Uncle Roger HATE Jamie Oliver Butter Chicken

New Years Familiar Enemy Jamie Oliver is back! In this video he's going to cook Indian Cream Chicken Curry This guy screwed up egg fried rice screwed up ramen noodles screwed up Thai green curry this time he's going to make Indian nephews and nieces cry? This video is sponsored by ExpressVPN and nieces and nephews did you know that even if you use incognito mode network providers like Verizon and AT&T know all the websites you visit your boyfriend or girlfriend can see you in network manager my internet status hi so i use ExpressVPN one button to protect my privacy it makes my surfing experience more anonymous no one can see what i search bad it is easy to install click a button and you are protected expressvpn can Helping You Change Your Network Region Did you know that Netflix offers different videos based on your region? Uncle Roger lives in the UK, where Netflix doesn't have Parasite.

Look when Uncle Roger changes the network region to Canada. If you want to get a three-month free trial visit expressvpn.com/uncleroger or click the link in the info bar to get started now! "I recently came up with a recipe that I can make anytime" "This is Jamie's version of Indian Butter Chicken Curry" Ah this is Jamie's version of Indian Butter Chicken Curry Not traditional Okay then Uncle Roger to him this time Be lenient and don't be too strict with him on the spice because I know he's definitely not going to use a few spice Uncle Roger today is very demanding you just get the basics right "Just one pan" "So it's a Very convenient recipe" "Turn on high heat" "Add 700g whole fresh tomatoes" "I want to sear the tomatoes" "Blacken the skin" Creamy chicken curry is a dish originating from the northern region of India.

Creamy tomato sauce so using tomatoes was the right choice Actually just make the tomato puree no need to sear it "roast the tomatoes at the same time" "treat the peppers" "cut the peppers in half" "use the tip of a knife to remove the seeds from the peppers" hi Why are you going to deseed, Jamie, you can't eat spicy food like that? Can such a big person not bear such small pepper seeds? "Put it in the pot" "The tomato gradually turns black" "You will find that the skin of the tomato will fall off automatically" etc. What is he doing? The tomatoes are all gone and he's still performing the platter "pick up the last pepper" "set aside to cool" "you can also cover them to help keep warm" "marinade" "very, very easy" marinade, right he's in Make a marinade "put 2 tbsp spice complex" spice complex works great with garlic "look!" "next I will use thumb sized pieces of ginger" ginger to "peel the ginger" "purge the ginger" "Season with salt" Season well with salt and pepper "Pour in yogurt" Yogurt correct "Chicken breast" Hi Jamie you still use chicken breast? The ingredients in the marinade were used correctly Uncle Roger was pleasantly surprised that you screwed up on the chicken breast hi butter chicken curry should have used chicken thighs Chicken breasts tend to burn too dry but to be honest Jamie is 1 minute 22 seconds into the video It was the first time he made a mistake after insisting on it for so long.

"Start a knife on the chicken breast from this side" "About half a centimeter to a centimeter deep" "This allows the delicious marinade to penetrate faster. " You can also just cut into pieces " "Just marinate roughly like this" "Make sure every corner of the chicken breast is coated with marinade" "Marinate the chicken breast for about 10 minutes" What did he say? "Marinate chicken breast for about 10 minutes" Marinate for about 10 minutes? Generally speaking, the chicken with creamy chicken curry needs to be marinated overnight for at least 12 hours, 10 minutes. That's not called marinating. It can only be said that the marinade splashes on the chicken for 10 minutes, and the chicken will still cry before it is dead.

Some people have problems with ejaculation too early and Jamie's problem with marinating too quickly sorry kids "start cooking the chicken" "heat the pan ahead of time" "pour in the oil" "put the chicken in the oil" make a creamy curry You need to use the naan pit if you want to make this dish at home Every Indian restaurant will have a naan pit. The grilled food has a strong taste like there is steam in Chinese food.

