Pondicherry Food Tour – Mutton SAMOSA & PAAYA Soup | Chicken MACRONI | Franco – Tamil Food

that was sweet food here yeah I know we are having your Beach so this Lane is just a street are equally free paniyaram samosas is the peanuts under and that's Chanhassen good so let's play the penises [Music] I love dinner toasters we have boiled peanut how does it go with masala very good this boy paired with onion carrot chilies and the quintessential is currently a Popeye's the Cumbre and masala now we are – Adam children are away [Music] [Applause] [Music] tempered using onions this coffee bar is also very old shock visor guys next to the they have four to five branches in the town we – is called Carcetti and California [Music] order ERISA for the samosa so here we have keema samosa and then mutton leg soup so that's our stuffing a million tried out whoa the salty very nice combination you have to dip the samosa in the soup and then have it then you have Cabot onion soubise enticing that's it it goes very well with this [Music] [Applause] [Applause] this is my kind of place I really love the way they are serving the food here they are serving the Stabila enjoying the soup and keema samosas on plastic chairs I really loved it and now we are going to a party's shop party means granny encumbered okay she serves prodigy [Music] [Music] either party or aiya like da da da da da da da be none other than that one prawns one faith and one chicken chicken [Music] the [ __ ] who frightened Budhia well bonus it's completely homeless Wow no I'm thinking one also they just minced chicken they put it in a batter of chickpea flour Basin and then deep-fried oh it's so crappy okay there are lots of special into it he also added mentally [Music] it's so busy like I have never seen any place in India like refuses what is so special about this it's so special oh yeah then we have to try it [Music] [Music] [Music] once you start eating it you get addicted to it I guess that's the reason it's like ponytail East I love macaroni they have added noodles and macaroni then chicken served chicken eggs and spices lots of virtually and Korean over it is a new prison put up 23 Chinese Italian it has curry leaves also yeah and it's like the flavor of pepper so good the pepper there and honestly I've been to many places in India I have never seen anywhere at the Torah play we are here for a dinner and we have come to be wholly Kamakshi can you see some timer scripts written over there yeah it's called number v2 somewhere which means other home food the home cook Millia it's similar to [Music] [Applause] one thing which I've noticed in Madurai now in Pondicherry they everywhere they serve chicken curry or mutton curry but there are no pieces of chicken of methanol it just factory it tastes like it's taken about and I think that what they make the curry out of it they remove the chicken them ideal for depend use different [Music] [Applause] [Music] me [Music] I'll be and then you have colleagues to complete which Kamakshi here what is social the signature dish of this resident the chicken dosa the different take on dosa we have tried masala dosa we have tried ramadasa get a typical go son but it's chicken dosa the stop with straight chicken American consistency when they added curry leaves on it this orbit around chutney one is coconut chapters and second escharotomy then powder suppori with sesame oil then you can eat it with hot curry chicken curry but without chicken [Music] what a wonderful name [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] now I'm really excited to try this coffee [Music] so maybe tasting the Franco Tommy little [Music] Polly sure you had a great French influence like it is to be a French colony [Music] so here we have the map of pallucci this is the Christian quarter Muslim Quarter the mill quarter well squatter and this collectively lola's the milk water and the sixpence water we are here with chef Babu was going to prepare some Creole food for us so what are we having [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah the egg weight against the film and never try to equate with to please [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so now we have inference because ie great we basically mustard and ponch and anything much time to book it will take a nearly three minutes is enough for the past three minutes test the flavor of mustard and coconut it's really good [Music] so what are we having now it can this dish is mainly made with the garlic chili red green chili spinach broccoli spinach and under perfectly symmetrical so this again like Franco Tamil [Music] it's really tasty the main part is know what who only Copeman who has to extract we take two per second need a second or first and then only last the prong it's boiled in the second extract of coconut please so thank you chef it was great track the Franco thermal food out here thank you thank you [Music]

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Pondicherry Food Tour - Mutton SAMOSA & PAAYA Soup | Chicken MACRONI | Franco - Tamil Food

Another day, another tour. Or trip to Pondicherry was full of new and innovative dishes that were supremely tasty. We went through the streets of Pondicherry and tasted a South Indian style chaat called Verakadala Sundal- made from boiled peanuts mixed with tomatoes, onions and a few spices. This is a burst of flavours in the mouth and is a perfect snack to be chomping on the beach.

We then went to KBS Coffee Bar, but not for coffee. This shop has been around for the longest time and along with serving coffee they also give Chettinad Kuzhi Paniyaram. The Kuzhi Paniyaram is made using rice batter and urad dal which is steamed in small moulds known as Kuzhi. This is then served with a super hot chutney called kaara chutney. Soft, fluffy and perfectly spice the paniyaram is one delightful snack.

Now for some meaty goodness we landed at a cart serving mutton samosa. Here the samosas are filled with a combination of keema or minced mutton, cabbage, onion and quite a few spices. Even better is that they serve Paaya or Leg soup which goes perfectly well with the samosa. People usually dip the deep fried, crispy samosa into the soup and let the flavours do the work.

Next we ended up at Paati Kadai for some good old fried foods. Paati means Granny in Tamil so it is basically like grandma’s kitchen. Here we tried prawn, fish and chicken bajji. Everything that you get at this little shop is perfectly spiced, fried and served. I mean nothing can go wrong when Grandma is cooking!

Pretty soon we found ourselves in the middle of a war about to breakout or at least that is what it felt like. The huge number of people weighing down this tiny little sop were just there for their chicken macaroni. The macaroni is made with a combination of unique things like noodles, eggs, chicken cooked in south indian spices and curry leaves along with a lot of red chillies and pepper. The flavours of this dish are so distinct that once you;ve had a taste, you cannot stop. For a traditional home cooked meal we went to Puducherry Hotel Sri Kamatchi. We tried the chicken Dosa which is heavily spiced with black pepper and is served with different types of chutney and surprisingly some chicken curry.

The next day, we started our journey with a cup of hot and ultra strong Filter Coffee. The Indian Coffee House is truly about giving you the ultimate coffee experience. Later for a true Franco-Tamil food experience. We visited Maison Perumal to meet Chef Babu who prepared some exquisite dishes just for us. We tried, a simple salad made with chickpeas, some veg and boiled egg whites; prawn cooked in mustard and coconut curry or Kudugu Iral, and finally some Prawn Spinach Soup. Each and every preparation was unique and simply delicious.

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