Street Food in Sri Lanka – ULTIMATE FOOD TOUR – Egg Hoppers + Kottu Roti in Colombo, Sri Lanka!

– Good morning, I hope
you're having an amazing day. It's Mark Wiens, I'm in Colombo, Sri Lanka which is an amazing city for food lovers. The spices, the curries, the techniques. Today we are gonna go on an ultimate Sri Lankan food tour of Colombo. We're gonna start on the
outskirts of the city, and then work our way into the center, into the busy market area. Eating street food along the way. I'm gonna share all the food with you in this video right now! (upbeat electro music) – [Mark] Good morning, Ruzaina! – [Ruzaina] Good morning! – [Mark] How are you? – [Ruzaina] Fine, thank you! – Were are we going first? – Okay, first we're going to the outskirts of Colombo City Limits. – [Mark] Okay. – [Ruzaina] So we're gonna start from breakfast street food, and
work our way into Colombo. – So we're on our way for breakfast first, we're starting in the morning, it's a beautiful morning. It's gonna be an amazing day.

(chill music) We drove for about 30 minutes outside of the center of the city. We're near to the parliament. It's kinda like a park:
breezy, tree-lined area. There's lakes around here, and there's a row of street food stalls that sell a variety of different curries, as well as a variety of different rotis. So this is where we're gonna begin, this is where we're gonna have breakfast. (food sizzles) Dal? (speaks in a foreign language) Okay, thank you! We got the godamba roti, which is the stuffed roti with the egg, and with that onion mixture inside.

And then he chops it up, he added on both a scoop
of the chicken curry sauce, and dal on top, and then some pol sambol which is the coconut, shredded coconut, which is one of my favorite
Sri Lankan condiments, that's what it is, it's a condiment. It's just like oozy, it's
hot, it's freshly cooked. Everything is fresh. You can see the egg just
sprouting out of there. You can feel how that
dough, from the roti, is kind of like gooey,
and kinda like saturated with that curry sauce already. – Ready? – [Both] Cheers! – Mmm! Ohhh! Oh that is delicious! The chicken curry sauce,
the dal is like starchy. – [Ruzaina] Yeah. – [Mark] And then the Roti is like swollen with the curry sauce, it's like– – [Ruzaina] Yeah because it's absorbed, it's absorbed all that curry, so it's like full of flavor.

– Uh huh? – [Ruzaina] Awesome, awesome! – Oh yeah! That's like very warming, pretty filling because it's dough like
soaked up with sauce, and like it's exactly
what you wanna be eating for breakfast in Sri Lanka. Mmm. And the onions in there, the eggs stuffed within that roti, that's
what makes it good too. – [Ruzaina] We don't really
make tea like this anymore – [Mark] Ah, okay, whoa. – [Ruzaina] This is like the proper, like you know artisan tea. Yeah, real tea. – [Mark] Proper ginger, too! – [Ruzaina] Yeah, it's proper ginger. – Ah, that's awesome! Oh, the ginger, the ginger! Oh that's wonderful, that's wonderful. The black tea, you taste the ginger going down your throat a little bit.

But what's awesome is
it's not powered ginger, it's not dried ginger,
that's fresh ginger. That's like ginger juice in there! You even chew on little chunks of ginger. That is wonderful. – [Ruzaina] It really
does help your digest – In one bite, I wanna- – Yeah, it'll help your digest as well. – I wanna get all that ginger. Okay, swirl it around. Mmm, mmm hmm, that's a mouthful of ginger. That was wonderful, delicious breakfast. Great way to start this
Sri Lankan food tour. We're moving on to the next place. (upbeat music) – [Shop Keeper] Hello, hello! – Good thank you, how are you? Oh yeah! So actually the day that
we made this food tour, the street food, the
Colombo street food tour, this restaurant was closed. So we had to come back the next day.

