Unique Home Based Businesses With Halal Options | Eatbook Food Guide | EP 48

Can you please include this in? Later I cannot get married! Don't want! She say fine dining all, must act like this Then she pu pu Hi guys! Welcome back to another episode of Eatbook food guides! I'm Chiara And I'm Zhin! And long time no see!! 2019 eh! 2 years you know? Since out last prank Yea- Eh? The meatball So what are we gonna do today? So today, it's a very special episode because We are going to #supportlocal And we are going to be trying some unique home-based food businesses for you guys Have you ever ordered from a home-based business before? Of course la! During covid, there were a lot of home-based food businesses right? I actually have a favourite and it is called Tahu Gedek.

It is basically tofu They put beef inside They put cheese, then they burn the cheese And it is Taylor Swift approved I show you the picture! Is it in Singapore? It's Taylor Swift holding the food! She really approve ya? Believe him So we already ordered the food to our Second home, the office All we got to do is just wait for it to arrive Yes, it's a waiting game But today really got a lot of items eh I saw the list and I was like "Wah!" Not one you know Not two you know But SIX eh today! SIX?! Shall we eat? Yes let's go! Come to our home Anyways, thank you uh Sneaky Sushii Kor Kor ya? Sorry! Eh! They come already or not uh? We got six eh SIX YOU KNOW?! Z: EH COME ALREADY!
C: IT"S HERE! LET"S GO! Oh shit! Okay the food's all here!! Are you hungry or excited? Very hungry and very excited Same, but before we start right? We want to pput a caution sign here first We are going to be as honest as we can But don't forget our taste are all very subjective If we don't like certain things, don't need to like not support them So are you ready for the first one? What is it? Okay So if Eatbook right? Got Eatbook by Chiara This one uh, the first one got Cookbookbyri Wah so Ri owns cookbook right? Ah yes But I don't own Eatbook ya? Ya but this one is actually interesting because you know During the COVID period right? There was a lot of baked sushi businesses that came out But this one is very very unique You want to know why? Why? You tell me why la What's unique about them that we know so far Is that they make their own mentaiko sauce Okay x3 And they also offer the Korean version It's like deconstructed gimbap So it's like Sushi bake gimbap? I think so You think so? Okay.

How about we think the food in? One, two three DING! MAGIC! OH my gosh! Okay, first and foremost Why we got so many ling ling long long here? Our table suddenly very busy eh We have the seasoned seaweed ya? Next we have the seaweed flakes This one is like Seasoned with salt, sesame and Olive oil? I guess? Wasabi, right over here a small packet And along with wasabi, it's soy sauce Last but not least, we have Lettuce! Oh! Oh wait, what? Lettuce! Look at the amount of beef they give. It's actually very very generous you know? C: Ya sia
Look at the amount of beef they give.

It's actually very very generous you know? C: Ya sia SO this one is your typical Common sushi bake which is the salmon sushi bake Ya, and last but not least, they have a duo for this tray over here Half is scallop belado And the other half is prawn But they are all mentaiko Okay let's try let's try We just scoop whatever we want here, that's it Uh pinkies up please Because fine dining you know
Uh pinkies up please Because fine dining you know Z: Wait, inside is it kimchi?
C: Oh my god! It's kimchi fried rice! So you have the beef layer, and then there is a seaweed layer And then I think below is it like egg? Or is it cheese?I'm not sure I think it's both eh Shall we?
I think it's both eh Shall we? Our very first bite of the day Yes And what time is it now? 2.30PM Let's go! It doesn't taste similar to other sushi bakes It just tastes like a Korean dish Ya it does Home cooked Korean dish To be honest, personally I would give the lettuce a miss Because I feel like the lettuce might destroy the taste of the beef Because the beef is very very well marinated And it's good eh Okay! Next dish! x2 Okay you choose which one you want to try This one Okay how bout you try the prawn and I try the scallop belado? Okay onz Ahh The mentaiko layer is thick eh
Ahh The mentaiko layer is thick eh Ya, and then you can see the scallop on top also My one not very nice eh how? Your scoop a bit ginormous uh Eh but I can see the prawn at the side Oh it comes with shell though I think it would be nicer if you remove the prawn shell Z: Okay we try uh, wow!
