Uncle Roger MAKE EGG FRIED RICE (3M Subscriber Special!)

– Induction stove, haiyaa. (upbeat music) Hello, niece and nephew it's Uncle Roger. Uncle Roger hit 3 million subscribers, thank you to all my niece and nephew, and as promised I gonna make
my egg fried rice today. This video is sponsored by Sasa, Uncle Roger favorite
Indonesian seasoning brand. For this video, Uncle
Roger back at Mei Mei where I got my first job. What is vegan? – Like no animal products. – No animal product. So you go your life just eating leaf? This is Mei Mei's boss, Liz. To get my job back I will impress
you with my egg fried rice but first tell our viewer,
what is it Mei Mei.

– Mei Mei a Singaporean kopitiam. So we do Singaporean coffee, tea we specialize in Indonesian chicken rice. Nasi lemak, which I'm
sure you're a fan of. – You steal all the Malaysian food. (chuckling) Liz, I hear you have Michelin star. Is that correct? – In my last special yeah, I had a Michelin star. – Fuiyoh, how many Michelin star? – One. – Just one? Uncle Gordon have 22. Failure. – Still more than you. – Oh, haven't even start
cooking, already got roasted. – So I'm gonna be reviewing
your egg fried rice. I seen as you review so many others. So I'm gonna be quite harsh on you. – Haiyaa, so much pressure. Uncle Roger, not professional
chef, I just home cook. Now I gonna be judged
by Michelin star chef. (upbeat music) Step one, throw away your chili jam. This is not Jamie Oliver cooking show. Liz, can I have one of your knives? No, no, no. This is paring knife. This not used for chopping. This Liz try to trick me. This is more like it.

Asian people when we cook,
all we need is one knife. First step is garlic. For one portion of egg fried
rice, at least five clove. Asian people love garlic. We treat garlic like
we treat our children, they're never enough. You smash the garlic so you
don't end up like Kay cooking. The garlic don't run away from you. Uncle Roger not the best garlic
chopper, but don't worry. Everything look cooler in slow motion. (upbeat music) So Liz, what you think
of my chopping so far? – It could be a bit finer. – Just complain. (laughing) Garlic is the best thing ever. Many people complain
garlic give them bad breath but don't worry, Uncle Roger single, not kissing anyone anyway, that is one good part about being lonely. Nobody know you have bad breath. Now we chop shallot. Shallot is better version of onion. – Nicer flavor. – Don't use onion for your egg fried rice.

Only poor people use onion. (upbeat music) And then you slice it from the middle. – Be careful of your hands. – Don't worry hospital very close. – It is. (upbeat music) – Now time for egg. Uncle Roger like to use one
full egg and one egg yolk. This is technique I learned
from Malaysian chef, Sherson Lian, check out
his YouTube channel.

Many people say egg yolk
give your cholesterol but Uncle Roger say
cholesterol is full of flavor. Whisk the egg. No, not with whisk, haiyaa. No Asian person use whisk,
we whisk egg with chopstick. What kind of Asian restaurant you run? Why you have whisk? (laughing) You have whisk, do you also have colander? – No. – Next we chop spring onion. This is another classic Asian ingredient. Chop away the shit you don't need. – Don't throw away. We use for stock. – You use the shit you don't need? – Yeah. – Michelin star chef love
using trash to cook their food. (upbeat music) Another great thing of using big knife, it can almost become plate, see.

Last thing you need to chop is chili. Uncle Roger loves spice
because Uncle Roger not pussy. And of course for egg fried rice you have to use left over rice, but this is Uncle Roger biggest secret. It's not just any left over rice. This is left over chicken rice. This is rice cooked with chicken
stock, ginger and garlic. Full of flavor because
you leave it overnight.

Now the rice is so separated. So nice. This rice feel better than woman. – Uncle Roger stop touching the rice. – Auntie Helen left
Uncle Roger too long now, this is the only time I get
to touch something moist. (upbeat music) Sorry, children. How many rice cooker you have? – Four. – Four? Uncle Gordon wok fuck boy, but Liz is rice cooker fuck girl. You also need soy sauce, Asian sesame oil, must be Asian. And of course we must not forget the most important ingredient. The king of flavor, Uncle
Roger's white powder of choice. MSG. Do you use MSG in your cooking now? – We do now, Uncle Roger.

– I think you're going to get
second Michelin star soon. Uncle Roger using my
favorite brand of MSG Sasa. This is from Indonesia. Uncle Roger samples so
many different type of MSG and this taste the best. This packaging will be
the last of this year. Next year, they're going
to improve their packaging, make it even more pretty. I see so many niece and
nephew make egg fried rice with carrot or peas, haiyaa, don't use vegetable. Vegetable tastes like sad. (upbeat music) Okay, now we start cooking,
but we got one problem, induction stove, haiyaa. Liz, where are your fire? Where are your gas stove? – Well, we don't have any gas
connection here, Uncle Roger, but this is not the average
induction for the home.

