US vs UK Wendy’s | Food Wars

Harry: From calorie
count to portion sizes, we wanted to find out all the differences between Wendy's in the UK and the US. This is "Food Wars." In the UK, Wendy's iconic
Frosties come in three sizes, junior, regular, and large. In the US, we actually
have four Frosty sizes, junior, small, medium, large. We're going to pour out the largest Frosty to see how big it is compared to the US's. The classic hamburger at a Wendy's is called a Dave's, named after the founder, Dave Thomas. Ours come in singles,
doubles, and triples. Our burgers are the same in the UK. They also come as singles,
doubles, or triples. Joe: Now we're going to weigh a US triple. Pretty close. 14 ounces for our triple. Now, while a triple might
be the official limit on burger sizes at Wendy's, Wendy's enthusiasts have come up with something called a Meat Cube. This is a secret menu item where you actually take
an extra meat patty and add it to this, so you get four patties, which I think adds up to around a pound. Joe, I'm officially challenging you to a Meat Cube showdown.

The fastest person to eat
the entire Meat Cube wins. You think you got it? I accept your challenge, Harry. Let's do this. Harry: Three, two, one. Joe: Start. This is a lot of beef. I see why the triple is the limit now. Time? Conner: 1:07. I wish I had more time to chew it. [coughing] Need the sauce. Need some moisture. [grunts] The buns! Harry: Oh, God. [Joe stammering] Joe: How'd I do? Harry: Done. Yeah! Woo! USA, baby! Conner: How do you feel? Oh, terrible. I feel absolutely terrible. [coughs] And yet elated that I won. Well, now we know why the US
has such an obesity problem. OK. That's quite enough of that. Back to our regularly
scheduled programming. Another iconic Wendy's
menu item is the Baconator. In the UK, these just come
in one size, as a regular. Of course, in the US we
also have the Baconator, but we have a smaller Baconator known as the Son of Baconator.

Something incredibly unsettling about a burger having a child
that's also a burger. This Baconator giving
birth to that Baconator. Harry: And, of course,
we're going to weigh the regular Baconators
to see whose is bigger. The highly regarded Wendy's nuggets that come in regular or
spicy. Love the spicy. They come in units of four, six, and 10. Nuggets in the UK only
come in two portion sizes, four and eight.

Wendy's, of course, has fries, and those fries in the
US come in four sizes, junior, small, medium, large. Our fries also come in four sizes, value, small, medium, and large. Let's weigh our large fries
to see who's getting more. Ours is way less. Hmm. What's that all about? Another side that is
probably unique to Wendy's, I can't think of any other
fast-food place that does this, is Wendy's chili. It has been on the menu
since it opened back in 1969. In the US, you can get your chili, ugh, for whatever reason, in two sizes, small and large. In the UK, we only have one size of chili, which is this one. We're going to weigh it
against the largest size in the US to find the difference. Finally, let's compare drinks. In the US, you can get
three sizes of drink, small, medium, and large. On the internet, it does not specify how much fluid ounces are in any of these. If I had to guess, too much; way too much; way, way too much. In the UK, drinks come in three sizes, small, medium, or large.

And these are advertised as being 12, 16, and 20 ounces, respectively. Let's measure the largest drinks to see which country's is bigger. So, our large drink
actually came out as closer to 18 ounces than closer to 20. I will say that in the UK you fill up your own drink, so maybe I just needed to fill a bit more. OK, so their large is 18 ounces. What is our small? 20 ounces. So our small is
bigger than their large. Man, we love drinking our
calories in this country. We love drinking our calories. For this episode, we
thought it might be fun to compare some prices from
Wendy's in the UK and the US. Let's use this Baconator
as a basis for comparison. In the US, a Baconator
on its own, no combo, would cost $7.39. The same burger in the UK will cost you £6.29, which, at the
time of recording this, was around $8.90, which is a 20% increase. However, if you were to turn
this into a medium combo, yes, this is the medium, the price would go up to $11.19.

Whereas in the UK, adding
a Baconator to a combo meal will only increase the price to £7.09. So, actually, a US meal
is now 11% more expensive. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Harry,
don't get ahead of yourself. Wendy's in the US has
an ace up its sleeve, the 4 for $4 promotion. [clears throat] You can get your choice of
a junior bacon cheeseburger; a junior cheeseburger, seen here; a double stack; or a
crispy chicken sandwich along with junior fries, four nuggets, and a value drink. All of this, 4 bucks. Sadly, Wendy's has not
replicated that deal here in the UK, not even in the form of a 4 for £4 deal. If you were to buy all the components of a US 4 for $4 here in the UK, it would cost you £6.36,
which is about $9.

