Spicy fire chicken with cheese (Cheese Buldak: 치즈불닭)

Cut (reggae music) Hello everyone. Today, we're going to get some hot stuff. Spicy korean chicken. His name is "Boldak". "Paul" means "fire", "dak" means "chicken". I'll add cheese, mozzarella. Boldak with cheese. I will use chicken breast. But we will not fry. It would be hot but tasty and healthy, of course. Let's get the delicious spicy paste first. Chili flakes, 1/2 cup. If this seems too hot to you,
add less pepper flakes. “I followed what Maangchi said and then “I ended up in the emergency!” Don't say that, okay? (Laughter) Next, add the gochujang chili paste.

We'll put about two tablespoons. One tablespoon of soy sauce. Cooking oil, two tablespoons. Ground black pepper, about 1/2 teaspoon Next.. this is the rice syrup. The rice syrup gives it a
sweet taste and makes it shiny I will add 1/3 cup. Next, we will add the garlic and ginger. Six large garlic cloves. Chop it into small pieces. And this is ginger. Ginger, about two teaspoons. And then, chop it up so it looks like chopped. I used a lot of garlic here. It should be rich in garlic flavor. With a taste of
ginger. a little this is mozzarella one pound of mozzarella I will use all of this but if that is too much you can use only 1/2 pound Mozzarella is optional in the recipe if you don't like cheese
or if cheese is not available Without the cheese, it's also very tasty.

That's Boldak. But today I'm making Boldak with Cheese by just adding some cheese. This paste, let's mix it. Really thick. And then, the chicken. (chicken sausage) two pounds of chicken. Remove all yellow grease. Cut chicken in cubes. The cube size is about an inch. Oh, by the way, that's two pounds of chicken breasts, enough for four people. (That's enough for me at all ^_^) If you're only cooking for two, cut the ingredients in half there you go.

Are you ready to mix here? (Tip wear gloves or use a spoon) Let's mix, come on! This paste is very tasty, you can replace the chicken with shrimp or seafood (I tried the shrimp is delicious) it will be very tasty. It smells really good. I used soap to wash my hands, otherwise the hands would be orange. (Laughter) Okay. Wow, that looks really cool. This is also another option, but it is really delicious, would you like to know how to do it? Do you know what this is? When I make rice cake soup, I use these slices.. rice cake slices You can add noodles or
rice cake slices, if you have them. If it is not available, there is no need to add it. That's it, you don't need it. But if you want to add
these, it's really chewy which makes it so delicious, you'll see that really later. A few drops of oil. And then, one cup. It's one cup, or a little
more than one cup, well we 're going to cook the rice cakes until the sides are just a little bit crunchy just a little bit crunchy.

Turn off the stove. Then, let's cook. This is my iron cap. (Laughter) Usually when I fry something,
there's a cast iron pan, a really heavy pan. This will be like a cover. A very example of making boldak. But if you don't have it,
use only a thick frying pan. 1/4 cup water. Put every drop of putty, make the bowl clean. Now let's cook what we have. Medium high heat. Let your eyes watch what we cook on the stove. I used the iron lid to cook generally so it will only take 10 minutes. If you're using your usual skillet, it probably takes less than 10 minutes. I'll show you, come on. open it up I'll lower the stove heat. Then, mix it up. Add cake. Cover it up. And set it to a low temperature.

10 additional minutes. I'll turn off the rotisserie. You need to preheat the oven, the
cheese should be cooked well. I cooked it for ten minutes
on a low heat. Let's check it out how it became. Mix it up. The rice cakes should be crunchy. That's why I didn't stir and blend it from the start but now, is the time to do it. My oven is hot now because I preheated it. What's cool, looks so good. Mixed well. Cheese! We'll cover it with white mozzarella cheese. Then, let's open this up. And we put it here. Let's close it. Just for a few minutes, and then now, it must be
golden on top and effervescent, effervescent, oh, delicious and good looking. Wow wow wow oh my god, she's really hot, hot! It doesn't look too hot and hot now, but we have to see what's hiding under that
mountain of cheese.

Put the green onion pieces, it's time to eat! Let's eat wow wow wow. chewy sticky; See why it's inside. Translator laughing with fire inside (follow me on insta – chai_is_here cheese and chicken. (Blowing) Hmmm! My body temperature's soaring like fire! I'm feeling hot right now. Ah, so delicious ! Actually, not so seay! To you all! It's ice water for today! Chewy, and I like the chewy stuff Spicy, sweet, and creamy texture Chicken breasts usually have a dry texture, but with this sauce, they're juicy Some people say,
“Oh, is that lasagna?” You know, they might really think Open it up, and they'll see how delicious this Korean Boldak sitting here is Today, we cooked cheese Boldak Cook it and have a party Share this dish with family and friends and have fun ! Translated by chai Follow me on Insta ( chai _ is _ here)

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Spicy fire chicken with cheese (Cheese Buldak: 치즈불닭)

Today’s recipe is super-spicy chicken, called buldak in Korean. The Korean word bul means fire, and dak means chicken, so you can call this “fire chicken.”

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