This is the top of the
range induction for chefs. You get a really good wok hay. – Uncle Roger want to work here. So I will try to use this. Uncle Roger, going to cook with this. It is metal spoon, but don't worry. Professional wok, not nonstick wok. So if you use metal spoon in this your mom won't come and beat you. First coat the wok with oil and this is peanut oil because Uncle Roger love to kill all the weak
peanut allergy people. Once the oil start smoking
throw away the oil. Correct so far? – Yeah, apart from the peanut oil thing. – You don't use peanut oil? – No, we don't use peanut oil here because we don't want to kill anyone. – Oh. – They're not weak to us. – This is your problem. If you can't use peanut oil,
vegetable oil okay also. Just don't use olive oil, this is not Jamie Oliver cooking show. (chuckling) Spread the oil nicely around the wok. Okay, first thing in garlic and shallot. (sizzling) Fry it a bit until it's fragrant.

Next step, egg. Stir it around, when it
almost all solid like this, time for the rice. Uncle Roger never measure
because Asian people when we cook we don't measure. We just use feeling. – Agak-agak. – Agak-agak is the
Malaysian way to say it. It's a bit dry so I put
a bit more oil in there. Now we add soy sauce. Just use feeling. We put soy sauce in until our
ancestors tell us is enough. Sesame oil. You have to flatten the rice
so they don't clump together.

And now the most important ingredient, MSG, fuiyoh. (upbeat music) And your final garnish, spring onion and chili. Stir everything around. This induction stove not bad,
uncle Roger I change my mind. (upbeat music) – Oh, not bad, Uncle Roger. Good height. You have had a lot of
practice of tossing, huh? – Oh, Uncle Roger love tossing. Is my favorite thing to do. That's why Auntie Helen leave. And now ready to be served. (upbeat music) See, so simple, five minutes. That's all you need for
Uncle Roger egg fried rice. – For a home cook, not too bad. – Okay.
– You're a little messy. – But it's okay. – It's okay. – Professional kitchen
got professional cleaner. When I cook at home, I'm more
tidy because I clean myself. But a professional kitchen, you can hire people clean for you. – But you're gonna be cleaning
than this Uncle Roger. – No, no, no. I applying
job as chef, not as cleaner. Now time for taste test. Haiyaa, Asian people we
don't eat rice with fork.

Okay, this is better. Either spoon or chopstick only. – Not bad, Uncle Roger. – Not bad. – A lot of MSG. – Not a lot of MSG, just the right amount. No such thing as too much MSG. Sometime we complain food
too salty or food too sweet. But nobody ever complained food too umami. – Guys are you open today? – Oh, this guy looks so familiar. I think he is peanut allergy
guy from first Mei Mei video. Why you don't want peanut? – I'm allergic. – Why so weak? So weak. – Do you guys have anything on today? Any hot food. – We have egg fried
rice on the menu today. – Yeah. – No, no, no, no.

It's got peanut oil. – Haiyaa. – I can see why you review
other people's egg fried rice. It's not bad for home cook. – Okay, okay. – I'll show you how a
Michelin star will cook this. – Let's see, let's see. (upbeat music) – The technique you got just right, heat up the oil to season the wok. You just want to get it nice and smoke, get that wok okay. – Haiyaa, takes so long. Uncle Roger finished
cooking and eating already. – Instead of using oil,
I'm gonna use some pork fat because- – Pork fat.

– Yeah, I like the flavor of pork fat. – You didn't tell uncle
Roger you have pork fat. Uncle Roger love pork. Pig are the smartest, but
also delicious animal. Fuiyoh. But you use pork fat,
nobody has pork fat at home. – They can, you can buy it. But if you're vegetarian don't use, just use vegetable oil. Eggs going in. – So are you saying vegetarian
people don't deserve flavor? – Rice is going in, Mei Mei chicken rice. Oh, MSG. Why so little? MSG not expensive, don't be so stingy. Use more, use more. – No, no, that's enough.

– Haiyaa
– Soy sauce is quite salty already. And white pepper. – White pepper? Oh, Uncle Roger forgot
about that ingredient. – I know. With mine I got the spring
onion, garlic, chive and chili. – Oh, Michelin star tossing messy also. Haiyaa.
(laughing) – Uncle Roger, Mei Mei
makes sambal belacan. – This is the ingredient Uncle
Gordon used in his video too. Michelin star egg fried rice. Let's see how it tastes. – It's a spoon this time. – Yes, correct. Mm Hmm. This really good. (chuckling) A little bit better than my version. – Just a little bit? – So you're saying I am just
sanbao and pork fat away from being Michelin star chef? – There's a little more hard
work involved in that, but yes. – Uncle Roger approved. – Good. – She's officially Auntie Liz now. – Oh, what. So we're married? – No, no, Uncle Roger don't
wanna marry you, haiyaa. (laughing) I just call you Auntie Liz out of respect.