C: Okay let's try Wow! The scallop is actually very soft And I think it is a good amount of size It is right at the corner So that means if the food is at the corner right Means it's everywhere And it's quite generous with it How about you? How's the prawn? This one, I don't really get the umami-ness of mentaiko I get the creaminess of the mayo But they're really generous with the prawn because other than the one with shell that I took right? There were little itsy bitsy pieces of prawn inside also Ya Okay, let's try the very last one C: It is salmon mentaiko right?
Z: Yes From the looks of it, I can tell that the salmon pieces are Are like smashed kind A bit like the sushi trend on TikTok right now Ohh okay okay Maybe I dip with the sauce uh EHH!! Because we never use the sauce
EHH!! Because we never use the sauce Wah you think of it uh? C: Ya! Ehh great minds think alike ya?
Z: Wah! Ayee! One is with wasabi which is Chiara's, and one is without Okay let's try To be honest I think The salmon flavour fared the best because You do get a bit of the seafood-y flavours Yeah From the salmon, not the mentaiko But then all 3 tastes pretty good I would order for a party after COVID Ya Okay la, I mean for $38 for a medium serving I think it's pretty reasonable Too bad it's COVID, if not this will be a great potluck dish Yes! You go for picnic you bring this Ohhhh! By the beach then you eat So romantic! Okay la! NExt dish! Okay next up we have Sliders from theorangestove Mmhm I feel like a lot of home-based businesses their story is somewhat the same Like they cook a lot at home, and then their friends and family say "Wah you should totally sell this!" So this is one of them And they have a trio of sliders here C: Cheeseburger
Z: Okay, I like that C: Katsu
Z: Ooo!
C: Cheeseburger
Z: Okay, I like that C: Katsu
Z: Ooo! And fish! Wow! Eh you know what or not? What what what? The brioche bun right? They actually make themselves Mmm! It is homemade brioche buns And you know what? Hady Mirza Singapore Idol, if you are as old as me You should know who Hady Mirza is He also reviewed this And he likes it Oh! Do you know who Hady Mirza is? I young so I don't know I take this bun I put in your mouth C: Okay, wah
Z: Wow! Look at this hoiyoo! You see! Woah the cheese though! Very picture perfect eh actually Okay, so for the chicken katsu, it is actually honey garlic bbq sauce You can actually smell it from here
Okay, so for the chicken katsu, it is actually honey garlic bbq sauce You can actually smell it from here And mine looks like it's Cheese on top, sauce below and battered fish Whoo! Okay Okay I'm going to cut in half la huh Wah Because we fine dining ah And look at me, already trying to squeeze it so I can take in one bite Ughhh I caqnnot la! How to get married? Open bigger (muffled) I don't want The meat is A bit thick To the point where It feels a little bit like chicken But it is uh, I mean you can see all the fish fibers and all that There's like at least 3 layers of fish in my burger The sliders do taste a bit homemade So I feel like it's not too unhealthy, it's not too overly fried Not greasy at all Ya Ya, even though they are really generous with sauce which I love Z: Mmm
C: In my burgers What about yours? Mine taste like- The sauces kind of mix well together which I am pleasantly surprised But the bun is actually very soft and it's also very tasty The bun itself But the chicken is very good Is it tender? Ya it's very tender, then the outside is very crispy Flavour wise it doesn't taste restaurant quality, but it tastes like a mother's home cooked food Okay, next up is theri Cheeseburgers, wow! C: It's double patty yo
Z: Ooo, yesx3 The cheese probably double layer also because it looks thick Okay la, let's try x2 It tastes very Chinese style eh C: Either oyster sauce or hoisin sauce or something like that.

