Street Food In Bangkok – Best Halal Thai Dishes & Nightlife in Thailand

your host RHS from shapack TV is once again in front of you day two in Bangkok Thailand if you have seen my previous video then you must know that I'm on a trip in Thailand right now I'm roaming around on the streets of Bangkok this area is sukhumvit and I just came out of my hotel sukhumvit is the are where you will see many high rise buildings you can live here peacefully there are many touristic areas for living like Khalsa road and china town you will see a huge crowed right after you come out of the hotel it gets very hectic the buildings behind me are so tall the weather in Bangkok is kind of hot but still its good you don't sweat a lot while walking today I will do a full day food tour in Bangkok let me tell you that finding halal food in Thailand is very difficult difficult as to summit K2 glacier finding halal food here is very difficult because everyone here eats haram food today we will do hunting for halal food I'm very excited for Thailand I hope I can enjoy the halal food here I can't eat anything else here the weather is cloudy lets start our first food tour in Bangkok first spot is Usman Muslim Thai food let me tell you something about this its present in sukhumvit area you can easily find its location on google maps you have to turn into a small alley along the main road you will see a small but beautiful restaurant it also has an AC I requested them to place our table outside because the weather is nice ''Usman Muslim Thai food'' if you search on google to find halal food this is one of the top Muslim foods in Thai style now I will order some food I'm not sitting inside because the vibe is different when you are sitting outside the boys are sitting here they have already placed some chairs and a table there I have the owner with me Usman are you Usman? my name is Usman ok ok he's Usman nice meeting you Mr.

Usman ok and what's your specialty this one is special tong yang the tong yang is prawn soup with some mayo I think all in the World know yes from Thailand Tong yang great another another one is very famous mango with sticky rice many people from Bangladesh must know that we are from Pakistan you are from Pakistan yes there are many mangoes in Pakistan yes you can taste these mangoes and tell that the mangoes from Bangkok are also very good are you from Thailand yes lets raid ''Usman Muslim food'' kitchen hi hi hello hello sister This restaurant looks like a home kitchen what is this? beef with black pepper nice this is tong yang? tong yam soup tong yam kung its famous in Thailand famous in Thailand? yes I saw all the cooking process and it feels like I'm in a home kitchen of Bangkok this is a house the upper portion is their house and Mr.

And Mrs. Usman made the lower portion as their kitchen lower portion is their restaurant restaurant and kitchen are inside their house it literally feels like home there are two aunties who cook all the food the use the clothes drying clips as bill holding clips it takes them 5 minutes to cook one thing you will get your ordered main meal in 10 to 15 minutes my order is ready I will go down now thank you thank you our order is here first we have fried beef with black pepper tong yang kung papaya salad noodles a lot of waiting Usman Muslim food is here we had to wait because minister of finance of Brunei was here he was here that's why our order got a little late the were coming again and again to take our order but I didn't wanted to disturb them the most famous food in Thailand is tom yang kung its the most famous soup in Thailand it has large prawns and some mushrooms some other spices like red chilies then we have seafood noodles it has prawns in it and some salad this is beef in oyster sauce with rice here we have deep fried beef with black pepper they added a lot of spices in it soy sauce etc.