But this is a spot that Ruzaina said we could not miss, right? – No, no, not in this area. – [Mark] In this area this is
one of your favorite spots? And what are we gonna eat here? – [Ruzaina] Uh, what do you want? There's an array of stuff – Definitely everything. – You want the beef as well? – Sure. How are you? – Hi, I'm good, fine. – Good good, you like the food here? – Yes. – Great, we got here at the right time. The food is fresh, it smells so good. You walk inside and you smell the aroma, like filling the humidity of the air. – [Ruzaina] Okay, it's pumpkin. – So this is one of those restaurants where they have everything
in the cabinet display, and it's such an incredibly
hard chose what to order. So we just decided not
to make that choice, and just to get everything
they have available. So they dished us out, they were nice to dish us out little portions of everything.

We put chili all over it. There's coconut, is that a sambol? – Yeah, that is a coconut sambol. And there's the onions sambol. – [Mark] Oh nice! – [Ruzaina] This is the salted fish – [Mark] Oh that's salted fish with– – [Ruzaina] With capsicum
and onions and tomatoes, it's like a caramel, a
caramel ala thel dala. – [Mark] The salted fish. Scoop some of that salted
fish with that chili capsicum. Oh that looks good. Some pumpkin. It's a pumpkin curry? – [Ruzaina] Yes, it's pumpkin. – [Mark] Have a little bit of that.

Nice, yes the coconut sambol. Alright, I think that's
good to begin with. He just brought us over some fried– – [Ruzaina] Poppadoms and chilies. – [Mark] Poppadoms and chilies. that is a necessary addition. – [Ruzaina] It is a must. – Alright, I think I'm gonna begin with that salted fish. Mix it in with the rice. Mmm mmm. Oh yeah. Oh wow that's good! Okay, the salted fish,
such a depth of like salty flavor. And the chilies, kinda crisp, kinda like just flavorful,
like almost citrusy tasting. This one is the pumpkin curry. Oh and you can see just how the sauce is like made up of pumpkin, it's kinda like disintegrated into it. I'm gonna re-pumpkin. Actually the entire sauce
is just liquid pumpkin. (laughter) – Good right? – There's coconut milk in it too, right? Oh wow, oh that's insane! – Yeah. – That's like liquid pumpkin
with liquid coconut milk. The richness of it, the
like creaminess of it.

– So much flavor and it's so good! Cheers! – Cheers! Oh, just completely crispy. Not really spicy, but really fragrant. Sri Lankan fired chicken. And what's the batter, is
there spices in it, it there–? – [Ruzaina] Yeah, they cook
it in like a gravy sauce. – Okay. Get my first time, my first time for Sri Lankan fried chicken. – Yep! – Mmm, yeah. It is good. It's got a light spice, but really crispy. And then this fried
chicken is always good. – [Ruzaina] Aha, yeah. – [Mark] It's kinda like dehydrated, you see the chilies on there, you see the curry leaves again, you see
the onions and the tomato. Oh it's good. Kinda gotta like chew with the grain. It is a little bit tough. But because it's such a huge chunk, you've kinda gotta like, you wanna like nibble off
little bites at a time.

– [Ruzaina] Sorry. – No it's okay. And then dal just to like wrap it all up. Onions sambol. It's like a creamy dressing. Oh it's amazing, yeah. It's wonderful. – They make it sometimes
with coconut milk, and sometimes with curd. (speaks in a foreign language) – Thank you very much. The restaurant is called Milano Hotel. Amazing food, the mix of dishes. That salted fish, what else was, yeah, everything was just good.

That's just a classic
rice throw down meal. Yeah, and those are some
like, yeah, hearty portions of delicious Sri Lankan food. Alright. (upbeat music) It would not be a complete Sri Lankan street food tour of Colombo
without eating egg hoppers. And egg hoppers, it's
one of my favorite, like, snacks in Sri Lanka. It all begins with a
batter that's made from rice flour and coconut milk. And it has this like runny texture. As soon as the rounded pans are hot, he scoops in a ladle of the batter into the rounded pans,
and it's all about that flick of the wrist. Because the key of
hoppers is to have it be, the batter be thin around the edges, but be thicker on the bottom. You can either order plain
hoppers or an egg hopper. If you order the egg he
drops in an egg immediately, he waits 'til it's cooked and then one version he makes, he like whips up the yolks, so that pops the yolks so that it's like a
scrambled egg in the middle.