– Okay, I'll take the respect.
– Like Uncle Gordon. Who want to marry you? Haiyaa. Don't even have gas stove.
– Peanut allergy guy. – Peanut allergy guy your husband? – Yeah. – Plot twist. (dramatic music) (exhales) Cooking egg fried rice so exhausting. What do you think of my fried rice? What do you think? – Not bad Uncle Roger. For a home cook it was pretty good. The cutting just needs to be a bit faster and a little tidier.
– What? Okay, what about cooking? Technique okay? – Technique good. – What about my wok tossing? – You can tell you've
had a lot of practice at that wok tossing. – So nice coming from Michelin star chef, make Uncle Roger feel so special. – Oh. – If you're in London, come to Mei Mei, food so tasty.

Hopefully your have your egg
fried rice on the menu soon. – We will. Uncle Roger's egg fried rice. – With my face on the box? – Maybe. – Ooh. To all my niece and nephew, thank you so much for your support. 3 million subscriber is insane number. Hope you keep watching. Bye-bye. (upbeat music) Why you fire Uncle Roger, haiyaa. – Sorry.(chuckling) This is really hard actually. (beep) Indonesian chicken rice. Nasi lemak, which I'm
sure you're a fan of. – You steal all the Malaysian food. (chuckling) So do I keep that in. Oh, so Singapore restaurant
just stael Malaysian food? – I'm sorry, (chuckling) I don't know what to say to that.

(beep) – We treat garlic like
we treat our children, they are never enough. (laughing) – True that. I can't, that's so brutal. (beep) – That is one good part
about being lonely, nobody know you have bad breath. (laughing) Okay, and then we have cut two. Now we chop shallot. (chuckling) (beep) If you see Asian restaurant
with whisk, run away because they also will have colander. Liz you have whisk, but
you also have colander? – Only for if the BBC are here.

– Oh. (beep) Are you Niece Liz, or do you
want to do be Auntie Liz? Do you feel you are old or young? – I'm both. (laughing) (beep) – Auntie Helen left me too long now this is the only time I
can touch something wet. Sorry, children. (laughing) (beep) It's a long train. – It becomes white noise
to me after a while. – [Man] Probably can't
sleep without that sound. – Yeah. (beep) Why you want weak customer? – I'm married to one. (laughing) (beep) – What you think. What you think. – Sorry. (laughing) It's the way the voice goes up at the end. (laughing) It gets me. (beep) – So that was Uncle Roger egg fried rice. Liz, what you think? What do you think? (chuckling) – It's like a bowl's dropped. – What? – [Man] That's the other way, isn't it? – Yeah. – Yeah, it's true.

– My balls retract. (beep) How many times are we going
to shit on Jamie Oliver, in one-
– Not enough. (laughing) Sorry Jamie. (beep) Plot twist. (chuckling) – You're like a kdrama. (laughing) (indistinct).

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Uncle Roger MAKE EGG FRIED RICE (3M Subscriber Special!)

Uncle Roger 3M egg fried rice reveal! This weejio spoonsored by SASA, Uncle Roger's favourite MSG brand. Uncle Roger make egg fried rice. Finally!

This weejio using the last stock of Sasa MSG that Uncle Roger have ๐Ÿ˜”

Dear SASA team, please send Uncle Roger your new MSG. I hear you have new packaging coming up very soon! Uncle Roger canโ€™t wait to have my salt on crack. Happy new year 2021!

Go check out SASA Instagram @sasamelezatkan and for more recipes @micinsosialgang

And go visit Mei Mei if you're in London: https://instagram.com/meimeilondon

0:00 Intro
1:28 Prep
5:43 Cook
8:59 Taste test
10:05 Michelin Star version
12:17 Verdict
13:03 Bloopers


Uncle Roger egg fried rice recipe:

Ingredient (no quantity listed, just use feeling):
Spring onion
Chicken rice
Soy sauce
Asian sesame oil
Pork lard OR peanut oil (or vegetable oil if you weak)
White pepper (optional)
and of course... MSG
AND NO VEGETABLE. Vegetable taste like sad.

Oil the wok with pork lard/peanut oil/vegetable oil
Fry garlic and shallot until fragrant
Add egg, fry until fluffy
Add rice. Stir
Add soy sauce, sesame oil, MSG, white pepper. Stir
Add spring onion, chilli
Enjoy your egg fry rice while judging Jamie Oliver

Thank you for 3 million subscriber. BAI BAI!


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