Tofu Stuffed|Tofu Meatball Soup|BEST Chinese halal food recipes【豆腐酿】做着虽然有些复杂味道却是大赞

Hi everyone I am LaotaiArui Brother Xiao Ma saw a dish on Douyin Said I really want to eat He wants to do it with me Let's try today All the materials are here Ready tofu shrimp corn Broccoli And peas Brother Ma is responsible for peeling the peas I'll cut the tofu first Cut the tofu into Cube Put the trimmed tofu on the plate Leftovers put aside first I can make other dishes later Cut like this Xiaoduo's Xiaoduo's down Wash the shrimp in clean water Now chop the shrimp Crush the tofu I just cut the tofu leftovers Put the sliced ​​ginger in Chop some green onions Look at my size Your bag is too big I see tofu flying out You didn't see That's what I have Alright There is a problem with this lump These scallions are too much seasoning Datuo's condiments Pour rapeseed oil into the pot Cook the peas first Fish out Cook cauliflower Boil for 1 minute Cook the leeks for 1 minute Shrimp first chili corn Steam for 5 minutes water ball Chinese cabbage Water starch soy sauce chili Rapeseed oil Tofu Stuffed Tofu Meatball Soup Come and taste a fresh dish is it tasty Take your classmate is it tasty? Is it spicy? That is edible That's leeks Put it without eating Bring the bowl to the front to eat

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Tofu Stuffed|Tofu Meatball Soup|BEST Chinese halal food recipes【豆腐酿】做着虽然有些复杂味道却是大赞

***【MY DRESS AND MY condiment】
Hi friends My Malay shopee shop is online now
There are some clothes I installed in the video
And the condiments I have used
Such as bean paste, hot pot base, pepper, etc.
Sisters from Malaysia Can come and see
Do you like it

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