SIDEMEN $10,000 vs $100 CAMPING

– [Josh] Hello and welcome today to another Sidemen Sunday. Today we have Sidemen $10,000 camping versus $100 camping. Now if you don't know
how these videos work, I'll be splitting the boys into two teams of three, but this time there is a twist, which I'll keep a secret just for now. One team will be off to go live in luxury for a night, camping the best way you possibly could. Whilst the other team will
be camping on a budget. But before we do get
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Now go sign up now at today and enjoy it. But anyway, let's go meet the boys, and find out the teams for today's video. – [Josh] Hello, and
welcome to our lovely spot that we always come to. – [Group] Hey. – All my homies hate it here. – All the homies hate it here? Maybe you'll start loving it, who knows? All right, so we have the new KSI today, we have Gib.

(all cheering) So you are going first. – Huh?
– I'm going first? – Oh yeah. (indistinct chatter) – Do you know what that means? – Gib, you're just gonna
stand here on this side, all right? That's your team now.
– This is the good team. Whoever is on my side is the good team. (all laughing)
– Oh Lord. – Oh, the nose scratch. Oh, the nose scratch. – Ethan?
– Yeah, what? – Please step here.
(all cheering) – Lads, I'm sorry, lads I'm sorry. – [Vik] There's no way.

– Simon.
– [Tobi] Oh. – [Josh] Join Gib. (all cheering) – Welcome, welcome. – If Vik's with me, bro
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. – We're on the same.
– Oh, that's what I mean. – We both only had one
good team experience. – Because if we are
together then we're fucked. – Why's my heart racing? – Tobi.
– Oh Lord. – Join Ethan, please.
– Oh lord. – Okay, okay, okay. – [Tobi] All right, okay. – Okay.
– That's fine. – [Josh] Vik.
– Yeah? – Join these guys. ♪ Too sexy for my shirt ♪ – That's not good bro, that's not good – Why?
– That's not good. – Why?
– That's not good. – Why, I'm the last minute replacement. – [Harry] No, it's because
he's never been on a bad team.

He's not been on a good team,
he's not been on a good team. – [Simon] And he's never not
started on the good team. – Last minute replacement. I'm a last minute replacement. – [Harry] He doesn't care
bro, he doesn't care. – There's gotta be some respect. I'm dressed nice. I'm a last minute replacement. – [Josh] This is how you dress to camping? Why do you dress like this to camping? – You said bring luxury stuff, cause it's $10,000 camping. That's what he said. – All right, we're on the road. As you can see, we are an hour and 50 minutes away still.

– People are being negative, they think we're gonna be on the bad team. If we're on the bad team, we locate the good team and we rob their shit. (Harry and Simon laughing)
Survival of the fittest. – [Harry] I think it's
a good show you know. – A hundred percent, what? – You're saying like spears? – Bro, if they give me a tinned food to put over a fire and a shit tent, I'm taking their shit. – Right, we've been going about an hour. I got one question, why are you here? – He feels bad that Ethan's
on the bad team again so he's gonna suffer with us.

That's what it feels like. – [Vik] Yeah, that was
a critique of Benidorm. We got left out. – I'm out of bug spray, so I brought- – Febreeze?
– That's all power. The power of glass (indistinct). – [Harry] No, no, no. – We'll spray them down.
– All right. – I brought toilet paper.
(Simon and Harry laughing) I'm not wiping my ass with leaves. Just in case it's bad.
(Harry laughing) And if we need a shit by the tent, I brought VIP Poo. – what does that do?
– You spray it. – Oh, don't spray it.
– Smell that now. – You better spray that before you shit. – Oh, it smells nice.
– It smells lovely. So you don't smell the shit. – Now we're on the M3, but now we've just turned off the M3 and we're going to the A303, which means- – I'm in this kid's head rent-free, like so rent-free. (all laughing)
You see how this kid works? – Better set up a tent
bro, better set up a tent. – Which means, I've done my research, the Stonehenge is along the A303, and probably within the time.

– Good supplies.
– Very reasonable. – [Harry] The towel and the deodorant is a big shout. – You're not borrowing the towel. – Come on, man.
– You bring… This is my towel. What we all gonna just rub?
– Yeah. – When we're in the swamp,
we're gonna come out? We gettin' on the good team, you made me negative now. – How? – You know, I've had that
conversation with you and I believe we're on the shitter now. – I think we're on the shitter though.

– Why are you pursuing it, lad? – Because Ethan and Vik can't be on the bad team again. – I can't look like a dickhead, lad. – You are, 'cause that's
what's gonna happen. It's poetic justice
bro, it's gonna happen. – Oh no, poetic justice.
(all laughing) – Stonehenge Campsite & Glamping. – Oh, that sounds good. – It's like there are two roads, like the Stonehenge
Glamping, us going (squeaks). – Do you know what is crazy, yeah? Is I said we're gonna turn onto A303, I looked to the left, I see Stonehenge, I said it and Josh went, like this. (Josh laughing) – This guy's way too excited. He's Googled, he's looked at-
– Well no, I found it, look. yeah? – But we don't know we're going there. – We've got Eden or Moon pods. – He's trying to book a pod. Right, but how does any of this suggest that we are going there
and not the other guys? – Cause we're going there. We are nearly there. – We've done enough of these. – No, no, no, no, no, this is the one.

– You know what's good, is you haven't done this before, so you are still the youthful happiness. – I'm the guest. – You don't realise the
pain that you go through. – No, I'm the guest, the
guest gets treated nice. – No, they don't. You come in, look what you're wearing. You got Balenciagas.
– Exactly. You got this, you have set
yourself up for failure. – [Gib] I'm ready for the glamping. – No, you set yourself
up to look like a fool. – So if my little blue arrow now goes past this camping site, I might break down in tears.
– Hey look, it's hay hedge. (all laughing) – So the next left, this is it, this is the moment.

(playful music) (Josh laughing) – [Tobi] We went past the left, oh no. – [Simon] You are, cause you're getting my hopes up. (indistinct chatter) If you weren't here, I be just like, expecting the worst. – [Gib] Again, why? Why do you expect it? – [Simon] Because that's
what Josh has done to us. – [Gib] No. – [Simon] Josh ruin all confidence we have ever had. – [Gib] Oh, there's nice little view coming up ahead. – [Tobi] I think Vik is happier that you were wrong. (all laughing) He's happier that you were wrong. – You guys on camera, you've seen like four
minutes of Ethan's thesis. This guy in the last 45
minutes has been taking about Stonehenge, pulling
up different pictures. (all laughing) – Can you suffocate on a crisp bag? (all laughing) Can you suffocate on a crisp bag? – [Tobi] It's been five minutes since we drove past the glamping site. – Stop, no, it's not… They're there, aren't they? Don't do that, what's the laugh? (Josh laughing) – [Vik] I think it winds him up a little.

– All the UK is out here is fields. England is just… You want me to load up
the fucking map again and zoom out? Look, it's just fields.
– It's just fields. – Look, it just looks like.
(all laughing) Look, this fucking shit, fucking area. It looks like a fucking Busy, the different patterns. (all laughing) It's like granny's soap
tho, it's fucking awful. There's nothing here. – My guy's critiquing the design of the English countryside. He's down bad. (gentle music) – Ethan, don't laugh bro, you ruined it. – Just fuck off.
(Tobi laughing) (Ethan laughs) – Is it funny? – Of course it's not fucking funny.

– [Harry] This looks
beautiful, I will say. – Do we know them? – [Harry] No, we don't know them, that's an old couple. – No, that's not Josh?
(Harry laughing) (playful music) – [Harry] Well, it's one
way to pass the time, I guess. – Oh, what the fuck,
what are you doing man? (Harry laughing) – [Vik] Are we, oh no, oh my.

– [Tobi] Oh, look at the tractor. – I reckon some of us are
doing farm work today. We have to earn our stay,
some of us do, I bet. – [Tobi] Bro, his face. (laughs) – [Vik] You have to
earn your keep, imagine. – [Tobi] It's nice to stretch the legs, let's get outta the car. – [Josh Narrating] Now,
little did the boys know the teams weren't finalised just yet. So I brought them to
the exact same location to finalise the teams. – All right, welcome to camping. – [Group] Yeah.
(Gib clapping) – You've seen your teams?
– Yeah.

– Harry, step forward.
– Oh no. – Tobi, step forward.
– Oh no. – [Josh] Okay.
– Oh no. – He's gonna give them
the option to switch, isn't he? – You are team captains.
– Oh, they're captains. – So Harry, pick your first teammate. – I'll take Gibber. – Wait, what? – [Josh] Tobi pick your first teammate. – Ethan. – Harry pick your second teammate mate. – Simon. – You wanna keep your team?
– Yeah, we've been through- (indistinct chatter) – So you're staying
together, you wanna change? (indistinct chatter) – Oh mate, you're giving us opportunities to swap? – You don't wanna change it up? – No, I've been with these boys for two and a half hours. – You're staying loyal to them? – I'm staying in this dumb shit.

– We ride together, die together. (indistinct chatter) – Are you sure?
– [Group] Yeah. – No changing?
– No, we're here. – Won't change any teams?
– No, we're loyal. – All right. (indistinct chatter) – No, no, no but you're saying that, but Harry was going to
pick them two anyway. – Yes. – Harry?
– Yeah? – Your team go up there. – Yeah? – And Tobi, start walking that way. – And then we open it?
– Yeah. – We go over there, and we're walking? – Well, get up there first. – Not usually good to camp downhill. – Yeah. – You camp away from the water. – This isn't good. – But then again, there might be more open space down. – Here's what I don't like, I know up there is the farm. – Yeah, that does the (groans). – I think we're being
farm hands for a day. I think we're fucking working the farm. – This grass is high, I should have wore- – Oi, yo, yo, yo, I see
fucking triangle things.

– Can I open it now? – Triangle things are good.
– No, keep walking. – Triangle things are class, decorations. – That's a red flag.
– I'm excited. – It's literally a red flag, but it's a decorative flag. – The cameraman's smiling, what is it? – 'Cause we're on the farm, we're working the farm. – John does the bad team as well. – We're fucking working the farm, bro. – This says opened me,
do I open this one first? – Open that, yeah.
– Okay. – Number one. – "Welcome to your camping trip, are you good or are you band?" "Are you feeling lucky boys?" "Or will you go home sad?" – Is that supposed so bad?
– I don't know.

"Take a look around you,
your destiny awaits." – Desting, desting? – When you and through the gate. All right, say less. – Welcome to your camping trip. – Yes. – [Harry] Are you good or are you bad? – We're good.
– Bad. – Are you feeling lucky boys?
– No. – Or will you go home sad? – Do you feel lucky right now? – I feel a little bit lucky.
– You feel lucky, I don't. – First things first
though, where will you stay? – Where will we stay? – Spot your mode of transport, it normally carries hay. We're on that.
– That's fine. That's not bad.
– Yeah? – Wait, has he rhymed? (indistinct chatter) Okay, we're back to old Josh. – Do I get to drive it? – Time to find your camp and set your home up for the night.

It gets dark in the woods quickly, so do this while it's still light. – I think we opened that too early, I think we were meant to take that… Fuck it, let's go. – I heard build your tent. – It says it's now time to find your camp. – Build your tent now,
that doesn't sound good. – No. – That doesn't, okay, I take it back. Yeah, they couldn't get
anything good down here, so we are just in the wood.
– I'm just hungry boys. – Oh fuck.
– I wanted to go glamping. – Yeah, no, yep, no, yep,
yep, yep, done, done. Right, fucking sick.
– Why are there so many flags? – Where are we going tho? – This is all right, this is okay. This is quite fun. – All right.
– This is nice. – Okay, well I've found
the rucksack, lads. – Oh my God, there's
bugs everywhere as well. – Oh, well fuck it.
– All the bugs.

– Oh, this is what we're doing today. – (screams) Why? (Tobi laughing)
Why? – He would've gave me shoes choices. He would've told me,
don't bring these shoes. – He doesn't give a shit, bro. You think he think he cares about you getting your shoes muddy? He don't care, bro.
– Brother, I'm a guest. – Look, where's Josh? – I'm a guest, I'm a guest bro. – Where is Josh right now? – You're not a guest,
you're a replacement. – Where is Josh right now?
– That's fine. – You think he cares about your shoes, he's not here. – How can this happen to us? – All right boys, we just have to make the most of our situation really.