But it's really good
Z; Mm ya ya ya Ya, the star for this is the sauce eh The sauce is the one that makes it like, WAH! What is this? And apparently it's a homemade sauce, it's like secret recipe or something Ya but it's like homemade style Homemade flavours But definitely not homemade level Honestly I actually like the cheeseburger the most Same eh! As in I tried only these 2, you tried only that 2 C: But the winner is the cheeseburger
Z: Ya So ya, get the cheeseburger one Okay next up! My turn to clap! Ahh! Sorry got lag! The next one is JPKitchen I think it's quite familiar They offer like a wide range of like Japanese cuisines And like some different types of unique thing uh So we are gonna try these Couple of Items, and then we see if it's nice orh Wow! You see the tobiko got 2 kinds eh! Orange and green C: AIyo
Z: Okay there you go
Orange and green C: AIyo
Z: Okay there you go One, two, three It tastes exactly like the lobster topping That I usually get as an extra side At Ichiban Sushi when I'm feeling boujie Oh It's just whatever you can get at Ichiban Sushi, into one big bowl With colourful tobiko toppings Z: Yes
C: That's all Okay, let's try this really interesting looking dry laksa bowl Okay I wonder why is this called dry laksa Yalor x2 To me, it's like I'm trying to find the laksa in this bowl but I cannot seem to find it Let's try! *confused hm* It's basically Like a sweet and savoury, soy sauce based dry udon Thaqt has a bit of spice in it Ya In terms of the flavour Let's say I omit the name of the dish right? I would still buy it Because it is actually very flavourful, it's like more on the like peppery side Or the sweet kecap manis? Z: Ahhh, ya
C: That kind, a bit? The flavour is really not bad But it's just the name that threw us off Okay, let's try the next one Satay inari Is it really satay? I don't know, we try and we see I mean just like the bowls, it looks pretty packed in it's packaging So I think $9 is alright la This sauce looks very familiar, it looks like the samyang sauce Ya ya ya, you try x3 Ya I knew it! I know my samyang! I LOVE samyang! Then why you never do samyang 72 hours uh? Because you all never ask me! Ya sia actually! Okay! If you all want Zhin- OH! OH! ZHIN! PRODUCERS! Shall we? Yup One, two, three Okay Say real I'm as confused as I was just now Because I taste every single element of what was said in the name of this dish I taste the samyang for sure I really taste the beef satay And then the inari, I taste the sweetness also I feel like they are all delicious on it's own Together it might be confusing, but it's still a flavour bomb la And guess what? They're on GRAB Oh is it? Yes! Which is quite rare for home-based businesses right? SO since they are on GRAB, I feel like It's pretty easy to order from them Because most home-based businesses is like, bake sale then they will have Or like, everyday they only release 10 sets or something Ya, so this one is more accessible la Okay so the takoyaki So Chiara, this is the Chuka Idako Takoyaki Gibberish C: Seasoned baby octopus
Z: Ohhhh! Both: Let's eat! Usually Takoyaki you buy from pasar malam cannot find the tentacles one But this one you find a whole baby octopus inside Ya Sounds very morbid but I mean generosity lor Feel like nothing much to shout about eh It just tastes like takoyaki Ya, next! AND NOW! To end off, we have desserts! Not one, but three So this is the first one Z: Do you want to introduce them to us Chiara?
C: Yes SO they are from hotteoksg They are the first place serving halal, artisanal hotteok in Singapore And there's a backstory behind this The owner's father was actually a flight attendant And he really missed this Korean street snack So these hotteoks are based on her father's favourite hotteok in Korea Usually hotteok is a sweet street snack ANd we say that this is dessert but Because they are artisanal right, they have savoury flavours as well Moogolgi Strawberry Holiday OG and Limpeh Crab For You C: You know why I chose Limpeh Crab For You?
