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Today I want to talk to you about Krabi,
not “crabby” —- a lot of people pronounce it that way. But it is a special city in the south of Thailand
You can fly directly there from Bangkok and you can have a really good time for pretty
cheap. First off you have Krabitown,
it is a typical Thai town. You have lots of great food there. Some things you can experience. That’s where I went in town to have the
delicious roti that you saw in the last video. There’s also a night market there. It’s not open for very long or for very
late, nor is it as impressive as some of the other
markets around Thailand, but it is good to check out while you’re in town. Most of the people coming to Krabi
are going to spending a lot of time in a place You’ll sure hear about if you look Krabi
up: Ao Nang. Ao Nang is the most developed
beach in the area, and is probably the closest comparison to Phuket.

So there’ tons of
guesthouses there. You can find a place to
stay fairly cheap. There are nicer places too. You can kind of camp out in Ao Nang and get
your fill of Thai food. There’s a lot of Thai-
Muslim halal food. You’ll see it’s very popular
with muslim tourists and people looking for this
kind of food coming up. Malaysians —- as a lot
of the food shares a common heritage and it’s pretty delicious. So that means you’re getting
better fried chicken than you can get in other parts of the country.

You’re getting roti
every corner that you can find in Krabi. And you just have a lot of other really rich
curries that are not as popular in other places. Such as your panang curry and
your massaman. So food lovers are going
to like it. If you are the type of person that is
into outdoor adventure things, you’re going to love it. Because Krabi is full of things
that you can do. Cliffs that make a beautiful
back drop to some stunning beaches. They’ll take you out by long tail boat. I think it only costs 100 baht, maybe 200
baht round trip. That’s about $6 to get you out there
from the Ao Nang pier. It’s quite a common trip,
people are making it all the time. Some people
just go out for the day, while others go spend a couple of nights on Railay. You have a group
of guesthouses there. You also have a couple
of small places you can stay for pretty cheap. You can hit up Tonsai beach, a beautiful beach. It’s also popular for rock climbing. You have
a lot of natural places. A lot of things that you
can do.

You can go out snorkeling. You have
some caves where they’ll take you and you can see the bioluminescence which is where
plankton in the ocean and when you swim through they kind of glow a little bit. It’s pretty special I think, and of course,
there’s all of these islands in the area Phi Phi Island, and even as far as Samui
you can go from Krabi. So it is a special
place and I wanted to make a quick, short video to tell you guys about it. I’d say the things to be careful of are
the transportation. The transportation can be
expensive if you don’t know how to negotiate and you don’t know what to look

You gotta kinda look for your red trucks
and stick around locals to make sure you’re not getting charged too much. There can
also be a little bit of a hustle at the airport. So be sure to look for that airport shuttle
bus. And finally, I’d say be careful in the evenings. Krabi does have a bit of a nightlife scene. People do want to kind of hang out,
especially with a lot of young backpackers and travelers there. But just like with other
Thai beach cities —- Koh Tao and other places that you’ve seen incidents, I always
try to tell people just as a precaution to be careful. There is like a seedy underbelly
in Krabi. So you do kind of have some
purse snatching and gang related activity happening in the evening. It isn’t something
you should worry too much about, but I always try to make sure people going there
are aware of some of the safety issues. That’s it for this guide to Krabi. Really quick, I just wanted to tell you
about the food and all of the exciting things happening there.

I hope that
you have a chance to check it out when you visit Thailand. Thanks for
watching and see you in the next episode..

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The Krabi Quick Guide | Halal Food & Ao Nang Preview | Travel Thailand | 4K

Dwight walks you through what to expect and what to avoid in Krabi, Thailand!

See the previous episode:

All of the street food featured in this quick video guide to Krabi cost $1 or $2 per serving.

Foodie Travel Notes:

Krabitown: Lots of local restaurants for Thai Chinese, seafood, and spicy southern Thai dishes. Night market is not open very late and offerings seem average.

Ao Nang: Not as high quality as Krabitown, until you hit the outskirts. Lots of roti everywhere. Plenty of street food on main roads to be found. Small muslim walking street, but didn't have much happening when I visited. Lots of western food, but you need to be weary of sanitation everywhere.

Railay: The food is pretty mediocre here, FYI. Go for the beaches, monkeys, rock climbing, and other adventure sports instead. Spend some time on Tonsai beach and visiting the surrounding islands.

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