That's a 125% increase on the US price. The real damage here
is done by the nuggets, which cost £2.99 on their own in the UK. That's around $4.24, aka more than the entire
4 for $4 combo in the US. So it looks like the
US provides more value if you're a little smart
about what you order and how you order it. Say you walk into a US Wendy's and you want to get the
Baconator combo meal. Just how unhealthy is it, you ask? Well, I will tell you. OK. The burger, 960 calories. Fries, 360 calories. And the drink, medium, right? Coke, OK, it's going to be 370 calories. This whole shebang, 1,690 calories. That's 84% of your daily allowance. What about the same meal here in the UK? Well, our Baconator is
actually more calorific, as it comes in at 1,010 calories. However, the fries are just 239 calories, and the Coke, just 200, leaving the total at 1,449.

That's a 16% decrease from the US. What, you ask, is the most calorific thing on the Wendy's US menu? It is this burger in front of me. The pretzel bacon pub triple. Look at this thing. Goodness. 1,520 calories. 106 grams of fat. 45 of
those grams are saturated. That's 135% of your daily fat allowance. Sadly, that's a US exclusive,
and our most calorific item is actually just the Dave's triple. In the UK, one of these is 1,204 calories, with 81 grams of fat, of
which 33 grams are saturated. Thankfully, Wendy's discloses
a full ingredients list for both the UK and the US, so let's take a closer look at some of the menu items right now. Here is everything that's in
a Wendy's Baconator in the UK.

Strap in, because this is
a long ingredients section. Premium bun. Wheat flour,
water, sugar, yeast. Mayonnaise. Rapeseed oil (78%), water. Ketchup. Tomatoes, 148 grams. American cheese slice.
Cheese (70%) (milk). Beef patty. 100% beef. Bacon. Sugar, water. Table salt. Salt, anticaking
agent, sodium ferrocyanide. Seems like a lot, right? Well, guess what? We got the UK beat again. Here's everything in a US Baconator. Start with the premium bun. Enriched flour, which is wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, [fast-forwarding] sodium nitrite.

[exhales] That's all of it. Whew. Now, that is a long list. And is there anything in there that you should be worried about? Well, we can start with sodium nitrite, which is found in the
applewood-smoked bacon. Sodium nitrite is a
chemical used to cure meats, and it gives them that
appealing pink color, which is perfect for bacon. It's also super toxic. It's prohibited for sale on
certain websites, like eBay, because it's been used
in homicide attempts, and a dental assistant once died after eating just a
1-gram tablet by mistake. Thankfully, there's
none of that in the UK, but just like the US, we do have lecithin in
our American cheese. According to some academics, there are a "worrisome
number" of scientific studies which have suggested that
it can promote depression, which is kind of the
last thing that I need. Outside of the Baconator, there are one or two ingredients
you should watch out for in the pretzel bacon pub burger.

The pretzel bun contains
potassium chloride, which in normal food doses is fine, but is one of the three ingredients in the three-drug cocktail
used for lethal injection. Apparently, enough of it would cause an abnormal heartbeat and cardiac arrest. Let's be honest. If anything in this burger
is stopping your heart, it's gonna be the
cholesterol and saturated fat long before the potassium chloride. The pickles also contain polysorbate 80. Now, this is commonly used as
an emulsifier in some foods, but with pickles it's
used as a solubilizer, which means that it
helps other ingredients dissolve in the brine.

The bad news is studies have suggested that it can cause colon
cancer in mice. Yikes. Here's everything you'll
find at a Wendy's in the UK that you won't find in the US. And here is everything you
can get at a US Wendy's you can't get in the UK. This is ridiculous. [laughs] Let's start with the burgers.

Now, as far as I can tell, we only have three exclusive burgers, one of which I'm not even
sure is an exclusive burger, which is this one, the
cheeseburger deluxe. The reason I'm not sure
if it's an exclusive is because in the US you
guys have something called a junior cheeseburger deluxe, which looked very similar to this. And I just wanted to check if what you guys consider junior we consider deluxe over here. Yes, Harry, they look pretty similar. The only difference I could find is that ours has ketchup and mayo
and yours has "sauce." So I guess it boils down
to whatever your sauce is. Next up we've got this one,
which is the Veggie Stack. It's a vegetarian exclusive. There's definitely some,
like, corn in there. Some kind of, like, black
bean, kidney bean thing, maybe some carrot and pepper. It's not for me, but I
am a die-hard carnivore, so maybe there's vegetarians out there who'll appreciate this a lot more. Our final exclusive sandwich is this one, the avocado chicken club. Oh, my goodness. We have
so much to go through.

I guess I will start with the burgers. Here is something called the
bourbon bacon cheeseburger. And we have bourbon barbecue sauce. Something for Wendy's burger aficionados. The pretzel bacon pub cheeseburger. I think it comes in one,
two, or three stacks. This is the three stacker. OK. The double stack, which is two patties, cheese, bacon. A junior hamburger. Junior hamburger. Look how
small this is. For the kids. Junior cheeseburger deluxe. Ooh, yeah. Lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles. There it is. The Big Bacon Classic. OK. So they went to
the chicken. All right. Chicken goodies. The Asiago ranch chicken sandwich. OK, this is the jalapeño popper sandwich. The pretzel bun bacon pub sandwich. Crispy chicken BLT sandwich. It looks to be what a BLT would be with a little chicken guy in there. [sighs] So, spicy nuggets. I mentioned before.

