Street Food in Bangkok – Awesome PAD THAI and Instant Noodles on Petchaburi Soi 5!

I hope you're having an amazing day at smart Queens I'm in Bangkok Thailand and one of the best Bangkok street food streets is pet booty SOI 5 this is the type of Street that you can come you can literally just walk down the street you can see whatever is available and you can eat you can come here with no plan and just start eating whatever looks good this afternoon I'm gonna take you on a Thai Street food tour of February 25 we're just gonna walk around we're gonna explore we're going to eat some Street food and I'm gonna share it all with you in this video right now [Music] Pepa D is the main road and it's a huge usually traffic congested road in Bangkok and then if you come off on the side road which is called SOI 5 you will find just an abundance of street food it's one of the best bangkok street food streets and you'll find street food throughout the day but the best time to come is in the evening starting at about 4 p.m.

And then there's more and more street food as you get further into the evening at about 5 or 6 p.m. is a great time to come here I used to come here a lot many years ago and just graze but I haven't been back in a couple of years so I'm just here this evening to just walk around and share with you all the types truth with that we eat for dinner tonight I like I like [Music] yeah I need fan I'm with him to keep going I'll pick it I got whacked boom I move hey my papa second hang up and everything is already I don't eat this dish very often but it is a very very popular dish especially a lot of young people loved to eat this dish a lot of kids it's called young mama and it is a salad it's more it's not really a salad actually okay actually it's not like a salad like you would think it's like a complete reinvention of the instant noodle package so there's a mix of seafood there's some some mooyah which is like a it's kind of like a Vietnamese Thai ham there's some fish which is the water mimosa there's cabbage in here there's mushrooms it's a little bit of soup I'll make I do in my thumb that guy tell me okay I like I mean any guy okay there's chicken too and oh and not forgetting the hotdog as well what shall I give up for my first bite a little bit of that imitation crab oh and can I can I score a hotdog on this first bite – along with some noodles of course and there's a mix of mushrooms as well oh and by the way we got that um young mama noodles instant noodle flavor you know it's not something I would eat like all the time but it is good in that kind of like instant noodle kind of way but again it's a complete reinterpretation of instant noodles rather than just soup you've got the chilies in there so it's more spicy you you've got all those goodies the imitation crab the hot dog isn't my favorite I like the tomatoes in there it's sour it's a little bit sweet and it's spicy so you've got the whole Thai balance in this single mix [Music] I will admit though it's pretty tasty [Music] jumping back up buddy cough up in jail chummy it's a completely different take on instant noodles that brings me back to my university days when instant noodles were a staple the market is now starting to pick up as it gets later into the afternoon it's about 4:30 p.m.

