Pita Bread in lamb Soup|Muslim Chinese Food | BEST Chinese halal food recipes【羊肉泡饃】

Leg of lamb Soak in salt for 1 hour Ginger Asparagus Shallot Quick read Mutton Ingredients: Chinese pepper, angelica dahorica, kawana, cumin Dried chili Seal and ferment for 20 minutes Soak vermicelli and mushrooms in warm water Salt Mushroom 2 hours later Meat Lamb Parsley Dipping: Garlic, Spring Onion, Coriander, Hot Pepper, Soy Sauce Boil the mushrooms in boiling water for two minutes. Lamb soup , coriander, hot pepper oil..

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Pita Bread in lamb Soup|Muslim Chinese Food | BEST Chinese halal food recipes【羊肉泡饃】

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【Pita Bread in lamb Soup】

Leg of lamb one 1000g flour
Fan 500gFungus 100g
2~3 corianderSalt 50gCumin 10gChinese pepper 10g2 star anise
Cao Guo 2Angelica dahurica 10gAmomum 5 grams2 green onionsGinger 50g5 dried chilies

1. Soak the leg of lamb in clean water for 2 hours and cut into 2~3 chunks;
2. Put clean water in the pot, add lamb, add green onions and ginger, after boiling the pot, skim the froth, then add pepper, star anise, grass fruit, angelica, Kawana, fennel, dried chili;
3. Bring to a high heat, add salt, and simmer for 2 hours;
4. Make noodles. Add flour and warm water to form a slightly harder dough, leave it in a warm place to ferment for 20 minutes;
5. Divide the fermented dough into small doughs and roll them into half-centimeter thick round cakes;
6. Put the rolled pie into a pan, and burn both sides into golden color;
7. The cold cake is broken by hand into fingernail-sized dices, or it can be cut with a knife;
8. Slice the cooked lamb;
9. Soak vermicelli and fungus in warm water, blanch them in boiling water for 2 minutes, and put them on the plate;
10. Cut coriander into small pieces, and chopped green onions;
11. Put the cakes, vermicelli, mutton, and fungus broken into small pieces in the bowl, pour the boiling mutton soup, add coriander, green onion, chili oil, and eat.

羊腿 一根
麵粉 1000克
粉絲 500g
木耳 100g
香菜 2~3棵
鹽 50g

小茴香 10g
花椒 10g
八角 2個
草果 2個
白芷 10克
砂仁 5克
大蔥 2根
生薑 50g
乾辣椒 5個



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