Tirana, Albania 2021 ūüá¶ūüáĪ Traditional Albanian Food

we're trying traditional Albanian food today 
found a place on Tripadvisor that was recommended   didn't really know what to order so we just asked 
our server basically to give us just all the   traditional Albanian food so i'm not actually 
sure if this is the right restaurant that's   on Tripadvisor but we'll try it we're 
just gonna go with it it should be good look at these big beans they said big 
beans on the menu and i thought you know   i put them in a big bowl of beans this was the traditional casserole this was the traditional salad and this bread   it looks so good do you want to try the 
beans since you ordered the beans yeah please and then i don't know do you eat this with the I'd say with the bread with the bread those are sizzling it's still it's still very hot it's still so hot i've never seen a big bigger bean how is it i've never tasted that kind of 
bean before it's very creamy creamy is it like a lima bean its like they overgrew it goodness yeah that's really good that's a good bean that's a big big bean so i'm going to try the traditional casserole it's cheese and peppers i'm sure there are other 
ingredients as well but that's all that was on the ricotta cheese it reminds me of what you would 
dip in like i don't know that's so good the bread my word no the cheese oh but what about the 
bread though the bread's amazing too but kinda tastes like a taco the bread immediately reminded me of turkey i can't figure out what 
reminds me but it's so good grilled vegetables  and it looks like there's like 
a balsamic glaze on it maybe its good it has a ton of balsamic on it which 
you say i appreciate it but it's almost   overpowering that it is a little bit 
because it's the only thing that's   less balsamic to taste the 
grill of the veggies but its so good and what's hilarious is we just ordered 
a whole bunch of stuff and we didn't know   if we had enough food this isn't even the 
main course we saw a whole big plate of meat   but i could just eat all this you said you think 
you figured out what the casserole tastes like it reminds me of like when you're 
having a seven-layer dip   or something at a party but 
it's just a very American thing   like it tastes like that on your palate but 
it's gonna feel better than that in your stomach Layla's going to try the traditional salad i got olive feta cheese there's a tomato   cucumber and lettuce and i'm 
going to try it it's a big bite so how is it very good is it salad-y the olive and the feta really 
goes to sweet cucumber and lettuce very very fresh yeah because so fresh it kind of 
tastes like has like a melon taste one interesting thing about Albania that we've 
noticed so far is that most the restaurants serve   small plates as opposed to having one big meal you 
order a couple of small plates family style which   is pretty cool you can really easily get a lot of 
variety and it's all still really cheap talking   about plates the plates are too small to fit 
all the yummy food just gonna add that typically   i don't like my food to touch or i try at least 
not too too much especially with different sauces   but for this i don't care at all it's also 
good it can mix all on my plates totally fine   there's several different types of meat 
in this platter and this is the small one   chicken lamb sausage chicken wings what are you going to try i'll try some of this sausage i feel like ever since we've been to the 
balkans the meat has been next level it's   so well seasoned and so good what is this came 
from the sky tastes like what i got mostly fat   the season is good though one thing that i've noticed um 
albania that's different than   a few of the other places we've been is there's 
a huge vegetarian and also vegan options   it's nice because i don't always like 
a ton of meat so it's nice to be able   to eat a whole bunch of yummy beans 
and salads and veggies and meat so they cooked the meat fresh like right behind our 
table and then grilled it's all so so good like   i said there's lamb and chicken wings and grilled 
chicken and sausage the chicken wings are amazing   some sort of rib piece i think 
it was all so so good it's insane what i like meat the good thing about 
the meat here is that you pretty much   know it's fresh just the other day i saw 
a guy putting two lambs in his trunk of   his minivan so there's meat markets all 
over the place butcher shops fish markets   i'm going to attempt to give the chef a 
message the food was amazing thank you so much we thought we were finished but 
our waiter just brought us some   fresh fruit like this really pretty fruit 
salad and some cloves on the bottom oranges   and some walnuts and a glaze it 
looks like the fruit's so fresh let's go to england and get some 
crumpets yeah and i can't remember what's happening we're eating food guys 
meat some beans beef i'm a villager give me   emeralds

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Tirana, Albania 2021 ūüá¶ūüáĪ Traditional Albanian Food

In Tirana, Albania 2021, traditional Albanian food is as delicious as ever. Let's just get that clear right away. How delicious? You have to taste it to believe it. Come to dinner with us and see what a dinner in Albania looks like. It may not be what you expect, or maybe it is, but either way it's really really good.

Comment below! We'd love to hear from you... Did you see something you weren't expecting? Did we miss something good?

Here are some highlights!

0:00 Intro
1:39 Pepper dip
2:09 Grilled Veggies
2:50 Greek Salad
3:57 Meat!
5:25 Faleminderit
5:47 Fruity Dessert
6:03 How much did it cost?
6:22 Bloops!

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