Right now we got here pretty early but we're gonna walk down down one of these toys there is a famous place that that sells condom crook which are the griddlecakes coconut griddlecakes [Music] this is one of the bigger and more well-known spots to cut them crow in Vega you'll find you'll find cut um crook the coconut griddlecakes all over Bangkok but this one is a pretty grand stall just from the sign and they have how many griddles that they going they have eight griddles going on so it's a mixture of rice flour with coconut milk and she pours in the batter and lets it cook and then they have a number of different flavors that you can add we got a mix of both corn and taro once the griddle cakes are finished cooking and when they're taking them out of the griddle they put them together in and put the the crunchy sides on the outside and that's in order to protect the inside which should be like soft and gooey oh yeah they're all this is the one with taro so there you get twins in every pair there's a pair all that that's awesome I've probably said this a few times but kuntum croak this is what my favorite Thai dessert sweet snacks and it's so addictive I love also that it's contrasted by being a little bit salty to contrast the sweetness and that also the saltiness brings out the flavor of the coconut but I also love how it's so crunchy on the bottom paired with that coconut pudding I think I got two coronal kernels of corn in out by a bonus it's the flavor it's the contrast and it's the texture that's so good about Kyle McCall the thing about this soy and soy by the way means like a side road in Bangkok in Thailand in Thai but this entire neighborhood is it's the type of neighborhood that you it's like a pocket in Bangkok you could stay here you could live here and you wouldn't even need to ever go into another part of Bangkok there's everything you need here there's cellphone shops there's ATMs there's about twelve 711s there are restaurants there's street food there's salons you can get a massage in between eating street food yeah you can you would never need to leave this area if you didn't want to this place is like a cross between a street food stall and a kiosk but it's within the market it's a relatively recent modern addition to the bangkok street this bangkok street food street it's called chop hi y'all and maybe iing actually was calle iced tea so that's why our sloppy learner they're very well known and what you the best way that's what some people are saying yeah okay you can say okay you can sister said that it's one of the best Thai iced teas so we're gonna find out we're gonna we're gonna see we actually got two different types of tea this one is the chian which is the Thai iced tea milk tea and of course you got it you got it in a cup and then in a plastic bag just in case you want to carry it and take it away somewhere it's milky it's creamy it's loaded with ice mmm it is creamy but you do taste the like slight bitterness of this trunk and a strength of the tea in there which is a good flavor the flavor flavor-wise it's very good but I got a different type of tea this one is called Chama now which is ice climb tea and so this one let me pull down the plastic bag oh that's sour to me this is my Thai tea of choice it's called Chama now it's lime tea it's really refreshing it's really like a like a cross between a lemonade and tea not as rich as the milk tea but you can take your choice they're both very good and you'll find this again all over Bangkok everywhere you go we're going down a side street now and there's a place that serves one of the most well known of all Thai Street food dishes and if I remember correctly it's right down this road here patek boom so but todd Pelle come Atta up I'm gonna yeah previously many years ago I used to come here all the time and I would eat all over this entire area so I 5 in the streets surrounding and I used to know there was a hunt I cart down the road and so I went down the road and looked for and it wasn't there and so coming to find out that they have since moved into a Chop House right here so they graduated they they used to be a street food mobile food cart and now they have their own permanent location here but you can still see the remnants of a street food cart this is still the sweet food cart here but now they have tables where you can sit down okay we're gonna have some PUD pie and we're also gonna have a height hog which is a fried muscle I think they're using muscles or oysters an omelet oh yeah making bellboy fog right now which is fried and said their muscles he confirmed that their muscles melanne cool white man cooing oh man that's one of the greatest sights entice through food so oily it's so so you can just see the crispa fication just happening and there's a mix of batter as well as a bunch of eggs that you put on top he's making the putt tie now and it's just you can watch him in amazement because he's so good at what he does and one of my favorite steps is when she takes the the different ingredients they've got some cougar here they've got peanuts they got the dried shrimps and tofu and some radish and she tosses them like with the with a flick of the spoon she tosses them on to the different piles of noodles which are the different portions of pot pie and then my my other favorite food is how uses in order to cook the PUD tie he uses in one hand he has a spatula in another hand he has it's like a girl prong and so he uses that both of them together to like kind of whip up the noodles that heat is evenly distributed between the noodles while they're like absorbing all of the sauce and coating getting coated in the sauce it's a he's an amazing chef sometimes it's made with oysters but this one is made with mussels he said you've got to eat it while it's hot and fresh because it's rusty its crispy it's yeah it's really good when his hot attraction another thing you don't want to think about is how much oil yeah because it just slows sizzles I can see like bubbles of oil forming and that just makes it ensures that it will be extraordinarily crispy can you hear that Chris penis okay so you can see there's bean sprouts mixed in there is some oh you can see the little muscles I'm gonna break a piece of this get some of this and there is a sauce to which I will also eat but first let's just taste the taste it's straight then it's just cooked in oil until it's completely crispy like a cracker it's a little bit of an oil sponge that gives it a nice tang eNOS to go with the saltiness PUD tie is not always one of my favorite Thai Street food dishes but I'm excited to eat this because it's so hot and fresh they just pile on the prawns the noodles are all folded within there there's there's bean sprouts there's leeks there's tofu there's egg in there as well it really looks like a very good collar you played a PUD tie this looks amazing sometimes you may cut Thai with chopsticks but they don't seem to have chopsticks here so I think you just eat it with a spoon and fork and you can see they they sprinkled on some peanuts as well oh yeah this does look delicious and before I do any seasoning I will just taste those those noodles and just taste it as is first get really hot and really fresh right off the griddle hmm okay it's pretty good it is what I liked about that first bite as you can taste the the nutty flavor of those crushed peanuts on there he can taste a flavor of shrimp in there and you got those little pieces of tofu but it will be even improved with some seasoning I like to go kind of generous on the chili flakes maybe a little bit more all peanuts crushed peanuts perfect and then finally you cannot get away without squeezing on that lime that that's what really brings it together in my opinion and that's how it really makes it refreshing and that is that's all though I'm is a key component to hot type mix that around a little bit break into some of the noodles [Music] yeah with that seasoning and even better it's more spicy it's more sour it's more peanut evil and to garnish you've got chives as well as banana blossom it's very crisp very refreshing and a little bit oniony and this is something that's always served with papaya you can pull off the petals like this a banana flower yeah I knew I was expecting that but it's always kind of kind of shocking and kind of like there's some kind of like a SAP in there but it's always served at PUC I've I quite enjoy it and it's sort of like completely cleanses the mouth what I like about their pie pie because you can really taste the Mun Geun which is the shrimp the shrimp juices the shrimp head oil that's what makes it red and that's what gives cod ty a good pot dive some of its flavor [Applause] [Music] and now they have their own shop house restaurants so that's an amazing success story a great pad thai a place you got to check out when you come to up everybody's so five it's exactly 6 p.m.