– This might be the worst. I'd rather be in the store room. – What's the worst thing about farming? Picking up shit? – No, inseminating cows I'd assume. – What's inseminating mean, what's that mean? – Putting sperm in the cow.
– What? (Ethan sighing) – There's so many fucking bugs down here, they're already fucking going for me. – Get away from me, go away. You're in my way now, you're in my way. – Do you know what, I'm thankful though, I've got you and Vik on the team. There's not a chance I'm getting screwed up this bad. (Tobi laughing) – Coastline Three Plus? So what, we can fit three people in it? – Can we just accept
our fate a little longer before we actually start doing something? – No, because otherwise I'd kill myself. (Vik chuckles) – The fact that Con following us. – Yeah? – Means that I think he
has loads of equipment and extra stuff, in case we have to go
in the water and stuff.

Which means you're with the bad team. – Why, it could be a luxury lake. – I brought swim trunks.
– For what? – What I'm telling you now, we're getting in a lake. – I'm not getting in a lake. I'm telling you now, I'm
not getting in a lake. – That was just the
location to get the letters. They've gone to the slums. (all laughing)
– The slums? – They've gone to the slums and we're going to the penthouse, that's what happening. – The penthouse of camping? – Let's go through these, fuck it. There you go Vik, catch. Catch, what are you
doing with one hand bro? – Don't want it (laughs). I'm done, I'm so done. – Boys, we're here now,
we'll seize the day. I've got apples. – Oh wow.
– Sweets. – What farm animal can you fuck up? – A pig?
– Huh? – I could take a pig.
– Actually, no I don't think- – Oh, I would ruin a chicken's day.

I would ruin a chicken's day. We're remote right now.
– Wait. (plane engine roaring)
– SOS, SOS. – Help. – Help me.
– Help. – Bro.
(plan engine roaring) – Penguin. Penguins are good.
– The fuck is this? – This is too far to go
back and get their shit. We're too far away from them now. Unless we wanted to run it. – Oh, are we talking about robbing them? – Yeah, but we're so far. – Bro, there's Uber apps.
(all laughing) – Out here? – We can't go topless with mud on our faces and spears, and get an Uber. – A hundred percent. – Can we do a hostile takeover, of the other campsite? – What, just run up on their team? – Yeah, just go in and get rid of them.

– I'm excited for this I'm not gonna lie, 'cause I'm that hungry. Coconut, no, get that out here. – Is this like a picnic blanket? – Is anyone else getting
bitten by fucking bugs? – You getting bitten?
– Yes. – Oh no. – Can we move campsite to
somewhere where there's a bit of sunlight and less fucking bugs? – Let's build the (beep) tent, you know what I mean? – I can feel where I've been bitten. – You can't camp on this. – Grass? – Lads, there's lots of things
you can't do, all right? But it's with true warrior
spirit that you make it through and you build the (bleep).

– Where does a sheep go camping? The Baahamas.
(all laughing) – Who'd you rather have,
him or JJ on this team? – Oh, don't. – We have a blanket, a drink, socks. – I 'suppose water, right? – Oh, I've worked out what's happened. Do you know what that is? – Poison ivy?
– No, it's stinging nettle. So literally we've been
given a camping spot that is just riddled with
literally stinging nettles. Like all of this, this is Josh's idea of- – We've got a first aid kit. That'll be good for when
you try and patch me up. – You got anything for
nettle stings in there? – Probably. – Hand sanitizer, that's good. – [Radio Operator] 13. (radio static)
– Hello (beep)? – [Radio Operator] 8, 9.
– Hello? – [Radio Operator] 5, 4. – Oh we can count down to when I officially jump off this fucking cliff. – [Radio Operator] 3, 2, 1.
– Okay. ♪ John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt ♪ ♪ His name was my name too ♪ ♪ Whenever I go out, the
people always shout ♪ ♪ There goes John Jacob
Jingleheimer Schmidt ♪ ♪ Da-da-da-da-da, John ♪ – Not even on even ground though.

– [Tobi] That's what I'm saying. – Right, well look we've got zip ties, pegs, and a big fuck it. Right, I can actually do
some damage with this. – Yeah, let's take it off you then. – What do you reckon lads,
just fucking whack one of them. – Did they give you any alcohol? – Holy shit, no they haven't. – (laughs) Oh no, this
has got so much worse. – I can live, but you lot are ripped. – What's your oil in your lamp song? – Keep needling. ♪ Give me oil in my
lamp, keep me burning ♪ ♪ Give me oil in my lamp, I pray ♪ (tractor rattling)
(all screaming) – [Vik] So what we need to do
is you have this inner layer. (Tobi snickers) We attached this to the outer layer. – [Tobi] I'm trying to follow
these instructions right here. – [Vik] What's this telling you? These are the shitest instructions. – [Tobi] That's what I'm
saying, where are the poles? – Look lads, in a second, we're
gonna look into the field, into the fields of barley,
and we'll see a small tent that we'll need to put up.

– There's gonna be a chef.
– A chef? (Simon laughing)
– There's gonna be a chef. There's gonna be a guy in the tent. – What, that cooks sushi? – Yeah the tent's all ready set up. – This might not happen for us today. – Yeah, what the fuck bro? (Ethan chortling)
Bro, what the fuck? – I just have so little
motivation to set up a tent, that's really where my… You know like on the other
Sidemen camping trip, it was a bit of a laugh, all
the lads stuck in, everyone's all equal and chipping in,
trying to get our tents up. But this is different right now 'cause they're not setting up a tent. So these are the base, like the bottom. These are the strong ones. – [Tobi] Get off my leg.

– The bugs are a joke.
– Yeah, this is mad. I might have to put on trousers still. – [Ethan] Are you eating already? – Fuck off. (Vik snickering)
I'm in my happy place. – [Gib] Keep your eyes peeled boys. – [Simon] For what, there's
nothing, just a path. We would've seen-
– Look at the field. – I see a big tent.
– I saw a tent. – I see a big tent.
– No, bro. – I saw a big tent, I saw a big tent. – A $10,000 tent is what you saw, lad? – It looked pretty big to me. – Why do we not just
get three pop up tents? – Because that would
be too easy, Behzinga. – What's the name of his tent?
– Coastline Three. – Coastline Three Plus.
– YouTube. – That's what I'm doing.
– YouTube. – Right, so what this guy does… What the fuck did he do? – It does look quite nice.
– It's a big tent.

– It's a bait, it's a bait, it's a bait. – It's not bait.
– It's a bait, it's a bait. – Are we turning left? We're heading to the tent. We're heading to the big ass tent. (Gib clapping) – I need alcohol. (laughs) If I'm gonna make it through today, I need a drink. I need to drink hard, I need a drink. Oh, I'm not ready for the stress that this is gonna cause me. (poles clanging) – Don't kick them, Vik.
– I don't care. I think camping's all right, I did do (indistinct). I actually voluntarily went and camped. But it's the fact that
they're not camping, that's pissing me off right now. – It will be camping, it will just be a very nice version. – What they're doing cannot be described as camping. They're just having a relaxing nice day. – It'll be a nice version. – He's treating the guest well, he's treating the guest well. – It's not…
– I don't believe it. – Mother.

– If we are on a good team, thank you for sticking with us. – No worries. – Because he had the
chance to lose one of us. – I couldn't set you boys off, we've been through enough together. – Especially after we all knew the plan of the rummage. (all laughing)
– Oh yeah, yeah. – If one of us should go on the other team and go like lads, secure yourselves. – They're coming, they're coming. (all laughing) – You'd think they'd give you better instructions than this.
– I know. – Wait, I know what these are. These are like the front door things. – Front door bits, yeah. – So we've got two of these, and they're the front door bits. – The bendy one has to go through the middle, right? – Yeah, there's three
different bendy ones. We need to know now which
bendy one goes where. – There's not, there's only one bendy. (Vik laughing) No, you are laughing, you're wrong bro.

The bendy one is A,
it's got an arrow to A. – Oh, in the top middle? – Yes bro. – They all look like that. They all look like that, though. There's no bendy one. – Bro, do you wanna see
the bendy one, look? – Do it, do it, do it, look. – Yeah but Ethan, look behind you. Ethan, look behind you.
– No that one don't bend bro. That one just goes together.
– What do you mean? They all bend (laughs).
(poles rattling) They all bend. – I'm actually getting
vexed bro and I just… – They all fucking bend. It's a curved tent. – No, these ones bend as well. – They all fucking bend. – I don't wanna be here,
I don't wanna do it. I don't wanna do it. – Come on man. – [Josh Narrating] Now
whilst you're watching and hopefully enjoying, let's give you a Sidemen Clothing discount code. It's been a while since we've done one of these properly. So let's use discount code "SORRYETHAN", all as one word.

Today's discount. – What's that, what's that? That one, what's that one? – Well that looks big. – It's that one, that one looks bigger. – It's huge.
– That one looks big. (indistinct chatter) – And there's balloons. Oh my God.
– Bro, it looks good. (Gib muttering)
(Harry and Simon laughing) – No, not yet. – Well, that's like kind of the next step. – Now we're supposed to do what? – Peg it.
(Tobi chuckles) – What's the joke? I actually didn't hear what you said.

The pegs don't come through till? – Late game. – All right, so let's
put this down for now. All right let's get all of them through and then we need to try and lift it up and start pinning them in. – It says Sidemen, it says Sidemen. – Wait, oh it does say
Sidemen right there. – We're blessed, we're blessed. – What, truly not. – [Simon] What else is there? – There's a hot tub, hot tubs. (all cheering) – I told you, I dressed nice.

– Wait, are we stopping, are we stopping? Are we stopping, are we stopping? – There's a pizza truck.
– Are we stopping? Why are we still driving? – He's gonna turn, he's gonna turn in. He's gonna turn in. – Yeah?
– No, no, no, no, no. – It's been a tease, no it's been a tease. – It's not gonna be a
tease, it can't be a tease. – What you've done here, look. For some reason, this
whole side of the tent is now underneath itself,
I don't know what… Yeah, cause it's attached by this under here, look. – Yeah, clip that clip.
– Yeah, yeah? – And then there should be a tag. – Yeah, there's another
one, but it's too tight. – So you're gonna have to just pull it, that's how the tent gets big.

– No but, no that's gonna snap bro. – Are we turning this corner here? – Are we turning in? We're turning in. – We got a hot tub.
– What have I told ya? – We got pizza.
– What have I told ya? I told ya, see, now words gonna go out. I'm gonna tell everyone, the Sidemen treat me good. (Simon laughing)
Like royalty. – Spread the word.
– Like royalty. – Oh shit, look at us getting it, bro. – This foot here, there we go, bang. – But it's falling over. – No it's fine, we need to peg it down eventually. And these are all gonna
go out, so that's… – Do the last one, yeah? – Yeah, one more to do,
yeah, if we're about it. – To be fair, it hasn't
taken us actually long when you do deep it.

– Now that we know what we're doing. – [Tobi] Kind of, I wouldn't say we know what we're doing. Now that we think we
know what we're doing. (all screaming) (upbeat music) – Oh, this is my holiday. (Gib singing indistinctly) (all laughing) – Do we walk or do we not walk? – We do what we want.
– We do what we want bro. – Wood fried pizza.
– Yes. – Can we get some bug spray? – We got some among the shit over there. – I want it, where is it? – Where is your… – It's in my bag?
– Yeah. – [Vik] Fucking Hell. – No, in the rucksack
Vik, not your actual bag. – [Vik] Yeah, my head's gone bro, I don't know what I'm doing.

– I seen him going through
the side of the bag and I'm thinking, that's funny, I don't remember seeing it in there. – [Vik] Give me the bug spray. – What, what is that? – [Tobi] Yeah, I told you it's just shit. – [Vik] What do you do with it? – This wristband is designed
to contain insect… – Bro, I'll take anything at this point. – [Group] Table tennis. – The gourmet dinner table, with a chef? – Oh, yes. – [Vik] I'm getting
molested by bugs right now. – The bugs?
– The bugs. Give me my mosquito band. – Oh my gosh. Vik, was that the thing he was making? Are you gonna be on the good or band team? – Oh.
– Mosquito band.