The spicy is way better than the regulars. Way better. Then we have a couple of exclusive salad options in the UK. I'm usually pretty suspicious
of fast-food salads, but I've got to say, these
actually do look pretty good. The first exclusive salad
that I wanted to show you was the avocado veggie salad. However, I think they
got the order mixed up and gave me an avocado
chicken salad instead. So what I was supposed
to get was this salad, which contains avocado, and then instead of the chicken and bacon, we're supposed to get
some of the veggie bites, but mixed up in there instead. And then the second
exclusive salad is this one. This is the apple cranberry chicken salad. You know it's a good
salad when they give you the dressing and some other
accoutrement on the side instead of just jumbling it all up and then, like, letting it get soggy.

We got four salads. Man, jalapeño popper again. The chicken, the bacon, jalapeños, cheese. Taco salad. Hey, is there any…? There's no ground beef on this. There's no meat on this. It's like what you would
put on tacos at home. Shredded cheese, shredded
lettuce, cut-up tomatoes. Next salad! Apple pecan salad. The summer strawberry salad. [grunts] Chicken, bacon, strawberries. Yeah, OK. We have one other exclusive veggie option, which is this one. These are veggie bites. Now, these are a vegetarian alternative to Wendy's chicken nuggets. Just judging from kind of
the look and smell of them, I think they're made from probably a very similar blend to
the Veggie Stack burger. And for that reason, I
probably won't try and eat one. It looks like falafel but just
smells and feels way worse. [laughs] I love falafel, and I don't love these. The pub fries. Yes. Who hasn't been in a pub
getting a pint with the lads? Man, they're really pushing strawberries this summer, Wendy's.

And the salad? And then they got these? Two things equals a lot to me. Also got a thing of apple slices. I don't know if this is a solo side. I don't know why we have apple slices. If you need something
to dip your veggie bites or anything else into, then we have a couple of
exclusive sauce options as well. Deep voice: Sauce talk. Harry: We'll start with this
one, which is a garlic mayo. And then our other
exclusive sauce is this one, which is a pot of Heinz sweet chili. We love sweet chili sauce here in the UK. I don't know why, but it's just offered by a lot of big fast-food chains.

I got a whole bag here. Dipping sauces. Buttermilk ranch. Ooh, creamy sriracha. Side of S'Awesome. Something called the hot chili seasoning. We also have a few
exclusive breakfast items from the UK Wendy's,
starting with this one, which is just an egg and
cheese breakfast sandwich. I'm sure they would make you one of these in the US if you asked, but it's actually a default
menu item in the UK, whereas it didn't look
like it was one in the US. And true to form for the UK, we have three different
porridge options for breakfast. We have plain porridge. Add some jam to it. They give you a little sachet of jam, and you squeeze that into your porridge. And, finally, probably the most exciting porridge option,
which is this one.

It's the cranberry seed porridge. There's a lot of breakfast
sandwiches to go through, so let's give it a shot. I'll just go down the line here. Maple bacon chicken croissant sandwich. Everything square with Wendy's. Sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit. [grunts] Bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. Sausage biscuit. Yeah, these are always, like, it's just, it really is just the sausage patty and a biscuit. Like, can you think of something drier to have in the morning? Breakfast burrito. This thing is ice cold. I'm sorry, Wendy's. I did not mean to misrepresent
your breakfast burrito. I'm sure it's great. This thing, it's like, jeez, Louise. Oh, no, I don't even know
what this is. Conner! Chicken biscuit. Biscuit and fried
chicken. And nothing else. The Wendy's in the US, you can
get a cold brew iced coffee, a vanilla Frosty-ccino, and
a chocolate Frosty-ccino. Now, we have a few
exclusive drinks in the UK, but they're pretty much all hot drinks. Now, it looked like in
the US you guys can get the very basic kind of filter coffee or you can get the Frosty-ccinos
and stuff like that, whereas in the UK, we have a
whole range of espresso drinks.

You can get things like
lattes and cappuccinos, as well as some breakfast teas. They have a bunch of lemonades. One has an N on it. Is this the all-natural lemonade? It is. Wow. And this
lemonade's really good. Strawberry lemonade is excellent. Man. Wendy's with the strawberries this year. Pineapple mango. Ooh, yeah. Tropical, kind of. Tropical. I bet it's tropical berry! Good drinks. Now, also, I'm looking for
a Flashin' Fruit Punch, an iced tea, and a sweet iced tea. And for desserts at Wendy's, you can get yourself an oatmeal bar, chocolate chunk cookie, and, last but not least, sugar cookie. That, ladies and gentlemen, is it! We're done. Cut. Dude, it would be so funny if I threw up in the middle of this. If I have to puke, I'm
not gonna say anything. I'm just gonna barf right on the desk. I'm not putting that shirt
back on.

I'm too hot. Ugh. [burps].

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US vs UK Wendy’s | Food Wars

From calorie count to portion sizes, we ordered everything on the UK and US Wendy’s menus to find out the big differences between the two.

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US vs UK Wendy’s | Food Wars