And then one version he
makes with the entire yolk still in place, so you
get to pop it on your own. I got the two different
versions of the egg hoppers, one with the yolk still in. It's just like an entire
fried egg in the middle of a circular concave, it's like an edible bowl. It's like a contact lens,
of an edible contact lens. Roll it up, the sauce
is all on the inside.

It's already starting to
drip and that's before the yolk is even popped. – Mmm. – Mmm. Oh yeah! Oh that's awesome. – Yeah. – The sauce is incredible. Really what I love so much about hoppers is the dual textures, the crispy edges, the like
spongy soft bottom center. And I don't even think
I've hit that yolk yet. – [Ruzaina] No, you haven't, you haven't. – I need to take another bite. – Mmm, mmm. – Mmm, mmm. Oh yeah. I think I got that
entire yolk in one bite. It's actually dripping down my arm. (laughter) – One more re-saucing and I think I can finish it all in one bite. I think that's a one-biter now. This could be a messy bite. Mmm hmm. And that right there is one of the best Sri Lankan snacks you could ever have. That is exactly what
you want to be eating. Nice to meet you. When you have an afternoon
snack in Sri Lanka. Yeah, it's so tasty, it's
so good, it's so like.

It's so simple but all
about that experience, that flick of the wrist to
swirl the batter perfectly so that the textures are correct. (upbeat music) We drove over to an area, a big section of Colombo called Pettah. This is a market area,
it's one of the busiest, business districts of Colombo. The railroad station is here. It's really like the
heart, the beating center of Colombo. And so we're gonna walk around here, we're gonna eat a lot of food, and just explore.

(trucks beep) – It's called achcharu and it's a mix, he has a mixture of different fruits which are all marinated in chilies. You can see the black pepper, you can see the sugar sprinkled on it. I'm sure there's salt. But it's a mix of different marinades. Typically he would dish you a container and you would just kinda
take it away as a snack. But he's so nice and
friendly, he's just gonna dish us some from the spoon just to get some taste tests. And this is like pineapple, you can see the black
peppers, is that black pepper? – Yeah, this is black crushed pepper. – Black crushed pepper. – And chili and salt and sugar (laughter) – Oh yeah. It's salty, it's sweet from the pineapple. I'm getting some black pepper. – [Ruzaina] Some amberalla. – [Mark] Amberalla, okay. Cheers! – [Ruzaina] Cheers! – Mmm.

To me it sort tastes like a green mango. It has that crispness to
it, it has that sourness. The black pepper's awesome, you've gotta try black
pepper on your fruit. This one is Sri Lankan olive, and this on has a totally
different sauce on it, it's more of like a paste on it, rather than just that black pepper rub. Mmm. In a way it's more sweet,
like the olive you can taste is kinda like creamy, a little bit tart. It more like has like a sugary sweet and sour taste to it. That's good too. But the one that I really wanna try is the wood apple. – [Ruzaina] Yeah. – Wood apple is like one of the national fruits of Sri Lanka. You said it's a green wood apple? – [Ruzina] No it's a raw wood apple.