– I'll give you £500, if you beat me in a game of table tennis. – £500?
– Yeah. – To 11.
– Yeah but you're a neek, bro. – Yeah, but you've just said he's shit, you just said he's shit. – Come on. – Yeah, that's one nil to me.
– One to me. Wait, I thought I got the serve. – Yeah, you missed it.

– [Ethan] (laughs) Bro,
we're camping on a rock. I thought it was a twig, I tried to kick it, it's a rock bro. There's a rock formation
inside our tent bro. – Oh my goodness, gracious
me what are we doing? All right, get in the ground. – Just get it close to
the hook, then hook it. Yeah, you got it, yeah. – We're now at the good team. And I snuck into the tent whilst they're celebrating without them realising. I'm gonna chill in here and wait until they get here, so I can surprise them with me being here.

I imagine the other team are fuming with me right now, but it is what it is. These videos are always stressful. These videos always end up with three people loving me and three people hating me, so it is what it is, you know? – Oh yeah, we picked a shit location for this bed. – To be fair, looking around- – We are in a shit location. – Looking around, this
is the best possible. – Oh yeah, we're not in a great spot lads. – If there's a roof over my head, I don't really fucking give two shits. – There's many a bug in this undergrowth. – Yes, that's why we need the under sheet. Right, that's in. – I gotta aim this down. – Four, nil.
– Don't do the spins. – I'm not doing spins, bro.
– You put a backspin on that. – Four, nil. (indistinct rap music) – Jeez, four, one. – Come on, come on, the come back. – [Josh] These guys are playing table tennis outside. They've ignored the fact that they got a whole tent
behind them and stuff. They've just gone purely
for the table tennis.

– I don't really care about those ones, the middle ones. – We might as well, just to be secure. – [Vik] Okay. – I did not do it properly.
– Okay, all right, respect. – [Tobi] Where's the last one? – I think I'm hammering into rocks bro. Bro, it won't go in the fucking… Bro, it's bended bro, just bent it, look. We're on the worst bit of ground on planet fucking Earth. He's driven us three hours to dig into fucking rocks. – I'm on rock here as well. It's all right, it's close enough. – I feel for you lot, right? You bastards holding the cameras. Three hours of watching this. – All right, I wanna find out what's in that tent. We're gonna play mini golf, boys. – Bro, we got a whole
day of fun ahead of us. A whole day of fun.
– And you boys doubted it. – Yeah, but now look, I
have extreme happiness. – And another thing is, as you said, the bad team gets content, we can just enjoy our day here.

– Exactly.
– Just have a nice day. – I'm glad I wore white shoes today. – I told you lot, (indistinct). – See the thing is, there's no sign of that fucking meathead floating about, is there? (Vik laughing) This is the issue I have with it, right? – That whole piece of dirt is gonna go flying into the tent, bro. The ground is not stable enough, but fuck- (laughs) – This looks lovely.
– You want a pizza? – Oh they've got snacks,
oh they've got snacks. – What's in there? – They're gonna do a barbecue later. I can see the barbecue stuff. – Yeah.
– Oreo bites? – We could be resourceful in nature, look at this. Guys, look at this. Guys, bring this around this way and we can tie it around this tree so we've got extra structure.

– Please stop, I'm trying-
– No, this is sick. (indistinct chatter) – Tie that bit around the tree, just a bit, not so much. – How did yours just
come undone like that? – I'm Paki.
– There we go. – Look, bring it around here Behz. Let's tie these together, and we are using nature. – That's not gonna work and at this point, I don't care. – Pin it into the tree. – Barbecue menu.
– Yeah. – Wagyu beef burgers.
(all cheering) Wagyu tomahawk steak.
(all cheering) Jerk chicken lollipops,
classic pork sausages. – Yes. – Garlic jumbo tiger prawns.
– I like that. – Miso glaze black cod. – All right, so welcome to my crib. You come on in through the front entry. – [Tobi] We haven't even laid
down the floor, we can't- – We got a au naturel bottom.

– That's it, we've got a roof. Got a roof with a rock in it. – It's really in right now, this is a three segment tent. It's pretty fucking dope. – [Tobi] Vik, you do the
interior design, yeah? – I am mate, this is gonna be… You know what? It's actually pretty spacious in here. I can't even lie to you. (upbeat music) – Ooh-wee.
– Okay, saucy. – Oh. – We got a lovely sofa area.
– Yes. – We've got cabinets, wonder what's in the cabinets. Cutlery.
– This is the good beds. – Lads, lads…
– (gasps) look at this. – [Gib] Marshmallows.
– Marshmallows. (indistinct yelling) – Wait what, what's in there? – There's marshmallows. – Look at this.
– What, ooh? Wow, wow. – Oh, it's an entire
bedroom to yourself as well.

– Yeah, there's one at the end as well. – Okay. – What so only two bedrooms?
– Sorry, sorry. – No, there's one to the
right I think as well. – Oh my God.
– There's two. – There's one over
there and there's one… Oh there's the, wait, there's one there. – [Josh] And here. – No, it's Josh.
(Josh laughing) Thank you brother, thank you, thank you. The good team.
– Yes. – Inner wise and bottom wise, I think we fucked it. – No, no, no, no, absolutely not. I can tell you with absolute- – I'd say for Sidemen standard, we've done pretty well. – I said right, it's a roof ain't it? – Should we just trust
Vik with the inside? – See this is the thing yeah? I dunno what the fuck I'm doing. – [Tobi] Same. – So, If Vikkstar does say
he knows what he's doing, then he fuck, he knows what he's doing.

– You do you, Vik, you do you. – You do you king, please. – Look, I get shit done, okay? I get shit done. There's flies, oh my fucking God there's flies everywhere in here. We've created a fucking fly trap lads. – Nice.
– You got a fly swatter? – They're not in the internals though, we have to make sure they don't get in the internals. We've created a fucking fly haven. We created a tent for the flies. – Tent of the flies. – I just fucking hammered
my finger, fuck off. – Ah, shit, oh hell. – And then the other room.
– I'll take- – That's the best room so far. – [Simon] I'll take this one. Shotgun.
– I'll take this one. – They're the same.
– This is mine. This is mine. – Yeah, mine and yours are the same. – I'll take this one
here, I like this one. Well, I'm gonna take my shoes off. – [Simon] Let me see yours. – I'm gonna put these shoes on, yeah. Give me that hat, yeah. (Gib yelling) (Tobi yelling) – Oh, that's what's really good about being out here, you can just scream at
the top of your lungs.

Let it all out, Ethan.
– Where's this gone wrong? – I said it to the camera, I ain't got much left, bro. – Whatever's left, let it out. (faint screaming) – That's cap.
– Nah, bruh. – There's more than that.
– No, you don't understand. – I just saw you hammer your finger, there's more than that in there. – But you don't understand anymore, it's done bro, it's done. (Tobi yelling) – Tell me about the day ahead. – What do you think the
other team are doing? Are they building a tent? – They're camping,
they're building a tent, they're doing it properly. And they'll be cooking our own food later, and stuff you know. They'll be working to get some treats. – Have they got a pool and a hot tub? – Of course they haven't.
(all cheering) Why would they have a pool and a hot tub? Well, you told them to
bring their bathers.

– Boys, you know what,
I want you to go away. Let me do the interior and I'll show you when it's done, yeah? – What do you mean go away, what'd you expect us to do? – Have a snack or something. (comical music) Something's not right. – I'm hungry, I've got this. – You just told us go away and within I think a
minute and 20 seconds. – Shh, you didn't hear that.

(laughs) – In a minute, 20 seconds, I heard, "Something's not right". (Vik laughing)
– You got that, yeah Vik? – Oh, yeah, don't worry about it. – All you bro, I'm eating my sandwich. What's this ham and cheese? Yeah we're living. – Oh, that's fucking (laughs). It's nothing but rocks under this. – Why would you do this on the time I'm not drinking, you bastard?
– Sober September. – You can give up for one video. – I can't give it up for one video. – You can, 'cause everyone else gave up. – Yeah, but I'm not them. I believe in myself. – All right, I guess
I'll change teams then, hang on. Let me make some calls. – I can't do the floor if I've got a camera man
on the fucking floor, back up, get outta my face.
(Tobi laughing) – Bro, you just head-butted my…

Butt-headed my head. – Oh, four cheese pizza? – I'm bringing the two cheese pizza. – Thank you, thank you sir. – The hot peaky porker, what's that? Ham, pepperoni, chorizo, and jalapeño. – Blue cheese, Parmesan, and goat cheese. – Oh, could I get hot
peaky porker, please? – [Pizza Chef] Yeah, sure.
(all giggles) – Could I get an Italian stallion, please? – [Pizza Chef] Yeah. – How does a penguin make pancakes? – How? – That's shit man, with his flippers, that's dead. – All right, you boys ready? – Aight, yeah, yeah. – I present to you, our new… What's our team name? – Team Tent. – Team Tent?
– Yeah.

– (chuckles) Team tent. – All right guys, welcome to the new Team Tent crib. Let's come on in. – Oh, it's fucked.
– No, no, no. No, no, no, trust.
– We're in the air. – Yeah no, this is the porch. Come through, this is the porch. This is where shoes go, right? – A big beach chair, that's cool. Hold my non-alcoholic daiquiri . – [Harry] Oh yes, oh yes. – Ooh, I feel it in my back posture. – You look sprawled, it's
not a flattering look. (Gib laughing) – Do you know what, yeah? I'll fucking have it, I'll take it.

– [Vik] Come and sit in. – [Tobi] It's good. I'm taking my shoes off, I can't do it. – No, no, you take your shoes off here. Take your shoes off on
this, this is for shoes. And you sit like this, you kick your shoes off, boys. – I'm not gonna lie, this is crack. – Now we are big chilling. – [Tobi] I'm not gonna lie, this is hard. – [Vik] This is like- – No I'm talking about the floor, the floor is hard. (Vik laughing) – Oh, we've got hot and cold pools. – Yes.
– Hot and cold. – What's in here?
– Huh? I don't know, I don't think it's for us. – It's a shower.

It's a shower, there's a body scrubber. There's a body scrubber, I can go in. – Oh, there's a proper
toilet and everything. Boy we're living.
– This is the life we deserve. – We're living, we're
living, we're living. – The life we deserve. – We have a porch, what is this? – I'm puttin' them back on in two minutes. – Treat it like your fucking house, this is our house now. – Yeah no, let me check, look there's a rock there. Look, that's a rock, this is a whole rock. – That is a slab of rock.
– A stone. – So the whole side of our tent is up. – Shotgun this side. – But you know what, this is all right. – Do you know what I'm thankful for? We've got a small team, apart from me.

(all laughing)
– If KSI was in this tent- – I've got a small team, look, all this- – [Vik and Tobi] Space. – Yeah, I've got space. – And we can open our next envelope. That was a 10 minute set
up, it took us over an hour. – No it didn't.
– It did. – That wasn't an hour.
– It was. – That wasn't an hour. – What type of popcorn is it?
– Sweet.

– Sweet, ooh, okay. – I'll take one too. – So is this just like… Are they all the same? – No.
– Why? – No, they're not the same. Hot, hot, cool. – Cool?
– Cool. – Got cinema, got mini
golf, this is beautiful. – Just taking a moment. Who have we not seen in a long time? – I said this earlier, I said where's that meathead? – He is not even like, "Oh, I'd have to travel with you guys". He just doesn't care.
– No he doesn't. – He just doesn't care about us. I don't know whether
this is random anymore, I think this is an attack.

What have we done, Ethan?
– What did you do to him, bro? – What have we both- What do you mean, we are
both on the same number. We both experienced the good
team once out of like seven. – You know the meme
where he's got the rope around his neck and it says "First time?". That's me and Vic next to each other. – Saying that to me? – Yeah.
– But John, he doesn't come. He doesn't come to the bad team. He checks in on you when
you're on a bus, that's it. – That's the only time.
– That's all he does. – Okay, right, it's time
for our first envelope. – The bugs are bad, and he
didn't even get us a spray, he got us this shit band, bro. Where am I going, Disneyland? What the fuck is this? – It just smells bad, it just
smells of lemon, that's it. "A scavenger hunt awaits you guys, put your heads together and
try to win a luxury prize.".

