Takoyaki Recipe – Japanese Street Food

Translated by Souk (@someonuknow04_ IG) Hey hey everyonee 🙂 My birthday just passed so can I get some happy birthdays in the comments please :)) That's why this week's video is one of my favourites. It's so satisfying to watch and listen to, and it's delicious 🙂 Today I'm going to instruct y'all on how to make a really famous Japanese dish The name of this dish is たこ焼き /takoyaki/. "たこ" /tako/ in Japanese means octopus and "焼き" /yaki/ means grill so Takoyaki is usually called Grilled Octopus Balls Firstly, I'm going to make an ingredient in this dish called "tenkasu". Usually you can buy packaged tenkasu but I can't buy it so I'm making it myself You only need to mix 20g of all-purpose flour with 30ml of water And then heat up some oil in a pan Go crazy and splatter that thick consistency everywhere :)) Fry it for only 2-3 min, it doesn't have to be golden-brown This part sounds so satisfying 🙂 Take it out and set it aside on a plate and you're done with this part Now I'll move on to the main ingredient of this dish, the octopus.

You should buy larger octopuses. Mine was about 300-500g I'll instruct you to prepare the octopus on the way since some of y'all are so incompetent 🙁 Firstly get rid of its eyes Next I'll cut off the tip of the tentacles also. I'm just cutting it off because it's too small but it's still edible Next part that needs the chop chop is the skin between the tentacles so when you cook them, they won't stick together The next part is the head/body of the octopus. Inside it is all of the octopus' organs Turn the octopus inside out like how you want to do it to your enemies and cut it like in the video. And since none of you paid attention in school, fun fact, octopuses have 3 hearts 🙂 The last part is the mouth of the octopus. It's right in the middle of the tentacles right here, just get rid of it After all that, wash off your octopus in some sea salt. Bigger grains are recommended Just knead it for a little and it'll be clean. This is somehow slowly becoming a kent@i plot ._.

When you're done, wash it down with some water for a few times. It is now boiling timeee This way of boiling the octopus I learnt from somewhere from a long time ago. Supposedly it's something good for the proteins :)) I'll try to find it and tell you guys Or you can just toss the whole thing into the pot and not waste time like good ol' me right here :)) Boil it for 8-10min depending on the size This part looks soooo satisfying :(( It kinda looks like it's blooming After that, take the octopus out and cut it into smaller parts for the stuffing See? My channel is super educational :)) You can learn how to cook AND suuuuuuuuper useful science facts 🙂 /s I've seen others who modify the inside stuffing of this dish with cheese and other seafoods You can also do that if you want.

But then it wouldn't be called takoyaki anymore, it'd be gomiyaki :)) ("gomi" means trash in Japanese) /j /lh And then cut up some green onions. If you can't eat green onions, you can also use regular onions Lastly is some pickled ginger. You can skip this ingredient if you want. I don't like ginger that much too, but pickled ginger isn't as spicy Now let's go and make the batter for our takoyakis. Firstly, pour in 250ml of water into the bowl Now crack in a chicken's unborn child Also add in 10g of sugar and ¼ tsp of salt (basically just a little) And then add in 10g of soy sauce and whisk 🙂 Sieve 90g of bread flour and and 10g of rice flour. The rice flour can be replaced with more normal flour, I just think adding it gives it a nice texture. Lastly is ½tsp of baking powder Now all you gotta do is shake that butt and sieve :)) After that, whisk it all up so it all mixes with each other. Since there's a lot of water, it'll be harder to mix so prepare for a work out :)) The last sieve of the dayy :))) You need to have a special type of pan for takoyakis.

You can buy this pan anywhere since it's pretty common Before grilling it, brush on a light coat of oil Wait for the pan to heat up and pour your batter into the pan. There are many ways to cook this but for you rookies out there, you can do it like me Almost fill it up all the way and then throw in some of that filling. You can put more as long as it's not too much Just slowly increase the amount of filling you put in each one.

If you can't even do this, I hope your phone charger only work at a certain angle 🙂 While adding the fillings, turn the stove on at medium low heat. If you're not used to this yet, you should only use half of the pan first After you're done with that, turn up the stove to medium heat for 3-5min and the crust turns golden-brown Then turn the whole thing to its side Continue filling the pan up like how you wish you could fill that hole in your crush's heart :)) Wait for the ball to cook again and then turn the uncooked side around again I haven't made much of these so my flipping skills aren't that good :)) When it's all cooked, you can flip the raw and white side down to cook it some more Brush on another layer to make it look more appetizing :)) Flip it around and cook it some more for about 5min and you're donneeeeeee Tadaaaa, it looks so good :)) It was sizzling hot and smelt so good They might deflate a little when they're cooled.

Place it on a dish with some takoyaki sauce (you can replace this with some chilli sauce) Add in some mayonaise also to add the fatty and creamy flavor 🙂 The last toppings are dried seaweeds and bonito flakes. You can easily find both of these in Japanese supermarkets or online websites Be careful when eating this dish, it's super hot :)) I was too careless and let my guard down and it just burnt my tongue 🙁 It's sooo deliciouss. The outside layer is chewy and the inside is super soft and savoury Grilled and fried food always go well with some unhealthy fizzy drinks :)) I'm really satisfied with this video :)) Both the audio and the visual is so crisp today. So remember to share this video to your social media for me :)) I thought that takoyakis are going to be hard to swallow but it's honestly so good :'( You get the chewiness from both the crust and the octopus The mayo and takoyaki sauce is such a surprising combi.

The lovely smell from the bonito flakes and dried seaweed too 🙁 Takoyaki my beloved :((( I swear you guys need to try this :)) Anyways, don't forget to share this video as a bday wish for me :)) Tysm and bai baiiiiii~.

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Takoyaki Recipe - Japanese Street Food

How To Make Takoyaki Japanese Street Food [ASMR]
たこ焼きの作り方 外国人がたこ焼きを作る [Eating sound]
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●● Recipe (レシピ):
- 20g All purpose flour
- 30ml Water
- Cooking oil
- 300g Octopus
- Medium heat 7 minutes
(中火 7分)
- Green onion
- Pickled ginger
- 250ml Water
- 1 Egg
- 10g Sugar
- 1/4Tsp Salt
- 10g Soy sauce
- 90g All purpose flour
- 10g Rice flour
- 1/2Tsp Baking powder
- Cooking oil
- Medium heat 5 minutes
(中火 5分)
- Takoyaki sauce
- Mayonnaise
- Dried green seaweed
- Bonito Flakes
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