– Mmm. Oh wow! Oh that's awesome. It's sour, it's kinda like chalky, like it makes your mouth dry a little bit. But at the same time it
makes your mouth like juicy. It is addictive. Is this apple? I think our of all the achcharu marinade, I like the black pepper marinade. Somehow, like, the black
pepper really goes well with the sweetness and juiciness of the fruit. Thank you. This place is called
Bombay Sweetmeat Mart. Uh, and, oh yeah, check this out. And they specialize, well they have a number of different things but especially their faluda. And faluda is of Persian origin but you'll find it across Asia. It's in different formations,
in different variations. We're gonna try the Sri
Lankan version of faluda. You've gotta stir it up? – Yeah. It's rose syrup. – [Mark] Rose syrup, okay – [Ruzaina] Milk, vermicelli, sometimes they put jelly
in it and basil seeds. – And you can see those little basil seed, the vermicelli floating around. Oh yeah, you really taste that floral rose flavor to it. It's sweet, it's kinda like candy tasting. But then you've got a
lot of textures going on, you've got that liquid, you've got the noodles
which are sort of gummy, and you've got the basil seeds which have a little bit like a, they're
kinda like chia seeds, they have that little snap to them in your teeth as you're kinda
like grinding your teeth.

You just kinda slurp up
those vermicelli noodles, they just kinda slide right down. Okay and then we've also
got some chicken samosas. Oh yeah, oh chicken samosas are nice. There's chicken, there's
lots of onions in there, lots of onions. We're getting to one
of the market sections, you can smell the dried
fish, there's dried shrimp. There's all sorts of
spices, there's turmeric, there's coriander seed and cumin. The aromas are wonderful. Immediately step under the
cover and your nostrils just fill with the aroma of dried fish.

Dried fish being a very
essential ingredient and flavor in Sri Lankan cuisine. But there's vegetables, there's chilies, there's tomatoes, there's cucumbers, there's brinjal eggplant. There are fruits like mangosteen, you see pumpkin, you see cabbage. And then all the dry spices. This is where just in a few seconds you can just get a slight sense of the different ingredients
used in Sri Lankan cooking. Oh yeah! – Not yet but I'm ready to. What's up, my man? – [Mark] What's up, my man? How are you? – He's been eating – I've already got some peanuts. – [Mark] Ramen beast! – Let's get it! (laughter) – And we're gonna go
eat some more food now. – [Abram] We good? – Yeah, we good, yeah? Okay, we decided to jump into a– How are you guys back there? – [All] Wooo! – Ready to get aggressive. (laughter) – We're on our way to go eat. Is it fried baba? – Fried intestines. – Oh, okay, fried intestines. – [Abram] The good stuff. (upbeat music) (rickshaw beeps) – Yeah, everyone knows it, it's like the deep street food, you know.

– Oh right. – [Ruzaina] If you wanna
have something unique you've gotta come here. – The streets are just
lined with rickshaws. You can smell the deep
friedness in the air. (speak in a foreign language) It's self-service? [Ruzaina] No, you can ask them, see? – [Mark] I wanna get one
that's like honeycomb tripe. – [Ruzaina] Do you want it cut or do you want it with chunks in it? – How do they eat it? – They cut it.

– Yeah let's cut it, yeah
sure, cut it thank you. So we found, we found the
shop with the intestines, were they also have mixed tripe in there. And they have a whole can of chicken necks which looks like they're
cooked in a chili paste. So we're gonna get a
few samplers plattered. (speak in foreign language) – [Abram] Listen, I'm gonna
get a bottle of water, okay? – [Mark] That looks awesome. – [Abram] That's intestine. – [Mark] That's intestine, yeah – [Abram] There we go. – [Mark] Oh, he's got a scooper. – [Abram] That definitely
looks like intestine, what I have. – [Mark] Yeah, this is intestine. – [Ruzaina] It's opened up. – [Mark] Yeah, it's like,
this one is an intestine. – [Abram] Alright guys. Woooo, cheers! – [Mark] Cheers! Oh yeah! Oh that's flavorful! – Good, yeah? – It's really good. I like that it's not like, it's not sweet, it's just chili flavor. – Mika likes it! – And salty. – It's like bubblegum. – This is just so new to you, right? – It's like meat bubblegum. (laughter) It's good, it's good.