"Head to the green zone
that's all we'll ask, there you'll find your very first task.". – Ooh. – Can we chill for a second, I'm fucking- – I want a luxury prize. – I'd chill if there was alcohol. – Yeah, there's no alcohol man. – Right, I'm going for a swim. – Wait a minute, Harry, your
pizza will be ready in like…

– I'll eat the pizza in the pool. – A hundred percent.
(Harry laughing) – I'll eat the pizza in the pool. (all laughing) – Can we talk about, there's
dead flies in my shots. – Right.
– What do you mean? (Tobi chuckling) They're ruining everything. Fucking flies.
(comical music) – Like being lord of the flies? – "Roll red to win, or black to lose, but either way you'll drink the booze.". All right, so you got
roll until you roll red. – Well, half of these have
dead flies in them, but yeah- – Well, I'll go first. – [Vik] Black or red? – That's just your luck. – Are you doing the one you actually got? – Yeah.
(comical music) Wow, that was delicious. – Let me go, you gonna drink my one? You need all the alcohol you can get. – Sure. – Come on, nice to me, red team. – Can I get a piña
colada, please? (laughs) Gin and tonic is like my worst drink. – [Bartender] I'll give you a piña colada. – (laughs) Thank you very much. Yeah, we'll have some alcohol.

Feel like someone needs to drink. – [Bartender] Yeah, that's good. – [Con] You gonna have to drink
enough to cover Harry, mate, you reckon you can handle that? – No one can drink enough to cover Harry. He's in his swimming shorts already. – [Vik] Oh, that's black 24. – 24, go on mate, drink on me. Can you drink the next one? – Do you know what's
funny, mine was water. – Actually?
– Yeah. – Are all the white ones water? Oh wow, it's destiny, it's meant to be. – I ain't doing whatever that is. – What is it? – I'm definitely not doing it. If you're not doing it now,
I'm definitely not doing it. – What the fuck is that? – That's vinegar. – That's vinegar isn't
it, I thought that, yeah. He's put vinegar in a shot,
bro, no it's tap bro.. – Is it just a vinegar shot? I'll do a vinegar shot. – No, no, it's gone bro. – It's actually gone. – That's outrageous, what, you
think we doin' vinegar shots? – You think this is a joke? You think we are just here
for your entertainment? – Fuck right off, fella.

– Oh, beautiful. My diet's out the window, but
today I'll have a day off. – I'm drinking now.
– Yeah, well good. – I've given up.
– Drink for both of us. – It's for the Sidemen. – Oh, I fancy a bev.
– That's what I'm saying, bro. It's the Sidemen.
– I fancy a bev. – [Simon] You don't get
this opportunity much. – Oh, I fancy a bev but I can't, aye? I have to stick with this,
I have to stick with it. Maybe later you might catch me. – Do I?
– Vik won the luxury prize. VikKStar's got a luxury prize. – I want number three,
where's number three? – Are we giving it to
him now or do we wait? – [Staff] Do it after this. – We do it well after. What did you get?
– I've got number three. There is a small, dead fly
in it, but (indistinct). – You okay? – Why do they all smell like vinegar? – This is fun nuts. – This is like watered-down vodka.

(all cheering) – How cold is it? Nah, I fancy the warm one, I think. Oh yes, oh yes. – Bro, now that, that's… Oh, well I know what that is. – Is that Sambuca, I
can smell it from here. Sambuca.
(Ethan moaning) I felt something, I had
goosebumps when I picked it up. – Oh my God, oh. That feels so nice.
– That's a warm shot. – Oh, that was lovely. – I'm the last one, I need a red. – Vik rolled it on his
first time, that was nice. – How long is this gonna go on for? (Tobi sighing)
(Ethan chuckling) Well, come on then. (Vik and Ethan laughing) – The worst thing about
being on the bad team is just knowing that everyone
else is on the good team. – Yeah. – 'Cause that's horrible, innit? Like if JJ was here, knowing that JJ was sat here just laughing. – This might be the
saddest one yet, you know? But there's overwhelming
sadness in my body, yeah. – In waves, waves of sadness. – Now what the fuck is that? – Just drink it.

Honestly, at this point you
might as well just drink it. – I think that's water.
(comical music) Water. – We'll take it, we'll take it. (Ethan laughing) – But you gotta go again though. He rolled red, wow, we got
our three luxury prizes. Where are they? (staff member speaking indistinctly) – Okay, guys, our luxury prize
will be found in the tent. – What about 18, 18 has to go, right? – Not me.
(Vik laughing) – Yeah, not me, no mate. That one ain't me, sorry. – Yeah, not me.
(all laughing) – You put the half nail toe in first.

– Oh, bro that's so grim. My experience is awfully ruined now. – Guys, we have completed task two. We all rolled red for our luxury prizes. – Oh goodie. – And guess what, it says
to turn around and follow on to station number three.
– Ooh. – Don't worry guys, we're
going to collect our prize. – So who's been in our tent
without about our permission, and that's what I wanna know. – No, it certainly wasn't
Josh, I'll tell you that. – He would never be in
there, not with the bad team. – No, he would never
turn up here, would he? – It's actually overflowing.

– Bro, you are the biggest one here. – You displaced more water than me. – How much you weigh?
– The weight isn't the issue. – The weight is the biggest issue. – It's the surface area of you. – Bro, you're bigger. – There's more surface area on you. – You're bigger. – Nah, nah, nah, I'm eating my pizza. Lads look, we're in too
good of a place to argue. – Oh my God, let's reveal
what's in the tent. – That was cute, we
opened the door together. – Baby wipes and a shit bucket. – Bro, is that what we're talking when we're talking luxury prizes? – But we all won one. So wait, was one toilet
bowl, was one baby wipes, and was one a bucket?
– Shotgun baby wipes. – Look, we're a team,
we're in this together. In this metaphorical shit hole, together. – What you mean metaphorical? Where's the metaphor, bro?
– Literal. – Where's the metaphor? – If I pack a whole
pizza, am I a fat bastard? – No.
– I get a pass today, right? – Yeah.
– It's a good day out.

Shame about the sun, it fucked off. Bro, what are you doing? (Gib laughing)
My pizza. My pizza's right here, ya
bastard, what are you doing? – All right, number three, "Donut". – I like to look of this and
I might just eat it anyway. – "Spin each other around
but don't fall on your butt. The aim of the game is to
take a bite of the donut.".

"But it's not as simple
as you've been told, because to do this game you'll
be wearing a blindfold.". – "Each person that gets a
donut, you win a luxury prize.". – So what's your job?
– Huh? – What's your job? – To do this.
– Just this? – Apparently. – His job's done now, he's done his job. – Oh, he's done it?
– Yeah, he's done it. – [Simon] He's going
to the bad team though. – I gotta go to the bad team, and get punched up probably so… – Two, we'll do five. – Three.
– No, we'll do 10. – Four, okay.
– Oh no, maybe not. – Five. – Let's say seven, I'll
meet you in the middle. – Six, seven. – I'll meet you in the middle,
I'll meet you in the middle. – All right, go for the donuts,
they're in front of you, go. (Vik laughing)
Go, go, go. Lower, step to the right.

– You're actually quite close. – Go on, you're there, you're
there, look forward, forward. – One's right in front of you. – Okay, fuck it.
(all laughing) (Tobi clapping) I ate a donut. – I'm looking for a little swim, you know. – Swim where? – In the small pool, in the cold pool. – A swim?
– Yeah, a swim in circles. – Go, let's see you do that.

– Whoa, shit bro, I regret everything. I regret everything. Okay, all right, help
me, help me, help me. Whoa, I'm leaning. – Walk straight.
– Now just go straight bro. Left, left, left, left, head left. There you go, no, you passed it bro. I can't stop walking. – Come back, come back, come back. Yeah, now right above you bro. – Bro, I've lost my balance.
– Right above you bro. – I can't stand.
– Stand up. There's one on your neck now. Now turn around and eat it, no, no hands. Oh fuck it.
– Gimme the fucking thing. – Nah, you're taking a shortcut, you're not going to the edge. – [Gib] Yeah, all way around the outside. Shoulder touch the outside the whole time. (all cheering) – Try a different stroke.

– You think he's gonna
watch this back and be like, "Why didn't you take it seriously and do the actual challenges?" Well, look at the fucking
situation we're in. – Bro, I tried, I tried, honestly. – Oh me too, yeah, I really tried. – Right, spin properly man, spin. (all laughing) – All right there we go, that's seven. All right, no, no.
(all laughing) – Oh shit. – Stand up, stand up, this way, this way. – It's 'cause the floor's not flat. – Head forward, go forward bro. – Move forward, bro. – Oh hell.
– Left a bit. (Gib screaming) (Josh and Simon laughing) (Harry coughing) – Why's he outta breath from
10 laps of a ladies bath? (Vik laughing) – Now you've located it, use your mouth.

– Oh shit, I was expecting
it to be a tree there and I'm just gonna headbutt it. (all laughing) – He licking it?
– Like his first kiss. (all laughing) – Bro, just grab the
thing, I'm not gonna lie. – No.
– It's outta the wrapper now. It's out the wrapper now, It's now just swinging the air, look. (all laughing) Now just munch that.
(all laughing) – Turn your head to the side,
like your lips'ing the thing. There you go. – (laughs) Fuck off. – No, eat the donut, don't waste it. – It's a good donut, I'm
not gonna lie to you.

(Ethan and Tobi laughing)
(comical music) – He grabbed it like a
chick's face, the donut. Oh, it looks like we got some
more luxury prizes (laughs). The thing is, if Josh
was here to regulate it, then he can make sure
we're doing it properly. But none of you lot get to… (laughs) – Do you reckon I could shoot this over the plant into yours? – Definitely not, guaranteed no.

– If I do it, what do I get? – If you can pop it from
underneath the water and it pops out and flies into
mine, I'll give you a grand. – All right, do I go for it? I don't think I can do it over this, so I'm just gonna do it. – There's no way, it's not happening bro.

It's not gonna go out that angle. Nice (laughs). Nice, nice, nice, well done. – Luxury prize?
– Reveal yourself. (all laughing) – I can't even cap bro, this is the worst. This is the worst of
all of them, you know? – Yeah. – Like Benidorm I still
had fun, you know, yeah? (all laughing)
But this? This is so forced for me
yeah, I'm hating this.

I'm hating this so much. Oh wow, mystery prize. – What is that? – Oh, we got a football
and a double air bed. – Oh, that's not bad
you know, that's decent. – I'll take an air bed. (water splashing)
(all laughing) – That was nearly.
– Yeah. – They're throwing lights. – They're playing with it like
footballs you know, right? (upbeat music) – There's a blanket.
– A blanket. – A picnic blanket, oh wait a football. – Yeah.
(all laughing) – That's the first thing he said. – I've never seen Vik so excited
for a football by the way. – I'll take anything, I'll take anything. (chains rattling)
(comical music) (all laughing) – [Josh] Oh my God, that literally
just spun out of my hand.

Oh okay, it's actually hard to judge. Eh, not too bad. I've got a go now, I've
got to join the bad team. All my fun's over now. – Let's go to the next, fourth
activity in the green zone. – Do you wanna be captain?
– No. – You be captain.
– I don't wanna be it. – Josh is going back now? – A present, what can we give 'em? – A bottle of water. – Yeah, we'll take 'em a bottle of water. – A bottle of water,
there's more Highlands.

– They've got that, they've got that. – Yeah, just give it eh? Some disrespect, just give it. – Can we not give them the popcorn? – You want popcorn?
– Just this. – Just give 'em a Dairy
Dunk and a bottle of water. – Yeah.
– All right. – Can I take the popcorn
for myself please? (laughs) – Nah, it's too nice.
(indistinct chatter) – True. – What does this one say? – Beer Pong. – I think he's drunk
bro, he's drunk off like, negative vibes man, yeah
he's drunk off sadness bro. – Oh, sorry. – Beer pong, innit. – Sorry (indistinct) that one. – Aye, innit? – All right, I've written,
"Miss you guys, love Simon". Harry's written, "We have
wagyu burgers and hot tubs". – Just so they know, just so they know. – Your handwriting is something else. – Just shut up. – "Better you than me". – Gibber. – Bro, they ain't even gonna
know that, that says Gibber.