Z: Why? Cause I'm a big fan of chilli crab With deep fried mantou Z: Ohh! I see x3
C: So I'm hoping it will be that vibe I just choose beef because I like beef Okay ready? Yes Go! Maybe because it's my first time eating it SO I don't really know what to expect But when I bite into it right? The first thing I think of is you know the Korean pancake? It tastes like that Especially with the beef, it's like savoury it tastes like a smaller version of a Korean pancake What about the flavour of the beef? You like? Okay la Got like some kimchi taste to it But it's pretty flavourful But, I find that the skin is a bit too thick for me I get what you mean It's a bit of a chew, because the texture is slightly different from the one I remember in Korea It has a Thicker chewier consistency like mochi And for my Limpeh Crab For You one The filling is really like chilli crab I like that the crab bits are really real But there is a strange bitter aftertaste Right We both try the OG how about that? Okay can Actually Mmmm! This looks the part already This looks like what I tried in Korea Okay let's eat this Okay Ready, go! I enjoy this flavour much more Yes So much more hor? There is this Thing You know at pasar malam? Ya is it? I think so The taste is like, because It is sweet, the nuts is nice But again, I feel like It's a bit hard to chew right? Ya I think the sweet version works so much better Because it kinda suits the greasy outer layer Z: Mm, yes x3
C: Right? Since it's OG, it's really closer to what I've tried in Korea before Okay Can we go on to the Strawberry Holiday? Yes I need a holiday! Okay let's go! Wait is it like cream cheese inside? I think so Okay let's try it Right It reminds me of the BreadTalk Cranberry Cheese Bread I'm not sure how I feel about this Because right Because it is like oily a bit and then there is like Creamy then it is sweet And it came to the point where I don't know what I'm eating You know? I didn't enjoy this as much as the peanut one Ya! Actually that's very true leh hor? A bit one dimensional, but then the flavours is a bit clashing Ya, but among all of them I will still have to say the OG is the best Ya true Same sentiments Next dessert! Tadah! Magic! Wow what does it look like to you? Um What does it look like to you? NASTY COOKIE! Is it Nasty Cookie? No! These 3 gooey gooey cookies are from JinSinfullyGooey Cookies So this owner, she had to put her job on hold because of COVID And she's doing this on the side And she loves lava cookies, gooey cookies, so Here are her Creations Creations! Thank you Zhin Oh my gosh! Okay, but I think the only differnce is that It's not halal certified uh, which is why for this particular dish I am going to gracefully let Chiara do the tasting for you I'm just gonna rate it based on appearance maybe? The price point is like 3 for $14 which I think is pretty okay Not too bad, I mean for the size that you're getting Well this one we wanted to feature it because It was recommended actually multiple times When we send that question on our IGS Oh! Okay x3 So we thought like, if people recommend it multiply We should try right? For sure So I'm gonna try this first Okay Uh, as you said just now, really looks very familiar Even the placement of the Lotus biscuit But let me- Let's check the middle Wah it does look very yummy tho This one is crunchy on the outside And gooey in the centre Really like Nasty Cookies Is it sinfully gooey? Okay! And you can see the cross section right There's a good amount of that Lotus filling in the centre I want to try the next one haha Let me try all and then I will say which one is my favourite Sorry *Gasp* OH! What?! Zhin you look at this okay? So sorry I knew that this shoot was going to be really tough on me You know? I eat the cookies and everything That's why I'm going to F45 later Woohoo! Okay let me try this one Okay Mmm! You can't go wrong when there's Nutella inside a cookie right? Ya so I like it when it's a salty chocolate cookie Plus NUtella inside! Really nothing to fault leh C: Don't see already la, it's goin to be more difficult on you
Z: BUt I want to see! No it's not Oh! it's actually a bit wet wet on the inside That's what she said! Mmm! Red velvet Mmm! Actually I want to know Is the flavour Similar to Nasty Cookie? Okay On the inside it's Okay, the cookie firstly is warm to touch And it's very heavy Then later when you take a bite into it, it's like Crunchy and crispy on the outside Inside it's so undercooked that it's a goo Not only that! You get a little cheesy flavour when it's the red velvet one And then when yout ake the Lotus one It's a very sweet and buttery flavour And then when you take the Nutella one It's a rich hazelnut chocolate goo And it's But this one is really enjoyable from the outside in But nothing quite Nothing bad about it eh Good ah! Ya! It's really good eh Maybe if you looking for a partner in your business you can consider me uh And then it will be Okay! SO we are down to our final dessert Ooo! Which I think you will like Why? And you belong in this kitchen WHY?! Because Because it says here The confused kitchen And the entire episode today She eat she confused But this is not just any dessert This is actually by awesomesauce Z: And it-
C: Me? Maybe that's why this is here la hor? Okay I'm going to open it, then you guess what this is Ready? Z: Tadah! It is not a pizza
C: Oh my gosh! It looks beautiful eh! And you know why I'm so like in awe? Why? Because it has my favourite nut in the world Where? Oh pistachio! Yes! Huh? Calling me again uh? Chio mah So this is a middle eastern origin type of dessert So it is made with like really tiny, or rather thin slices of noodles And then there is cheese Sometimes they put cream inside It is drowned with syrup So that's good Aaand It is made by a mom! Who used to live overseas She used to live in like, Middle East, USSR, India And she wanted to make something that reminded her of her childhood Oh! You see all these home-base got a lot of storytelling one It's like because they cannot find what they want, they make Then they sell We,re gonna put the dry ingredients here first And for the sugar syrup, we are going to do that individually So that we can control the sugar level and everything OKay okay, can But I think originally what the instructions that came with it right Was sugar syrup Then pistachio Then rose petals C: Just douse it all there right?