– [Mark] Maybe mine
wasn't as chewy as yours. – [Ruzaina] No yeah,
yours was a bit stickier. – [Mark] Alright, next. I'm ready for the next one. So this is the stomach of a cow. – [Ruzaina] Yes. – [All] Cheers! – Mmm. – Oh yeah. – Ooh, I like this one,
I like this one better. As you chew down like that, the like chili oil jucies out of it. – [Mark] It's also the
tripe but it might even be a different part of the stomach. – Here we go! – Next bite. Oh yeah. It's a totally different flavor, it's almost like milky. Milky, chewy, fatty, yeah definitely. I think Mika was already
sucking on one of the necks. – [Abram] That might be Mika's. – [Mark] Okay I'll take Mika's. Next piece is the chicken
necks which are just, he just kinda chopped them in half. – Just a regular Sunday afternoon. (laughter) – Chicken necks. Oh yeah.

You can eat the bone. – Oh yeah! That's good meat, that's like good meat. – The calcium in the
bones, you've kinda gotta kinda gotta crunch them
and chew them up well, but you can eat the whole bone and all. – First time I've done this. – Eat the full neck and all. It has a lot of texture to it. A lot of boney texture to it. – It's like nankotsu, like you know nankotsu,
like the cartilage. – Oh! – Like fried chicken cartilage. – Yeah yeah yeah, they
do it in Thailand too. The chicken necks are
actually on of the best pieces because they're not quite as salty, and it has more of like a
well-balanced chili paste on it. The intestines though, and
the tripe are also excellent. I just got two of them. – [Abram] Sweet! Desert? – Desert, guys! Cookies, cookies! I wanted to try dal vada which is a, it's like a dal/lentil fritter.

A dal/lentil patty. Oh wow, that is like
fried to a complete crisp. You taste the onions, you taste the like starchiness of the lentils. – Mmm – [Mark] That is crispy. – Oh yeah. Super crunchy, and it has like that crust. – Yeah. Thank you very much, very
good very good, thank you. So much texture, so much flavor, amazing. We're gonna try to find one more dish here before we proceed on.

Hey how are you? – I am one of your followers. – Thank you very much! Ooh, that looks incredible. Wow, they're double staking. We're stopping at the next restaurant just up the street to
eat some more curries, but just one dish in particular. We came here to specifically
eat the brain curry, which they are known for. But they have a bunch of different dishes. And immediately what you
notice the difference is, it's like a green curry sauce, in color, and there's lemongrass on it. They look like cauliflower almost. But I can guarantee you they are way creamier than cauliflower. Are we doing fingers? – [Ruzaina] The whole
thing, no, the whole thing. – [Mark] The whole thing? – [Ruzaina] The whole thing, yeah! – [Mark] Oh you're gonna
roll it around, yeah? Yeah, yeah, roll it around! – [Ruzaina] Okay I'm gonna break it, I can't eat, I don't think
I can open my mouth so big.

(laughter) – I hope I can fit this, I'm gonna try. Cheers! – Cheers! – Brains up! Wow. – That is a lot of cream
in my mouth at one time. It's definitely way too
much brain in one bite, like the creaminess just
almost overwhelmed me. It's like, it really is like
the texture of panna cotta. It's so creamy, it's so, almost fluffy. The flavor of that curry
is actually very mild, you don't really taste a lot of spice other than the brain itself. People should not normally
try that all in one bite, but it was a lot of fun.

– It was a good dessert after the necks, and the tripe to end on
some creamy brain dessert. I feel pretty good. – [Abram] That's a lot of cream, baby! – That's a lot of cream
in your mouth at one time. Yeah! Nice to meet you! – Yeah, nice to meet you! Bye! – We are on our way to Galle Face to eat some of the most iconic street food in Sri Lanka in Colombo. And we'll be right along the beach, it's getting to be sunset. It's gonna be a beautiful setting to breeze the ocean for street food. Welcome to Galle Face, this is probably the most iconic area, gathering place, just like part of Colombo.

