Uncle Roger ROASTED BY CELEBRITY CHEF (ft. Chef Wan)

– Uncle Roger got invitation
from celebrity chef. But Chef Wan, do you have egg-fried rice? – Haiyaa! Ah, stuff into your mouth. No, it's galangal! Galangal and ginger, you don't know? How you want to be a chef? – Uncle Roger getting schooled right now. Fuiyoh! Youtooz make this Uncle
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Link will be in description. Uncle Roger work so hard on this. Hope niece and nephew
buy it when it come out, and now we start video. (bright orchestral music) Hello, niece and nephew, it's Uncle Roger. Today, Uncle Roger got
invitation from celebrity chef. He invite me to his restaurant. Let's see how good his food is. Hopefully better than Jamie Oliver. Niece and nephew, remember
to smack like button. Smack like button, like
how your parents smack you. Don't make Uncle Roger sad. Here he is.

– Hello, Uncle Roger, how are you? – Hello, hello, how you doing, Chef Wan? – Good, very fine. – Tell our viewer, who are you? Nobody know you. – Well, I am Chef Wan,
the very famous cook. I have yet to go to YouTube because this guy went on YouTube and millions of people
suddenly become very famous. I mean, how? I mean, people like me
work for 30, 40 years not to be famous. This one, overnight. Just about the rice, I think? – Egg-fried rice. – Egg-fried rice, complain,
complain fried rice.

(Chef Wan makes grossed out sounds) – YouTube for failed
people like me, TV better. (Chef Wan laughs) – Cafe Chef Wan, as you see, the Cafe, My Travelogue
of the World restaurant, which is actually comprised
of all the wonderful recipe from all over the world. And that's what the food's all about. – Oh, so you travel and
bring all the food back? So cool. When Uncle Roger travel, all
I bring back is key chain. – Your mouth very itchy? Complain, complain, complain, people, ah? So I want to know, you cook or not? You got cook? – Uncle Roger okay, okay home cook.

– [Chef Wan] No cook, ah? – Not as good as you. – Poor thing.
All those people you embarrass them. – They deserve to be embarrassed. (Chef Wan grimaces)
Everybody mess up Asian food. (Chef Wan laughing)
Haiyaa. – But you're good promoting
Asian rice now. – Of course, of course. – Ah, suddenly I think now you get more gweilou eating fried rice. – And MSG also. – (laughs) Yes. We've got a wonder powder. – Chef Wan, how many
Michelin star you have? – I got no star, I'm just
a cook, like I told you.

I'm just a cook.
– Haiyaa. – I think good food don't
have to have Michelin star. Today you eat, tomorrow
you go out same hole or so. (laughs)
I work with many big star. I worked with Anthony Bourdain, you know? So I worked with him also
in some television show and then he die already (indistinct) Hey, I want to ask you something. Like, I know at least I work with all the big star and all that.

What about you? Who have you worked with before? – Uncle Roger worked with Auntie Hersha. (bright orchestral music) So, you see, Inside here,
we have a center foyer. Even, we design our floor, very nicely. These from the Greek civilization. – It just tile. – No, this not just tile. You don't understand history. If you go to the Greek
civilization, you go to Athens, you see one of the
flooring there is missing.

We took it out. – Oh, you stole public property. I like how you stole tile from Greece and put it in shopping mall. – No, we don't steal now.
– Haiyaa. – We just take. You see Cleopatra used
to sit here on the swing. – [Uncle Roger] Are you sure? – [Chef Wan] Yes, this swing. – [Uncle Roger] This
swing can't even move. – No no, If it move,
people stole it already. We don't want it to be stolen. So we we've already put cement. – So you're okay stealing tile, but you're not okay people
stealing your swing? – You see our restaurant
also got all these jungle fern leaves everywhere. These are all from Pahang Jungle. – Why you want to make
restaurant look like jungle? – No, because we living in a tropical, you see all my customers, they love green.

