Ramadan Street Food in Lahore | Iftar in Lahore | Androon Lohari Gate | Special Kachori and Laddu

Amazing This is Androon, Lohari Gate So We Covered 2 Episodes, Vlog in Karachi and Lahore Siri. Now we are here for Iftar in Lahore We are at Lohari Gate so you can see Lohari Gate in my back We will show you Kachori Special Sheikh available only at Iftar Umair Bhai with me Salaam u Aleikum Wa Alikum Salaam So there is a Kachori special drum I will show you that , God willing, then there is Dal Wali Ladu in Mehr Bashir, and then all that is available at Iftar we will cover everything and show you the atmosphere of Iftar as well.

Let's start the video, do you want to say anything no, we have less time, you can start, please one important thing let me say, Lohari Gate is the only gate that is in it's original condition as I was saying that, very hot and we are thirsty let me show you a watermelon booth and they They offer watermelons for sale. I want to cross the road. Peace be upon you. How are you, my brother? How much does it sell for? 200 rupees per kg , do you put salt in it too? Yes, we cut it and sell it. I can smell it fresh I can feel it in my throat I keep it up to the throat or else it might break! This brother said something that won my heart Masha Allah, this watermelon is so cold and fresh in this frigid summer, this looks great, the way he cuts it on the screen has removed the white part? Only then does it look fresh and delicious.

What's your name, brother? Ahmed is amazing, looks like you have shaved the watermelon's head! He turned her into a bald man, he says honestly. Heart was pounding after watching the watermelon. Well, in this last hour of fasting, watching this thing made us feel happy and our fasting situation was getting tougher, so now we are going to the street to see what is going on there. It's time for breakfast and departure at Rush, some people go to their homes and shopkeepers in the market also go to their homes, so what did you just say? Those who own the shops will go home too , those who live near by go home Yes, you're right, some people come here to buy things for breakfast. Just like this brother sells dates. Peace be upon you, peace be upon you, how are you? Masha Allah these dates are for sale and next to them are Pakoriyan and items for Dahi Bhallay Assalam u Aleikum How are you? What is that? These are Bakuri and what is this? These are also Bakuri, so what is the difference between the two? One is round and the other is thin like a stick which is not easy , they may have some other names this one is made of Daal Maash because it is mixed and this one is made of gram flour now that's the difference I wish I was joking.

With this uncle, but I said, let's eat fruit chaat, and now we have advanced a bit…and this is the gate and we are here and on the left side Masha Allah, peace be upon you how are you. You my brother, this looks delicious chat is this cream chat? This is chaat cream, this is fruit chaat and these are dahi bhali and what's on top? Yes, this is marmalade (jam) what types? This is made from Ptha only. We added food coloring to it. How do you sell it? 100 rupees per dish? And 50 rupees for half and is this a hot scheme? Yes and it costs Rs 100 and Rs 50 for half and does that cost the same too? This one plate is 50 rupees and if someone asks for 20 rupees, will you give it? Yes, we offer them the best, God willing, after watching these things….

Oh check this brother out. Is this a fruit salad? What a wonderful commodity I always dread when I ask them How do you sell? What if they say buy put in a bowl? What do I say in response? Well if you feel like you can always cut out this scene so here they sell milk and yoghurt when you go into Lohari you will see this big Chowk here this big space and here you will see sheikh sweets where we will cover Kachoris of different types and on the left side you will see these pakoris also in time Current they are preparing Phewnian so stir frying Phewnian dough is really an art in Sheikh Sweets they have a special Kachori which they now prepare is a kachori drum stick Masha Allah Peace be upon you Does it include a whole piece of chicken? It only has a chicken stick with minced chicken so it's minced meat and I put the stick just for the ambiance so we can carry it while eating so what's the price for the kachori? 140 rupees for one Assalam u Aleikum How are you? Is this the same as kachuri? It's wali kachori value has beef and it's very special yes minced meat, for Rs 800 per kg , what is the price of that kachori? 60 rupees is this chicken cutlet? It's mixed fries and chicken , they also cost 60 rupees they don't cost 50 rupees and this is a potato samosa for 40 rupees why add a bone in this? Just for finishing, do you mean it beautifies it? Amazing guy I think beef and chicken were mixed so they kept it for a mark yes they were about the same size but the other is now smaller and clients now think it's ok so I understand now ok they started so they can look for a difference as a hint I've been taking it for 7 years and this is one of the best Ramadan items , okay, this? Check this out! We don't add any spices except white and black pepper, just yes no red pepper, we only add white and black pepper to it and we add cloves and nutmeg too if it's 140 rupees then surely this is going to be something special I bet there will be no good Kachori out of this Because they say it has nutmeg and white and black pepper as I said in the previous videos it's an expensive item , the item with white pepper would be expensive but rich in taste since Kachori is ready Their shop is crowded now.

