THAI OXTAIL SOUP!! 🐂 Amazing HALAL FOOD in Phang Nga, Thailand!! 🇹🇭 ซุปหางวัว พังงา

– Hey everyone, hope you're
having an amazing day. It's Mark Weins, I'm in the beautiful Southern Thailand province of Phang-nga and from Khao Lak we drove, it was about a 30 minute drive to come to a place called Takua Pa which we specifically came here to eat soup Hahng Wua
which is oxtail soup. And so we just arrived to the restaurant, we're gonna eat oxtail soup, I know they're also famous
for their goat curry and for their other varieties of cup gang rice and curries.

So we're gonna see what they have today. We're gonna, yeah, especially eat, I cannot wait to share
with you the oxtail soup and we just arrived to the restaurant. (upbeat music) So we just arrived, the restaurant is called Mali Ta and here, yeah right here its in big. It says soup Hahng Wua which is their specialty, which is oxtail soup and this is, the restaurant is right here. It's on the side of the road and then it's kinda just tucked back here into the, almost like, I think it's their property, their home. But again we are about 30
minutes away from Khao Lak. Khao Lak is a major destination, a major beach destination. This is about a 30 minute drive away in a place called Takua Pa. (upbeat music) We met up with food Malita and she's now boiling, this is the (speaks in foreign language). (speaks in foreign language) (airplane engine roaring) She says it's all skin and she said it's already
like bubbly, bouncy, wow. (speaks in foreign language) It's not fat at all, it's just the gelatin, it's the collagen in the
skin of the cow hoof.

Oh man that smells already good, you can see some pandan
leaves in there as well that it's brewing, boiling along with and I'm not sure if we're gonna have a chance to watch her as
she boils the actual oxtail cause she said that she already did that. But it would be the same exact process, they just boiled down the different parts, they boil the oxtail, the boil the hoof, they boiled the meat and then after that is when they make it into the soup and then brew it all together and then assemble it when
you order it in your bowl. And right as we arrive she's getting ready to make a fresh batch of the Gaeng pa which is the goat curry.

(upbeat music) (speaks in foreign language) (upbeat music) First step, she heated some oil in the wok then she's just sizzling down, she's sweating down a bunch
of garlic and red onions and then she just emptied out from a bag a big pile, a huge pile of curry paste and just immediately she
took it out of the bag you can smell the aroma
of that curry paste. Oh wow, that's a lot of flavor. (speaking foreign language) (speaking foreign language) (onions sizzling) Actually she caramelized
the onions or garlic until they started
turning crunchy and brown and then she added in the entire plate, the entire bowl full of Phong Karii.

That is a.(chuckling) Oh that smells so good. (speaks foreign language) Okay here comes the coconut milk. Oh that smells unbelievable and actually the curry
paste that she put in there, she called it just the goat curry paste, it's made for goat. (speaks in foreign language) That's got a simmer
down for a little while and then she said later then she'll add in the
already chopped up goat parts but one of the interesting things is that yeah, this is not the curry, this is not the the goat curry that we'll be eating today because she makes it in the afternoon and then she serves it the next day. She says it's much better because it comes together, the flavors come together, the flavors mingle, it
becomes more rich and thick, probably the goat fat oils
and the coconut milk also, like just comes together with the flavor. So it's much more rich and
flavorful the next day, so this will be tomorrow's curry whereas we're gonna be eating today, the curry that she made yesterday.

(upbeat music) (speaks in foreign language) That's gonna boil for at least one hour and then it's gonna again settle and sit overnight to
let those flavors mingle and then she said she's gonna add the thick, the coconut cream, the hua gkati, the top of the
first squeeze of the coconut, that's the thickest, that's the richest, that's like straight coconut
butter, coconut cream. She's gonna add that so
that it enriches it also and then added some salt and some other like seasonings to taste tomorrow before it's served, or today that's already gonna be served but that was made yesterday. The aroma of that curry is too much and the soup, I cannot wait any longer, let's start ordering.

And to order you kinda
just go in the front, you can take a peek in the
pots of curries if you like or she could just explain
to you what you have and they have a glass cabinet of different foods as well, you just choose what you want. (speaking in foreign language) Not only do they have the soup Hahng Wua but they also have soup teen which is the feet, cow hoof soup as well as soup (speaks
in foreign language). Okay, beef like bone soup, so all three. (speaking in foreign language) It's all the same actually, exact same soup, it's just she designates
which piece of meat you get. So one bowl I'm getting the Hahng Wua which is the oxtail, the other is the bones but it's also like some bones but also some of the rib parts and then the other one is
gonna be the hoof, the foot, but it smells already so good.

(upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language) (upbeat music) (speaks in foreign language) It smells incredible. (speaks in foreign language) It's like a Chinese
celery and green onions. (plane engine roaring) (upbeat music) (speaks in foreign language) We gotta eat. (upbeat music) (speaks in foreign language) Absolutely spectacular, three different types of beef soup, but all the same actually, just different parts of the ox and then the different curries and then one of the things I love about Southern Thailand is there is always served
a plate of vegetables and that's like a, I mean do you even know
what this vegetable is? This is like a little fruit, it looks like a little very unripe fruit.

Yeah we'll try that after the soup but Yin is telling me I have to immediately
begin with the oxtail soup before the fat, the delicious fat, the flavor
starts to sort of hardened. You gotta eat it fast while it's hot. Yeah this one is the oxtail and you can just see that broth, the milkiness of the skin and all of that like the
gloppy goody goodness of the skin, of the fat, it's almost yeah, the
broth is almost milky and then mixed with the shallots, with the onions, with the chilies, with the tomatoes, let's
get it, just a good let's just get a good first bite on. You can smell like meatiness of it.

Oh wow, oh it's so good and again for me what sets
apart Thai oxtail soup, Thai beef soup is the way
that lime juice is squeezed at the bottom of the bowl so that you get the sourness, you get the refreshingness and then the combination of the soup, plus the raw fresh chilies
that are so fragrant, plus the fried shallots
and the fried garlic, plus just that freshness
of the Chinese celery and the green onions and the richness of how that oxtail has just been boiled, simmered down with the fat, the gelatin, that is the super texture.

Oh wow, I think next I'll try that tail. Oh it just falls off.(chuckles) Oh it's so tender, it's just a blob, a blob. Maybe this has to go in my rice. We'll just kinda flop around, there's meat, there's, I mean the best thing about oxtail are the textures and I'll scoop on some
of these chilies as well. Oh and this has to be eaten with rice. But yeah the different gelatin equalities, mixed in with meat but then just making everything so tender, so fatty, so delicious. I think I had a little like gelatin cup, who's like a Cavanaugh.

Wow that is sensationally delicious. I believe this one is the, (speaks in foreign language) this is the cow hoof. This is just like all
skin and gelatin bits. That looks like a good piece. Wow, it's spicy.(chuckles) Now that is what you call gelatinous just like oozes, you can probably like you
know like tofu or something when you can put your teeth together and just like press it through your teeth, you can do that. And then the final one
is the ribs and the meat. That's like an entire rib chunk there, again it's just gonna be
ultra falling apart tender, just incredible flavor, incredible tenderness, incredible just entire composition. The thickness of that soup broth. (speaks in foreign language) This one is a salted fish
which has then been deep-fried and then kind of made into a salad with shallots and chilies and then you squeeze lime juice on it.

Maybe squeeze on a little more lime juice not too gay, huh? Awesome, salty but that
umami from the fish, the preserved fish, you wanna make sure not
to take too huge of a bite of that fish because it's very salty yeah. Yep and you have to eat
every single bite with rice so that it kinda like
waters down the saltiness. Along with rice, it's a harmony. I can't wait to try the Kaeng' pa which is the goat curry. Just look at the richness, the thickness of that curry.

Yeah on to my rice, I'm just gonna slid, oh that smells incredible. Wow, the goat curry is incredible. Like almost a roasted
coconut flavor to it, the coriander seed, it's just like a perfect harmony, not overwhelmingly powerful in the spice but just like soothing, harmonious and ultra rich and meaty. Oh yeah that feels like a bit of a gelatinous piece of goat skin. The flavor and the richness of that. (speaks in foreign language) Something I've never had before, I have no idea what it
is in English called, (speaks in foreign language) It looks like a little baby fruit, she said it's from the forest, all natural, not farmed, it's just wild from the forest.

It feels kind of like a little bit sticky, like sap on your fingers. (chuckles) Immediately like, immediately
like dries up your mouth. (chuckles) Oh, amazing though. It almost has the texture
of the unripe guava. The amazing thing is that it's dry. (speaks in foreign language)
(chuckles) It sounds kinda strange but it's juicy and dry at the same time. Oh yeah you can see the
sap comes out, look. Dip it into the numpe. I think it's so dry, I think it's so dry from
the wackiness of it, from that shaft. You know water to wash it down. Okay let's get back to the gaeng' som. So this one is the gaeng'
som rama with mama wong bao which are the baby, like no not baby mangos but it's a type of small mango that's very sour. Now that's what's making it sour, plus the turmeric and then the fish.

I'll add some of this. (upbeat music) Okay I'll take out the, just like the inside of
the seed of the mango. That's wonderful. The mango is sour and
when it's cooked like that it almost has like a jelly texture to it, it's like mango pudding. And then finally the massaman curry and again look how big and rich this is, like all the other curries, with chicken, with peanuts, with coconut milk, with spices. That color is beautiful. (speaks in foreign language) Ow wow, yeah it's really good. Not, actually it's not sweet at all and she's straight up like nutty, spiciest from the different
mix of dry spices.

