The Untold Truth Of Popeyes

In 2017, Restaurant Brands International – which
also owns Tim Hortons and Burger King – added Popeyes to their roster. And the announcement sent social media into
a tailspin, with everyone wondering whether or not their beloved chicken was changing
forever. But how much do fans really know about Popeyes
chicken? Turns out there's more to this chain than
a whole lotta Louisiana lovin'. Here's the untold truth of Popeyes! "Did you eat all of my samples?" "No." "Yes you did." OK, not that Popeye The name "Popeye" might conjure up images
of spinach-fueled, cartoon muscles, but that's not the guy the chain was named after.

In 1972, the restaurant got its name from
detective Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle in The French Connection. "Alright, Popeye's here! Get your hands on your heads, get off the
bar, and get on the wall!" But that wasn't the restaurant's original
name, either. Alvin C. Copeland Senior opened the first
location under the name Chicken on the Run. A few months later, after replacing his traditional
chicken with a spicy version, he re-opened as Popeyes.

Buying back the recipes Many big-name brands have signature recipes,
but Popeyes didn't actually own their secret chicken recipes until 2014. When Copeland passed away in 2008, Slate reported
those proprietary Popeyes recipes became part of his estate – with Popeyes forking over
$3.1 million a year in royalties. It wasn't until 2014 that the company paid
Copeland's estate a whopping $43 million for full rights to the recipes. The thing about those chickens According to Popeyes, the restaurant only
sources chickens from suppliers who abide by guidelines established by the National
Chicken Council. But not everyone is happy with Popeyes' procedures. In 2018, animal welfare group, Compassion
in World Farming, claimed that Popeyes hadn't been sourcing chickens, cruelty-free. The group said they wanted Popeyes to switch
to sourcing only chickens raised in healthy, comfortable situations – a promise they said
Popeyes refused to make. An online petition has garnered over 150,000
signatures, but Popeyes has yet to respond to the protest. An anti-antibiotic pledge Watt AgNet reported in 2016 that some fast
food chains had pledged to phase out meat from suppliers that used antibiotics as a
growth promoter.

And among the first to step up to the plate
were Chick-fil-A, Papa John's Pizza, and Panera Bread. Not making the list? Popeyes. It wasn't until mid-2017 that Popeyes pledged
to be antibiotic free by 2018. But as of September 2017, according to the
Natural Resources Defense Council, Popeyes shareholders were still in the process of
petitioning the company to make good on their promise. You're suing for what? In November 2016, Mississippi attorney Paul
Newton Junior sued Popeyes after allegedly choking on a piece of chicken because it didn't
come with a plastic knife. According to Fortune, Newton said he even
had to undergo emergency surgery to remove a piece of chicken from his throat. But The Huffington Post reported he dropped
the suit because of "extreme" comments on social media…liiiiike, whether he had ever
eaten chicken – or anything – before, in his life. Then, in 2017, a Texas woman filed a lawsuit
claiming Popeyes food had poisoned her with flesh-eating worms. Karen Goode wanted $1 million in damages,
but according to The Washington Post, Gwen Pearson – of Purdue's entomology department
– said of the claim, "Nothing about this, biologically, is sound." That secret spice Ask any die-hard fan what makes Popeyes so
good, and they'll probably say it's that spicy kick in the seasoning.

Todd Wilbur of Top Secret Recipes Unlocked
says he's hacked the mystery ingredients of the Cajun Sparkle Seasoning mix, and claims
it's all about that MSG. Oh, and salt, black pepper, onion powder,
dried sage, paprika, and cayenne pepper. But to really nail that signature blend? Just go straight to the source! Thanks for watching! Click the Mashed icon to subscribe to our
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The Untold Truth Of Popeyes

There was a time when Kentucky Fried Chicken dominated the fast food market for fried chicken, but it started facing some serious competition in 1972 from New Orleans’ own Popeyes Chicken.

KFC may still retain global popularity, but Popeyes' unique menu — that includes its signature Cajun fries, red beans and rice, and its famous fried chicken — is to die for.

Over the years, Popeyes Chicken has even come out with popular seafood dishes like fried shrimp and catfish. This fast food fried chicken joint has transformed over the last 40 years, and to find out more about this truly southern restaurant, here is the untold truth about Popeyes.

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