Z; Ya just douse it C: Wow! That's so interesting!
Z: Oh! Then there's cream inside! (Not cream) Oooo! The cheese looks so good! My apologies, it is not like your tiny little beehoon it is not it is actually a pastry that has been shredded very very finely It looks like it will taste good eh Mmm okay! So inside, or rather the main star of this particular dessert is This cheese called jbna (pronounce jibni) which is like Something like your feta cheese but less salty Mmm If we're talking about unique for this episode I feel like this is the most unique dish I've tried today When you first take a bite into it, it's like a really messy crunch on the outside And as you go into the middle It's gooey, it's not even salty It's like a creamy milk powder kind of flavour And then what hits you later is the sweet syrup And the sweet syrup I think got a bit of rose flavour eh Ya I also wanted to say that, because there's a bit of a floral aftertaste at the end of it But I think the fact that we were able to you know, put the sauce individually is good Otherwise I think it will be too sweet already Mmm ya ya ya This is like a dessert that people expect me Chiara from Eatbook to bring to a party Z: Ahhhh
C: Serious! C: Eh actually working in Eatbook very stress one eh
Z: Is it? People don't know where to go they message you Oh! And they say if it/s not nice it's on you, you know? Oh! Dayum So you all better believe when she say it's nice in this episode hor BUT THEN AGAIN Then again, taste is subjective ya? But ya, this is good, I'm going to give it 2 thumbs up Ya I'm going to give it a 2 thumbs up also You are really awesome sauce leh! You are not a confused kitchen eh! You are a good kitchen! That's right x2 Magic Wow, thank you for clearing the table Zhin Both: And Chiara So today we tried a lot of unique home-based food businesses What are your thoughts so far? I think today, I was Left a bit unexpected Because Honestly there were a couple of home-based food businesses And the thing is about all these businesses right, when it is popular among a lot of people When they have a lot of people trying then I will want to try Oh ya But some of these items are things that I had never heard of before And I've never tried before and I'm glad I did Erm for me I kind of feel like Kinda brought a new perspective because I always thought home-based businesses to be a bit gimmicky or a bit expensive? But I feel like we found a lot of gems as well Ya for sure Oh okay Ya I think the challenge when ordering home-based business food is that they always have like limited bake sales So it's like first come first serve, you must be like on your phone But like most of the time when we are working from home we are really working So who has the time to fight for slots right? Ya but for some stalls that we have mentioned today, for example JPKitchen It's available on GRAB also And I think they are able to produce a higher amount a day So that's quite interesting If there is one thing that I have to highlight about home-based businesses is like The price of delivery defers from business to business And because like what you say, they operate in a small quantity Where they have limited space and limited amount of help In terms of like getting delivery But it does take a while, you have to reserve in advance Yeah And it's not like commercial food you know? Wah So the gold medalist for today la Ya the gold medalist for today I would say it's the last one, the Kunafa Yes! Okay we don't know how to pronounce it but you get it uh Its' the one that is before this orh The pastry from awesome sauce Yeah I feel like that's the gold medalist for today Because it's unique, we don't really find it in Singapore As compared to something else that is unique because it is gimmicky What about you? No I think I must agree like the last dessert was one of my favourites But I think the winner would be something that I would order again SO it has to be the first one Which is the sushi bakes by Cookbookbyri That one was really really It left an impact on me because of the price Because of the amount of fillings that they were able to give And also the variety Actually ya! That was my close second also So ya, I would repurchase from them also So thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook Food Guides! If you like this video you can catch more over there! And remember to Like, Share and Subscribe And comment down below if you want to see Zhin more on Eatbook BYE! BYE BYE!

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Unique Home Based Businesses With Halal Options | Eatbook Food Guide | EP 48

With the government implementing and lifting restrictions seemingly every month, a number of Singaporeans are playing safe by just staying at home. This led to a growth in the number of home based businesses in Singapore and today Zhin and Chiara will be trying some of the more interesting ones out! Most of what we feature in this episode are also Muslim owned. #supportlocal

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