Thai Muslim Halal Food at Pattaya | Harees Ameerali | ഹലാൽ ഫുഡ് തായ്‌ലൻഡ്

Welcome to my new video, I'm Harees Ameerali currently here at Pattaya, Thailand Pattaya is one of the destination that serves a great variety of food, actually Thailand as a whole has lots to offer Currently infront of a shopping mall and we are seeing the signs of the stores inside it But we are not heading to the mall, as it's breakfast time I did showed a restaurant that's owned by two Muslim sisters, so we will have our breakfast from there So the friend with us wanted to try that store out so we will head to that location We'll hire a tuk tuk to reach our destination This video will be full of variety foods We will explore the foods available Be sure to show your support and if you haven't subscribed yet, don't forget to subscribe Be sure to like my Facebook page and do share this video with your friends So lets hire the tuk tuk and head to our breakfast restaurant It's been a while since I went there, so lets go Next to the beach road, there's currently a road construction going on The work is going on and we are waiting for the tuk tuk It cost 10 Baht to reach our destination If you ever visit Thailand be sure to make use of tuk tuk as it's a fun experience And during your Thailand trip you'll see 7/11 stores it's an american brand across Thailand You'll see tons of these stores here if it's a residential area They have almost everything for sale (Medicines, Food, Alcohols, Cigarettes) They have everything in such stores We really need such stores and similar stores are available at Gulf countries I'm not visiting the store now and their most important item is their food As you can buy cooked food for an affordable rate The store is halal certified We can even heat up the food once you pay for it So this is similar to flight food quality This is the tuk tuk for us This is indeed a different experience, it's the style of tuk tuk here at Pattaya and at Bangkok the style is different and it's similar to out auto rickshaws THis tuk tuk rotates within a specific route so you can make use of such tuk tuks You just have to pay the driver as they won't come to you Be sure to provide the smaller currency This is such a great concept as you can travel within few people You'll see tons of hotels and stores by the road side So we pressed the bell to stop and we paid 20 Baht for two So we are back at Marian food shop We did visit this store with Bjhagath and Sugith They renovated and made the restaurant even better everything is halal here They have different types and Chicken yellow rice is their specialty There are veggitables They have clear soup This is a sea food for a customer They have almost everything pre-cooked and once you make your order they will reheat it So the rice and meat is cooked so they will heat it up as per your order So lets see what they are making for us This is also a Malaysian dish.

We don't eat the chicken that's with Yellow rice, instead we requested to add fried chicken So our rice and chicken is ready, even though I have eaten this a million times, each time makes it more unique and new So be sure to check out this place whenever you visit Pattaya We'll take the grown beans Some white onions and garlic and chillies So lets try the hot soup This is indeed good This is something we are familiar with but still lets give this a try This is amazng as it is Something that you can't buy at a star restaurant/hotel We are yet to see more food items So be sure to check out such food items I will add the location within the description So we are heading to a different location by motorbike This is also something that you should try out here at Thailand And they are 100% trustable

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Thai Muslim Halal Food at Pattaya | Harees Ameerali | ഹലാൽ ഫുഡ് തായ്‌ലൻഡ്

This episode is about the unique Yellow rice that I enjoy here at Pattaya, Thailand. Check out this place whenever you get a chance, as it's easily accessible and it sure has lot s to offer. Keep watching and don't forget to stay tuned.

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