– Well, you've written
hieroglyphics, that's not- (all laughing) – I tried. – That does not say Gibber.
– It does, that does. (playful music) – (laughs) If you drink that
you're grim, there's no way. – [Tobi] Well, he has to drink it. – That's just, you had mud ball in it. – Yeah, that's life. (playful music) – (laughs) What do you mean? – I don't drink, bro.
– What do you mean? – I've sworn off alcohol. – F-U-C-K, fuck A. – No, you. – That says "A" (chuckles). – Off. – What's he written, what's happened now? – He wrote, "Fuck you",
but really, really badly.

– They don't deserve my good handwriting. – (chuckles) Does this say, "Fuck you"? – They don't deserve my good handwriting. – It works, it's just enough. Joshua? – We have a message. – Bro, this is Iron Brew. – Bro, fuck off. – Was yours Iron Brew? – No, mine was beer.
– This was Iron Brew. – What's happened here then? Fucking organise your cups. – Bro, the wasp wouldn't let me touch it. That's your shot. (Ethan and Tobi laughing)
(playful music) – Drink it. – Why am I on your team?
– I can't play. – He can't drink without you, drink it. – Hydration – Bro.
(all laughing) – Yes. All right, we're going on a detour.

All right bugger, I need you to calm down. – Oh shit, oh shit.
– Calm down. – Take him out, take him out.
– Oh shit. – Fuck off, fuck off. It's still on the (beep) table. Oh I gotta stop saying that word. (Tobi laughing)
Sorry, I'm so upset. – (laughs) Hey, you
wanna come and have a go? – No, I'm fine. (all laughing) – I'm broken, you lot (laughs). I have nothing left
bro, I'll tell you that. I can't feel anything, I can't anymore. – Yeah. – Oh it's fucking rappid. – I say fucking hit something, lad. Take out the "S". Yes, yes, yes, yes.
(both laughing) Fuck's sake.
– Hello. – I'm laughing, yeah, and
it ain't funny at all, bro. – Hey Vik, come have a go. – Literally I couldn't care less. – (laughs) I have just yet to see Zerkaa. But every time I look up I pray, maybe he'll come down the hill.

– I'll give you a little
creative thing, parallelogram. – No, please. – Rhombus.
– That's too advanced. I just need a square one.
– I dunno what that shape is. (all laughing)
– Make a 2D shape please? – That is a 2D shape
(all laughing) – Please bro. (John and Harry cheering) – [John] Gone through
it though, as always. – No, Gib, Gib, Gib, Gib, Gib (gasps). – [John] You shouldn't get
to drive anything ever.

I told you he was gonna drive so close. – Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. – [John] This is why you
shouldn't drive anything. – Get off the fucking waggon.
(Gib laughing) – [John] You should never
drive anything ever. – Bruh.
– Ever, ever. – Go play mini golf. – I was aiming for the end.
– Go play mini golf. – How have you done that? – I don't know, I don't know. – Go play mini golf.
– I don't know. – [Josh] How'd you reverse? – Oh yes (laughs).
(comical music) – Where are you goin' bro? Where you going bro?
– Come back. (all laughing)
(playful music) – I fucking missed the table.

Fuck this shit. – I got stung on my leg for nothing, I wanted to win that game. (Tobi laughing) Don't think the luxury prize is gonna be here in our tent for that. And now he's ruined my evening, 'cause now I'm not getting any alcohol. – Can we have the prize anyway? – (laughs) Can we have the prize anyway? Josh said we could have it? (laughs) – Yeah, I saw him a minute ago. (all laughing) – He's over there. – He's right there, he
said we could have it. – [Ethan] He said you could have it, bro. – What are we doing, Josh? – All right, Sidemen mini golf time. But, there's a twist.
– Yep. Whoever wins this, I'll give you a £1,000. (all gasps) There's nine holes around
you in a nice little circle. Take your scores down,
whoever wins let me know. – Yeah.
– You get a £1,000 transferred to your account
directly from the Sidemen.

– Come on.
– Yes! – All right, let's take it seriously. – Just stop Gib winning? – Yeah, good point.
– Why? (all speaking over each other) – 'Cause it's Sidemen money. – They're in the tent?
– Yeah. – Oh, prizes! Luxury prize, reveal yourself! – I don't think I can-
oh my goodness is that? Oh yes.
– That's for you, man. – Oh thank God. – It's for you man.
– Oh, lovely. – [Tobi] Is there an apple juice in there? – [Vik] Is that a bottle of wine? – [Ethan] There's white rum. Oh strawberry daiquiris?
– Yes, yes. – [Ethan] Piña colada? – Ooh.
– Yes, yes, yes, yes. – Tobi, I think there's
some apple juice over there. Oh, some binoculars as well! – [Tobi] I'll take the binoculars. – Here you go mate. – You should go out that
way, do some bird watching. – Look for Josh. – [Vik] (laughs) Josh. – 'Cause (laughs) I'm
struggling to see him, bro. (ball clunking) (all exclaims) – Where'd it go? – Bounced right out of the hole. – All right good, anyway, winner £1,000. Enjoy yourself, I'm
gonna go see other team.

– Are you bringing them with you? – No. – They're pits now? – Yes, I'm coming back to get food mate. – Oh lovely, all right see you soon. – [Josh] But I just need to go feed them. – I think we have one more
green envelope if I'm correct. – Wow. – "Take a seat at the table,
your fine dining awaits.". – Funny that. – "All you have to do
is clean your plates.".

"If you don't eat them all,
you won't eat tonight.". "Beware some of these plates
might give you a fright.". – I will just not eat. (laughs) I will just not eat. – Simon, you're up first lad.
– We ready? Here we go. (ball clanking) Oh? – Where's it going?
– Oh, It's here. – No pressure. – I don't feel pressure bro. (Simon laughing) (ball clanking)
– Weak. – You have to leave it there.
– Pathetic! – Yeah, no chance. – What's that, pickled onion? (all laughing) – I could do that. – That one, yeah still no chance. – I've done this before,
it's not worth it. – [Staff] All right if you don't, then you have to do a shot.
– That's fine, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. – Can you take my shots for me? – Oh, I will, yeah. And a third, yeah absolutely cool. – Is that a mushroom?
– Yeah. – Josh is a dickhead.

– I wonder What's in the drink as well? Hot sauce, yeah, cool. (indistinct chattering) That'll be four shots please, yeah. – I'll do the hot sauce and pickled onion. – Go on then.
– All right. (ball clanging) – Oh, you're next to me. – All right, all right. – So do I go?
– Yeah, you go. Two for Simon.
– Okay.

(ball clanging)
– Oh! – We'll take that. – Will Gib get this? – Oh, he did it!
– All right, fair enough. – Okay, Gib gets two. – Yeah, we'll take it. – All right, solid. – I wanna go to Stonehenge. – All my homie's love Stonehenge. (laughs) – [Tobi] Oh shit, that's nice. – Feel like pure shit, just
wanna go to Stonehenge? – Just wanna look at blocks all night. – Honestly, I'll take
Hay-henge at this point bro. – First time I've ever
tried pickled onion. – I wanna say from this point onwards. – What happens, happens man. – The pickled onion was good. – Don't touch me of those hands. (Vik laughs) (ball clanging)
– Oh yes, I needed that.

– Yes!
– Oh, hole in one! – Yes, I needed that. – Gibber, in trouble. – I know as well that I am. Jesus. (laughs)
– What does he do now? – I think he has to take
it from there again. – Okay, cool.
– But that's a shot. – Cheers, here's to Team Tent. – I'll do this as my punishment
shot, the hot sauce, yeah? – You do whatever you want,
you do what you gotta do, man. – Are you ready? (all groaning) – Holy shit that was a bad idea. – Four's a lot, you know,
four on paper is alright. – Fuck me that doesn't taste good. – 'Cause you used to get a break. Think i might be malfunctioning slightly. – There's a fly in this one. So I'm trying to get the fly out.

– My body's gonna kill me. – There was a fly in this shot. The fly fucking laid egg in this shot, look, can you see that? Are you seeing what I'm fucking witnessing
out in the jungle? That's the fly.
– Hmm. – I tried to pour out the fly. Look, it's fucking laid an egg! – Dude just bust in your drink. (Tobi chokes)
(all laughing) – He got his nut bro.
– Fuck! (Tobi screaming)
(Vik and Ethan laughing) – Shut up! – Are you sweating?
– What did you do? Hot sauce shot? Oh, well done, that's your pickle hand. (Vik laughs) I think we've got our luxury prize! You didn't eat the mushroom though. Oh. – I believe this one's easier though.

– Yeah, let's see it. (ball clanging) – Wow, he actually did it. – Ah!
– Okay. – Aw, it just stuck. (ball clanging) (all cheering)
– Now what happens here? – You have to just play it. – I'm gonna put this in here between- – No, no, no, because
he's gonna move my ball, and that's not fair.
– Can't be moving his ball. Just flick it out from the top. There go, you flick that. Oh wait, he's done it,
all right, fair enough.

Oh shit, you lot have
actually done well then. – Well done, Gib, well done. – Simon's got two on every
one, our consistent king. Come on!
– Well played. – I think it's luxury prize time. – [Tobi] Can I sit down? – It better be big one. Oh! – Oh, Squashies. Oh, barbecue, marshmallows, buns. – Hold up.
– Don't tell me. – Ice and meat!
(Ethan gasping) – Meat, meat, meat. – Can I have some ice please? Don't do that. – Protein. – He's talking about onion hands. I think I might get hard chub right now just thinking about meat.
– Don't do that near our food. – He said you have one free
pass of a full fit of vodka, if you don't eat an item,
well we fucked that.

– We got four free passes, fuck you Josh. Yeah, should have been
here to enforce that. – I mean, listen if he was
here to make the rules, the card can't do anything.
– Card holds no power here. (all laughing) – I'll shit on this card. "After you've enjoyed your meal, move to the red zone for card six.". Right, do we barbecue now? Was that the meal?
– Oh yeah. – So we're going here now, yeah? If you're wondering who we're talking to, we're talking to the people
that don't enforce anything, (all laughing) but they keep giving us our luxury prizes. I'm breaking the fourth wall here. – We will keep taking those prizes. Can we just skip it? Bring us the next prize. (all laughing) – It's called the Minter special. – The Minter special, yeah? – Yeah, watch this – Oh, that's actually quite clean.

Yeah, fairs. (Harry and Gib cheering) – Oh my God! – How?
– Come on! – It doesn't say what flavour this is. Mine is the B-52 bombs away. – All right, cheers. – Why are we doing this?
– I don't know. – Oh! Wait, mine was like an Espresso Martini. – Boys.
– Hello. – "How well do you know each other? Let's find out.". "You need to solve the clues attached and find the items in the red zone.". "When you find all the items, move to the yellow zone.". "Number one, Harry buys Smarties, Skittles, and Toffees.". "We all know the real goat is Drumstick.". – Squashies. – We've already eaten those. – We ate some Squashies. "Brought Ash and Charizard, next on the list is a?" – Pokeball. – Pinata? – That's a shit rhyme if it is. – "Ash and Charizard,
next on the list is a?" Why would you be rhyming? – If they rhymed Charizard with piñata. (all mumbling) – Pokemon? – Pokemon card. – [Vik and Ethan] Pokemon card! – "Ocean spray, Tropicana and juice.

Go find a carton of?". – Juice.
(all laughing) – You rhyme juice with juice? (all laughing) – Is it juice and apple juice? – Shush, the fairies are talking to me. – [Coordinator] I think
it's written wrong, it should say "fruice" not "juice." – Oh, it should say "fruice" not "juice." – Tropicana and fruice? – Fruits? – Fruits.
– Fruice. – What's fruice?
– Yeah, you lot. Can I just start smashing stuff around? – Fruits or fruice? – Oh, well it's not bad, you know? – Oh, I need this to
not let Harry get away. He's got it in two.

