Racja USA Halal – gulasz jagnięcy z soczewicĄ – ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Hi, this is Delicious ! Today we will test a civilian US ration produced by SOPAKCO, halal versionI think that these rations can be used in the US Army if they regard such food preferences It is not much different from the military ration the size is almost the same it is a bit thicker I will tell more about differences later on This is a single meal ration It has a peelable seal This menu has a lentil stew with lamb as the entree main dessert is chocolate pudding we have a flameless ration heater-the same as in the military version We have 2-3 differences between the military and this one first is – usually we don;t have typical side dishes like:bread,crackers,jam,peanut butter as side dishes we have: raisins peanuts pretzels and ginger cookies and grape drink concentrate another difference is amount of preservatives we have less preservatives here what causes shorter shelf life for these halal rations actually in the US rations we don;t have expiry date, only production date The brown ration have about 3 years shelf life, the halal – about 2 years we have an accessory pack a spoon-just like in the military pepper sugar we don;t have any warm drinks a moist towlette salt and a toilet paper matches and a paper towel We will start with the snacks and the drink this is a grape flavoured drink, but no natural juice inside it is for 12 oz of water first- raisins I forgot to show-we have a production date here -2014 here we have 2015, so it is about 3 years old here we have best by date – Sep 2017 now we have June 2018 45g of raisins roasted and salted peanuts 28g mini mini pretzels 63g I can't put them all here they are just like we have in Poland let's open the cookies I don't have enough compartments, but the main dish will go here and the pudding separately lets taste the snacks the raisins are dark and a bit dry just normal raisins, tasty not so dried as they look the peanuts salted peanuts can't be bad 🙂 it is important, that they show no signs of aging no strange smell or taste pretzels are salted pretzels are also tasty, lightly salted but not too much these snakck had 2 years expiry time this is the shelf life, which is sure in the halal rations on the ration bag we have no date code but it is transparent and you can read the dates of dishes the first digit is the last digit of the production year in the hala rations this will be rather after 2010 I havn't seen older ones the rest is the day number (239th day od 2014) Let's try the ginger cookie I can't taste the ginger, but it is really pleasant a bit of vanilla, crunchy no signs of aging the grape drink is violet like stamp ink it smells like grapes this kind of grapes I had once by my home little, dark, better suitable for wine than for eating they have a spicy/sharp taste the taste remains slightly these grapes it is specific, but is decent, I like it Let's prepare the main dish and dessert The pouch is the same as in the military rations I will pack it inside I will fill it with water up to the line The FRH is from 2016, quite fresh, should work well you have to soak the heaing pad with water and put it in the box to insulate it sould be left on an angle for 12-15 min I will open the pudding, in these rations it is ready to eat no need to mix a powder with water this is chocolate we have tear notches here along the long edge I cannot show it the entree is ready this FRH stinks a bit unfortunately (carbide smell) we have a second tear notch

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Racja USA Halal - gulasz jagnięcy z soczewicĄ - ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Racja USA w wersji Halal to odpowiednik pojedynczej racji wojskowej armii amerykańskiej. Jest produkowana przez tę samą firmę, która dostarcza racje wojskowe. Oficjalnie nie jest to racja wojskowa, ale zawiera tego samego typu komponenty, spełnia te same wymagania jakościowe i może być używana także w wojsku.
Elementem, który ją odróżnia (oprócz spraw związanych z halal) to mniejsza ilość konserwantów i nieco mniejsza trwałość (normalne mają ok 3 lat, ta ok 2 lata). To powoduje - moim zdaniem - że są trochę smaczniejsze.

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