there are still flood stocks, homes are inundated and people don't have land to sleep and anything to eat I had options, either I can raise the funding myself and I can go to the areas and the other option is a proper organization to help these people is The Services Foundation, so I chose the Services Foundation, and I will go with them and show you how every penny is used through them and how those affected by the floods can live with e will spend time with them, God willing , perhaps, the upcoming videos may not be related to food blogs, Because these videos are pre-recorded so the next 2 or 3 videos will be about the people of the flood affected areas and how they live their lives if you want to donate, I mentioned their details in my description you can donate so we will check the kebabs here, what is their specialty? [Jawad:] lamb kebab and mutton tikka mutton tikka? [Jawad:] Yes it is very small so I have never eaten mutton tikka .

So you have to come down from Chowk Shaheeda from where we tried Halwa Puri when you come straight from this thistle you will see this on your right and this is also their branch this is all one let's go to them yes I'm good thank god what is your name? Muhammed Ali [Sakib:] So your father's secretary was okay [Owner:] This place is named after my father, so your father started this in 1961 [Owner:] Yes but he was working in 1960 , my father was really a simple person, where for my elders , I found an old receipt that was mentioned in 1961 , so they all said we came to it even before the sixties well I only belong to the Mirpur family who has no relative outside the country and most of the locals move abroad, only one or two left here, that 's it Their men's hall, also mentioned and one family hall, and we're going from the middle of those two halls so their kitchen is there? [Jawad]: Yeah at first, that was the kitchen and now they've turned this into a hall.

Is this also a family hall? Oh masha Allah, this is the place of prayer , this is really a good thing, God bless their business here they are preparing Karahi Assalam u Aleikum , how are you, are you making Karahi? Ai karahi This is a handi kebab alright but I can smell achar gosht Is that kind of achar gosht no sir, [sakib]: But I can feel the same essence What is this, is it kalji masala? So from Kaleji Karahi We made Kaleji broth Ok, good and so what is it empty? Oh masha allah this is awesome karahi chicken , here they have karahi preparation and here on top it's BBQ is made, so this is minced chicken (value) and ground beef ok so it's mutton [cooking:] not beef so you don't have meat cows ? It's on the list sir ok ok what is this? This is tikka, mutton tikka.

[Sakib:] Mutton tikka? Is this chicken potty? Yes sir , Masha Allah and this is Malay Puti, Masha Allah I can sell these spices, Masha Allah I feel like you crush and make these spices by yourself [Man] Yes sir, [Saqib] because I feel this from their smell we are preparing them ourselves here as lamb kebab, Masha Allah what is this, I guess they added something to it this is a piece of chest when some special guests come to them, they prepare it just for them? [Jawad:] Yes . This is called 'Seenay ki Ganni' let's give it a try Bismillah well it's really good fat it has tremendous taste This barbecue competes with Peshawar for the first time in my life I tried mutton tikka it looks right I cooked Bihari Boti similarly let's Try it well in the name of God…..

Let me remove my shadows, to show you the expressions of my eyes I tried Mutton Tikka for the first time in my life I ate for the first time [Jawad: ] Isn't it in Lahore? Nothing like that, it's just as tender as bihari beef because it's lamb, and most people don't eat beef because of uric acid issues , this is safe to eat, jussi tikka I simply tried it, now please try it with raita with raita? ok i wanna enjoy it ok now go on we'll dip it in raita (grom, grom) Wow, what an amazing raita. This is the cumin seed raita , they made their own special masala [jawad:] their own masala [sakib:] so they made it with special spices so this special lamb kebab bismillah rich in minced meat, it's not really light, minced meat with spices I thought that The kebab has nothing to do with mutton but after eating this, I can say that only professionals can cook mutton kebab, unlike everyone else, this is their Malay Boti, it's really tender, Masha Allah just look at it, Bismillah they have done Unbelievable, this green thing you see is mint , the whole flavor has been changed because of this not really malay boti they made green chicken made with coriander, mint and spices they mix it with yogurt and then add chicken in this mixture , this spiced masala is really amazing , This is something better than the Malay Boti itself which is very cool, so this is Chicken Boti here you go, that's a piece of breast that's smoked and dry chicken.

It has a good flavor and they seasoned it with turmeric powder because it is rich in it we can feel a strong flavor of turmeric It is just like tandoori chicken so the last thing is chicken kebab so what I like about both kebabs is, they are rich in minced meat, this is a small kebab but the layers are very thick Which tells us how much minced chicken and meat used in it…

It's really good that this next level is not on the menu, it's made on special requests whether you are a guest or you have to pre-order, you have to tell them before, to keep the piece out of the box and save And the mutton tikka is great so today, I will not try a perfect bite because every ingredient has a perfect flavor in it, so don't spoil the flavor of this with other things it's awesome, so you can call it the best mutton kebab in pakistan tikka so I was about to tell you something is that, This is their total list, there are 4 to 5 items here and 4 to 5 items here plus there will be 10 to 15 items, based on those few items, all this room and sessions as you can see the surroundings and even the family hall in the back For 50 years successfully operating, must a n there is something in those few elements that this restaurant wows and the best thing is the taste that your dad brought here still kept it great if you visit Mirpur or even for it a certain plan but for mutton tikka and kebab you can come here In Mirpur and if you just come to try these items you will surely remember me let's finish the video here and we will meet in the next video this is my Instagram I'm talking to my fans there and go straight to his channel link JJ se food and vlogs link given in the description Subscribe to my channel here Somewhere you can see the option to subscribe and click on the bell icon [Jawad:] do you hit the bell it repeats so that you are updated for the next video if the video comes out you can watch it right away.

Until then, God preserves.

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PAKISTAN'S BEST MUTTON TIKKA | Amin Tikka House of New Mirpur City | Best Biryani | Donation Request

PAKISTAN'S BEST MUTTON TIKKA | Amin Tikka House of New Mirpur City | Best Biryani | Donation Request

This is undoubtedly the best Mutton Tikka and Kabab in Pakistan and this Karachi Naseeb Biryani is better than Gujrat One.

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