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Is food halal in Korea? David Kim's tour to a halal restaurant, shall we go together? Hello, I'm Dawood. How many days I will go to 5 halal restaurants? I'm not a food lover, but I will introduce you to many restaurants as much as possible and I will review how it tasted. Let's go to the restaurant. Let's go ! This is the Happiño station. The name of the restaurant is Delhi, India. There are a lot of flower shops here. Let's hurry, because it's raining . Here it is. Good slate. Great atmosphere Indian elephants List : Delhi Indian Halal food This is Delhi India This is my first meal Chicken-butter biryani Chicken-meat curry was masala This is what I ordered I will eat with naan They look very good Let's try the chicken biryani It's good It's a lot more nutty and chewy than what I thought the biryani tastes different depending on the chef but here it is very good it is good I really recommend the biryani especially the nuts it goes well with the rice, it is really delicious Next is butter chicken curry that smells very good.

The smell of butter is very nutty. It is very good. I liked this. It is very tasty. It is nutty, but it is not oily (there is not much oil in it) It is good and it is also sweet. They say now I am the traditional Indian curry. The traditional taste is really delicious. This is a delicious restaurant. I admit lamb meat The masala masala is not masha Allah I will try it it's good I try this for the first time it's a little spicy, spicy but not bad Spicy enough to homogenize the curry oils and enough meat I loved it this kinda yoghurt. It's good Indian food sure has a korean taste and that's why there are so many restaurants in Korea Luckily they got to know me Give me lassi as a favor I'm going to Jongdik there are a lot of bags YouTuber life I'll take tandoor chicken (cooking chicken based on the tandoor which is an Indian cooking tool) and chicken chow Who is this inspiring Nepalese restaurant ? I don't remember having Nepalese food, a very strange and fad entrance in a halal restaurant.? Elephant God (maybe Indian, see the Nepal flag.

Nepalese restaurants are very interesting what is the difference between Indian and Nepalese food let's check I ordered a lot of food I will try the tandoori tikka (Indian dish made of small pieces of meat or chicken with spices cooked in tandoor) Really good. Crispy on the outside And soft on the inside this is the color of tandoori chicken we usually know it tandoori chicken Let's try yes I knew it This is the flavor of tandoori I think it's identical to a slightly spicy tandoori it smells Indian. Sure it's from Nepal but it 's good Let's try the sauce The sauce is good the chow mein chicken it's more delicious when twisted( on the fork) Then you eat it, right? Wow this is like Chinese food That tastes boring? Only the Nepalese curry.

Let's try It's very different This is simple and formal it's good here Itaewon There are a lot of halal restaurants in Itaewon Many Muslims live in Itaewon also eat here And I among them want to throw these things away. Noksapyeong station. Let's try the delicious Arabic food. This is HBC Street. You can see Namsan Tower here. There are a lot of vegetarian restaurants and a lot of nice and cute cafes. Lots of foreigners live. Here this is Casaplans (Casablanca) let's go inside Shakshuka Shrimp Moroccan sandwich This was my order I will try the shakshouka first the bread looks crunchy I want to try the bread. It makes me hungry. Good I'll cut the bread a little and eat them together Wow it's crazy Can you see that dark taste The unusual thing is it's sweet and sour at the same time Mediterranean I don't know why especially the color is very beautiful Presented very wonderful Very tasty. Good Next is the sandwich I want to show This looks very good Good since the chicken was cut into thin slices The spices mixed well It is a little hot Very strange and very tasty I like Moroccan food Let's go to Morocco Now I ate a lot I came to rest a little Drink coffee to recharge the caffeine For the central nervous system and often found in tea and coffee after drinking this I'll go eat another halal food 1~In Morocco this is our prostitute (looks like a cooking tool)…2~.In Morocco Ibrahim says (something else?) In Morocco this is Nike Ours here is Morocco Tagine with Lemon.Rice Over.I feel the card of Arabs from youtube the first among them.I am curious to know what the rice tastes like.I will try this first.Lemon is just like biryani however it is more fresh it is good Arabic salad this is very bitter I think this is the highest bitter for the korean taste let's try This meat it's good Let's try the lemon tagine I can smell the lemon and the chicken looks like smoked chicken It's good The sauce is very special at first I expected it to taste like catastrophe but it was n't very fresh It's good it tastes better Sweet and spicy than sour and there is a feeling A unique stranger in North Africa, perhaps because of the This North African spice is great, it's good now I'm at Itawan station, this holy land of halal restaurants, you know what.

I am really full and yet I am happy that the last food is Turkish if it is unusual food it may be difficult but good Turkish because it is really well known and always delicious Delicious food is always delicious Not the first time. I come here usually (more than 10 times) because the kebab here is exactly the same as the local Turkish kebab Pilavi kebab is very popular in Turkey, let's try it very tasty The feeling of chewing rice with thin meat together is very tasty and I like this sauce mixed well with meat and rice The Turkish sauce is sweet and savory That's why Koreans love it sweet and savory. It's what Koreans like the most. Good kebab. Yes, it is. Of course, the meat is similar, but the taste is great with fresh ingredients like vegetables and pickles. You know kebabs are delicious, thank you later. I'll go for tea, my stomach will definitely explode. There are not many halal restaurants but there are many One of the new halal restaurants in recent years I love the owners of halal restaurants because they provide Muslims with halal and delicious food ❤️ I hope my clip is useful to you Thank you for watching my clips Pay attention and be well (Alhamdulillah) Good bye Well then who won? Halal food stopped David how much I lost (don't worry, I ate the rest of the food for three days (laughs out loud).

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Visiting 5 Halal Restaurants in One Day?! | Daud Kim VLOG

Visiting 5 Halal Restaurants in One Day?! | Daud Kim VLOG

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