here is 1 food menu that looks delicious, steamed with bamboo, the price is 25 Thailand Bath now there is Coconut cream cake, we tried this while on vacation to Suratthani city, it's really good, guys, people who come to the floating market in Hatyai will generally buy unique drinks this is where the drink is in bamboo, with the straw there is an orchid flower decoration, really cute, right? the price is 30 Thai bath For the choice of drinks there is Thai tea, there is also coconut water and orange juice Missing Thai food? Let's get nostalgic first in our video while hunting for unique and delicious food at this floating market in the city of Hatyai.

Halal and cheap culinary paradise in Thailand our next destination is to Khlong Hae floating market in hat Yai we took a grab car the price was from the city center around 159 Thailand Bath actually from the city center we could take this tuk tuk, but unfortunately we don't know for sure. So we just played a simple game (choose a message Ride grab car) our grab car driver said that Ride grab couldn't enter, so we stopped at the main door if you go to Thailand for sure you'll find this stuffed pancake roll and crispy pancake, that's really unique in all of them There's a Thai city that sells it. Now, when we arrive at the Floating Market, we can see the sellers are starting to arrive.

This floating market in Hatyai is open around one o'clock in the afternoon . We only arrived at around 3 p.m., below we can see that there are some new sellers who have just arrived. so the seller uses dairy, then we can buy food there. So this floating market is only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, yes, the facilities are quite complete, where there is a public toilet, there is an information section and this is the gate here, there are regulations that are not allowed to give food for dogs and cats (wild) Now here is the directory board and if we see the sellers are quite organized and neat on the boat and they also prepare a place to eat in this area if for pedestrians you can go straight through the stairs if you come with a wheelchair or bring the child with this stroller there is provided there is a ramp, the best time is here from sunset to night when the heat is not too hot but because our time is limited because we are chasing the time to take the intercity train later at 5:30 pm, so we come at 3 pm here there are several places to eat, one of which is under this bridge there is also a place to eat under the tent this is a lot of interesting menu here to see the name of the menu and the price can be seen on the board on the boat the seller is on the boat and we can directly negotiate here there is mango pulp which is generally easy to find in various places and this is one of the typical culinary here the visitors who come In general, hatyai floating market will buy this drink.

The unique thing is that the glass is made of bamboo, and the straw is decorated with orchids. So funny right? the price is 30 Thai bath drinks that you can twist, namely thai tea, coconut ice and orange ice, this is one of the typical cuisines here, the drink glass is made of bamboo, now there is Coconut cream cake, we used to try this in Suratthani city , the price is really good, guys 20 thailand bath time to buy this coconut cream cake , the cake is similar to pancong cake in Indonesia, but the taste of the coconut is much richer and the texture of the dough is softer, the price is 20 Thai bath, the transaction is unique, pay like this, pad thai here costs 40 Thai bath if you have change, Included in a basket like this , there is also 1 interesting food menu where the cooking is steamed in bamboo, the price is 25 Thailand bath.

This menu is Thai otak-otak cooked steamed with bamboo if we look at the red otak-otak, similar to Malaysian otak-otak. If the Indonesian otak-otak are generally white, there are also pancakes, the price is 20. Thailand Bath. There is a menu of dried fish mow. Here, we can see the halal logo. There is a menu of grilled fish and there are also fried potatoes. There are many magical menus. you guys will be confused yourself wanting to try which food is one of the famous menus in hatyai, namely dimsum the price is 20 thai bath here there is also thai porridge, I also tried last night there are lots of delicious halal menu choices here here there is white rice with fried onions and chicken Fried costs 25 and 30 Thai bath , there is Thai ice cream in the container, you can choose a regular cup or from pottery, the ice cream is served with bread and toppings, when enjoyed on a hot day here, you can buy mango sticky rice, there are 2 choices here, white sticky rice or sticky rice.

The small blue one costs 60 baht while the big one is 100 thai bath mango in thailand it never goes wrong. nice! so besides there is a floating market, there are also sellers in this tent hut, you can take shelter here , there are also various choices of delicious food here, there are various choices of fried vegetables, there are also fried telang flowers and fried mushrooms. This is the result of today's culinary hunt, there is coconut cream cake , sausages for the children, we bought chicken rice, dimsum, mango sticky rice, and various other menus and we wanted to try the thai noodles which we tried last night at the greenway food market because we came a bit late, so the atmosphere was still hot and scorching because weekends, the atmosphere is certainly crowded with visitors, the challenge is for visitors who bring strollers, because the contours of the road are not gentle.

The best part here is that there are a variety of delicious culinary menus, the menu is halal, safe for Muslims. Enjoy this delicious dimsum, enjoyed with sweet and spicy Thai chili sauce it's really delicious here we want to try the culinary thai noodles I tried the green noodles served with beef meatballs We tried fish balls and fish balls last night at the Greenway Food Market, they tasted really good, the meat was tender Juicy and the sauce was a combination of chicken noodles and stews when compared to the beef noodles we ate at the Greenway Food Market last night but it was better but we can add spices and sambal according to our preferences here you can add and mix it yourself, the best part is the texture of the meat is tender, juicy and the kennel is his favorite part, the meat is juicy and chewy, there are 2 choices of noodles, namely yellow noodles and green noodles, this is chicken noodles served with kuai leaves, celery leaves and bean sprouts a perfect combination the atmosphere is getting late, the more crowded the atmosphere is around 4 and 5 pm, the more crowded this is the best time where the conditions are not too hot and scorching

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