– Oh, I like how your
restaurant next to highway. – Yes. – Usually we eat restaurant. We like seeing sunset, seeing nature. Uncle Roger, like eight-lane highway. So ambience. – Yes, because we've got graveyard. Around that side, we got graveyard. – Oh, and petrol station also. – Okay, this is one of my favorite corner. As you can see, it's quite messy, 'cause I love all the
jungle feel, butterfly so the wallpaper has lovely colors of flower, flora, fauna and all that. – Love jungle. Right now, lock down.

Every zoo, closed, but your
wallpaper have all the animal. Got parrot, got tiger. No need go to zoo, just
come to Cafe Chef Wan. – Correct, correct. – Just like your picture here. Is that you? If I see this guy, my first thought is, he
know where to get cocaine. (Chef Wan laughs and sniffles) – And the thing, why I had this
picture very big like this, the size of a door, is because sometimes
when my friend come here, they cannot find me. Say Wan not up there, not down there. Say Wan here. So they quickly take picture photo here. – You think this appetising? – Look at that smile. I have the most beautiful smile. Could see, my skin also
like your skin also, huh? – No, no. This skin color, wrong skin color. Haiyaa. – Haiyaa. – You so brown, this one so white. What you do? – And what about this? This is, you guess who
is this picture here? – This your mother. I can tell because the glasses
come from same store as you.

(Chef Wan laughs) – And you know what she's doing here? She show here? Money, money, money, money. – Oh, Uncle Roger thought
this is finger heart, like Korean drama. (bright orchestral music) – Okay, okay. We have so much food here, but Chef Wan, do you have egg-fried rice? – Haiyaa. Heart sick. – [Man] Chef Wan, try
not to touch your shirt. – All right, I forgot the mic is there. – Haiyaa, 30 year in TV
– 30 year and I forget. – and he still make amateur mistake.

(Uncle Roger laughs) – Fried rice. Of all the things, you
come to my restaurant, you're still living with your fried rice. We eat fried rice all the time. So that's why I don't want to put the fried rice inside our menu. – Okay okay. – But, there's one special
rice that you should try, nasi kangkang. – What is nasi kangkang? – Nasi kangkang, in the olden days, is given to the husband by the wife. So they want to tame the
husband from being naughty. They will cook their hot rice. They will squat down and
so let all the juice, the sweat, all of the woman
to flow down into the rice, and then they give the husband to eat. – No, no, no. Uncle Roger make rice with rice cooker not with vagina. – So old fashioned, you. Ah, these wonderful. – This is clam chowder. – Yes, seafood chowder, I call it. Because we have salmon, we
have clams, we also had mussel. (bright orchestral music) – It's good flavor seafood? – Not bad, not bad.

It tastes like the canned Campbell's soup. (Chef Wan false cries) – Okay, next you try my pasta
with variety of mushroom. – Okay, okay. Mushroom have good umami flavor. Chef Wan, I have a question for you. Do you use MSG? – No, no MSG my cooking. – That why you don't have Michelin star. – Because your fried rice is very lousy. Very old, so you have to
put MSG to taste better. (speakers hooting) Now you can see all the steam coming up. (Uncle Roger exclaims) Because it's done fresh for you. – Your pasta have wok hei. Not bad, not bad. – What do you mean not bad? – I think MSG make this better. – No, next let's try the Caesar salad. – Salad, haiyaa. – You know, when I first came to America, this was the first salad I
learned in San Francisco, at my California Culinary
Academy San Francisco.

– America has so many good
food, like burger, pizza, but you pick salad. – Of course we have burger in our menu. – What are you? White girl on diet? – Tasty, huh? – Not bad. – Got everything not bad, not bad. What does not bad mean anyway? – Asian uncle never satisfied with any. – I know, everything is not bad. Uncle Roger, don't
forget our garlic bread. We give you very long one. – Why so sexual, this Chef Wan? – No sexual.
– Haiyaa. – I know it's a bit crooked. – You like crooked, long thing? – Yes, I like, look at this. – Don't talk about–
– No worries, let me put, stuff it into your mouth.