Gib, don't miss. Oh, he's got it.
– I'm far behind. – Yeah you are.
– I need to catch up. – You actually actually
further behind Harry now. – Everything is bad here.
– SO there's Squashies. – They don't care about the cards here. The rhymes don't even make sense! – Shut up! "Pies and festivals, get me there quick." "You'll not see me at
a rave without a glow?" – Stick. Is this supposed to be the glow stick? – I think that was the glow stick. No, that wasn't the glow stick? – "Jab, cross, hook, you
can do all of the above." – I know where that is.

– "But not before you
find your boxing glove." – Yeah, I saw those 'bout
two fucking hours ago. – We can pretend that we were sick and found it straight away, but okay. – I found them when we went in it. – "All loved up, endless happy, it won't be long before
you're changing a nappy." That's you mate.
– Called that. – Right, so is that a nappy in there mate? – Yeah, I think that's a nappy. – That's a nappy, yeah. – Less said about that the better. – So there's a nappy in the woods. – All right, nappy in the woods. – The boxing gloves are there. (ball clanging)
– He's got it. – Oh! I'm happy I'm through. I'm happy I'm through, that's all I need. – Is it me or you?
– It's you. – This could stick someone for a while. – Yeah, I feel like Gib's
gonna suffer on this one. – Oh no. Oh no. – And now you gotta shoot
from right there as well.

That's a howler. – A hole in one can really
throw a spanner in the works. Oh, hang on. – Oh. – I'll take it, yeah. Oh no, I'm on the edge. – Where's my juice? – I'm just gonna go for the gloves, cause I saw those. That was the first thing I saw. – Can't even quite even do anything with this star. – I'm getting it, can't even care. – Right, just look in all the trees. Everything's in the trees, you lot. – I love how the stick that someone used to put
it here, is still here. 'Cause no one wants to be fucking… – Let's find the Squashies. – Yeah.
– I think we ate them. – Nah, those are different ones. – Oh, we need a glow stick. Well, I think we done the glow stick. – I think we drank the glow sticks. – No, we didn't. – I think we drank them. – Vik, are you trying to get hit? – Vik, show us your head movement. – Head movement. Head movement. Head movement. – I'm finding my rage.

– Have that. Have that Pikachu. – Oh, there's Squashies in the thing. – There are Squashes in the thing. – All right, so I'm gonna
have to hit it with the heel. And I'm gonna go for the top. (all cheering) – Simon. – Two again, mate. – It said how well do you know each other? So each thing represents one of us, one of the seven Sidemen. So I'm saying who's
represented by the Squashies? cause I'm the shoes.
– JJ. – JJ. – No, JJ is the boxing gloves. – Oh, this makes it lot more sense now.

– You need to stay in. Come on, let's go. – Yes. (all laughing) – God, I'm so behind. – Glow sticks in the sticks. – Nice okay. – That's probably, I assume we're gonna get
to light this on fire at some point. – I don't think so. – No? – No. – You think they let
us play with fire, Vik? – I'm bored. – What else do we need? – Well, don't get glow stick. Is Harry the rave? Harry's the rave. – Harry's the rave. Yeah, I know Harry's the rave. – Oh, we need those. – Josh is a Pokemon card. – So Simon is the Squashies. – Did you pick the envelopes up? – No. – Oh, Pokemon shit.

Oh! It's an empty fucking album, mate. You ain't even got a
fucking card in there. Yes! – Fuck all the haters. Look, I built this. – I'm really happy for you. – You didn't even look. – When you find… I'm sorry. It a star, it's a star
with the glow stick. I know what it is. It's just not that impressive, is it? – What else is impressive around here? – Well, maybe in the yellow zone, "When you find the items, you move to the yellow zone.". – I don't want any more zones. – Hole in one. – Yes. – Your mum.
– Up the boys. – Gone back. (indistinct chattering) – Oh, nearly. – Go on. – Oh! Oh! – See, this one really comes back. – End his dreams right now. – Yes! – Oh you bastard. – Yes. – Why were you doing that? – Why is this here? – I don't know.

– Why is this here? – How many miles is this traffic now? This has done a tour now. – So two shots for Gib? – Two shots. – Yeah.
– Two shots, right? This is my third. – Yes, yes, yes, yes. He's drunk too much alcohol. Perfect, perfect, perfect. His skills are leaving him. Yes, yes, yes, yes. – [Ethan] How much for you
to take that in the arse? How much? – Numbers don't go that high bro. – [Ethan] No, there's a
number for everything. – They didn't invent numbers big enough. – [Ethan] I'll tell you what, that's going in me for 10 mil. – Oh no. – Why am i going over there? – [Gib] Give up, give up, give up. – Oh, shot number six. – Seven.
– Seven. – Oh Christ. – Oh my God, it's me V Gib at the bottom. Oh, come on. Oh! Oh! (ball clatters) – Oh no! – Oh, it entered, It entered. – You said that before. – Okay. So we have return to now the bad team now lets get abused and attacked for making them be on the bad team. To try and hopefully lift their spirits.

We got their presents that the other boys have sent to them. The "miss you guys love
Simon.", and "Fuck you.". So, I have that. And I've got some popcorn. But it's a bit cold now. And a water. – I'll do this for you, Gib, for you. Oh, yo he's cheated, he's cheated. He's cheated, he's cheated, he's cheated. He's cheated somehow. – I am fuming. – It's your go Gib.
– Come on. – What do I do here? – Look, like this? – Ah! It almost got into the tunnel. Why did it go out? – There we go. – See you later. – There you go. – See you in last place, lads. – Oh, shit. – See you in last place. – You dick
– Oh my God. – I give up, I give up. – This is number five. – Come on Gibber. – No, actually it's kinda
worked to be fair to him. – Of course it worked. – Five, six. – Well done, all right. – This one's too easy. Hole number nine. – Yeah. Gibber on the sticks. – Not bad.
– No, it's not bad. – Not bad. – See, I'm closer.

– Not bad.
– I'm closer. – Not bad. – Hole in one, Simon will give you an extra 500 pound. – A what? Hang on. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. – Ah, pussy. – [Josh Narrating]
After sitting in traffic over for 40 minutes and my driver also getting lost, I finally made it over to the bad team. – Looking forward to my torrent of abuse. – Trick shot. – Ooh, soldier boy, tell him. – Well done on your money, Bugger. – Thank you, mate. Well done. – Yes! – Well done. Come on. Thank you boys. Good game. Good game. – Um, piss off. – [Tobi] Is he here? – Yeah, he is here. Piss off you fucking big head.

– Gosh, what a spot. – Does he want us here to lie to him? – Oh no, you don't look very happy. – This is the worst one you've ever done. – Why? – Sure. – Sit down. – I got presents for you. – Take a seat, take a seat.
– Take a seat, take a seat. – Is this the council? – Welcome to-
– Hang on, two seconds.

– Welcome to Team Tent. – Team Tent, nice. – Team Tent up in this bitch. – In at first place. Is me. with 18.
– Congrats – Okay. – Solid, that's average, average of two. – Two, not bad
– That's pretty good. – Next up- – With how many? – In second place on 26 points. – It's eight behind. Not bad, not bad. – It's Miniminter. And on 31 points, we've got Big Gibber up. – I got the most points, yes. – There's so many bugs. – You got Jungle Spray. – You bought me a shit fucking band, what about Disneyland bro? – Wait there's jungle spray. Where's the jungle spray? – In your bag, In your bag,
you've got jungle spray? – [Gib] oh, can I have a lift? – One sec. – [Gib] I want a lift. I want a lift. – Whoa. – Can you take me somewhere? – I can take you somewhere. – Take me to the chef in
the pizza spot please. – Who wrote "Fuck you"? – Uh, Gib. – Yeah, he doesn't know what it's like. We can let him off. – Got some popcorn, popcorn left over.

Got some popcorn.
– I'm not interested. – So why have you not been
cooking or drinking or anything? – Cause we've been waiting
for you, to do the other zone. – Yeah. We've got told we have to wait. – The yellow zone. We got told we have to wait. – You're supposed to have carried on. We didn't get told fuckall.

– We finished the red zone and it said go to the yellow zone. We said, I can't go to the yellow zone until fucking meathead has come here. – You could have carried on. – Well cheers for telling
us that, thank you. – Because you said you'd
be over in 10 minutes. – Could I have a four cheese, please? – Thank you. – I'm an expert. – Oh, have you got a coffee? – Oh yeah. We like one. – [Gib] I would love a coffee please. – Wow, let's go, yellow zone.

– Yeah. – And look, we finally found him. – We've been looking all day
– Been using the binoculars. (indistinct chatter) – It was crazy.
– Yeah, it was mental. – Right, yellow zone. – This must be a good
challenge by the way. he's come all the way. – He has come all the way for this yeah. – From up there, just for this. – It's further up there bro, I tell ya. – "Get stuck in. Have a good rummage around.", "You never know what will be found.". "Luxury item is hidden within.", "Believe me, this is something you will want to win.". – Where would you like to go son? – I would like you to take me. First of all… – First, I'd like to give you a…

(Harry shouting) Just a quick scenic route. Oh, look at this. – That is actually lovely. – Look how lovely that is. – Avoid the fucking
river to the left of us. – The river? – Yeah. – So we go through.
– Oh, no, no, no. – Don't look in though, It's like a bush took a trial. – Is it wet, is it wet? – Get your hand right in there though. – Is it wet? – 'Cause there's a prize in some of them. So you have to get your
hand right in there, – Is it alive? – Is it wet? – Is it alive? – Stop doing that please.

– Nothing in it mate. – Nothing in it?
– There's nothing in it, bro. – Nothing at all? – No look bro. My whole hand… – Pull your hand out then. – That's rice pudding,
that could be worse. – No prize. – No prize? – Oh, You stink. – I'm gonna kick off in a minute. No, like beyond it, I'm
actually just gonna kick off. – You gotta pick the right road.

– Just made you fucking
dig around in rice pudding. (indistinct chatter) (Josh shouts) – You know i like Uber drivers. Like how's your day been? What you do for a living? – Were you a driver? – Yeah, what's your goals in life. – What's my goal in life? Just to be happy, I think my friend. – To be happy? – To be happy, to live a fulfilling life. While I'm doing stuff I enjoy
as regularly as possible. – Wow, that's very lovely. Would you say you're happy now? – I'd say I am quite happy, yeah. Well how could I not be, look at the sun. I'm on a nice little go-cart, it's lovely. What about you lad? What's your goals in life? What's happening now? – I'm just on my grind man. – On the grind yeah. – On the grind. – I know you're pumping out content. – Just trying to get my miles in. – Yo, I'm the driver lad. But I'm not playing the driver. – Put your hand right in.

– Oh, he about to dive in. – That's not putting your hand in. – There's nothing in
there and it's just… – oh, that's sick. – You sure there ain't anything there? – Don't know what that is. I don't think there's anything in this. – I was excited for when Josh got here. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, no, he's mopped it badly. – There's nothing in there. – This is bad. No, this is bad, Tobi. I can't believe he's done this. Tobi, this is bad. – Okay, maybe round to then. Round two, round two. – Pizza boys? – I'll take a slice of pizza. – I got everything. – No filling for the thing. – No, that fine. – It's fine, it's fine. – Treat yourself. – Yo, hey boys, boys, boys. You all want pizzas? – The pizza's taken my
seat, I'll sit here. – I can put the pizza. I got storage compartment. – I'll sit here. I feel like there's a bit- You know I got space bro, what's going on? You don't like me? Yeah, you're pretty rude.

You're a rude customer you know? – I'm giving you one star. – Give me one star, you're a dickhead. That's what, you're a dickhead. – Right Look, stack these ones up. – What the fuck is this game? What is this? – I'm going for orange you lot. – I'm not playing. You can have mine. Mine's purple. There you go Josh. – It's fucking beans bro. – Josh, there you go. – [Josh] No, you have to play. – Let's go bros.

– Fucking hell bro, you've
gotta tell me you're going. You've gotta tell me you're going. – You know what he said? – What? – He said I'm flipping you off. – I wasn't. Stop, bro. – Wasp, wasp, wasp. (Simon shouting) – See, I just pressed the button. – Count down at least. – Hold on. – Step on the gas when you want. My coffee, my coffee, my coffee. Can we go back for my coffee please? – What? – My coffee fell off. – We're done, we're done. – No, my coffee. – Gib, why are you aiming for the- You're aiming for the… – [Gib] Nice scenic drive. – [Simon] Why are you
driving in the grass? Look's there's a path. Now you're in the path. I'm calm now. – You've gone nuts. – There's nothing in my beans bro. – You have to run it through them.