You can taste the siamese
coriander in there, the peanuts, the rich coconut milk. I love that curry sauce is just
absorbing into the chicken. Ow it's wonderful. Now circling back over to the soup. Just look at the way, it just like, it's just gonna collapse off the bone, just literally slide
off the bone with ease. (upbeat music) And then watch as the bone just completely slides off the meat, just completely falls off the bone. You're left with just a
completely clean bone. (upbeat music) And I think that one is the ribs and maybe just a little bit of
re-juicing for good measure. (upbeat music) Wow, everything is good here and you would not want to miss the, especially the goat curry, massaman is amazing, but you cannot come here and miss the beef soup, the oxtail soup.

(speaks in foreign language) (laughing) (speaks in foreign language) Just walked over and give
us a bowl full of luk yang which are jungle beans, one of my favorite favorite things, they're like giant stink beans, dipping the number. (speaks in foreign language) It is a young one. They're almost like
milky and unique taste, nothing like them, nothing like them. Jengkol is jengko, and they're just, I love that crunch, I love that texture,
I love that milkiness, the chalkiness and the
dryness of it as well. (speaks in foreign language) It's like a little oxtail drumstick. (upbeat music) Oh what a meal, that was incredible food, so rich, so much flavor. I need to, I hope this fence
can hold me in the back here. The perspiration, wow what a meal. Our total bill came to how much Yin? How much was the bill? 500, 500 baht and we also had some drinks, that's a really good price for the amount of food we had, the amount of meat we had, three bowls of soup, the fish, the massaman curry and the gaeng pa, the goat curry.

(speaks in foreign language) Rolling out of Mali Ta Restaurant, that is a spectacular meal, she is so friendly, she's so nice, she's so cool and her food okay, you have to, I mean you cannot come here and miss the oxtail soup or the different beef, cow, ox soups but her other curries, the curried goat is spectacular. And then just her like
welcoming personality. Khumali Ta she's a special person, she's an amazing cook, she's so cool. I can guarantee you whenever
I come back to Phang-nga I will be heading straight for Mali Ta. So I wanna say a big thank
you for watching this video.

I'll have the information in
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I'd love to hear from you and if you're not already subscribed, you can click the Subscribe button so that you immediately get notified of the next video that I publish. Thanks again for watching. Good bye from Phang-Nga
in Thailand, what a meal. And I will see you on the next video..

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THAI OXTAIL SOUP!! 🐂 Amazing HALAL FOOD in Phang Nga, Thailand!! 🇹🇭 ซุปหางวัว พังงา

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🍽️ Malita Restaurant (ร้านซุปหางวัว(มาลิตา):

PHANG NGA, THAILAND - I loved visiting Phang Nga, one of the most beautiful provinces in Thailand. The people are incredibly friendly and hospitable, and the food is ultra flavorful. One of the restaurants I was looking forward to visiting most when in Phang Nga, Thailand, was Malita Halal Oxtail Soup (ร้านซุปหางวัว(มาลิตา) - known for her Thai oxtail soup, but also with a full range of different Halal southern Thai food. #Halal #ThaiFood #Thailand

Malita Halal Oxtail Soup (ร้านซุปหางวัว(มาลิตา) - We arrived for lunch and it was first cool to see them prepare the different ox parts that went into the soup. But I also go to watch Khun Malita as she prepared a fresh batch of southern Thai style goat curry. For the oxtail, it’s simmered until soft and fall apart tender and all the fat has been rendered out.

I ordered:
Oxtail soup ซุปตีนวัว, additionally foot soup, and the ribs soup
Goat curry แกงแพะ
Sour curry, climbing perch แกงส้มปลาหมอ
Chicken massaman มัสมั่นไก่
Fried salt fish ปลาเค็มทอด

In order to make her oxtail soup (ซุปหางวัว), Khun Malita first added the tender meat to your bowl. Then she added in fresh chilies, a handful of herbs, some extra spices, and a lime juice. The best thing about Thai food style oxtail soup is that it makes use of both hot soup and cold ingredients like chilies and celery leaves - making your entire bowl of oxtail soup both hot and refreshing at the same time, full of an herbal kick. And the lime juice contrasting the hot chili peppers is amazing.

Along with oxtail soup (ซุปหางวัว), you’ll find an assortment of Halal Southern Thai curries to order. I tried the massaman chicken curry, a fish curry with small sour mangoes, three types of oxtail soup, salted fish, and her outstanding curry goat. All the dishes were superb, cooked with love, and the flavors were mind blowing. And while every dish was delicious, I would not go to Malita Halal Oxtail Soup (ร้านซุปหางวัว(มาลิตา) without eating a few bowls of her oxtail soup - it’s incredibly delicious.

Malita Restaurant (ร้านซุปหางวัว(มาลิตา):

Total price - 500 THB (15.38 USD)



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