Street Food in Karachi – GOLDEN Chicken Biryani + HALEEM – Pakistani Street Food Tour of Karachi!

– Oh and there it is. The leg piece. Ho ho, look at that guys. We've got it all connected, with the testicle. – With testicle. – It's good?
– Good. – Tasty? Tasty. – Very tasty.
– Very tasty, awesome. And we're gonna put that
right over the flame, the wood flame's over here
with the Sajji chicken. – [Seller] Chicken.
– Chicken and the mutton? – Mutton.
– Beautiful. Okay, let's go. – Let's go, come on.
– Okay. Alright, check it out guys. This is Trevor James. We just got into the mega city of Karachi, sea-food city of Karachi, and today we're bringing you for the ultimate street-food adventure.

It's gonna be a lot of fun. Let's check it out. – [Narrator] Get ready for
the ultimate street-food and sea-food tour of Karachi, Pakistan, 'cause today we're bringing
you in extremely deep for six unbelievably unique
and life-changingly good street-foods that you're
gonna wanna fly-in directly to eat for. So, make sure to watch this entire video 'cause you can discover along with us exactly what makes Karachi one of the best street-food cities in the world. Let's eat. – And this is just amazing, exploring Karachi, guys. You can feel the history here, and right up here, is the most-famous biryani-joint in the
whole neighborhood here. Al-Rehman Biryani. Chicken biryani and you
can smell it in the air. Oh yeah, right here. Beautiful. Peace be upon you. – And unto you peace. – How are you? Al-Rehman Biryani? Oh yeah.

Oh, oh and here is a fresh pot. (laughs) Oh. Al-Rehman Biryani. Oh, it smells fantastic. Look at this guys. Oh, we've got super-fluffy basmati rice., and just infused with
tons of masala there. There's gonna be big chunks
of chicken on the bottom, too. Wow, and the turnover here is high. We've got 100s of people lined up outside all taking the Al-Rehman Biryani. Very nice? Tasty! – Tasty! Oh, and look at the colors here. Wow, you can really smell
cardamon and cinnamon in there, and you can see we're just
scaling it right here. It's going on the scale, we're weighing it and selling it one by one, throwing those potatoes in. And we're just serving
100s of these plates here. And we're gonna open a
fresh deck right behind us. Check this out.

Oh, right here. Ooh, look at that. Oh ho, amazing. This is it, right here. We've found biryani heaven,
and it just looks fantastic. Al-Rehman Biryani. – Al-Rehman Biryani.
– Al-Rehman Biryani. – Yes.
– Oh wow. Next level, spices
coming from these decks. As soon as you walk across this street, you get this huge wall of aroma. And it's all about the
potatoes and the chicken and just the scooping speed here. Coming right out of these
decks, these big pots.

(scooping) – And look at this triple layer
of biryani we've got here. This is amazing, so much biryani. How many decks do you sell per day here. – How many?
– How many? – Sixty.
– Sixty? – Yes.
– Sixty decks? – Yeah sixty.
– Sixty decks, ooh! Wow, sixty decks of biryani per day. Can I have one plate please. – Like this? – Yes, one plate like this. Oh this is amazing. Thank you brother. Oh ho, look at that.

The ultimate biryani here in Karachi. Thank you, thank you. And we're gonna go try it out, guys. This is just amazing. The Al-Rehman Biryani in Karachi. And we've got these big decks. Look at this. We've got two chicken legs,
we've got two potatoes. You can actually see the spice in there. Oh ho and look at that guys. Potato and chicken and sal and gravy, all in one bite. (busy street noises) – Mhm, oh, oh yes, wow.

That is so flavorful, mhm, oh yeah. Very nice, very nice, oh, wow. Whoa that is rich. You can really taste cloves, cinnamon. But the best part there
is the basmati rice. It's super fluffy, it's super fluffy, and full of flavor. Al-Rehman Biryani, the best. (laughs) – Amazing, that's next level biryani. Thank you very much. That was delicious. Amazing biryani, thank you. Thank you very much. Bye bye. You like that thing? Fantastic, and we're gonna keep going. Awesome guys, we have five more intensely delicious street
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in the description below. And next up, we're going
for Karachi style chicken and beef haleem.