Now and you can see that it's getting busier and busier around here street food carts are coming out people a lot of the vendors live around this area and so then they now and it's evening they just push their carts out sometimes they even cook in their house and then they bring the food out to this street to sell it so it's a whole market of street food of ingredients yeah there's you can choose from so many different dishes what are we gonna eat next [Music] [Music] something I really enjoy eating is called pumping my true and numb think is the type of chili sauce and then Baku is a mackerel and so as she does just look at this display some vegetables and she pounds everything up fresh [Laughter] it's all self-service you can choose your own vegetables and then you're charged by however many vegetable you takes that you get a basket just to look at how many vegetables she has and they're all like rubberband tide there's eggplant I don't know what this is in English but in Thai it's called loofah this is pretty good actually I'll take one of these a little bit of okra as well finally I'm going for some wheat beans and a couple of bitter melons toss in some bitter melons and then she'll bag it all up for us [Music] it's bad most people would get this for takeaway and then bring it home to eat because she has no tables and she she packs it all to go in a plastic bag but I am gonna stand right here and eat it immediately all right you got to undo the rubber band which can sometimes be a challenge in Thailand and then of course you've got that you've got that pocket of air the air pocket there's fire roasted chilies that she pounded up in there and then there's also roasted mushrooms that she added it in there as well okay I'm gonna first dip in a winged bean [Music] oh yeah you can like you can cake take some of that sauce up on your your vegetable of choice [Music] oh I love it it's a little bit fishy not only from the macro but also from the top a la that fermented fish sauce that she adds in there it's salty it's spicy it's smoky it's amazing and this number again also goes well with rice too that's nice and spicy oh yeah okay I'm gonna go in for the piece of lien file which is uh this has always been a very interesting vegetable it's kind of kind of floppy it kind of almost feels like you're touching a slimy fish I'm really not sure of the English name of this but I will try to look it up Oh Paul this is the perfect scooper that's such a unique it's a pod actually it's like slimy em and bitter and smoking and kind of kind of crisp all at the same time it's a lot going on that's delicious and I have a little bit more to take home and eat later it's almost like you're eating in the middle of a garden in a forest because there's just so many vegetable [Music] this time you don't need my balloon need your kind of hub of it why sure Michael my car don't need I mean am I sorta funny hope you Colombian cartel we weren't planning on even trying this but the lady right over here who sells right next to the lady who is pounding the numb thick and all the vegetables she is so fun and she's such a character and she was too much that she just ran into 7-eleven but anyway she sells cowboy right here and so she's so nice that we we she she persuaded us to order one of her chump who I which is grass jelly [Laughter] okay that's it happened she ran out of milk and had to run the 7-eleven which is conveniently right there right across the street and then she just filled me up she topped me up with milk so there's ice in here there's the buck jelly the grass jelly and this is sort of like a jelly ice refreshment oh I got a jelly stuck in the straw they're sinking down there where do you think I'll go okay there we go you got the crunchy ice it's like jello but a little more a little more sticky and then it has a pretty kind of neutral taste but it's kind of like it is kind of burning tasting even though it's black in color I like the texture of that jelly because it doesn't just melt in your mouth he has a little elasticity to it I think that the grass jelly itself is only a little sweet but most of the sweetness is coming from the milk okay very refreshing we met so many friendly people and there are so many Thai street foods that you can try along this road but also across pet booty road which is the main road there's another street that's also full of food and I used to go to a stall that serves really good stir-fried dishes and in Thai it's called Han thumbs sanguine and so I thought that I just want to go check it out see if they're there and we'll have one last dish there if they're open [Music] and this is pepperoni soy 10 it's kind of like the the sibling of pepperoni so I 5 also lots of restaurants lots of street food on this street as well we're walking over to the street food stall that serves stir-fried dishes but I just noticed a barbershop right here and well actually a long history there has to be like a dozen salons but I noticed the barber shop that's that's opened right there and as you might have noticed my my hair is getting kind of long I think I'm gonna take a little intermission in this Bangkok Street food tour this is the perfect time to get my hair cut because they're not too busy as well and as you can see my my hair is starting to get bushy okay I think he did a fantastic job and that cost 100 baht honestly I wasn't sure when I was gonna be able to get a haircut because we're going on a trip tomorrow and I didn't think I was gonna have time to cut my hair so that worked out perfectly okay let's go have one more plate of food [Music] this is the same stall that I used to eat at but before it was a little more lively it was a little more in-your-face it was like the stall was actually in the street they had a chimney going up there were tuk tuks and motorbikes passing at ferocious speeds I ordered up what is one of the greatest single plate street food dishes of all of Thai food and it's called Kapow Mook Rob Pat GUP how is the any any choice of meat you can choose any choice of meat and get it with stir-fried with basil I got Mook Rob which is crispy pork belly and then I also got a kite ow it's called a kite al on the side which is a fried egg and that is the most perfectly fried egg hole and you can see all the chilies in there the basil a little piece of the egg okay we'll save the yolk for the next bite a little piece of the egg a piece of the crispy pork belly a little bit everything in in one bite with some basil with some rice [Music] that right there is one of the greatest single high street food dishes you can order now it is time to add the necessary seasoning the cup just stuffed full of chilies and fish sauce anti it's called picnic bla and this is the ultimate seasoning ohoho all perfect just one more of course for good measure okay it is time now oh oh that's just a perfect an absolutely perfect yolk it's just runny to perfection oh it just instantly coats the rice stick up piece of pork belly on there stick a piece of basil on there and then with mix in with that chiles and fish sauce it's yoki it's porky there's basil there's rice look at that bite oh that is perfection that is the Taste of Thai Street food all in one bite my cup is as good as it gets that's it's just such a comforting dish and you asked many Thais what they would want to eat if they come back to Thailand after traveling for a long time you this is the dish you're gonna hear [Music] [Music] okay and that was a fantastic way to end this Thai Street food tour of pepperonis SOI 5 and and then finishing on SOI 10 just for a little bit this is a really good Street just to get an introduction to Thai Street food just to walk around it's a like I said it's a place that you can come you don't need to have any idea you can just point and choose to see whatever looks good and try it and thank you very much for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and also if you're not already subscribed click Subscribe now I'm going to be publishing lots more food and travel videos thanks again for watching good night from Bangkok and I will see you on the next video

