Uncle Roger Work at Food Truck

– One pound less. – One pound less?
– Yes. – But no cucumber.
– Yes. – No, one pound more for being annoying. (beep) Hello, niece and nephew. It's uncle Roger. Today, Uncle Roger getting another job, because times are tough. I need money to buy new polo shirt. My last job was at Mei Mei. Great restaurant, but they
fire Uncle Roger after one day. I don't know why. You're allergic to peanut.

Why so weak? So weak. Haiya, just eat peanut. Hospital very close, don't worry. So, today is new job. I'm going to work at this food truck. Rice Guy. This is my boss for today. – Hi, I'm Vanessa. – Okay, Vanessa, what is Rice Guy? Uncle Roger don't do
research before any job. – Well, Rice Guys, we're all about serving a little bit of Chinese home cooking to the workers in the city. So really, staple foods like chicken rice, and pork rice tasu, and mapo tofu. – Are you a chef? Have you always been chef? – No, we were all actually
in our corporate jobs, working in public accounting. – Accounting, and now food truck. What your parent think?
What your parent think? What you tell them? – We just told them we
really wanted to do this, it's our passion. We all love cooking and food, so they just really want us to be happy. – I think they're lying to you. I think Asian parent
want you to have money. They don't want you to
serve chicken out of truck.

Actually, Uncle Roger like food truck, because if you've got customer
eat your food and die, you just drive away. Nobody can find you. Vanessa, very smart. Now we're going to drive to location. Go, go, Vanessa, go. – Uncle Roger, I thought
we hired you to drive? – No, no, no, Uncle Roger,
bad back, cannot drive. You're so tiny, the chair bigger than her. Haiya, you drive so slow. You drive like uncle Roger grandma, haiya. Why you drive so fast? Don't drive so fast. Why, is police coming after you, is it? Why you cannot afford better food truck? – Well, it's a very nice car, Uncle Roger. – Really, nice car don't go
(mimics engine vibrating) when you go above five mile an hour. But one good thing about driving old piece of shit like this
is nobody want to steal. Today, Uncle Roger gonna try
my best to behave myself. No yelling at customer
unless they are idiot.

Oh, hello, hello. – What's your bestseller here? – Hainanese chicken rice. That's what Rice Guy is known for. – Oh, I see, okay. Anyway, I'll order the
smokey barbecue pork. – The smoke… But you just asked what the best thing is? – Yeah, well-
– Then why you ask? If you make up your mind
already, why you ask? Haiya, card reader also not working. Your truck broken, your
card reader broken. You should have stuck
with accounting, you know. I'm surprised, Asian business,
we usually cash only, because we don't want to pay tax. But why Vanessa? Why? You were so honest. Do you hate money? Hello, hello, how you doing? – I'm good, how are you? Good, good. What you want? – I don't eat chicken. – You don't eat chicken? – No I don't like chicken – You live your life wrong. So what you want today? – I'm going to try your tofu. – Tofu! You know that is last
thing on menu for a reason. Do we have tofu? – But why? – But not everybody deserve happiness. – Oh you are Uncle Roger, right? – Yeah, yeah
– Yeah, nice to meet you.

– Nice to meet you too. – I love everything you do, I'm always watching you.
– Oh thank you – You make me laugh
– Uncle Roger working, what else you want, otherwise
you just go there and wait. Oh hello, how are you doing? – I'm good, thank you, how are you? – I'm good, I'm good. – Could I have the smoky
barbecue pork please? – Smoky barbecue pork,
good choice, good choice.

– Is it halal? – Is, what? What? Ask again? – Is it halal? – Is smoky barbecue pork halal? Yes. Hello, hello, how are you doing? – Pretty good, pretty good.
– Okay. – Okay, what you want today? – Can I get some Hainan chicken rice? – Hainan chicken rice? Okay, no problem. – Do you have it with brown rice though? – With brown, with what?! – Brown rice? – Brown rice? Haiya! – Brown rice is the most disgusting rice, you might as well have piss. – Healthier though isn't is? – Healthy? – It's a lot healthier,
that's what I've heard. – Yeah disgusting thing always healthy, is that how you want to live? Okay, fine, brown rice,
you want brown rice, I give you brown rice. – Thank you – Customer always right. Hello, hello, how are you doing? – Doing good, could we have two Hainanese
roast chicken please? – Two Hainanese roast chicken, no problem. – Yeah can we have extra MSG? – Extra MSG, oh my god, this
is my favorite customer! MSG is the best, is king of flavor.

– You don't have, what? – That's why your business not good. They don't have MSG here, but don't worry, Uncle Roger has my own stash. Just for my favorite niece and nephew. Yes, I just elevated the
food to the next level. Oh, Uncle Roger want to lick
the counter now, so tasty. Hello, hello, how are you doing? – How are you?
– Good, good, good – You all right?
– What you want? – Do you sell salad? – Salad? – Yeah, can I get the… – Do you know the name of this food truck? It's Rice Guy, not Salad Guy. Well no salad here, but we got tree behind
you, go eat the leaf. Go climb a tree and make your own salad. – This is really bad service, I can't believe you are
speaking to me like this. – Yeah you come to wrong truck,
and you want good service? You didn't do your research,
and you want good service? – Right, okay.