It's right along the ocean, there's tons of development in this area. It's a huge open space
where people gather, where people fly kites,
there's street food. It has just like a, it's like a park, it's like a gathering space. It's a, just a positive
all-round fun place to be. We're gonna try some
of the street food here which is gonna end this
ultimate street food tour of Colombo, and then just yeah. The water is beautiful
here too, I love it.

Crab and shrimp. (speaks in a foreign language) Oh you eat the shell too? – [Ruzaina] Yes. – [Mark] Oh it's all deep-fried so– (speaks in a foreign language) – [Ruzaina] The soft-shell crabs are. – [Mark] Oh, okay. And then the shrimp too? (speaks in a foreign language) – [Ruzaina] You wanna try this one? – [Mark] Especially in the evening, right? Set up along the ocean front you will find a number of street food stalls, all serving these like
orange, crunchy looking snacks with shrimp embedded into them, as well as crabs. – [Ruzaina] Yeah. – [Mark] What is this? – [Ruzaina] Isso verde it's the most iconic thing
that you'll ever have in Sri Lanka, it's unique to Sri Lanka, and if you come to Sri
Lanka and Colombo especially and you don't have isso vade, you haven't completed a Sri Lankan tour, or Sri Lankan visit, trust me on that. – [Mark] Awesome. And so Galle Face is the place to eat it. Or can you eat it all
over Colombo or anywhere– – [Ruzaina] No, Galle Face
is the place to have it.

The one and only. – So this is the place you have to come, it's called isso vade and yeah. I came when I visited
Colombo back in 2010. I remember coming to Galle
Face, I remember trying this. I had no idea exactly what I was doing, but I remember it was
good, it was crunchy. I'm happy to be back again,
now to try some more.

– I remember watching you back in 2010 eating this and putting this in the map, so thank you and thanks for coming back. – Awesome, I'm happy to be here. And we just, we're gonna
order some right now. Galle Face sauce. – I call it the Galle Face sauce. – The Galle Face sauce,
you only find it at again at Galle Face, you've gotta
come to Galle Face to eat it and then top it with a handful of onions, and like cabbage mixture.

What type of batter is on the bottom? – [Ruzaina] This is chickpea flour. – Mmm, mmm. Oh wow, oh it's awesome. Yes! I remember that flavor. It's really crispy, slightly
like gooey on the inside. – [Ruzaina] Soft center, crispy prawn. – And what's good about
the prawn is that you, the shell is on so that gives it even more of like a vibrant prawn flavor. The sauce is slightly
acidic, the lime juice, and then just with those onions.

It's just like the perfect
beach-side, ocean-front snack. You taste a little bit of
spice in the back base too, a little bit of a cumin-y flavor. – [Ruzaina] Same base but with crab. – It's the crab version, and it's like a, it's an entire crab, it looks
like a Blue Swimmer crab, an ocean crab, yeah? And again when you order
it, he adds on the sauce, the Galle Face sauce and tops it with a handful of onions, garnishing it. Yum! Oh be careful of the crows
or they'll come to attack. Ohh they got it. – [Ruzaina] They got it! – Oh well. (laughter) Oh wow, we were vlogging
and not paying attention. The crow has got our snack. – [Ruzaina] Last patty. – You've got again that
crunchy chickpea layer batter on the bottom.

But then you like bite
into the body of that crab, it's like juicy, you get like this, and you get like this again the like extra pungent crab flavor because
you eat the shell and all. The shell has so much flavor. Wow. Oh yeah. You can chew through the entire claw, but it is like bone-crispy almost. – Mixed kottu and seafood
kottu, beef kottu, chicken kottu – [Mark] What do you recommend? – Uh, mixed kottu. – Here is one more thing we need to eat to complete this Sri Lankan food tour. (food sizzles) Okay, so kottu roti, it
is one of the most iconic foods to eat in Sri Lanka. And then he takes the
iconic double hand spatulas and kind a like works that
up in a rhythmic fashion, kinda chopping and mixing and
stirring all at the same time.

