Vlog 9: Halal Food in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Alright Guys! Now, I am at the first restaurant for this Halal Food episode. The Original Mosque Kitchen & Cafe So, my friend (Wika) and I were basically like kids who have never seen rice before! Because I am on budget, so obviously I ordered the cheapest one But because I am really craving for rice, so I ordered Biryani rice with chicken curry and, he puts so much rice! I think I can make this as my lunch as well as dinner Guys, we are still in this area, and we found another halal cafe! there is a halal sign right there I think they'll serve drinks in here. Let's see So, let me tell you why Halal sign matters in this cafe. It's because they serve hotdog in here. Okay guys, right now, I am standing in front of Edinburgh Central Mosque So, the building behind me is the mosque So, the first restaurant was located really close to the mosque. In fact, it's in the courtyard beside the mosque so, you can pray in the mosque first, then enjoying your meal later at the restaurant Also, around this area, most of the restaurants are halal So, that's another halal restaurant, Africano Wrap, right in front of the mosque This is why I said that if you are traveling to a non-muslim majority country, go try to find the mosque area Insya Allah, you can find most of the restaurants close to the mosque are halal So this is the mosque.

It's really unfortunate that I can't enter the mosque today because I'm still on my period. Okay. Surprisingly, we found another halal restaurants in here Not only at the mosque area, but here at the city center – But this is not Kebab Baba Rafi in Jakarta – There is also a restaurant kebab in Aceh. Kebab Ali Because I needed to go back to my hotel immediately. So, closing time! That was Halal Food in Edinburgh episode. Started from mosque area, (west nicolson street) Just try to find Edinburgh Central Mosque also, around George the IV Bridge, you can also find another halal restaurant.

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Vlog 9: Halal Food in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

1. The Original Mosque Kitchen & Cafe: 50 Potterrow, Edinburgh
2. Scoopz Dessert Parlour: 25-27 W Nicolson St, Edinburgh
3. Edinburgh Central Mosque: 50 Potterrow, Edinburgh
(you can find many halal restaurants around the area)
4. Yum Yum Kebab: 7 West Port, Edinburgh

Those are just a few! You can find many halal restaurants in Edinburgh! No need to worry ๐Ÿ™‚

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