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Street Food in Bangkok - Awesome PAD THAI and Instant Noodles on Petchaburi Soi 5!

Petchaburi Soi 5 is one of the best Bangkok street food streets!
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Petchaburi Soi 5 (เพชรบุรี ซอย 5) has long been one of my go-to street food streets in Bangkok. Starting in the evening at around 4 pm, the entire road starts to fill with street food carts selling all sorts of Thai dishes. You’ll find everything from rice and curry to soup noodles, snacks, and fresh fruits and vegetables. It had been a few years since I had explore Petchaburi Soi 5 (เพชรบุรี ซอย 5), so in this Thai street food tour I’m taking you with me to some of my old favorites, and some new spots. Enjoy!

Yam mama (ยำมาม่า) - 50 THB ($1.52) - This is the first dish I tried. MAMA are Thai instant noodles and this is a completely different way to eat them - in mixed salad form.

Khanom krok (ขนมครก) - 30 THB ($0.92) - Coconut griddle cakes are one of my favorites, they are crunchy on the outside and gooey in the center. Don’t miss this Thai street food snack.

Cha yen (ชาเย็น) - 25 THB ($0.76) per cup - Thai tea

Pad thai (ผัดไทย), Hoy tod (หอยทอด) - This was formerly a street food cart that now has their own permanent shophouse location. They make pretty decent Pad Thai and they hoy tod, which in this case in a mussels omelet, is pretty good as well.
Total price - 125 THB ($3.81)

Nam prik pla too (น้ำพริกปลาทู) - For something a little healthier, I’m a huge fan of nam pirk pla too, a pounded chili mackerel sauce that’s eaten with vegetables.
Total price - 70 THB ($2.14) for everything

Chao guay (เฉาก๋วย) - 25 THB ($0.76) - For dessert, I had grass jelly with ice. The owner was so friendly and happy.

Haircut - 100 THB ($3.05)

Pad kra prao moo krob kai dao (ผัดกระเพราหมูกรอบไข่ดาว) - Final meal of this Bangkok street food tour, I headed across the street to Petchaburi Soi 10 to seek out one of my old time favorites. The stall was still there, and they make a pretty good plate of Thai crispy pork belly fried with basil.
Price - 40 THB ($1.22)

Thank you for joining me on this Thai street food tour of Petchaburi Soi 5 (เพชรบุรี ซอย 5). It’s the type of street you can walk through and just choose whatever you like to eat.

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