– Can I please have the things? Can I please? – Oh wow! It's a new fucking card. – Bro, there's nothing in my beans. – Nah, you gone nuts. – What does the new card say? This is… "Congratulations you've come
out on top from bad to good." "Get ready to swap.". – So you're happy now yeah? – You've gone nuts bro. – I mean… – So you'll be coming with me. – Wait just me? – Yep, you won. I told you it's a prize on the line.

It was important to play. – No! – No, no. I'm not going. No, you go. I'm not going. All right, Ethan I'll take you. (indistinct chatter) – You have to come, come on. I'm taking Behz. – I'm not going bro,
Vikkstar did this for me bro. Nah bro I've been through the worst of it. – [Gib] Yeah, It's a long trip. – [Simon] You said you were
gonna go show me the tree-house. – [Gib] Yeah, no we're
going to the tree-house. – So you haven't seen it? – No, no, no. What's your goals in life? – They never ask me that. – What's your goals in life? – You know, to bring
happiness to a lot of people. – Oh, see that bugger was selfish, he said happiness to himself.

What a nice guy. Happiness to others. You selfish prick. You selfish prick. – It's not all in there? There is no treehouse, bro. – There was a tree-house bro.
– There was a tree, with a ladder on it. – Is it all the way back by the dog place? – It was way before this. – Was it? – There, there it is. – I lied. – We shouldn't be driving over this. We should have been driving over this.

I shouldn't be driving over this. – No, because like, cause we've already done worst of it. Like we've been in dog food bro. We've done this. We've been for the worst of it. There's no points like… Listen, I'll get vexed at you
bro, we've done the worst. What's the point of swapping bro? – How are you upset about
getting on the good team? – Because it's pointless.

What are you gonna do, come here and do everything
that we've already done? – One of you have to come, right? – [Simon] All right go on,
This is the tree house. It's a bench. – It's a bench. – Actually kind of nice. – [Simon] You can both sit up there. – Look at us lads, out
in the country side. – [Gib] We got a bugger up here. Oh we got a lovely crotch angle, hi. ♪ Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo ♪ – Don't touch me. By mistake or not, you're coming. – Go flourish. – Do you know what? Flourish, flourish brother. Cause no, do you know why this is good? Cause surely one of them
has to come back, right? – Not necessarily me and
Behz might just live It out. No, no I think they'll be… I'll go, just to make sure
one of them comes down here. – Litigation team. – Oh my God. (Simon shouting) – Your drink went everywhere.

– It's on your face everywhere. – It's all down my back. (all laughing) – Why did you do that,
Why did you do that? I'm soaking.
– What did you do? – He threw the water on
me, I nearly fell off. I could have died. – I almost fell as well. – Right for the boys, for
the boys, for the boys. It's been a pleasure, at
least you guys have a tent. No, no, but wait, what the
fuck is this then Josh? – Those are some buttons mate. – Why? – Well, well, what school did you go to? No, no, those type of
questions are the worst. but when they act genuine, you can have some good
conversations with taxi drivers. – I nearly fell of the back. (Simon shouting) – Do it. – Ow, ow, ow, that hurt bro. – Hello mate. – [Group] Hello. – I'm here with the other
team, say hello to them. – Hello other team. – Hello guys. – Hi, are you drunk yet? – No. – Little bit. – Vik's a little bit. – What's your day? – What's happened with your
day, what have you done? – It's been very, very, very – – Interesting.

– [Gib] Tell me more. – Adventurous. – Okay.
– Sounds fun. This sounds right, sounds right, yeah. – You sound like you had a fun day. – Oh yeah, it's gonna
get better as well yeah. – What's for dinner. – Oh you got all sorts of- – We'll tell you later.
– cuisine. – Tell you later, interesting. – Why are you like acting like weirdos? – Listen, shut your mouth yeah? – Anyway, so who won mini golf? – A bugger did. – [Josh] What was the scores? – He got 18, I got 25 or something. Gib got 31 or something like that. – Gib got 31? – Yeah, he stunk. – Yeah, so here's where I
reveal the bad news to you. – Phone down. – No, no, no. – Put the phone down now. There's never bad news. – He's calling again. – Yeah. So the bad news. The winner will get a
thousand pound as promised. – Yes! – But the loser will be coming
to join us over this side. – Oh no!
– Oh, Gibber. – So Gib, you need to
pack up your stuff mate. Cause you're coming over the forest. – What the fuck do you
mean pack up my stuff? – [Simon] No Wagyu steak.

– What do you mean? – No Wagyu steak
– No, no, no, no, no. – So yeah, get ready cause you have to go. – Go where? – You're gonna get a car there. – [Gib] Who's gonna force me? Who's gonna force me? – [Josh] You're gonna come
in the forest in a nice tent. – Oh he's off, he's running. – He's run away, he's off. – Lock him down, lock him down. – [Harry] This is ain't on us. – No! – He's on the barbecue. He's he's trying to… – No, no, no. – [Josh] All right, I'll see you later. – No.
– Okay, bye. – To the prosperous land. – Hey Josh. I was really nice about you the whole time, I
haven't been bitter or sour.

– Yeah, We'll see, we'll
see this in the edit. I can't wait. – This is quite the opportunity. – Move out the way boys. – Oh no. – Move out the way, move other the way. – Well… – Is that it?
– One more time. – You're a bit of a pussy bro. – Yes, fuck the Sidemen. Fuck 'em, I hate 'em, I hate 'em. So what am I gonna do
now, eat baked beans? – Yeah.
– Eat baked beans? After I wanted Wagyu all day? I wanted the Tomahawk
Wagyu, that's all I wanted. That's all I fucking wanted.
– Why are you staring at me? – You made me wet. I am now wet from the… I picked you up. – I feel like I've come out
of the darkness like that. – Dark innit, right? It feels like it's in the evening. – It's daytime it's bright light.

I'm climbing out of the pit. You don't realise the pit
you're in when you're in there. – Sir, can I have one,
four cheese pizza please? – [Pizza Chef] Again? One four cheese pizza, make that two. Two, four cheese pizzas. – You tell no one about this. – Aye. Aye. Aye. – You got enough.
– Get away. – You got enough.
– Get away. He robbed our fucking food bro. Give me the pizza, give me the pizza So me and Simon are gonna play a lovely game with
this basketball here. the loser has to do a shot with whatever person rocks up next. If it's Tobi, it's tough luck. You gotta do it anyway.
– He has to do it. Yeah, I however am doing sober September.

So I cannot lose this, otherwise I fail my challenge. – I think you figured out a tactic though. – One.
– Shit. – I'm taking that as mine. – No, no.
– That's my first one. – It doesn't count.
– That's my first one. – But that don't count as yours. – One. – Ah. – One, two, three, there it is. – Okay, well I'm fucked. – Yes, we've got him to drink. Goodbye my brother.
– Bye, bye. – It was good to be on the winning team. – Goodbye.
– By the way boys. I took all your fucking snacks. There's not one snack left. I took them all. All your snacks are gone. Enjoy your shit trip on… Oh my Coke, gosh! – You want it? – Throw it. – No, not the car.
– Throw it. – Lovely, all right well
I just want my steak. – Look at this, this is what
I had in mind for camping. open fields, open air, no bugs.

– These are your earns even. – Oh, they camping, camping. – Yeah, you camping, camping. – What? This is a small civilization. – [Gib] Hello boys, buenos dias. I bear gifts. – Yes?
– I bear lots of gifts. – What gifts do you have? – Food, drink, pizza.
– Okay, buenos dias. – Where do I go, this way? – Oh, how lovely snug, five stars. – Welcome, Gibber. Listen, We're not gonna
look at the negatives. Before leaving, I stole a lot of things. – What did you steal Gib? – I stole a lot of things.
– Okay. So boys, I brought a four
cheese pizza, two of them.

– Oh.
– Here we go. These are the treats I've stolen. For you, Mr. Jizzle, an apple juice. – You got a juice?
– An apple juice. I brought it just for you
– And sweets – Coca Cola, Redbull. – Oh shit
– Fresh, hot popcorn. Oh, it's cold now. Fruit pastels, Oreos, Pringles. – You leave anything then?
– Strawberries. – Who is it? – It's Vikkstar.
– It's Vikkstar. – Welcome, welcome my friend. – Welcome to paradise. – Hello brother. Vik, Vik. – I'm out of the pit.
– Vik. – Yes, hello. – Look, we have hot tubs and a cinema. – Yeah, It's lovely. – It looked a lot nicer, But we ran over the Sidemen
logo with a golf cart.

Well Gib did, when he
found out he had to leave. – Do you want a tour?
– Wanna see your bedroom? – Yes.
– All right, come through. – We've been in a dark
dingy woods, full of bugs. – Was it bad? – It was awful, it's the worst. It might have been the worst. – I brought, wait, wait, an energy boost aroma therapy spray. I got that and the Moams I robbed. They are wherever they are. – Oh, you ransacked the place. – Yeah, a hundred percent.
– Nice. Well, I was gonna make
you do some meal work. – Well I'm lucky I'm not doing. I know, but you know what? You actually come with the better offers. – Of course I did the pizzas,
they threw them at me. So they're a bit moshed. – There we go.
– Oh wow.

– They threw it at me 'cause obviously… – This pizza doesn't
look too appetising now. – Brother we can't choose. – Well, we have some stuff to barbecue. – Oh, yeah?
– Yeah we have some. – Oh, so this is pointless. – Should we play catch the chair? – I'll play catch the chair. – Bro, we've got to barbecue. – No, no, no, let's play catch the chair. – Right with finesse, I'm
gonna throw it with finesse. Okay, let's see how many we can get. That's a decent catch.
– That was a shit throw. – That wasn't a catch, bro. – Oh, the pizza, It's a four cheese. – It's okay. – [Gib] There's blue cheese and parmesan. – Is there? – I crushed my fingers, but it's okay. – Goodness gracious me, I'm quiet though. – I'm open. – Oh shit, oh. (Tobi laughing) – What's this, What's this, What's this? Is this our sign? Are we the reds? – [Ethan] Bro, you've
been here two seconds. – What the fuck is this? What the fuck is this? – That is haram, that's what that is.

– Bro!
(man laughing) – We've got pizza
– A Pizza van. – Any pizza you want.
– I don't deserve this. – Yes you do. (cross talking) – I'm from the woods.
– I'm struggling bro. – This is our dinner. Well, that's half of it. We've also got wham steaks
which are over there. You see this?
– Yeah Wagyu steaks. – Is that what Gib was chatting about? – Look at this, that's ours. – Is that Wagyu?
– Yep. – That's the port.
– That's the bed. – So let me just see where
we are fucking sleeping.

– That's the port. – Make sure you shut it
so that no flies get in. – So you don't enter through here? – You do.
– You do. – That's the port.
– What do you mean it's a dead end?
– It's a dead end. (group laughing) – Yeah, unzip and then go in there. – Oh, us three? – What the fuck, there's
flies in there boys. (man laughing)
– Don't let them in. Those loons, I was about eat Wagyu.

Now I'm fucking eating… – Yeah, but we can still cook
beef here, well cook beef. – What are we cooking? Have you got Wag's? – Yeah, we got food.
– We got Wag's? – Huh?
– We got Wagyu? – Yeah.
– Say what? (both laughing)
– Our tent is on rocks. Literally, our tent is on rocks. We couldn't hammer in the pegs
to get the tent to go down. – Welcome to your new tent. – Welcome to the Sidemen tent. This one is your room. – That's that's your room there. – Your slippers have been stolen by Gib. But, that's your room in there. – There are others you
can pick from as well too. And there's squashies on
the desk in every corner. Anyway, look there's squashies. – Yeah, that one's Gib's, through there. – And there's one there. – There's furniture. – Come look, this is your
room, this one's yours. – Boys, boys, boys, boys, boys, boys. We got enough money, yeah? Where we can pay someone to
get us the fucking Wagyu.

