Rose cake&Rose jam|Muslim Chinese Food | BEST Chinese halal food recipes|到了云南一定要品尝的鲜花饼,在家就能做【玫瑰花酱】

Rose cake Chapter One: Flower Picking My friends Hello everyone, I'm LaotaiArui I picked a lot of roses in the garden today Ready to make something delicious Rose cake, Rose jam Physical education class today? A day of physical education How comfortable to take a bath Chapter 2: Rose Vinegar This is a rose that has been washed and dried Put the roses in the bottle These petals are about 200g Add 300g rock sugar Then add rice vinegar The amount of rice vinegar is less than rock sugar and petals Close the lid Leave to ferment for 2 months Cut lemon Rose flower sauce with lemonade Can prevent oxidation Add sugar How much sugar can be added according to your taste Keep rubbing Chapter Three: Rose Flower Sauce Now our rosette sauce is kneaded Save a part first Make rose cake There is soup in it Just remove the soup when making rose cakes Use this one to make rose cakes The juice inside has been removed We will start bottling the rest Add a spoonful of honey to each bottle Add honey to prevent mold Now we are going to make the crust of the rose cake Make oily skin first This is 100g all-purpose flour Chapter 4 :Rose Cake Add 50g low-gluten flour 20g sugar 80g corn oil 100g water Keep rubbing I forgot to add salt just now Now add salt Just knead it to this state wrap up Put in the refrigerator for 15 minutes Now start to make shortbread 180g low-gluten flour 90g butter Wrap the same and put it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes Glutinous rice flour Fried Stir fry until it turns slightly yellow.

I fried for 15 minutes Use a small fire Don't fry Add fried glutinous rice flour 30g corn oil Stir well Shortbread each 13g Proof for 10 minutes Roll the first time Wrap with plastic wrap Relax for 15 minutes Roll the second time Relax for another 10 minutes.

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Rose cake&Rose jam|Muslim Chinese Food | BEST Chinese halal food recipes|到了云南一定要品尝的鲜花饼,在家就能做【玫瑰花酱】

The video is divided into four chapters and will tell you how to make 3 kinds of food with roses.
Chapter 1: Defloration
Chapter 2: Making rose vinegar
Chapter 3: Making Rose Jam
Chapter 4: Making Rose Cake



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There are some clothes I installed in the video
And the condiments I have used
Such as bean paste, hot pot base, pepper, etc.
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