Gangnam Station (Halal Way) is a journey into the world of halal restaurants in Seoul MC Soo Joon- sang It's been a long time since we started (Halal Way) as it is also evident on my clothes in this place now the wind is blowing hard, it's so cold I feel With the cold of winter in the wind, there are many people who are now wondering about where we are. Do you remember the place where we filmed an episode with Dina from Egypt? If you want to know more about sushi and fried steaks and also participate in our page I am very excited to know who is the guest of this episode who will be eating delicious food with me today I think our guest is coming now Hello Hello Are you presenter of (Halal Path) program? Awwaa I'm the presenter of the program I'm handsome isn't it? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, you look more handsome in reality. You're our guest for today's episode. Do you know yourself? Hello, I am Iman. I was born in Somalia, but I came from America. Welcome. When did you come to Korea? It's been 3 years now wow! are you student ? No, I'm an English teacher, a teacher? English teacher? Sorry but how old are you? In Korean, I am 29 years old.

Wow! For the first time in the halal way program! You are the first guest really older than me ? I've always been the eldest but for the first time our guest is older than me I feel confident since I'm older than you I hope we'll have a good day today Of course So is there any Korean food you like? Yes a lot Bulgogi Kalbi kimchi fried rice and tuna fried rice with tuna and kimchi? Yes, these dishes are sweet, but I think the staff prepared better food for us than this.

Shall we ask them? Which restaurant are we going to today? We booked a private room in a famous halal restaurant near to Gangnam station . Do you mean a really private room? Yes excited! They will give you special treatment since you are older than me I never expected this Yes because we have a limited budget but because today with us we prepared something special for you to say one two three together and go out to eat 1/2/3 Let's go! Megami Restaurant
is located 315 meters from Exit No. 5 Gangnam Station and
it takes about 5 minutes to walk.

We entered here and for us this is the first time we visit it like this luxury restaurant in the program (Halal Road) It is the first time we film in a restaurant with this high atmosphere And in a private room, yes, very cool. I think that Koreans or our Muslim friends can come here and enjoy the food, even with their large numbers. You can eat comfortably also in separate private rooms. I saw some people eating food alone when I entered the restaurant. Do you know about the meeting of the families of the newlyweds? ? Yes, I think it is a very suitable place for such a meeting between families. Please give us the menu. Thank you, Eman! This is a Japanese restaurant called Megami . I have previously eaten Japanese sushi with Dina from Egypt in Yok Sam neighborhood. Yes, I enjoyed the episode.

Saw the episode? If you would like to see the episode of Sushi with Dina from Egypt, you can follow us on our page to see the menu. Wow! the crab! crab ! (Korean joke) Thank you for laughing at my joke. There are so many types! We love to introduce our viewers to many different types of food. If we eat sashimi, they will prepare everything with it. You said you like sashimi, right? Yes boss please we want sashimi Do you know that this restaurant is approved by the Korea National Tourism Authority for our Muslim friends? Yes I saw the sign when I entered the restaurant Muslim friend I want to hear your pronunciation Muslim friend Our Muslim friends can enjoy eating here comfortably I think my friends also can enjoy eating here when they come to Korea to our Muslim friends everywhere! You can enjoy the food in this restaurant These pictures to post on my internet account
I will post it as if I paid to eat all this food Beware the table! Her legs could be broken Waiting for the table full of food Joon Sang and Iman It's time to eat! The first soup, soup, to open the appetite, what is its taste? It's delicious! Sweet and delicious, isn't it? It's sashimi time, I'm so excited! I'll start with the white fish meat first.

It looks shiny but thick. How does the sashimi with the wasabi sauce taste? tough! Very delicious! I feel like it's hard to chew in my mouth I feel like my stomach is filled with just one piece Right Jun Sang and Iman enjoy fresh sashimi Next is red fish meat Salmon Just by looking at it I feel delicious I've never seen salmon so long and thick What's the taste of salmon I wonder ? Does salmon really taste like beef ? It really melts in my mouth Old people can eat it easily without their teeth (haha) Shall we eat seafood now? The shrimp looks fresh! I'll pick it up with my hand and dip it in the hot vinegar sauce and then eat it.

Jun Sang dips the shrimp in the hot vinegar sauce. What is the taste of shrimp with hot vinegar sauce? I have never tried this taste before! Is this your first time eating raw shrimp? So I was so excited! So I was so excited! You mean you were excited? Let's move to the seashells! Seashells taste even more delicious if you eat them with algae and seaweed! The smell of fish becomes lighter when eaten with algae and seaweed.

What does it taste like? I think eating algae and herbs with it made them taste delicious. Together they taste very good. The harmonious taste between them is very good! Really amazing!! First time I taste this taste! The more I chew it, the more I feel that it tastes great. Now let's try this skikitashi. This is called a fish scale. This is called a fish scale. The chef mixed it with vegetables. I have not tried this type of fish in my whole life . I loved it so much it's sweet and savory I feel like chewing on algae it's amazing! All kinds of fries, paprika fries, shrimp fries, potato fries, what is the taste of fries with soy sauce? It's fake! Shrimp taste very good very tasty First time I taste fries for the first time Really? The fries tour is over! Have you heard of this saying (Maljang Truromuk)? No.

It is an idiomatic expression meaning (useless) that was invented by King Seonjo in the Joseon Dynasty . King Seonjo liked the taste of fish when he was avoiding war, so he named the fish (Mok), but when the king returned to the palace after the war and ate fish, he did not find it tasty, so he was fired. This term ( turromoc ) What is the taste of turromoc soup ? Wow! Its taste makes me want to eat two bowls of rice! Oh really? The turromuk soup is so delicious it's filled with fish meat! Wow! Really delicious! It's really like meat it's so crunchy and delicious with the sauce What's the last meal of the day? Crunchy rice with fish Do you hear the sound? Do you hear a sound? Rice with fish eggs Have you ever eaten this type of rice? No faith Eating rice with fish for the first time Rice is popular among our Muslim friends For Koreans they should always finish their food with rice Feel that their stomach is not full if they don't eat rice Really? So I finish filming the show and go eat at Joon Sang Corey's house to the core! What is the taste of rice with fish? It has so many flavours, it's really crunchy and so good!
It was so hot I felt like I was going to die but it was great! Very tasty but it was a little spicy I didn't say it was hot at all (hot) That's how Jun Sang understood I meant it wasn't cold but hot It was crunchy Tonight was completed with a hot soup It was delicious right? Yes, very tasty.

We enjoyed the food prepared by the chef. He has more than 30 years of experience in food preparation. If you want to eat delicious food at a low price, come to Seoul anytime. The fifteenth restaurant was successfully completed. Shall we rate the restaurant with stars? One Two Three Shall we rate the restaurant with stars? I would love to rate this particular restaurant. Wow! 4 stars! What is the evaluation of faith, you see? Wow! 5 stars! Iman stunned the restaurant! This place is really worth the review. It's great. It has many, many different types of food. It was a good start to the (Halal Way) program, wasn't it? Well let's finish the episode today, it's really worth it! One Two Three It's really worth it! If you want to eat different types of Japanese food, come to Magami. .

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