I'm being serious, Why the fuck
are we gonna eat this shit? – Bro look in the cooler. – I'm sorry, no, I know
we should be grateful. But I'm looking at Pot Noodle bro. – No, no-
– Bro we're past that in life. – Brother look, man came through with Versace short and
can't eat a burger anymore. Is that what you on about? – Brother, look.
– What? Beef patties, look that's Wagyu. It's in water.
– The meat's in water, the meat's in water. – Wait, did the ice melt?
– It's mouldy meat, mouldy meat. – Your favourite.
– Oh, that is in water. – It's fine, it's fine.
– Yeah, everything's in water. – It has the extra sheets,
and then the sheets. – It's like a refugee
we got in the forest. – Take your shoes off and enjoy it. – Or keep your shoes on. – How wholesome. – And look at your bedside table. – You don't understand. – They'll give Gib
squashes in the other one. – You don't understand where they are and where they're spending the night. – I didn't think it was that bad though, but it sounds just awful.

– They're in a three person tent. – Yeah.
– He seems mortified. – Please tell me you got the
beef gelatine marshmallows. Please, please, all I wanted
to do was toast marshmallows. – What is this one, what is this one? – We cut it, we cut this
whole segment and I eat it. – Joking, I'm joking. (Harry laughing) – What you doing? – Gibber.
– What? – Chill.
– Nothing's happened. – I've sat in the worse position. – Brother, we need to be
warm, we're gonna die. Give it please, bro stop, stop. – I'll fall, I'll fall, I'll fall. – The fire, we're
dangerous, it's dangerous! I'm gonna die lad, I'm gonna die. – Drill it. – That's what I was trying to do. – We have transportation? – Where'd you want to go
sir, anywhere on the campus. – Is there anything cool here? – I can skin it. – Gib there's no need for fire, we're just cooking burgers and sausage.

– That's not meat. – It is meat. – We're not eating that. – We are eating it.
– We're beyond that. – How about we set the tent on fire? Then we'll stay warm all night. – Yeah, let's go see
what video they got on. I reckon they got a good video over there. – Oh, Jesus Christ. Did you mean to jump out? – No, I had to, but welcome to the screen.

– That's a good video that. That was my last good team experience. – I'll give you a hundred pound if you can make that
grill do a front flip. (all laughing) – My guy pulls up to the
bar, come on, come on. – No walking here. – Shots of Sambuca out of
solo cups full of bugs, to getting pulled up in
a petrol operated vehicle to the bar. – Why don't we leave that in the tent, just zip it up and see what happens? See the thing is, I want to
kind of do the shit he says, but I'm now 26 and I'm an adult.

– You're 26? – How old are you? – Allah.
– Stop saying that. – Stop saying that as a human being bro. – Do you know the little shot
roulette game you gave us? There were just bugs in all of the shots. – That's the insult to injury. – I was saying, we thought the whole day, like it's actually not too bad. Like they having a fun time camping. By the sounds of it, they've had a howler. – It's pretty piss. – [Tobi] There's no more lighters so stop looking for them. – I'm not looking for a lighter. – You are.
– You are, Gib. – We know exactly what you're doing. – I gave you apple juice. – A lot of people gave me apple juice.

– Patty. – Why have you got a hammer? – I'm actually scared of him. – Oh, the other team is called Team Tent. – Oh cool. – We'll be team paradise. – How about Team holiday? 'Cause holiday was playing. – Cheers the team holiday.
– Cheers. Cheers Josh, thanks for
arranging on the good one. – And there goes sober September. – Don't aim for the light. If you actually do it, you are maniacal. – Aim for the light.
– No, don't. – Do it if you're bad.
– Do it. – Oh, he got it.
– Gib. – Gibby, Gibby, Gibby, Gibby. – Do you reckon I hit
it with the head or not? – Of course he hit it. – He's a little bit crazy, isn't he? He's tapped, he's tapped. He's one of the most
tapped individuals I know. Actually tapped, man's
throwing hammers in the woods. – Did you mean to drop
the to Tomahawk steaks? Do you know, I put this on for protection. Like this was bug defence equipment. Actually it's not cold. I just had it on as it was the only thing that could stop the bugs.

– Look at that patty. – Oh, what a flip, perfectly timed. – Ah! – Others, they need more time. – Gib, just sit still. – He can't, do you have ADHD? – Yes, yes, yes. – Mixed with a fucking sprinkle of autism. – Do not put mental illnesses on me. (men snickering) Don't you diagnose me. Are you a therapist? (Harry and Tobi laughing) – We-woo-we-woo. Why's Tommy T a fed? – What you saying, Blood? (both laughing) Stop, please calm down
fam, come on, get in. – You're a pig, you're a pig now. – No, I stole a police car fam. Come on fam, come on.
– Are you gonna chill now? – Please get the Detol
away from the burgers, that will really get me angry. That will really get me angry, – This is the one thing we
were looking forward to. – Get that Detol away now. – I need it for the bugs. – Come on, man.
– We whipping. – We scurrin'.
(both cheering) – I'm being bitten by animals right now.

– So get buns. – What purpose this there for the buns? – Nah, I'm Team Captain. – You're Team Captain?
– What you leading exactly? – Leading you to the buns. – To the buns bro.
– Brother, please. – Brother, please. – You've been very disrespectful to me. You threw pork at me. – Stop saying that, bro. Just stop. – You did, that's facts. (upbeat music) – I didn't make the
bread so don't blame me. – You didn't cut this bread, right? Are you sure this is not your cutting? – You shouldn't blame me. – Potentially, 'cause this
is interesting cutting. Like what have you done? And then the final item
was the Tomahawk, right? I guess steak. So let's just give them this for now and I can get other people and then we can eat that there. – Well done. – See I'm professional with this. – Here we go.
– Oh my goodness. – It looks better than I
could have ever imagined. – Ooh, here it comes.
– Oh my goodness.

You know what? – Ooh, ooh.
– Ooh, ooh. – Here you go, sir. – The hot dog's a little questionable. – Hey, hey, I didn't make the food. – Yeah. You bite first,
oh no, it's cooked. – Yeah, its like medium.
– That's a good burger. – I'm not gonna lie, this is banging. I've absolutely banged it. – Where did you put your plate? – Where's your plate, yeah? – Well you didn't ask me. – Burger's there ready?
– We just gave you a plate. – Where is it? – Oh, so you lot are selfish. – We don't know where your plate is. – So you lot are selfish.
Is that what we're doing? – Where did you put your a plate? – I was doing BTS bro. I dunno where my plate is. – Simon, I will rectify
the situation for you. The customers always right do not worry. – Oh, am I having two?
– Yes you are. – Oh, this is really the good place. – Oh my goodness.
– This really is the good team – I opened the cooler
box and there was like, it's just meat in a cooler box.

– That's all right, I'll take
some meat in a cooler box. – And there were some burgers on a plate. – Oh my God, two sausages. – He does a good job.
– Harry is up next. – Well you didn't wanna put it in the bun? – No bro, shut the fuck up. Otherwise I will lob the fucking burger. – You're not really a
good provider, are you? – I'll smash your head in. – It's not like they can pop out of the woods and you know, go and get like a Subway or
a McDonald's or something. Or anything. – Now it must be really shit. – Do you remember you, You are like I'm an easy hotel. I'm most assured I can
go and get a penthouse if I wanted it.

– They can't.
– Admittedly you didn't. – Yeah.
– But they can't. – Yeah, there's the hotel. – They're there in a field in
the middle of God knows where. – Come on. – His hotdog's a mess. – What? – It's how we display it. It's like a train going down a corridor. – I was in a bad place.
– Ethan was in a bad place. – Bro, I lost my head. – He was fuming. – I shouted at Zerkaa.
– Why? – Because.
– He's your boy. – No, no, he is my boy. We solved conflict by shouting at him. – Why's he shouting?
– Don't worry Gib. – What did you shout at
him about, can't tell me? – Got food I didn't even-
– Here you go sir. – Got food I didn't even ask for. Oh, fantastic, thank you. And there's another steak on the way. – Oh.
– Oh my goodness. – I need to eat also please. – Naughty boy Zerkaa. – Bro, close your mouth.

– It's really hot. – Close your mouth, bro. – It's aroma therapy. – The way I see it, is this is a humbling
experience for Ethan. – Oh, no don't start. – He's already been humbled bro. – Don't start, don't start. It is crazy. – How many burgers you
eating your fat bastard? Once or nothing isn't it? – You realise Tobi was
saying nice things about me, it's 'cause I'm cooking for the crew now.

– Ah, that's lovely. – Yes.
– That's selfless. – Yes. – Can I have another burger? – Are you going to apologise? – For what? – Calling me a fat bastard. Don't look at me like that. – Was I incorrect?. (everyone laughs) – This fucking bangs bro. This burger, it's juicy. – This is glorious. – Barbecue hits different. – I bet it bangs better
than their burgers. – So juicy that they… Oh, I turned the candle on. Bro, I was just fiddling
with it, oh. (chuckles) – Well, I'm having a better
meal than them, I'm sure. – Can't believe ViK took my place. – Why? – Hate that guy. (Ethan and Tobi laughing) – Is that enough, two pieces? – Give him three, he's a growing boy. He's got a belly on him. – I'm glad you said that. – (laughs) Oh, no. Here you go, my friend. – (gasps) Thank you. – And here is your cutlery set too. – Thank you. – He's eating Wagyu while I
fucking eat a Behz burger. – Be respectful, man. – It's all right, it was good bro.

– When you say, huh. – But Wagyu Tomahawk, bro. – Shut up.
– Wagyu Tomahawk. – Shut up. Whenever I come into your residence now and you don't cook for me… – If you came to my house,
I'd make you a meal. – Grab it, grab it, grab it.
– I'm blind, I'm blind. – You know what, fuck
it I'm going to sleep. – Oh, no.
(group laughing) – I had enough of this
shit, had enough of it. – What if we have a flood? – [Tobi] Which one of you farts more. – Gib. – I kick in my sleep. (group laughing)
– Oh God. – I promise. I make noises too. At 5:00 a.m. I'm automatically awake. – This is not happening.
– Got a lot of energy. – I'm not happy, get in. – So Tobi you are in the middle.

– [Tobi] Okay, but I have a sleeping bag. – [Gib] Shut the fuck up. – And so do I, bro get off me. Get in. – [Gib] There's no speaking in here. – Get in you beast. – [Gib] Don't call me a fucking beast. – Get in, you beast. – [Gib] So nice, the floor's
nice and comfy innit? (Tobi laughing) – [Tobi] You don't bring
your shoes in the house, bro. Take your shoes off.
– I got slippers. – No bro, take your shoes off. – [Gib] He's got him in the leg lock. – Oh no.
– The fucking leg lock. He's gonna tar- – Why are you eating like that? – Fucking hell bro, huh. – You're gonna eat about five bites. – That's fucking sick. That's really sick. – Would you rather cover yourself or put this on the floor for comfort? – Wait, what am I doing? – Okay, thank you.

That's okay, I like talking to myself. – [Ethan] Don't worry Gib,
I've just forgotten something. Bare with me. – [Gib] This is not funny. (all laughing) This is not funny.
– Yeah get that in there. – [Ethan] Ow my leg, my leg, my leg. Guys!
– Can you back up? I'm not playing, I'm not playing. – Fucking put it back – Well have a good night lads. – Thank you.
– See you tomorrow. We are in the wilderness and this is the level. – I'm tied up, Joshua. – I am not tying him up.
– Josh, I'm tied up. – I don't like it, what's
the furthest away from you? I'm going this way, away from you. – Our tent is not even
a quarter of this room. – Oh God.
(men laughing) (laughs) I don't like it. I don't like it. – [Simon] Harry looks completely naked. You look so naked as well. – It just feels so good.
– No.

– Oh, no, Simon is gonna join in. Oh god. – Boys!
(men laughing) – He's giggling in my ear. – He's giggling in my ear. Oh no, don't gyrate your hips my friend. – [Josh] It feels bloody shit, mate. (uptempo music).

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SIDEMEN $10,000 vs $100 CAMPING

SIDEMEN $10,000 vs $100 CAMPING
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