Awesome guys, and next
up we're just driving through the bustling streets of Karachi on our hunt for more food. We're going to Burns Road, one of the most famous
food streets in Karachi. We're gonna go get delicious mutton, we're gonna go get haleem. It's gonna be a lot of fun. Let's check it out. And this is it guys. We are downtown Burns Road, and right across the
street is Karachi haleem. One of the most famous haleem joints in all of Karachi, right here. And we're gonna try it out. Here we are guys. Peace be upon you. How are you brother? Karachi Haleem. – Karachi. – And this is it. We're gonna go in the back to see, and we just got invited
in to the kitchen, guys. From the general manager
Al-Salem here at Karachi. Haleem, hi, peace be upon you. Nice to see you. So this is it, the haleem. So this is the prepared beef. Wow, oh wow.

(mumbles) – So it's a chili oil infused with masala. Oh yeah, look at that. Full of beef. (mumbles) – Oh that right there is a
Pakistani upgraded chili oil. – [Manager] After this,
around like 5 minutes, when it's prepared then we're gonna mix with a palsas and we
just grind the machine and you have your delicious haleem. – We're just adding in that masala right into that chili oil chicken. Kinda like a chicken korma. (mumbles) – Wow, oh and these are the palsas.

Look at that. That is thick. Palsa is wheat flower, so much in there. Oh and there it is. Wow, right in that chicken korma. That's fantastic. Okay, here we go. We're just gonna grind it up. (grinding) – Wow, look at that. That is so thick. Look at that, it's just got that thick consistency from the palsas and from all of the wheat and the flour.

That is energy right there. That'll feed an army. Thank you very much. Let's go try it out guys. And here we are guys. We've got the haleem from Karachi Haleem with Al-Salem, the manager here, and look at that, that is so beautiful. So we've got the beef. – Yes.
– And the chicken. – Chicken.
– Beautiful. And it's served with
all of these toppings. Look at that, so we've
got the fried onions. Is that mint? – This one is mint leaves.
– Pudina? – Pudina, yeah. We've got fried onions and
ginger, lemon, chilies. – And you can just add it all in? – Yeah add it all. – Look at those fried onions. To me this is the joy of life. Fried onions give it so much aroma, crispy, crunchy, and when you mix it in, it's fantastic. A little mint. And you can just scoop
in up with naan, right? Thank you uncle. Awesome, you've gotta
get that masala on there. And we can just break
this naan and go for it.

Wow, this is the chicken
haleem right there, and you can just scoop it up. Look at how thick it is. Cheers buddy. Mhm, oh wow, that is delicious. That is fantastic. There's that bright onion flavor, and with the lemon on top
and the chopped masala, with the naan, and you can just tell that the chicken its mixed
with has so many spices. Look at that, look at how thick it is. That is fantastic, thick
energy right there. – [Narrator] Next up, before going to the most insane Karachi
style seafood feast, we're going deep into the back alleyways of Karachi and finding a rare
tomato based brain takatak.

This is next level satisfaction. – And just look at these streets, guys. So much action going on here, and we've heard there's a delicious brain takatak just right up here, and it's gonna be full of tomatoes and masala and spice. And we're on the hunt for it now. Let's go see if we can find it. Peace be upon you. – And unto you peace.
– How're you? – Fine.
– How are you, bro? Look what we got here, guys. We've got the ultimate grilled chicken, but we came here for the brain takatak. It's just giant cubes of brain. Beef? Beef brain? (mumbles) – This is insane, and it
actually smells creamy. Wow. Oh ho ho, the brain? – Yeah the brain.
– The brain takatak. – Takatak.
– Oh wow.

This is crazy. And we're gonna watch
the whole process here. (clanging) Insane, and we're just
chopping through them, the beef brains. And there's just brain
juices splattering right now, hitting me in the face. This is amazing. – Tasty.
– Tasty. And we're just gonna put
a little water in there. Ho ho ho, warm it up. Oh and then the ginger and
the garlic just went in. Ginger garlic. – Yes. – Wow. Oh and there it is the tomato. (laughs) – Look at that. Oh and chili. – Yes chili.
– Oh beautiful. Look at that fresh green chilies, and we're just gonna add them right in. We're chopping them up and those are going to go into that tomato puree, right here. I've never seen a more
beautiful brain seen in my whole life. And as you walk down the street, you can just smell the kabobs grilling and the brain sizzling.

There's a lot of spice in here. Very nice, finished? Awesome, look at that, oh ho ho. (clanging) Wow, and we are with owner Ab-Dezad here of Jackson Barbecue, and
we got the beysha takatak. Look at that. Thank you Ab-Dezad. And you can just take this chapati? – Yes. – Oh look at that, and just dip it right into that brain takatak. And we witnessed the whole process, and you can just make it
into a little mini taco there and go for it. And that's that chapati
smells fantastic, smoky. (car drives by) – Mhm.
– Mhm. – Oh wow.
– Yes. – That is fantastic. Mhm, it's like an upgraded scrabbled eggs.