Then thy fried it with whole black peppers on a pan this is the most famous papaya salad if you search about Thailand papaya salad will always be included lets eat now coconut juice in a ball this is a coconut they carved it in a ball shape it has juice in it first I will eat tong yang soup I will have it with mushrooms and a huge prawn I think its tiger prawn its delicious it tastes like the lemon grass soup we had yesterday in Chinatown its not exactly like that but almost its sour with mushroom's I had it yesterday lets try the prawn now its so soft the shell came of so easily one I had yesterday was hard the prawn is hidden over here this is its head this part is a buttery texture I never tried this part but lets try now I will break it like this get the prawn lets have some soup look at its legs next I will try beef in oyster sauce its beef with onions and oyster sauce and white rice beef is very chewy it's not really tender you have to chew it a lot oyster sauce slightly tastes like soy sauce the white sticky white sticky are very plasticky its good seafood noodles most of the noodles here are glass noodles these are the regular noodles seafood is mixed in it its just prawns I think let's eat this with prawn it tastes sweet and sour its slightly sweet slightly sour it also has baby corn next I will try deep fried beef in black pepper its fried in vegetables for about 2 to 3 minutes on high flame these are black peppers after seeing these I'm wondering how do they turn black does anyone know how do they turn black? do they burn it or cook it to make it black? the black peppers are green should I eat it it tastes the same the beef is chewy I think tender beef isn't a trend here its very delicious with white sticky rice its vey oily because is deep fried with some taste of black peppers, vegetables and some other spices a salty vibe with taste of beef a proper taste of beef The weather is causing lighting problems it's very cloudy I think it will rain soon but I'm still enjoy this deep fried beef don't just stare, eat or else I will finish it we are heading to our next destination now the only issue I'm facing in Bangkok is that the grab or any service doesn't pick up on time it's supposed to take 10 minutes they reach there in 20 minutes I bargained with this taxi driver for 20 to 25 minutes he was asking for 300 and I was saying 150 then we settled on 200 right now I'm going to an amazing place bridges are not painted from the bottom just like our bridges is jay fai famous? Jay Fai is famous foods? Yes yes famous food is it in central Bangkok? yes it's in Washington Bangkok ok and how are you uncle? we are here after a long ride I came to eat here and this place is closed an aunty works here she is the queen of Bangkok she has written the taming of its opening and closing it will be opened after two days so I will come back here after two days then I will tell you about this in detail it won't be fun if I tell it now leave it I will tell you later she is very famous where should we go now? the temple is an option we should visit the temple at morning this time there won't be any tourist we will get bored what are the other options? I will search it on map I haven't thought about anything else good jb the aunty betrayed us so I thought to roam around the inner streets of Bangkok these houses are similar to the wooden houses in Kashmir these small streets and houses Bangkok has a lot of greenery there is a temple the aunty said keep quiet I have entered there local property they will capture me and torture me the temple is here I'm walking along a sewage water stream just like toilet water but without any jokes they don't smell bad I'm breathing normally and there is no bad smell do you smell anything bad? yes is my nose stuffed it stinks a little bit can you walk along sewage water stream in Pakistan? it stinks a little bit then jump into it no, no scene of swimming here we didn't find anything to eat today is a Governor election here so everything will be open at 7 PM almost everything is closed Bangkok is so quiet today they closed everything due to elections they even closed the drugs shops we are in a bar they are serving everything but we are here just for coffee we will show it to you that we are having just coffee they are serving everything I don't know about Umair what he will take I am joking there is 1 thing in this menu which is americano yuzu and tomorrow Umair already ordered yuzu from Starbucks he wanted something new it was not a good experience at Starbucks umair tried Starbucks for the 1st time he didn't liked it I said Starbucks is goof yuzu is bad I am ordering double chocolate cocoa notoda or chocolate mint caramel mojito or caramel latte? 1 hot caramel latte which one is good? chocolate mint or double chocolate? double chocolate this? okay 1 this cold and what do want? honey lemon soda 1 honey lemon soda caramel latte double chocolate how are you? all good? he gives a straw with hot coffee I ordered double Choco and they garnished it with a big slice of pineapple it taste like they put a little amount of chocolate in cold water check our love chocolate cold water just chocolate they saw our love he just picked out his straw he used his own straw that's why his nick name is fancy simple lemon soda what did you said earlier? they added a lot of lemon Hassan always disappoint after trying drinks in Thailand make a face like you made earlier that why they add so much lemon Thai food do you want to eat? no umair do you want to eat? this is my star also mine no, my star is Taurus we reached at Khao san road anyone who ever came Thailand or knows about Thailand after seeing they all will say why did you go to Khao san road Khao san road is basically a party street this is very renowned party street of the world the biggest party area of Thailand there are bars with boards at the both side of the street there is party everywhere Hassan is fully enjoying this I am confused that what is going on we are observing that how these people live there are only bars at both side and some street food stalls but all the stalls have haram food there is no proper vibe I though to show you guys how they make their food but there is no such vibe like that everyone is here just for doing party do you guys wants to eat? there are all the insects but there is nothing to eat on the road full of sins we find out a place which is called potato corner there is very loud music there is a place called potato corner what are they selling? fish potatoes it should be halal I need set 2 yes, this one this one this one fish and fries there is a live singing going on in front of us and here 8 empty tables and 3 of us because we are looking for halal food and khao san is a road full of sins there is nothing halal just for being at safe side we ordered 1 fish bucket which includes 3 fishes and fries we can't find anything else here just simple fish this is raw fish no, this is not raw they added some sweet type of sauce in it very delicious we are getting out of the Khao san road we went to a café and asked him