Soon it's breakfast time, Lohari is right in front of him and right in front of the elder sweet house so we bought Kachoris from Sweet House now go ahead and hope we get Daal Walay Laddu let's go there but check this crowd everywhere as it is crowded we cant get On our motorbike so we will walk and get there and walk and go to Mehar Basir Are they Gram Flor Ladoo or Dal Wali Ladoo Not sure but let's go and check how are you? So that you remember us, peace be upon you, how are you? When we came here to Lohari we decided to drink sorbet from here and inshallah in Iftar we drink sorbet of your own making, so God already planned and he is already ready We brought back the items Do you know where to find Daal Walay Laddu? Yes he is there Well we will bring you breakfast with you Peace be upon you How are you? Are you fine? Greetings, we are here for breakfast.

Do you know where to find Daal Walay Laddu? There, in that crowded place? This is near Jhanda Chowk, also called Awami Bazar , so on the left side here you will see this Mehr Bashir Halwayi and here on the other side, when you go inside you will see this point called Jhanddu Jhandu Halwa Puri and Bathura this, they have Daal Wala Laddu it is made of Mungi ki Daal (Gram Daal) We remove his flavor then purify and then make Salty Laddu so Bilal didn't come because he had to receive the money today but this a woman ran away so Bilal went looking for her and we finally found the brand ambassador for Andron (Wald City) It was hard to find me because I had Busy hours , people need an appointment to meet me , so we came back to them so we are going to try sorbet insha Allah, we will drink it at breakfast the last ten minutes before breakfast it was so hard that time I often go to the kitchen and help them with work ok so sandals a ready drink I can't Speak Are these basil seeds? So I did their job privately so there's only 15 minutes left until breakfast is actually less than 15.

And check out the crowd Hustle and bustle ok so we…..stop man , that's the guy ok so it's breakfast time and that's close. It is that special Daal ka Laddu that we finally found and this is Kachori, one of the best and the best in Lahore , just look at its amazing texture, we will eat it for breakfast and this is sandal juice ok so it's breakfast time to break our fast No, it's not Ajwa in the name of God the iftar prayer: Oh God For you I have been silent, and in you I have believed, and upon you I have recourse, and for your sustenance I have been scattered . O Allah, for You I have been silent and for Your sustenance I break my fast, and this is the last and the third; The thirst is gone, the veins are wet, and the reward is firm, God willing.

All these three supplications after fasting, before fasting, only in the name of God, in the name of God, really refreshing sorbet is sandal ka sorbet but Yasin is amazing, did you like it? yes thank god its amazing this is dal ka ladoo i think it is not a seed it is black pepper it is simple and looks like laddu bethi in the name of God they have added whole black pepper to it it is delicious and comes with chutney it is very tasty as if you are eating a cupcake and this Is the real item, amazing what an amazing item, well I don't have words to check the chicken stuffing in it as it has whole chicken inside so they say they don't use chili in it instead of white and black pepper let's try it Bismillah so They use the turning meat, you should try it once a year it is very tender as if it disappears after a bite , just like the brain when it melts in the mouth, it also melts stir the butter after the bite I think there are some brands that sell this ground meat but you won't find this only in ramadan once a year only for 29-30 days by sheikh sweet house in lohari this is something you should eat once a year no one should miss this right ingredient now we are mahr bashir sweet shop we have finished iftar where We couldn't find anywhere to sit, so RT B this ambassador sit for us until we finished breakfast, and we finish iftar in Lahore InSha 'God we will meet in the next video with Sehri and Iftar in Gujranwala and Islamabad So we will meet in the next video This is My Instagram, don't forget to follow me there I post stories there and reply if you don't You have not subscribed to my channel , come here, listen to me, if your item is not sold, how will you sell it , God willing , you are right, but they do not subscribe Why? Please describe it, else subscribe or subscribe to me , I found the wrong person, yes to subscribe , this person does Iftar and Suhoor out of town just for you , so please have some sweets from Batissa from Mehr Bashir I can't live without sweets Well we will meet in the next video until Then God preserves

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Ramadan Street Food in Lahore | Iftar in Lahore | Androon Lohari Gate | Special Kachori and Laddu

Ramadan Street Food in Lahore | Iftar in Lahore | Androon Lohari Gate | Special Kachori and Laddu

Sheikh Sweets in Lohari gate is offering special Kachori in Ramadan. Daal ka Laddu is also a famous street food in Androon Lahore.

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