Look at that brain, so creamy, no odor, perfectly smooth, spicy from chili. You can taste cumin in there. And when you just cover it with the raja. Oh yeah, thank you Ab-Dezad. Thank you for having us. That is really nice brain takatak. – Thank you.
– Thank you. (laughs) – And Pakistan is the best.
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– The best. – The best, very nice. (speaks Arabic) – Awesome, thank you Ab-Dezad. Beautiful, see you. – Oh okay.
– Thank you, see ya next time.

Thank you, bye bye. – [Narrator] And next up, the next evening and before heading out for
the massive mutton leg piece grilled right over the fire, we're meeting up with our good buddy Ali who's taking us to the sea side for a huge Karachi style seafood
feast on the Arabian Sea. – Awesome guys, next up, we're
driving with Ali and Ting, we're going for a big
seafood feast on the seaside, and it's gonna be a lot of fun.

– Yeah, we're going to
Oxbie and as you see, coming to Karachi not
having seafood is a sin. And we're not going to commit that sin. – Let's go check it out. – Yeah (mumbles), I would
like to introduce you to my friends, we have Sheru
Zeer, Alleze, and Allam. – And we're gonna have a big seafood meal right on the beach. – [Ali] Yes, so Trevor, right
here we have the Arabian Sea.

– Oh ho, wow. – So I know you've been
craving sea for a while now. – This is beautiful. – We have Arabian Sea. It's so calm, it's so
majestic, and it's so peaceful. – [Trevor] Oh and look at
this, we've got lobster. Look at the color on that. So how are we preparing this? – [Ali] Basically, they're steaming it. They prepare it to the
steam with the masala. So putting in the masala.

– [Narrator] This was a true
Pakistani seafood feast. With the Pakistani
fisherman styled lobster, just being one of the many
sea foods we were offered. – This is amazing. Just cooking up the crab stomach. – Yeah.
– Your good name? – Harune.
– Harune? – Yes.
– Oh wow. And we're gonna load up
the crab stomach in there. And this is just one of many dishes. You can smell so many spices in here. Look at that scarlet
ginger turmeric chili. Oh wow, and we're gonna load
up the crab stomach in there.

And this is just one of many dishes we're gonna be having today. Look at this. We've got prawns, we've got
potato, and we got squid. Oh wow, all those crab stomachs. (laughs) (speaking Arabic)
(laughs) – [Trevor] That's the
pure heaven right there. Wow, that's the lobster. Oh beautiful. – [Narrator] And before we knew it, the entire, massive seafood
feast was ready to eat. – Now what you are looking at is the pride of the Arabian Sea. This is crab lollipop. – [Trevor] Crab lollipops in a masala. – [Host] In a masala. Authentic Pakistani masala. – [Trevor] Oh wow. – [Host] All the food
is cooked in Pakistani, pure Pakistani authentic masala. – [Trevor] This is incredible. – [Host] And this is
one of the red snapper, and we're gonna use tamarind sauce on it. – [Trevor] Oh, tamarind sauce. – [Host] This is all Pakistani
made by a lady named Rima. – [Trevor] Rima?
– [Host] Rima. She is very famous for it. – [Trevor] Tamarind sauce?
– [Host] Tamarind sauce. And everything is homemade. – [Trevor] So it's sour and spicy.

– [Host] Sour and spicy. Green onions, these are spring onions. You put it on top. – Awesome. – [Host] These are
lobsters, most of the time, you see lobster tongue and everything. This is made in authentic
Pakistani fisherman style. – [Trevor] Fisherman style?
– [Host] Yes. Again, the most of the
spices are very raw, specially picked with the local market. – [Trevor] And it's just
bursting with juices. – [Host] The other thing
which is very famous is this crab cutlet. This is also eaten with the chutney. – [Trevor] Oh and what's this? – [Host] This is prawn curry.
– [Trevor] Prawn curry. – [Host] Well again same
homemade sauces in it and look as masala. Nothing imported, all local. – [Trevor] And this is right on the beach. – [Host] Right on the beach. Fresh as ever. – [Trevor] Fresh as ever.
– [Host] Fresh as ever.