Another one, of course,
our Malaysian satay. – Fuiyoh, finally something Asian. – Let me see how big your mouth is. Haiyaa, you've got very small mouth! – Chef Wan make uncle
Roger feel uncomfortable. (Chef Wan laughs) – You need satay sauce? Oh my God! You have all your saliva,
drooling everywhere at the table. And now is (speaking in foreign language). This is the Spanish paella. – Your restaurant try
to do too many things. – Well, we don't want to
sell fried rice, it's boring. – How to eat so many thing on there.

Uncle Roger can't even see the rice. – Okay, now I'm removing
some of the seafood for you. – Oh, you're wearing your glasses. – Why? – I think your taste in glasses got better since you last got the picture drawn. – Okay Uncle Roger, taste it. Now you can see the rice. (Uncle Roger exclaims) You must scoop down inside. Moist, wet? – So tender. So moist, opposite of Auntie Helen. – Tasty? – Slightly better than packet rice. (Chef Wan laughs) Do you microwave this rice? – No, so fresh. – Uncle Roger eat mussel, but I don't fondle the muscle. So dirty, this chef. This is Spain version of egg-fried rice. To uncle Roger, everything is
a version of egg-fried rice. So Chef Wan, Uncle Roger
not so impressed so far. What is your best dish? Show me your best dish. – If you want, I'm gonna make you my lamb kerutup. It's a very typical dish from
the east coast of Malaysia.

Lamb shank cook and kerutup sauce. (upbeat music) This is our signature dish. – Why your spoons so big? Why I have small spoon? – Because I like them big. So the first thing I want to do here I'm gonna show you when we cook. We use this clarified
butter or called ghee. Have you cooked Malay food a lot? – No, no, I just make egg-fried rice. – Oh, you and your fried rice. Okay, first thing we need to do here. We're gonna start this, some shallots. So shallots go in and then we take some garlic. – How do you crush this garlic? – Ah, you just put the machine. – Why you don't use pestle and mortar? – Oh, they take long time to do. Try and smell, you
think what leaf is this? – Pandan? – Ah, you're very smart, no? – Thank you, thank you. – Uncle Roger very smart. So we throw everything inside.

– Pandan is good southeast
Asian ingredient. – Okay, now you tell me what is this? – Cinnamon? – What a clever boy.
– Fuiyoh. – This one? – Star anise. – Star anise, a bit inside there. – And this? – Don't know.
– Cardamom. – This? – Don't know. – Cloves, all don't know. How to cook like this all don't know? Don't know, haiyaa. When you cook, you must see. When it's a bit dry, you have to put a bit more oil there. See that? – Okay, okay. – Your hand must be very
fast, just like your mouth. Be careful, don't put too
much of your saliva inside. Now we have a bit of our white curry. Smell this? Can you tell what is this? – Ginger.

– No, this is galangal. Galangal and ginger, you don't know? How you want to be a chef? – Uncle Roger not trying to be chef. I just comedian. – Now you want to smell, what is this? – Don't know – Don't know lemongrass. – Everything smell like
ginger to Uncle Roger. – I see, Uncle Roger, because you only everything taste like
fried rice, fried rice, fried rice, fried rice, fried rice.

– Uncle Roger getting schooled right now. – So now after you try fry that. – Sambal. – Chili, not sambal. Sambal is already cook. When you cook, become sambal,
but this one is called chili. When you want to spice it up. – As long as it's not chili jam. – Correct. So further cook, slowly let everything become nice and aromatic. – Okay. – Oh, and the powder, smell this. – Chinese medicine. – No, this is fennel. Fennel powder. Haiyaa. – This? – Fennel again, don't know. – Oh, I give you the same thing. No wonder, you're very smart. – Yes see, you're trying
to test Uncle Roger. Cumin.

– Very smart, Uncle Roger. – Fuiyoh. – Clever boy, clever boy, cumin. So you put all that
inside, continue stirring. – Why so many step? Egg fried rice only three step. – Hurry up, because when you
are talking, see all burning. Mind here, okay? – Uncle Roger hand burning. So when you cook, you don't measure you just use feeling. – No, when you're a great
chef, you don't measure things.