The seafood is then mixed and combined, everything goes together. You can smell the aroma, the curry leaves are just vibrant in there, it's just like an all-in-one fried bread, meat and sauce and chili and pepper and spices all just soaked up into the roti. And it's yeah, it's something
you don't wanna miss when you're in Sri Lanka. Oh yeah, oh yeah. It's salty, you taste the curry sauce, you taste the curry leaves.

But to be honest, it's a
little too salty for me. The great thing about kottu roti is how they chop and stir everything. It's just like soaked
into that roti bread. That's pretty salty, but pretty addictive. I think this is an entire liver here. An entire chicken liver
in that bite, oh yeah. Okay so we have come to the end of this Sri Lankan street food tour of Colombo. It's been an amazing day, we've
eaten some incredible food. Normally I do a street
food tour all in one day, everything is in one day,
from place to place to place. Today we did it in two days in this video because a lot of things were shut, it was a holiday when we started. So we spread it out between two days, but the food we've eaten
has been delicious. Met incredibly friendly people, and it was an amazing time
to hang out with Ruzaina. She is The Minority Taste,
she loves Sri Lanka, she loves Sri Lankan foods, she's knowledgeable about Sri Lankan food.

And I will have all her
links in the description box, check them out below. And just look at that sunset right now, it's beautiful. (waves crash) Also I'll have all the information in the description box below, all the food we ate. You can check that all out below. And I wanna say a big thank
you for watching this video. Please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you. And if you're not already subscribed, click subscribe and also
click the little bell icon so that you get notified of
the next video that I publish. Good evening, good night from Colombo! Thank you again for watching and I will see you on the next video..

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COLOMBO, SRI LANKA - We went on an ultimate Sri Lankan street food tour of Colombo, starting from the outskirts of the city and working our way into the market, and all the way to the Galle Face coast. Colombo is a fantastic city, vibrant, and calm and relaxing all the at the same time, and an array of delicious food.

Breakfast roti - We started in the morning for a classic Sri Lankan food breakfast, roti, stuffed with egg, chopped up and topped with curry sauce and dall. It was delicious, especially followed with ginger tea. Total price - 200 LKR ($1.12)

Milano Hotel (Restaurant) - For lunch, Ruzaina and I went to eat at one of her favorite Sri Lankan local restaurants serving a mix of rice and curry. Highly recommended. Total price - 760 LKR ($4.24)

New Paris Hotel - One of my favorite Sri Lankan foods is hoppers, and more specifically egg hoppers - a combinations of rice flour batter and coconut milk, fried in a rounded skillet and topped with an egg. Egg hoppers - 40 LKR ($0.22) each

Pettah - We continued this Sri Lankan street food tour to Pettah, a busy business district of Colombo. We met up with Abram: to do some more eating.

Fruit - 100 LKR ($0.56) - First we stopped to eat some pickled and candied fruit. I especially liked the black pepper rub on some of the fruit like the pineapple.

Bombay Sweetmeat Mart - One of the popular local Sri Lankan things to eat in Pettah is faluda and samosas. Pretty good, but I’m not huge on faluda. Total price - 320 LKR ($1.79)

Intestines and chicken necks - 390 LKR ($2.18) - Next we stopped to eat intestines and tripe, and chicken necks. All of it was pretty tasty, my kind of snack.

Brains - 660 LKR ($3.68) - Next up on this Sri Lankan street food tour, we had a huge bite of brains, all of us.

Galle Face - Finally, to end this Sri Lankan food tour, we headed to the most iconic area of Colombo - Galle Face. In the evening you’ll find food vendors setting up, selling snacks and quick meals. Isso Vadai - 200 LKR ($1.12) - are fried little fritters of shrimp and crab, and it’s something you’ve got to try. I ended with special kottu roti - 600 LKR ($3.35).

It was a great time of eating Sri Lankan food. Special thank you to Ruzaina for taking me around:

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