– Okay, leave a good review on Google. Uncle Roger want to keep my
job, leave good review, please! Hello, hello, what you want? – Do you have chicken breast? – Chicken breast? No we only
serve chicken thigh here. You like chicken breast? – I like it. – But that is the worst part of chicken! It's so tasteless, you
might as well eat cardboard. Do you also enjoy cardboard? Do you also munch on cardboard for dinner? I got cardboard here, why don't
you just put some soy sauce, eat this, eat this cardboard, tastes just like chicken breast.

– I don't like soy sauce. – You don't like soy…
you just hate flavor. Why you hate flavor? You spend too much time on your mustache. Why don't you just eat some good food. Uncle Roger see you wear orange, I think this guy will have good taste, but then you come here
order chicken breast, you let Uncle Roger down. – I know, I like your fashion though. – Oh thank you, thank you. I don't like your anything. The iPad locked, you didn't
give Uncle Roger the passcode. Do you not trust me? Do you think I would steal
your food truck money? Oh hello, hello. We got Chinese street
fashion TikTok people. You in wrong country,
everybody here dress like shit. So what you want, what you want today? – Do you have any chicken feet? – Chicken feet? Oh that
is best part of chicken. Can you believe earlier today somebody asked for chicken breast? That is so bad. Chicken feet best part of chicken.

Uncle Roger have foot
fetish, but only for chicken. Human feet, I don't
like. Chicken feet, mm. Hello, hello little girl. What do you want? – Can we get just a bowl of rice. – Just a bowl of rice? – Yeah, for her. – With nothing? – Nothing. – You want just white rice?
Is that what you feed her? That's why she's so skinny! – She loves it! – She loves just rice?
– Yeah – Just rice? That is child abuse. Children need protein and vitamins. We don't serve just rice here. Sorry. – Okay, I'll have to leave a bad review. (sudden musical chord)
– Bad review? No, no. We can serve rice no
problem. Rice, just rice. Oh hello, hello nephew. What you want? – Can I get Hainanese
grilled chicken rice? – Hainanese chicken rice? Okay no problem. – And with extra rice please. – With extra rice? Okay, extra
rice is extra money you know. – Yeah, it's all right, it's all right.

– Okay, Vanessa busy so let me just charge you whatever I want. Oh Vanessa, extra rice only 50p? 50p for extra rice? No wonder this food truck
going out of business. When you buy rice at Chinese restaurant, it's two pound, three pound. Or if you buy rice from Auntie Hersha, it's eight pound for egg fried rice. – Hello – Hello, hello. – How are you? – I'm good, I'm good, how
are you? How old are you? Are you supposed to be by
yourself? You look too young. – My dad is over there, I'm 14. – You're 14?
– Yes – 14 cannot eat chicken
rice. We put alcohol inside.

– I like alcohol. – You like alcohol?
– Yes – Where your dad? He a terrible father. Do you know your son like alcohol? – What do you think about that? – It's okay for 14? He's gonna do crack next
year, what you think? This parenting, haiya. Okay, what you want? – Can I have a chicken rice
without cucumber please? – Chicken rice with no cucumber? – Yes – You just take the regular chicken rice, take the cucumber out yourself. – No, but the flavor is still there. – So many requests, you
big 14 year old man, cannot take three slice of cucumber out? You want her to take out
the cucumber for you? – Yes. – Vanessa, do you want
to take the cucumber out for this 14 year old guy? – Thank you.

You see, she's so nice. – You're too nice. No cucumber. – No cucumber – But price still the same. – Maybe one pound less. – One pound less?
– Yes. – For no cucumber?
– Yes. – No one pound more for being annoying. What, cash? We don't take
cash. Only card machine. This is COVID time. I
don't want your cash. All the virus on there. – But I sanitized before. – With what? – [Both] With alcohol, yeah! – Uncle Roger work at this
food truck all day today.

What do you think first Vanessa? – It's okay, I think you did
better than you did at Mei Mei. – Oh thank you, Uncle Roger learning. – Yeah, maybe we will have you back again. – Oh, but next time will you have MSG? – No I think we'll still keep
away from MSG at our truck. – You have better truck? – We actually have four trucks. – Oh, is this the worst one?
– Yeah, this is the first one. – Niece and nephew, come eat at Rice Guy. They're doing pretty good,
Uncle Roger like the food.

Thank you so much for watching. Subscribe to Uncle Roger channel. See you next week. Bye bye! (camera flash sound) Thank you for coming. – Okay – Don't actually pay because, I keep tapping it, it's at 166 pounds. Don't actually pay. – Guys please don't forget
to give this a thumbs up, share and subscribe, because… – Haiya, so needy. – No, no, no. Not haiya. – I thought you were
going to roast me more, but you didn't roast me so that's fine. – Yeah, I can't roast you too much, I need to save some line
for the other people. It's just salt. – [Vanessa] You've spilled it everywhere.

– Did I spill it everywhere? Uncle Roger want to lick
the counter now, so tasty. You're just cycling around
London eating chicken breast. So sad. – Can I do a video where
you're saying haiya? – Yeah of course. – Haiya. – Great thank you. – That's good, that's funny. I mean we actually don't take cash though. – We drove one and a
half hours out of here, – Really? Oh shit.
– especially to come here.

– Well I hope it was worth your time. – It definitely was, definitely was. – It was literally the best
thing that's happened to us. – Really? – We were like there like
wow it's so exciting. – Wow you have a sad life then. This is gonna weird in the video, you are going to hear
people laughing in the back..

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Uncle Roger Work at Food Truck

After getting fired from Mei Mei last time, Uncle Roger found new job at food truck. Will his new boss like him?

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