to bring us simple coke he said we don't have coke, you can go he was trying to convince us to buy other drinks because drinks are expensive we ask him to give us non-alcoholic drink he rudely behaved with us that we don't have non-alcoholic drinks but then he serves us simple coke if you are Muslim and you don't do such things then you feel left out no one will give you importance here we are heading towards our next spot when we came out from Khao san road here are all the street food stalls at both sides but there is no tempting food here a very odd vibe of haram food there are so many street food stalls because khao san is a backpackers area so there are so many stalls and shops very cheap shops because all the hostels here are bag packers 6 different people stays in 1 room so its very cheap mostly stalls have fried chicken, fried chicken wings, BBQ etc they fry chicken in small pieces and then serve by putting on a stick a proper street food vibe its good for the people who eat both halal and haram we came from khao san by walking throw small streets what is the name of this hotel? nouvo city hotel this is 830 M away from Khao san road there is a sara restaurant inside of nouvo city hotel sara restaurant is a halal food restaurant we had our lunch at afternoon and now we will have our dinner because I though that I can have any halal food at khao san street but there are nothing halal and if you ask any haram stall about this is haram or not? and they say we don't know they become angry with this question because they knows that they are Muslim what is this? beef pad Thai when food comes, happiness also comes and when more food comes, then more happiness comes if you have seen my previous video then you know that I do research for about 1 month before my trip I got to know about sara restaurant during my research but I didn't had any plan to visit here today when we didn't find anything on khao san road then umair saw this restaurant on google when we reached here I saw my list and this place was included I added this in my list because they serve the best pad Thai halal in Bangkok pad Thai is thing with fried noodles egg, little bit of veggies you can get with prawns which is called goong Thai pad but I ordered beef Thai pad first I will try their pad Thai very delicious thing It feels like I am eating noodles with sweet flavor not extra sweet, but a balanced sweet like a sweet sauce with very slightly egg taste and with a crispy beef crispy oily beef its shape is like beef bacon very tasty pad Thai is a very tasty thing at lunch time the food was extra spicy we left two dishes from lunch's menu they said you should tell us to make you a less spicy food Thai food is basically very spicy we didn't ask them about pad Thai to make us less spicy but this is very sweet next I will try stir fried beef with red chilies and boiled rice the color of the beef look's like mild cooked beef with some sauce, green leaves and red chilies this meat is slightly tender from morning I tried all the meat but they didn't had any tenderness they left some chewiness in meat but this is slightly chewy with a sauce this is fried with re chili so red chili plays with flavors white rice are balancing the red chilies taste is so good I told them to make this one less spicy so this is mild spicy next thing is chicken cashewnuts it looks so saucy it has big pieces of chicken, cashews, red chilies, veggies, mushrooms mixture of all these things its taste is exact like Pakistani food all that Thai food which I tried here in Pakistan whenever I had Thai food I used to say that I don't know the taste because I've never been in Thailand today I had authentic Thai food it taste same as you eat Thai food in Pakistan exactly the same taste slightly difference the difference of spices else everything is same so I can say that you can fin authentic Thai food in Pakistan I liked pad Thai, I am trying cashewnuts stir fried beef is also good buts its a bit spicy I didn't eat red chili, I am safe everything is same the most common things which you can get in Pakistan are same and when you try the non common things then you realize the unique taste okay, good bye when visited khao san road it pinched me a little I've experienced this in turkey but in turkey we have some other Muslim fellows so you don't feel left out but here everyone was drinking alcohol I was thinking that how different people have their different aims in this world some only came to do party in this world I have seen some white mans with almost no clothes drinking alcohol, they are uncivil I was shocked that how Islam teaches us to be neat and clean how Islam teaches us to be in consciousness you get a different type of experience when you travel the world it was an amazing scene I was watching what's the purpose of their life and what's the purpose of my life do you guys want a massage? no what? no what about you Umair? no brother no what! no we should get the foot massage as we are tired what did he said? I said we should get the foot massage as we are tired what do you think I asked for any other massage uncle Bashir take us fast we don't have time how are you? me! how are you? vertigo yes keep quiet and follow the map what's you name? korn where you come from? Pakistan he is very jolly person the buttons of floor on lift we have to go 59th floor lift is going upward, floors are changing, the speed of lift is too fast how are you? this is vertigo's 59th floor we came here through lift we have to go upwards through stairs we have to go I more floor because we are going to 61st floor sixty-one floors! hello, how are you? upper than this 62nd floor we came only for this thing on 61st floor I don't have words after witnessing the actual Bangkok the Bangkok which I saw in pictures or movies lets show you as well this is the view for which we came to the top floor what are you feeling after seeing this? this is breath taking scene, a very beautiful scene we are taking drone shots with our eyes basically this is roof top bar so everyone here is came for party as they all wandering on khao san road but the rich people except us rich people came here for party and we tight our budget to came here for this view 350 for one? 2100 or 2200 PKR for one smoothie we tighten our budget as I told you smoothie of 61st floor, all the money is for view I don't know how it tastes this is mixed smoothie pineapple, mango, pomegranate and mint I don't understand the taste umair try new things wherever we go lets end this video with this beautiful scene of Bangkok this view was not in the plan we decided at the end to try something and then search about it lets end this video right here, if you enjoyed the video, do like, subscribe, comment do whatever you want remember me in your prayers do follow me on Instagram goodbye! the heart is not filling with this view only camera is getting off, we will enjoy here more

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Street Food In Bangkok - Best Halal Thai Dishes & Nightlife in Thailand

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