The grilled prawns, these
are all tiger prawns. – [Trevor] Tiger prawns? In a chili paste? – [Host] Chili paste. – [Trevor] From the Arabian
Sea right behind us. Oh and then the squid. – [Host] The squid, again
it's made Pakistani style. Amazing. – Try it out. Mhm, oh wow. – Oh that is amazing. You can taste cumin and masala. – Yes, there is some cumin in it. – [Trevor] Oh and next up
we can try this prawn curry. – [Host] Prawn curry with puri. – [Trevor] With puri. And you can just put
it right in that puri. Prawn curry right on the beach. Mhm, so good. – Which one with better,
the pop chicken or this one? – Or they're both fantastic.
– Both fantastic? – Hard to decide.
– Hard to decide. – Let us try lobster. You can have a whole tail. – [Trevor] Oh look at that. That is amazing and
what I'm loving here is the variety of the masala. Everything is slightly different. Some is richer, some is
spicier, some has more cumin.

Right there, that is the biggest chunk of lobster flesh, right
fresh from the ocean. – [All] Cheers. (moaning) – This is unreal. Just look at this full table. – [Narrator] This is one
of the best seafood meals you'll ever eat. After eating the incredibly
delicious red snapper with the sweet, sour,
and spicy tamarind sauce, we made our way back into town. And the next day, for
a mid-afternoon snack before going for a whole mutton leg piece with the testicle still attached. We're bringing you for more seafood, right on the street, Karachi style. – And this is just amazing, guys. We're going so deep today,
exploring the back alleys and right up here, there's
a famous fish takatak joint.

Right up here, we're
going to go try it out. Peace be upon you. Oh wow, What is this. – Our fish takatak.
– Fish takatak? – Fish takatak.
– Oh look at this. The fish takatak, wow. We've got the fried fish
here and it's going to go right on here and we're gonna takatak. (speaking Arabic) – Oh with the onion, the pyaz chutney. Beautiful, and oh yeah, here we go. We're just gonna throw that
fish onto this big tawa, big grill here. It's already fried and it's
covered in a rich batter.

We're loading it up with oil. Oh yeah, beautiful. Tasty, tasty. And there's the chutney, the onion, oh the coriander chutney, and
we're just gonna mix it up. Beautiful, oh ho ho. And that's the mint, the mint. We've got a mint chutney
and we've got an onion, oh and masala. Masala, that is beautiful. (laughs)
(clanging) – Very nice, peace be upon you. – And unto you peace. – This is just–
(clanging) – One of the street icons
of the world here, masala. And the masala just burns your lungs. Tasty, tasty. And this is Karachi, the city
of seafood and street food. Tasty, tasty, tasty takatak. Thank you. For me? Okay, thank you very much. And here we are, guys. We got the ultimate fish
takatak at Mashala Fish Takatak. Look at that, that is ground up soul fish.

Wow and it's just full
of chili, full of spices, full of masala, onions, and coriander. And it's served with this super intense, green chili mint chutney
and, of course, the chapati. So we're gonna make a taco out of that. You can just scoop it up,
oh, right off the grill. That is intense. Wow, look at that. And you can just pour the green
chili coriander mint chutney all over it. Oh yes, oh yes, this is it guys, Karachi. (moans) – Oh wow, oh that is spicy. That is definitely spicy. It's all about that green
chili coriander mint chutney. Oh, that'll burn your
mouth off, right there. Same consistency as mashed potatoes, but here super spicy
with green chili chutney. Thank you. – Thank you.
– Thank you very much. – Thank you Cha-Cha, see you next time. All right, bye bye. That was just fantastic guys, spicy upgraded with tons of masala, and we're gonna keep exploring. There's so much food here. – [Narrator] And to finish off the night, we're going for a full mutton leg piece. – And here it is guys, Amrare Mutton.

Peace be upon you. – And unto you peace. – How are you bro? Amrare Mutton? – Yes. – Wow, the mutton leg? We've got the whole leg with
the testicle still attached. Oh and there it is, the leg piece. Look at that guys, we've
got it all connected. Beautiful, okay let's go. – Let's go.
– Okay. Wow, looks good, tasty. This is a sight to see
in the street food world. The whole mutton leg right on the street, cooked with all the Sajji chicken, and we are gonna devour all of that delicious flesh. – [Narrator] This whole
leg piece took 2 hours to roast over the fire,
so we went for a walk. But when we came back,
the testicle was gone. As you can just see, that the meat, the flesh on that mutton
leg is looking so tender and just juices bursting. Looks very nice. And here we go, it's memorizing.

