Visiting Halal Street in Seoul VLOG

Hello, I'm David Kim. I came to Myeongdong Street and I heard that there is a halal street here. There is a halal shop, a halal coffee, and a halal restaurant so there are all kinds of goods for Muslims and also here is a chapel.. this is really good for me because I have to go to pray. So let's go follow me This is a halal store, wow this is a halal coffee and this is the place to go Meat, chicken, cheese pizza Kampungko Kampungko, yeah Kampungko let's go This is the chapel in the restaurant!! This is really interesting this bathroom, you can do ablution here ok let's get in this is so clean I really didn't expect there to be a chapel in the restaurant, wow!! I finished praying, so it's time to eat Do you know what the name of this food? "Nasi goreng" is a Nazi goreng and what is that? This is "Ayam paprika" pepper chicken Let's eat together let's try the flavor This is really unique This is also delicious It tastes like Korean Tangsuiok but it's current and has more Malaysian spices Thank you Oh chicken It looks like regular chicken Let's try it..

It's tender and crunchy, great yummy Delicious I think Koreans will like this too Some of the chefs and all the people working here are Malaysian so there is Malaysian energy here This restaurant is good for the staff too If you work here and it's prayer time, you can go upstairs and pray I've seen the boss, but he's generous nonetheless I don't usually recommend restaurants, But the place here is really good.. It was really good, and I really wanted to go to a halal store this place is really interesting halal store, because I really wanted to eat halal jellies, and halal snacks but it is very hard to find them so I am very happy that I found these foods like Honey butter almond, a Korean halal snack !! That's really amazing wow amazing today we're going inside and checking what's in here let's go.. -Hi, peace be upon you – Welcome – Hello, peace be upon you -Nice to meet you -Nice to meet you too This is a halal shop -Halal snacks -Yes and halal food..I want to check From snacks especially, it's hard to find in other stores..yes it's true everything here is halal this is halal drymon I'm so excited this is a halal Coca-Cola I like this, this is malaysian-indonesian but it's also popular in malaysia these are halal skincare products oh these are skincare products The skin is halal..

Has it been tested if it is halal? Yes it is made with only halal ingredients..look there is a halal logo on it uh this is very interesting and here there are a lot of snacks, indonesian snacks, indomie, sotomi, indomie fried noodles..we also sell halal chicken oh halal chicken yes this chicken is halal so You can buy halal chicken here and halal beef and then you come home and cook -Yeah- ahh halal food .. Actually you should come to Myeongdong as a Korean Muslim, it's very hard to find this food I'm very lucky to have found this place today Wow.. I became friends with him Look, Myeongdong Snow This place is like a museum You can take a lot of fun pictures and you can play games Let's go with halal snacks This is the autumn picture Ah it's changed, it's winter now..

I'm so excited Isn't it a scary place? Like a ghost one can't be here? Oh no one here oh that's really cool, that's cool.. hey, I look good? Dawood Kim in classic style..this is the ice age, the ice age is playing well on his own 🙂 is n't that spiderman? This is mm… We're in the skating-skating-room Let's try Let's try.. Is this dangerous!! It's not dangerous but.. it looks real. This is your wand. You can jump if you press on this and then if you look down… -The wand? -Yes, the stick has started!! That's very fast All right let's go Let's go.. jump jump jump really fast, fast jump jump jump jump wah it surprised me oh wait ooh fast that's really fast did you see this? I'm really good at skateboarding I was so professional did I look so dumb? more worse? Damn hey come according to what he said there's real snow here, real snow look look..

Real snow uh cold, so cold wah this is really cold is this real snow? Oh really? -Yeah real snow -Oh it's so cold It's made with clean water, you can eat it Singing Frozen lol 🙂 Oh cold so here…the magic mirror Let's go back to the original world It's so cold here it's me Oh why?…there's no way here is he here? no why? He is not from here, nor from here either, not even here? so what? oh where am i? where is that? This is me I 'm so giddy oh surprise me wah it was a big trip.. well done, I'll come back to reality this kimbap is also halal wah this is really interesting.. this is also a halal restaurant this is a halal chinese restaurant famous for muslims i love myeongdong everything here all the ingredients are halal.

This Chinese restaurant is completely halal This is really unique in Korea Thanks for the food Well today I visited a halal shop and a halal restaurant My first halal trip in Myeongdong, the center of Seoul.. It was very interesting I guess if you have a chance to come to Myeongdong then you should come to this Halal Street This is Halal Street Here Thank you for watching my video Take care of yourself and be safe.. Bye.. subtitles Lura.

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Visiting Halal Street in Seoul VLOG

Visiting Halal Street in Seoul VLOG

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