There is a naan pit in Indian food. "Fry the chicken until dark" "Peel the tomatoes" "Remove the skin and stalk" " Put the peppers aside" "Hey little guy, turn me over the chicken" Let your kids do it for you for free Uncle Roger likes Asians to have kids that's why "chicken only takes 8-10 minutes to fry" "done it Good!" "Peel the tomato" "Put the tomato skins together" "Squeeze with your hands and it's full of flavor" Don't you make tomato puree like this? Don't do this You'll pass the corona to the whole family "Chicken looks great!" "Rough on both sides, perfectly cooked" "Rough on both sides" Rough Who would use "rough" to describe delicious food? "Rough" is the word Uncle Roger used to describe Aunt Helen Rough "Put it on the cutting board" "Now let's make the sauce" "It's really, really easy" "Use the rest of the sauce from the pot" No no no Jie You can't use rice if you use the leftover gravy to cook other food it's a very European way of doing indian dishes like this you should make the sauce separately this is not how you do it in indian food this is what you do in french food "tomato and juice are poured together "Add two tablespoons of cashew butter to the pan" Cashew Butter What is Cashew Butter? Only cashew butter is used in the creamy chicken curry.

Cashew butter sounds like organic supermarket rubbish "they cook up to a gem red in no time" "I have 500ml of boiling water" Add water to the creamy tomato sauce! Hi (correction: you can add but not that much water) it will dilute the tomato flavor Jamie made a big mistake he wanted to cook for a whole family but didn't use enough tomatoes and had to add water but that Doing it will dilute the tomato flavor He adds water to the egg fried rice and to the creamy tomato sauce Jamie don't add any more water You're not cooking cup noodles "cooked to a thick sauce" "Crush the tomatoes with a fork" "Let it boil for a few minutes" "I'm going to put some peppers in, the question is how much?" "I'm going to put it in" Just that? "If you want to reduce the spiciness" etc.

What did he put in? "Put some mango sweet and sour sauce" Mango sweet and sour sauce? "put 2 tbsp mango sour sauce" "put 2 teaspoons mango sour sauce" mango sour sauce he put mango sour sauce in creamy chicken curry it's all over you made Uncle Roger put his legs off his chair You made our ancestors cry again. Hey mango sweet and sour sauce Mango sweet and sour sauce is a condiment! You can't cook it like ketchup hi first chili jam in egg fried rice and now mango sweet and sour sauce in creamy chicken curry "put 2 tsp mango sweet and sour sauce" Jamie what are you doing he has any knowledge of Indian food ? You can't just pour the seasoning into the food so casually.

"Put in the chicken" "I want to eat juicy chicken" "And it's a big piece of chicken instead of a small piece" It looks a little dry, see what I said Well "into the sauce " wrong again The chicken in the creamy chicken curry is supposed to be bite sized. Who are you feeding it? Crocodile? It's not a bite size Jamie you're a big talker but your mouth really isn't that big "cook the chicken for a while" "sprinkle some more yogurt" again wrong the last step should be adding butter You're making a creamy chicken curry The last step should be adding butter to your butter? Jamie, where's your butter? "Put a little cilantro on top, friends" "A beautiful pot of curry is done" "I've got some rice ready" Chickpeas? Hi, it's not Indian.

The chickpeas are from the Middle East. I don't care if Uncle Jamie Roger's phone is lost because watching you cook is so painful . Elements of Indian food and cream "Served on rice" "Look at the big chunks of chicken" "Eat it!" "It's so good to go!" Where to go to the trash can "River, what do you think?" "-I love it!-Really?-Really!-It's so good!" Can you believe this guy even dares to post a recipe if you want to know more about Jay Mi Oliver's Outrageous Incident Check out the Hi Ya podcast! On the podcast Uncle Roger reviewed Jamie Oliver's recipe that's a vegetarian recipe Uncle Roger hated it before he opened it .

Click the link in the info bar. Uncle Roger has reviewed Jamie Oliver many times but He [ __ ] up every time Uncle Roger has to keep laughing at him Jamie Oliver is back this time he's going to make Indian Butter Chicken Curry Jamie Oliver is back this time he's going to make Indian Butter Chicken Too early question and Jamie's question is marinating too fast so stupid rough Who would use "rough" to describe delicious food? "Rough" is the word Uncle Roger uses to describe Aunt Helen.

If you're going to feed an alligator, it's really a bite size. If you're going to feed a crocodile, it's really a bite size. Goose fish!.

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Uncle Roger HATE Jamie Oliver Butter Chicken

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New year, old enemy. Jamie Oliver coming for Indian food this time...
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