Look at that big bone. That is one of the joys of life, meat. And in Pakistan, oh
yes, this is next level. We're just gonna slide it off there. Wow, and we're gonna
squeeze some lime on it. Oh yeah, fantastic, and then here comes the real secret, the masala. Look at that masala. (laughs)
– Yes. And there it is, the Amrare Mutton. – The Amrare Mutton. – The Amrare Mutton whole leg piece. – Whole leg.
– Whole leg. Okay, let's go try it out. That is insane. Look at the size of that, coated in masala and sprinkled with lime. We've got the meat station in the back. Thank you, thank you, amazing. And we're just going to go right in and have a delicious bite. (moans) – Thank you so much, that is fantastic. Wow that is so fatty. Look at that flesh, it's just
full of fat on the inside.

So much fat in there. And that lime right there
just gives it so much joy, citrisy, little sharp. With that masala, you can taste the cumin. Fantastic. That is just pure caveman satisfaction. Make sure you guys go check out my buddy's Ali's Instagram in the description below. Also, go check out that link for It's an awesome offer. I use the product all the time, and I would also love
to know what you guys thought about the street
food tour of Karachi. It was a lot of fun. I would love to know what you thought, and thank you so much for watching..

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Street Food in Karachi - GOLDEN Chicken Biryani + HALEEM - Pakistani Street Food Tour of Karachi!

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Today, I'm (The Food Ranger, Trevor James) bringing you in DEEP into Karachi, Pakistan, for a FULL ON street food tour! We're tasting INCREDIBLE Golden Chicken Biryani, different from Golden Pulao, but still an amazingly delicious Pakistani food!

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Karachi is one of the oldest and most vibrant cities in the world and has one of the BEST street food scenes too! You need to travel to Pakistan to try the street food, especially the BIRYANI in Karachi!

Today, we're bringing you Foodrangin' for LOTS of TRADITIONAL and AUTHENTIC Pakistan Street Food - including the AMAZING GOLDEN Chicken Biryani at Al Rehman Biryani! We're also having brain takatak (katakat) and some incredible Pakistani seafood in Karachi too!

This is RARE and DELICIOUS, and worth traveling to Pakistan for! You have to taste this food at least once in your lifetime!

When you travel to Karachi, you will fall in love with the street food as soon as you arrive! Today, we're starting out with an UNSEEN Chicken biryani, where the masters prepare biryani for 100's of people every day! This is all prepared by local chefs in Karachi using PURE karachi style masalas!

It was found in downtown Karachi in an old area where there is street food everywhere! The basmati rice was the FLUFFIEST I've ever tasted and the potatoes were MASSIVE and soft!

After this, we're going DEEPER into Karachi to Burns road, where there are 1000's of street foods and stalls to visit! This is before we bring you to a MASSIVE Pakistani SEAFOOD feast on the beachside in Karachi, right on the Arabian sea!

Next up, we're going to a local Pakistan street food served right on the street side, the KARACHI HALEEM, found right on burns road! We got invited into the kitchen to see how the chefs prepare the haleem using their Pakistani recipes, it was absolutely amazing to watch it being prepared! There was so much chicken, masala, and pulses all being ground up to make the haleem! But this was just the beginning, after this we found the most INSANE Street Food in Pakistan!

After tasting the haleem at Karachi Haleem, it was evening time and needed some street food to try before going to our Pakistani seafood feast. We found ourselves in a local alley in Karachi and found the CRAZIEST BRAIN FRY (bheja fry) with tomato! It was full of masala, brain, and also tons of oil! To be honest, it was quite heavy for me, but maybe once in a whilie it's OK to eat!

After this, we're meeting with our buddy Ali and he is taking us to his friends Shehroze and Alizeh's seaside home for a HUGE Pakistani SEAFOOD feast right on the ARABIAN SEA! To me, this was some of the most unique food in Pakistan, especially being able to watch the cooking process of all the different seafoods! We had red snapper with a tamarind sauce, HUGE lobsters cooked in masala and ghee, crab claw LOLLIPOPS, calamari, shrimp curry, and more! It was SO TASTY!

After this, the next day, we made our way back into Karachi to visit the super famous Fish TAKATAK (katakat) at Mashalla Takatak! It uses sole fish and tons of masala, onions (piyaz), and coriander! It was amazing to watch the chopping and grilling of the fish in oil! Another famous seafood dish to try in Karachi! It was so UNIQUE!

And for our final meal, we went to taste a WHOLE LAMB leg roast over the fire!!! It was amazing to taste, and the cooking process took over 2 hours! As it was being prepared, we watched the master chefs sprinkle local masala over it and also sprinkle it with lime after it was done!

I hope you're enjoying this big Pakistani street food video series! Thanks so much for watching, I would love to hear from you down below!

There is much more street food in our Pakistani food videos series, get ready for the playlist of a lifetime!!


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