We just throw. We boil all our lamb and you
just throw inside, like that. See that, very easy. – Chef Wan cook like he don't give a shit. – We add a bit of
coriander, just like that. See that? – Fuiyoh! This is how professional
chef prepare your food. He just whack shit in pot. – Whack, no problem. – You need to treat food
with respect, haiyaa! – Where your MSG, Chef Wan? Where your MSG? – This is not Chinese cooking, use MSG. – Stop insulting Chinese cooking, haiyaa. Uncle Roger sweating now. – And add bit chopped
tomatoes also inside. Yes, that's it. Water, water, water, water. We can put stock also. And then for the salt. – This is like pirated
version of Salt Bae. (upbeat music) – So at this stage, we simmer
for three hours slowly. – Fuiyoh! – Simmer everything, black pepper. Everything is a pinch of
this, a pinch of that.

That's professional cooking. This not like fried rice. (Chef Wan grunts) Fried rice. See, it's more difficult to do Malay food than your fried rice. – No, you just throw shit in pan. Uncle Roger can do that also. – Yes I'm sure, where
did I taste your recipe? What do we call this? – Lamb kerutup. – Very smart boy. – Thank you. – Look all the sweat, all pouring. Make sure your sweat don't
go inside my soup, okay? – It's free salt. – No wonder Chinese
cooking not so much MSG, because all the MSG flow in already. – Haiyaa! We come back in three hour
and we see end result. (upbeat music) – Fuiyoh, this looks so good! – Very delicious. So now, let's taste. Okay, this is very tender. So this is the rice we serve with it. 'Cause it's so tender. You see, after it cook
for so long time, huh? Very tender. The meat almost dropped. – Oh wow! – You taste this, our specialty.

– Fuiyoh. – The meat, it's good now, with the sauce. And look at just now, you was
sweating, like all pouring, because he was nervous of the chef. – No, your kitchen too hot. Get some air con. – Haiyaa.
– Very good. – Very good? So finally I hear different thing
from you, very good. This is the only good thing
you have in your restaurant. – Yeah, right. So we have people coming in
queue every day, you know? – Oh, what queue, what queue? Uncle Roger come here, I just walk in. No queue at all. – Oh, the chutney? – No.
– Good? – Slightly better than a paella. – Yum – Okay, thank you for
schooling Uncle Roger in Malaysian cooking. – Most welcome. And what he needs is nasi kangkang to shut his mouth by Chef Wan. – Come check out Cafe Chef Wan. See you next week, bye bye. – Bye. – Very handsome boy. – Boy, Uncle Roger 50 year old. Where got boy? – Let me see, where your wrinkle? (Uncle Roger and Chef Wan laughing) Look at him, 50 year old.

Now I'm very nervous. Hey, when you talk, you remind me of my old
Sifu, the Yan can cook. – Martin Yan, yes, yes, Uncle the OG. – The OG, yes. Yan always say "If Yan can cook", huh? I always say, Wan can cook too. Stuff into your mouth. (Uncle Roger and Chef Wan laughs) – That is a hook, that's a hook. That's when we open it up. – Don't forget, Uncle Roger. When I die, this painting
is gonna cost millions. – One million. – No, millions. What do you mean? You mean it's nothing. Will cost millions, when I die.

– Who gonna buy this painting? – Ah, you would know. You know, my friend will bid. Come meet my mother. – Hello, hello. – Ah, there you are. – What you think of your son's picture? – Your son's picture, what you think? – She don't even like, see her face. She'd like, haiyaa, so disappointing. – My son. – Your son, I know. What you think? – Handsome. – Handsome? – You also handsome. – Aw, thank you, thank you. – Don't eat yet? We haven't filmed yet? – I love my truffle. – Uncomfortable. (Chef Wan laughs) – Everything sexual. – In Chef Wan's kitchen. Let's see what he's really made of. – Sit down. – Do you need stock? – It's okay. Don't worry, just give me water. – So are you gonna sell
this painting also? – I don't think so, because I think my mother
is more valuable than me. She has bigger fan than me. – Oh, I didn't know
you also have humility. (Chef Wan laughs) – In Spain, look,
they make arborio rice. They make paella. Italian, they do the
rice, you know, risotto? – Risotto is rice, but they fuck it up.

– No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It's just, that's what you think. (chiming bells).

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