What products are halal certified in South Korea? [Part2] (English Subtitles)

Hello This is our second video where we learn the halal certified products in South Korea If you didn't watch part one, please go and watch it first, as it will be even more helpful Products that are unclear where it got certified from, and products that are unclear if they were produced at companies located at South Korea were excluded Also, products that are unclear if they were produced by South Korean companies were excluded as well Also, this video is introducing only a small portion of halal certified South Korean products, so please keep that in mind And also, I must warn you Many halal certified South Korean products that are halal certified overseas are often not halal certified in South Korea, so please be careful Oh, and here is the most important thing This video is not made to promote any products. It is created purely to inform the public We will now learn about South Korean halal tteokbokki and rice cakes Tteokbokki is a Korean dish that mainly uses garaetteok*
*Cylindrical Rice Cakes It's made by stir-frying rice cakes, vegetables, spices and gochujang*
*Korean Red Chili Paste imDNL imDNL's I'm Yeongmi Tteokbokki is KMF certified halal YoungPoong YoungPoong's Yopokki line of products, the spicy tteokbokki, original tteokbokki, and jajang* tteokbokki
*Korean Black Bean Sauce are halal certified by Indonesia's MUI Jonggajip Jonggajip's Rice Cake (Sliced Type),
*Korean Rice Cake Soup and Rice Cake (Stick Type) are KMF certified halal Our Home Our Home's Rice Cake Sliced Type, and Rice Cake for tteokbokki are halal certified by KMF Okra International Next, Orka International's TOK-POKI is halal certified by Indonesia's MUI Next, we have dumplings Allgroo Allgroo's halal certified dumplings are Kimchi Gyoza Mandu, Vegetable Gyoza Mandu, Vegetable Gun Mandu, Vegetable Son Mandu, and their Glass Noodle Gyoza Mandu These are halal certified by Singapore's MUIS Next, we have honey butter almonds Nuts Holic S.M.AGRI.

& FISHERIES CO., LTD.'s Nuts Holic Strawberry Almond, Honey Butter Almond and Hot Spicy Almond are KMF certified halal Next, we have rice Rice can be contaminated by pork during its milling process, so it has to be halal certified as well What kind of rice products are halal certified? Ttanggeut-Hwangto-Chinhwangyeong Ttanggeut-Hwangto-Chinhwangyeong's Hayang-Gabassal is halal certified by JAKIM Wando Right from Nature Wando-gun's Wando Right from Nature Rice is also halal certified by JAKIM, Malaysia's halal certification body Seocheon Seoraeya Seocheon Seoraeya's Seoraeya Rice is also halal certified by Malaysia's JAKIM Next, we have water Water also needs to be halal certified Because, the filter that cleanses the impurities from water might use pork bone powder in it Deeps The premium deep sea drinking water, DEEPS is made with the deep sea water under 650 ft of the East Sea It is halal certified by JAKIM Jeju Samdasoo Jeju Samdasoo is South Korea's only volcanic rock water, and it is manufactured at Jeju Island It is halal certified by Indonesia's MUI Next, we have cosmetics It was difficult finding information about halal certified cosmetics in South Korea Then what South Korean cosmetics are halal certified? Talent Talent is the first South Korean cosmetic brand that got halal certified by the government of Malaysia If you visit Talent's homepage, you can see various kinds of cosmetics They also have many kinds of halal cosmetics You can change the language by clicking the flag icon on the top left corner CHOBS CH Harmony's CHOBS focuses on organic cosmetics They have a total of 22 halal certified products These products are halal certified by the United Arab Emirates' ESMA They have designated category for halal certified products, so you can easily buy halal cosmetics there You can also change the language of this homepage from the top right corner JNH HALAL Daeduck Lab Co Co., Ltd.'s JNH MALL is halal certified by the Turkish halal certification body, GiMDES They have a total of 80 halal certified products You can also change the language of JNH's homepage at the top right corner That was all the South Korean halal products I found I hope my humble introduction can help people searching for halal certified products I'll see you next time with another helpful video.

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What products are halal certified in South Korea? [Part2] (English Subtitles)

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CHOBS : http://www.chharmony.com/Certification/Certification.asp?page_gubun=4
JNH HALAL : http://halalcosmeticskorea.com/shop/halal.php

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